Weekend Recap

Hello on this Monday morning! It’s been a little while!

I’ll admit that school has left me feeling swamped these first few days, and when I finally got home each night, I only had enough energy to cook dinner, shower, and get ready again for the next day.

Now that I had the weekend to get caught up on sleep a little, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle this week (I think!).

Pop in tomorrow to get a recap of the first few days of school this year. It’s going to be a interesting, crazy ride- wheh!

On Friday, I stayed late talking to coworkers (Basically all of us saying, “How are we going to get through this year? They’re all SO crazy!”) and by the time I got home, I crashed hard.

You know those nights where you only leave the couch to get food and drinks?

That was my Friday night. I got caught up on Bachelor in Paradise and had an early night. I think I’d forgotten how exhausting the first few days of school are!

On Saturday morning, Travis and I had planned to go hike the Konza. After we woke up though, we decided that a drive in the country sounded better so we loaded up with our respective thermoses and drove around Deep Creek Road, a scenic, windy road with beautiful views and houses. Ahh, to live in the country again someday is our dream!

When we got back, Travis was motivated to finish touching up paint around the exterior of the windows. I got some house cleaning and chores done that I had neglected during the week.

That night, after dinner, we decided to run and get groceries to get it over with. While we were in the checkout line, there were three boys (college age) behind us with probably 30 three-liters of pop and solo cups in their cart. Nothing made Trav and I feel more lame than seeing that- ha! While we were going to have a quiet evening, they looked like they were throwing the party of all parties.

We got home, watched a movie, and called it a night.

On Sunday, I made up some yummy acai bowls for breakfast. I like loading mine up with all the toppings, but Travis thought that was too “foofoo” for him and just wanted it in a cup. I love the frozen acai packets from Trader Joe’s. They’re an easy way to spice up a regular smoothie!


That afternoon, I again did some cleaning while Travis painted some more (He feels like it’s never ending!).

Our fall ball started yesterday so we were off around 5 p.m. to start the new season. Truth be told, I would have been fine being done last month when summer ball stopped, but since we are signed up now, I am excited to playing in cooler temps. Hopefully I can get a little better though. My skills near the end of the season were lacking a bit!

After softball, it was back home to get ready for the week ahead!

Hope you had a great weekend and are ready to take on this week!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite sport to play?


Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

I’m going to keep this recap nice and short today because our float trip wiped us out and I’m learning how to balance having a job again. 😉

On Friday, I had teacher in-service with PLC meetings all day. Eight riveting hours of meetings. Bleh. I always look forward to getting these PLC days over with and finally starting school.

After work on Friday, Travis and I laid low. We packed our gear for the float trip and watched some tv.

On Saturday, the big day was finally here! We were invited to do a float trip with Zach and Emily. They do an annual float trip with all of Zach’s brothers (There are six boys in that family!) and some friends. We felt lucky to be invited because it was a fun group!

We got to the river let-in spot around 9:30 a.m. and by the time some of the guys dropped off vehicles in St. George and made it back, it was after 10:00 a.m. Emily made over 150 jello shots for the float and we made our way through some of them as we waited for the guys to return!

In all, we had nineteen in the group this year. Can you spot me in the neon yellow?


The day was seriously incredible to be on the water. It was in the low 80’s (and luckily it didn’t rain like the forecast called for!). We were never too hot, just comfortable! My pale skin was beyond thankful for that!

We rented two-person canoes. I had only done a float trip in a tube, but canoes were handy to have all of our stuff close by! Trav and I definitely over-packed though. We came back with over half of our drinks and probably 3/4 of our snacks! I think we could have stayed out there all weekend and been fine- ha!

Our group stopped at basically every sandbar to get in the water, talk, hangout, and throw the football around.

After about five hours of being on the water, we realized that we had only gone about a third of the way. (Apparently we were making a few too many sandbar stops!)

Here, Travis and Tyler had the right idea- living the life! (Stole your snap, Jess! I wasn’t brave enough to bring my phone.)


We had been all tied together, just floating along at a snail’s pace, and with good music funny conversations, and countless jello shots, we were all having a blast. At about the halfway point, most people untied from other canoes and rowed ahead so that we could make some progress and not still be stuck on the river when it got dark.

Travis and I stayed tied to Jessica and Tyler’s canoe and we all four rowed together. The last hour or so of rowing was killer. We were all tired and sore- and the jello shots had run out. 😉 Our group of nine canoes kind of got split up too at this point. We were around the middle of the pack.

