Father’s Day Weekend Recap

Hi there! I needed a extra day to get caught up from the weekend so I have our Weekend Recap from Father’s Day for you today.

We drove back to my in-law’s house Friday evening and enjoyed having a campfire meal and talking with them by the fire. Does anyone else remember making “hobo meals” on a grill or over a fire? (Basically, just a hamburger patty with diced potatoes, onions, peppers). My mother-in-law had those ready for us to cook for supper that night, and it took me back! Hobo meals used to be one of my favorite things ever, and I need to add them back into our easy summer meals rotation.

On Saturday, Travis and his little brother Trae did some front landscaping for my mother-in-law. They added some grasses and a bush, and it really looks good! (I should have got an “after” picture, but I forgot. I’ll blame it on the heat!).


They did some shooting too, but before that, Trae made a milk jug concoction to shoot at with dish soap, baking soda, etc. It blew up as he was shaking it, which made us laugh because it shocked him so much.


We had a big lunch (a theme of the weekend. We were seriously on full feed, as we always are when we visit family) of air-fried chicken, salads, fruit, and dessert. My in-laws had been raving about how good the chicken is in their air-fryer so we were anxious to test it out. It didn’t have as much of a coating as regular fried chicken and tasted more like broasted chicken. Tasty!

After talking a little bit after lunch, we packed up and headed over to my parent’s house. My mom and I had a mission: recover my papasan chair cushion. While we got to work on our sewing project, the guys golfed.

Goodbye to the ugly burnt orange!



We finished the cushion cover (except for the tufting that we will do next week) and we even had time to alter a dress I bought that needed the straps taken up. We talked for awhile outside, and then guys finally got home around 8:30. We had been planning on grilling steaks, and by the time everything was together and ready to eat, it was almost ten p.m.! Thank goodness we had eaten that big lunch earlier and weren’t too hungry. 😉

On Sunday, we were the greeters at church and my dad was the lector so we got there early.


We had my grandma out for lunch afterwards and enjoying talking to her a little while before Travis and I had to pack up and drive home.

We got home late-afternoon and both crashed hard. When we woke up from napping, very out-of-it, I might add, we had to eat a quick dinner and then head over to our softball game. Luckily, we both perked up once we talked to our friends and started playing.

After not having the best starting record this season in the B-league of softball, we won the game! It felt good to have another victory under our belts!

I spent yesterday getting caught up on laundry and being pretty lazy, to be honest. 🙂 I met up with my friend Erin to walk that morning, which was the most productive thing I did. 😉

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Question of the Day: What was the highlight of your weekend?



See You Tomorrow…

Good morning!

A fun-packed weekend and a late softball game equal no blog post for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with my Father’s Day Weekend Recap! 🙂

Enjoy your day!

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Five on Friday

TGIF! We are headed back to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend. Looking forward to some good ole family time!

one. When we go home for holidays, Trav and I try to split our time between both of our families. While we are at my parents’ house, my number one goal for the afternoon is to recover my papasan chair as the final step of my office redecorating. It is currently a lovely burnt orange color that looks like a trainwreck in my neutral gray office. 🙂 Hopefully mom and I can crank out that little sewing job in a couple hours!

You can kind of see the burnt orange color in this throwback picture below. It clashes.


two. Speaking of my office, the large sign I had ordered for above my desk came in this week! It’s perfect for the coastal vibe I’ve got going in there.


three. I met up with my coworker Erin on Wednesday to walk and see her new baby. We lucked out and got a wonderful, mild temperature day so we were able to catch up for awhile while little Amelia slept. We’re planning on meeting each Monday morning from now on to walk together. I love starting my days with exercise and friends!

four. Travis and I went to the batting cages one day after supper this week. I feel so inconsistent when I have to bat during our softball games and wanted to get my “form” down a little better. I hit 60 balls and Trav hit 80, and my arms and hand were killing by the end of it. I think I need a few more sessions of practice before I can claim to be a “slugger” though. 😉

five.  I need to pack, and it’s been a pretty uneventful week around here so no number five today! Enjoy your weekend and happy early Father’s Day!

Question of the Day:  Do you have big plans to celebrate your dad this weekend?


Weekend Recap

Good morning!

Travis redid our back patio area this weekend so it was a low-key one around here.

On Friday, we ran and got all of the paver/patio supplies and just watched tv later that evening.

Here’s the before. It was beyond time to get rid of those ugly red square pavers. They were not too solid and really wiggled around when you stepped on them.


Another view of the before…


On Saturday, Travis was up bright and early to start the patio. I hadn’t slept very good and had a headache/felt groggy so besides doing laundry, I basically laid around, napped, and read a lot.

Travis was making good progress though!



By early afternoon, Travis was dying in the direct sunlight so he decided to take a break for us to finally go get my phone from Verizon.

We got to the Verizon store around 3:15 p.m., and it was packed. We had already been to the store two times last week trying to get me switched over to Travis’ plan and to get a new phone. There had been issues online for the employees that prevented us from adding my line so as this being our third time in, we were determined to stay until it finally got figured out.

It took an hour for us to even get an employee to help us, and then, the employee had to call their Fraud/online department to figure out the issue, which took another hour. He was seriously on hold with the Fraud department for 55 minutes!

By the time we left the store, which was cleared out by then, mind you, we had been there for two and half hours! It wasn’t exactly how we wanted to spend our Saturday afternoon, but I am SO thankful to have a new phone with a battery that lasts longer than a couple hours! Going from a 5s to a 7 makes me feel like I was in the dark ages with my last phone. The new one feels huge!

After we got home, and it was shady and much cooler, Travis continued working on the pavers while I got dinner together.

On Sunday, Trav put the finishing work on the pavers for a few hours in the morning.



Finished! It looks so much better!



Then, Travis’ parents came down to go out to lunch with us and see our recent house updates (patio, landscape, newly painted rooms).

We enjoyed talking with them for a few hours in the afternoon, and that night we had another softball game.

Hope you stayed cool this weekend!

Have a wonderful week!

Question of the Day: Do you enjoy doing home diy projects?



Weekend Recap

Good morning!

Summer weekends are the bee’s knees. So fun and relaxing!

On Friday night, we met up with Zach, Emily, and Coleman at our community’s pool. We got there in the evening and had the pool to ourselves for the majority of the time. We just talked and drank, and the boys entertained themselves with some diving and throwing a ball to catch.

Our pool has a little kiddie pool as well as a larger pool, and we love just sitting in the kiddie pool to talk because it usually feels like a hot tub. I’m going to ignore the fact that it might be because little kids are peeing in it. La la la, not thinking about that! 😉

On Saturday, I got up bright and early for the garage sale that my coworker, Bri, and I were having. She mostly had baby items, and I had a lot of women’s clothing and just random junk stuff. 😉 Bri has two little girls who kept up entertained by driving their little motorized cars around the driveway.

It was a slow garage sale morning, and while we had a couple people (literally two) stop by to look, we didn’t sell anything. After about two and half hours, it was kind of chilly out, and we figured it wasn’t worth it to keep going so we closed up shop. I took a bunch of stuff straight from her house to Goodwill. It was not coming back into my house! Overall, the sale was a flop, but it was fun to catch up with Bri and talk!

Our good friends Aaron and Renee stopped by in the afternoon with their two-year-old, Norah. We hadn’t seen them since probably last August, so it was long overdue. Travis lived with them during his last year of college so we used to hang out with them a ton. Oh, the good ole college days. 🙂

We enjoyed catching up, but it was exhausting keeping up with Norah. She had everlasting energy! We played ball out with her in the yard, and she loved picking my flowers and then letting everyone smell them. 😉

They left a little before dinner time, and we quickly ourselves ready to meet up with some more friends.

We met up with Zach, Emily, and Coleman for dinner that night at HuHots, their recommendation. I had only eaten there once before, and Travis hadn’t been back since high school so we were eager to try it. Neither of us were too impressed though. It was okay, nothing spectacular. We were all miserably stuffed afterwards though and decided to go sit and drink on Taphouse’s rooftop bar. We talked for a few hours there and enjoyed the beautiful night!


On Sunday, we went to church in the morning. Travis planted a few more grasses in our landscape in the afternoon while I did some cleaning up inside.

That night we had another softball game at 9 p.m.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Question of the Day: What was the best thing you did this weekend?


Memorial Day/Birthday Weekend Recap

Good morning! It’s been a whirlwind couple of days, kicking off summer right!

We spent Memorial Weekend with lots of friend time and celebrating my 26th birthday!

On Friday, Emily, Jessica, and I hit up the new Old Navy that just opened up in Manhattan (finally!). We had plans to grill with the crew that night so we ran to the grocery store and stocked up on some things for dinner.

We hung out at Zach and Emily’s house, and after a yummy summer meal, we watched the movie “A Quiet Place” that we had all been wanting to see. It was really hyped up and so many people I know had said how great it was. It was definitely interesting but I had higher hopes for it, honestly.