When we finally saw the parking lot, it was around 8 p.m.- about ten hours on the water!

I’m thankful to say that I went hard on the sunscreen and did not get a burn! The one thing I forgot to cover was my lips so I have some sore, hotdog lips going on right now, but I’m not complaining since the rest of me is fine!

Travis and I showered and crashed on the couch after we finally made it home around 9:30 p.m.

On Sunday, we kept it low key. We felt dehydrated and tired. Travis finished painting the windows! Woohoo!! (And he also hung some new curtains for me, which I love!)

I’ve got another day of meetings at school today. Let’s pray there’s a little more engaging than the ones of Friday! 🙂

Have a great Monday!

Question of the DayWould you prefer to do a float trip in a tube or a canoe?


Weekend Recap

Hello again, Monday!

The last Monday of my summer break.


I’m at the point of the summer where I feel like I’m in a waiting game.

I have to report to the school on Thursday to work in my room and our PLC meetings start on Thursday and go until school starts on the 16th. So, these last few days of freedom having me feeling two ways: A. I want to squeeze in everything I didn’t do thus far and B. I want to lounge and just relax before the craziness of school sets in.

Somehow, summer is wrapping up (the fastest one ever!), and naturally, my excitement for fall has already begun!

This weekend was a fun one!

On Friday, I tried the yummiest new recipe for lunch: Skinnytaste’s Shrimp and Zoodle Bowl with Feta.


After lunch, Emily, Jessica, and I had our final pool day together. I had a half-bucket of margs in my freezer that needed finished so that was our goal!

The last few days have been so uncharacteristically cool for August. We got to the pool around 1 p.m. and were shocked that it felt like a fall day.

We ended up talking and lounging in the pool until 6 p.m. when Travis and Zach (Emily’s husband) joined us after work.

At this point, I noticed that I had a sun rash starting on my stomach and chest. Since it wasn’t too hot all day, I had been lazy about reapplying sunscreen that afternoon (So many regrets now- you’ll see why later!)

I got sun poisoning for the first time probably 8-9 years ago while at Table Rock Lake, and ever since then, it doesn’t take much time in the sun for me to get it again. Last year, I was literally walking between tailgates on a hot KSU football gameday and got sun poisoning. It’s ridiculous.

Anyways, by that point, we were all hungry and decided to go home, clean up, and meet up for supper at Taco Lucha. I’m glad Emily is as big of a fan of Taco Lucha as I am because we have been hitting it a lot this summer, and that makes me very happy! 🙂

(It’s funny that in the picture below you can’t even tell how burnt I am. I still just look pale. Believe me though, I was red.)


As we were waiting in the Ville, we ran into Travis’ childhood friend Will and his wife Mariah who were in Manhattan for the weekend and wanted Taco Lucha as well. What are the odds? Too funny!

After our dinner, we all headed home, and that when I noticed just how bad my sunburn really was.

Luckily my face escaped the burn!

My chest, stomach, and legs looked like a lobster! Fitting, as Travis said, “Well, you are The Lush Lobster. Isn’t this what you want?! Hahah.”

Not only that, but my rash had now spread all over my arms, legs, chest, and back. It never itches or bothers me other than being really hot, uncomfortable to look at, and making me tired. (I’m like a red leopard by this point.) I’m not going to go into much more detail about my rash because I think I’ve already typed the word “rash” more than I should on a blog post. 😉 You’re welcome.

On Saturday, the you know what was still there in full force so after making breakfast, I ran a few errands with Travis (including the library to get new books: priorities) and then I ended up lounging for most of the day, napping and reading. Between the burn and the rash, my energy was drained. Remember when I said “so many regrets” about not putting on more sunscreen? I was definitely still feeling that when I tried to curl up my legs and wanted to cry from the pain of the burn.

And now, instead of showing you a picture of my burn, how about a picture of the yummy breakfast I made that morning instead? It was a new Skinnytaste recipe for roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon and egg. I’m usually a “sweet” breakfast person, but this was delicious!


It rained hard that day so our plans to grill steak for dinner were squelched, and we ordered pizza and started to watch “Ozark” on Netflix. My dad talked about it last weekend so we decided to check it out. I ignorantly thought it was like a documentary about skiers on the Lake of the Ozarks.

That it is not.

It’s intense and raw and full of corruption. And we’re hooked.