On Saturday, we met up for a pool day in the afternoon. It was just a cool 100 degrees (killer!), but somehow we lasted out there for three hours. I probably reapplied sunscreen five times, no joke. I’ve finally learned that my pale skin needs to be fully covered and/or in the water to last out there!


Our inflatable tubes saved the day and were seriously the most relaxing things ever in the pool.


Of course, having a delicious summer cocktail helped too! 🙂


After the pool, we all decided to go home, shower, and just maybe grab a quick nap before meeting back up for dinner. 🙂


Zach, Emily, Travis, and I got AJ’s Pizza for dinner, which hit the spot after being in the sun so much. Emily and I split a barbeque chicken pizza, and I kept thinking it was the best pizza I’d ever had. Carbs are a beautiful thing after swimming. 😉

We dropped the guys off at Coleman’s house, and then Emily and I met up with Jessica and my friend Courtney, who was in town from Kentucky for the weekend. We drove around the Colbert Hills area where Jessica lives, gawking at the extraordinary houses (oh to dream…). After that, we took a little walk along the golf course path to see the sunset (no small feat after eating so much pizza- ha!).


We talked and watched a show before Emily and I picked the guys back up and headed home.

On Sunday, I had the laziest start to the morning. Turns out the sun really does such the energy out of you! About mid-afternoon, Jessica, Courtney, Emily, and I met up again to do some wine tasting at Liquid Art Winery and to go to Target.


So many of my favorite things in one weekend. 😉 We might have gotten a few stares at Liquid Art Winery with how loud we were and how much we were laughing. Oh well! 🙂

That night I went back over to Jessica’s to talk with her and Courtney. We had the most random conversations, as is the norm.

Monday was my birthday, and it began pretty lazily. Travis did some outside work while I cleaned a little and started laundry before my mom, dad, and brother arrived after lunch.


We just talked for most of the afternoon. A highlight was when my brother’s dog Duchess got to meet our neighbor’s vizsla puppy, Milo. They were so cute together and loved playing. I also got to unwrap presents that afternoon and one of the small things my mom found were lobster shaped cookie cutters. How perfect! I can’t wait to make some “Lush Lobster” cookies. 🙂

We went to Umi’s for dinner. Sushi just always sounds so good to me.


After dinner, we headed back to our house for cake (always request a carrot cake, and my mom hit it out of the park with a new recipe.)

My family drove home, and Travis and I did a quick walk before setting in to watch a little bit of The Office.

What a fantastic weekend! It felt like we were always on the go and doing something fun. Celebrating my birthday was just the icing on the cake too!

Hope your Memorial Day Weekend was a blast!

Question of the Day: What was the best thing you did this weekend?


Weekend Recap

Good morning! Summer is so close that I can almost taste it! It was hard to get up and go to work today, but tomorrow is the last day of school so I think I can make it. 😉

This weekend was a quick one with some uncharacteristically dreary and cool weather.

On Friday, we had a lazy night… after Travis spent forever outside putting in a fence by our “cliff.” We still want to plant some bushes around the fence, but hopefully this makes our yard less of a hazard. 🙂


We usually start shows and watch them all the way through when we have nothing else to watch, and lately, we have started watching “The Office.” Neither of us has seen it all the way through, and to be honest, the first time I watched some episodes (years ago), I thought it was so dumb. I’m not sure if my humor has changed or if I just didn’t give it a fair chance, but this time around, I think it’s hilarious! 

On Saturday, we headed to Kansas City to do some shopping. We started at Ikea because I had to return some frames and wanted to get different ones there. Travis initially dragged his feet about having to walk through the whole store to get to the frames, but he was the one I was waiting on as he looked around at everything- ha.

After Ikea, we drove to The Legends, which is my favorite place to shop- all of my favorite stores as outlets, which means low prices! We both found some new clothes for summer.

When we got home, I was doing some laundry and heard Travis sigh so loudly when he laid down in one of our outdoor loungers. He fell asleep shortly after that. Shopping takes it out of you! It’s not for the faint of heart. 😉

On Sunday, it was just dreary. We both laid around a little bit and felt out of it (we’ll blame that on the weather). We got my new frames and art hung in my office. I’m going for a neutral, Hamptons-style coastal vibe (say that fives times fast!), and I love how it’s turning out so far.


Anyone looking for cheap frames that come with matting, Ikea is the best place. I’ve bought most of the large frames in our house from there. I always buy the white Ribba frame. It’s so clean and modern looking!

The office is slowly coming together. The next step is painting the room and getting a few more accessories. I also ordered a sign for the area above my desk, and then it’s close to being done!

We had another softball game that night and then it was time to start another week already.

Have a happy Monday!

Question of the Day: What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?