It doesn’t take much to get me hooked on a new show. 🙂

On Sunday, I woke up and I was back to normal, just still burnt! We ran some more errands and stocked up on more supplies for our float trip next weekend. I have like three bags of stuff to take at this point. We’re coming prepared, and you better believe I have two bottles of sunscreen for this trip. I’m not taking any chances. #PalePeopleProblems

The rest of the day we worked around the house and Travis started painting trim around our new windows! Woohoo!

Hope you have a great day!

Question of the Day: Have you ever had a bad sunburn that you’ve regretted?

I once got such a bad sunburn at Schlitterbahn that my face had huge blisters on it. I’ve never felt pain like that. Wheh. (And you would have thought I learned my lesson from that burn…?!) 🙂



Weekend Recap

Hello! I hope this Monday has you feeling ready to conquer another week!

We spent the weekend at home for some friends’ wedding, and it was a blast! I’m definitely feeling a mix of the end of summer blues and excitement for the beginning of a new school year! I’m trying to soak up every last bit of summer that I can!

On Friday, Travis had planned to get off work early, around 3 p.m. so that we could drive back to Hiawatha for Brenton and Maddie’s rehearsal dinner. When Travis got home for lunch though, he said that his boss had told him to start his weekend early and not come back after lunch! (His boss is amazing and does stuff like this a lot!).

We quickly packed and got on the road right after lunch, giving us time to run some errands and head to my parents’ house before the rehearsal.


As I dropped Travis off at the church for rehearsal some of the other girls, who had spouses in the wedding too, were going to a house to drink and talk before dinner. That sounded a lot more fun to me so off we went!

The rehearsal dinner was such a good “mini-reunion” of sorts. I got to catch up with some hometown people and some of the guys from Theta Xi as well!


After the dinner, Travis and the other guys in the wedding party hung out for awhile and had a pool party. I went to my parents’ friends house where they were all talking. My parents’ friends are always entertaining and I got caught up on all the Hiawatha scoop!

Later, I went and picked up Travis. We were all exhausted and ready to cash it in, knowing that Saturday would be crazy.

The wedding was at 2 p.m. on Saturday so that morning went fast! Before Travis left to go get ready, we went with my dad on a Viking ride around the country roads. It’s so gorgeous! Northeast Kansas is where it’s at! 😉


The wedding was packed and luckily short (for a Catholic wedding). It got over quickly and there were a few hours until the bridal party would make it to the reception so the girls and I went back to one of their houses again to kill some time.

We spent a little too much time at the house and by the time we made it to the reception at the Fisher Center, it was full. We snagged spots together at some of the only seats left, and I was pleased to see that the Theta Xi guys were at the other end of our table: perfect! It all worked out!

The night was so much fun, catching up both with college friends and Hiawatha people. Hiawatha knows how to throw some good weddings. The wine was flowing, the music was great, and the people are the best!


It was so nice outside too. With around 400 people at the reception, we escaped outside to cool off. Brenton and Maddie lucked out with a great July day!



On Sunday, we had my grandma out for lunch, and then Travis and I left shortly after. We stopped by Brenton’s parents’ house to return his tux (and drop off the gift I had forgotten to take!) and we got to talk to them for a few minutes.

Travis and I both crashed when we got home and later rallied to eat dinner and unpack. Travis wanted to get his kayak out so while he fished, I started a new book.


It was so quiet and peaceful out at the lake- a great way to end a busy weekend!

Congrats again to Brenton and Maddie!

Question of the Day: What was the most fun part of your weekend?


Weekend Recap- New Window Edition!

Happy Monday!

This weekend was jam-packed since we had visitors! Travis’ sister, Shayna, and her family came to stay with us since her husband, Kevin, was going to help Travis install our new windows! They have three kiddos, Tenley, Bentley, and Bennett, who are so much fun!

Here’s a recap of our busy weekend!

On Friday night, I met up with my coworkers for dinner, and we met the new science teacher on our team. She already figured out that you can’t believe anything Adam (our math teacher) says so I’d say she is going to fit in well! 😉

When I got back from dinner and drinks, Shayna’s family was just getting here. It was still unbearably hot so we took the kids to the pool while Travis and Kevin got started on the windows (We clearly got the better end of that deal!).



When we got home from the pool, I helped the kids with bathtime. Bentley kept asking me to check and see if I had any bath toys for them to play with. They had brought toy semis and trucks to play with in the tub, but he had faith that I had something better. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t… so trucks it was!)

They requested that I play “Body Like a Backroad” while they were in the tub! I was shocked that they knew basically all of the words to many of the songs that I played!

Three little goofs in the tub.


Tenley was proud of her shampoo mohawk.


I caught Tenley looking at our wedding picture album in the guest room, and when she found pictures of herself she said, “Aww…look how cute I was.” Apparently she thinks she has matured a lot in the past year and a half. 🙂


Earlier, Tenley had found my closet and said, “Wow…you have a lot of shoes. Does Uncle Travis know you have this many shoes?” Hahaha!

So then later, as the adults were talking, the kids kept coming downstairs for a “shoe fashion show” modeling all of the shoes they found in my closet. Both Tenley and Bentley kept telling me how much they love high heels. 🙂

Even Bennett got in on the fun and rocked some of my boots!


By the end of the night, my closet was a disaster zone. I think they successfully tried on almost every pair. 🙂


We had popcorn as a snack later, and wow; I underestimated the mess that kids can make. There was popcorn all over the couch, in between the cushions, and all on the floor.

Bennett decided he liked the popcorn on the couch even better than what was in the bowl. I guess when you’re the little guy, you do what you have to do!


That night, Tenley “acted” like she was scared in her bedroom and played the guilt trip on me so I would lay in bed with her and Bentley.

She said, “Just lay here for a little bit so I’m not so scared.”

I thought, “That’s adorable.” I can’t refuse her.

Then, they both asked for a drink. I quickly realized their bedtime stalling tactics and we settled it that they would go to bed if I got them a cup of water. Luckily it worked!

The next morning, I had the cutest guests eating breakfast on our barstools. Muffins, banana bread, and scrambled eggs made for some happy campers!


Shayna and I rounded up the kids to go to the zoo and the guys got back to work on the windows. (They replaced every window in our house except for two, which we will probably do next year.)


We played in city park for awhile until the zoo officially opened at 9:30 a.m.

I had never been to the Sunset Zoo, but I had been told not to expect much.

We spent about two and half hours there until we decided that the heat was melting us. There were a few exhibits shut down at the zoo too so we didn’t feel like there was much to see.

Besides the kids being fascinated/confused by the chimps’ strange looking butts, a favorite from our little group was the flamingos. They look so graceful and pretty and their stick-thin legs amaze me! There was even a little baby one in the back, which the kids just loved!


Overall, I’d say the Sunset Zoo is good for “one and done.” I’ve seen it once, and I don’t care about going back anytime soon.

This picture was near the end of our zoo trip. We were down to one water bottle, all were dripping sweat, and the kids were ready to hit the gift shop more than anything. 😉 (The gift shop had AC so I was ready for it too!)


We hit a few antique/second hand stores on our drive back. Shayna and I both love looking in them and she scored a cute nightstand for the boys’ room.

We ate a quick lunch, and finally gave in to the kids’ pleas for the pool again. Honestly, it felt like the only way to beat the heat that day, as temperature soared in the 100s. We scared off a couple other groups at the pool so we basically had it to ourselves for the four or so hours that we were there!

Eventually, the guys finished putting in the windows and framing the outside of them, so they joined us too!

I feel like I more than got my workout in at the pool. The kids were either climbing on me or having me catch them (mainly, Bentley) when they went down the slide or jumped off the diving board.

We eventually decided that we’d had our fill and made a quick dinner of brats, pasta salad, and coleslaw.

Tenley and Bennett were pooped and both fell asleep after dinner. Bentley was going strong and sat with the adults as we all talked outside for awhile. He loves watching truck and farm equipment videos on YouTube and those kept him entertained!

We called it an early night as the sun had got the best of all of us. I crawled in bed thinking it was at least ten o’clock, and laughed when it was only 9:00! I don’t know the last time that I have been in bed that early!

The next morning was the rough patch of the whole weekend.

I was in the kitchen, getting breakfast for the kids and making more toast. Bennett came into the kitchen to see Shayna and I heard a weird sneeze sound.

I looked back from the toaster and he had thrown up and continued to do so right in the middle of the kitchen floor. (He got sick once the night before too, I guess.)

If you remember this post, you know that vomit and I are not friends. I quickly got Shayna some cleaning supplies as she cleaned Bennett up. Travis and I scrambled to find a “puke bowl” for him, making sure it wasn’t one of my nice ones, as I’m not sure I would be able to eat out of it again otherwise. 🙂

We’ve got a long ways to go before we are ready for kids. 😉

Gross, gross, gross.

Bennett had a cold all weekend, and fell asleep before dinner the night before so I’m pretty sure that his stomach just got upset from being empty and having so much drainage in it. After his episode, he ate a piece of toast and kept it down so who knows?

From the window installation and the kids, our house looked like a tornado blew through it so I spent the afternoon cleaning and doing laundry while Travis started to frame in the windows inside.

We had to stop around six to head to our last softball playoff game, scheduled for seven.

We won the first game, which meant that we played right after that to try for first. Unfortunately, we lost that one, but that still means that we got second place in our league! We never dreamed we would do so well!

Here’s (most of) our team, Sit on My Base. They have been so fun to hang out with this summer!


Needless to say, I’m exhausted after this weekend. I got way more sun than I usually do…but I don’t have the tan to prove it. 😦

Today, I’m headed up to my classroom with a coworker to start decorating for the year. It’s hard to believe it’s almost that time again!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite exhibit to see at the zoo?




Weekend Recap

Hello again, Monday! This Monday is looking a little brighter since my mom is here to goof off! I’m ready for a fun day!

Here’s a recap of our weekend!

Friday night, we had our last regular season softball game. We ended up hanging out at one of the players’ houses before the game (Ok to pregame; let’s be real 😉 ). I finally found those White Claw Seltzer drinks and tried the black cherry flavor. They still aren’t amazing, but they grew on me the more that I drank them! The raspberry flavor was the one that I really wanted to try, but the liquor store we went to was sold out of them. I still want to try that flavor and thennnn I’ll make my final judgment call on them!

For softball, we were supposed to play the number one ranked team in our league. All the other teams in the league had played earlier in the week so our game was the only one held that night. It was too quietalmost eerie. We pumped up the music in the dugout, which helped!

Travis and I both play in the field, and I always try to have a conversation with him in the outfield, which he is never feeling (Something about him being into the game or whatever?! 🙂 ). The game was neck and neck the whole time (Stressful!) and we won by just one run thanks to a hit by Travis, which allowed Kevin to run home!

After our game, we went back to Kevin’s house to keep the winning celebration going! We ordered pizzas and played a few drinking games that I hadn’t played since college (I’m looking at you, P&A). I taught the team one of my favorites games, “Tourettes,” which never fails to make people laugh (and feel incredibly dumb when we can’t think of words- the worst!!).

On Saturday, Travis was determined to get our shed relocated and put back together, mainly so that we could get all of the shed stuff out of our garage. It drove us both crazy having a cluttered garage the last couple of weeks!

The new shed area. Getting ready to set the foundation.

He worked outside all day on it while I did laundry, ran errands, baked…and did some online shopping. 🙂 I did help him near the end by handing him screws to secure everything in place. (He said that I was helpful, but I think he was just appreciative for the company!).


I am loving the new home for our shed!

Travis did so much work cutting a few trees and clearing old branches to tuck it back into the tree area of our yard. If it wasn’t so buggy back there, I told Travis that I would have wanted it to be my “she shed” to write and hang out in. 🙂

We were both so tired of the heat when it was finished, and I threw together a new lasagna recipe, which turned out so well: Beef Taco Lasagna!

I usually win out on picking the movies that we watch, so I told Travis he had total control on what we watched that night (and I would keep my mouth shut about it!).

He picked “Mad Max,” which is a movie without any real character development or plot (How do I really feel about it, right? 🙂 ). It was okay, but not my preferred type with all of the fighting scenes. The lines for that movie must have been so easy to memorize too; there was hardly any talking! (Fight, fight, fight, yell something, fight, fight).

On Sunday, we got groceries and Travis did a little more cleaning on the garage and our vehicles while I finished laundry and read another Susan Mallery book. Emily- great recommendation! I can’t get enough of her books!

We lounged around in the afternoon because our playoff game was scheduled for 8 p.m.

Travis had wanted to go explore the new Academy store, and after we got home from there, I had to scramble to make dinner. I tried Skinnytaste’s Kale Caesar and Grilled Chicken Bowls and made some sweet potato noodles to go on the side (Because I’m usually not a big kale fan at all. I know it’s healthy, but it’s so bitter- bleh. The noodles were a backup side dish. 🙂 )

The recipe included a homemade caesar dressing with anchovies in it, my first experience with them! They really made the dressing delicious though! (By themselves, I’m still not sold though.) Even the kale was tasty. The key was letting it sit in the dressing for a while to soften it.


On our way over to the game, we got a call from Zach, the captain, who said the other team had forfeited. We decided to go ahead and meet them at the field still though to hang out a little.

And…we ended up at Dairy Queen (It was National Ice Cream Day yesterday, after all!). It didn’t take much to convince our team to partake! 🙂

I did some cleaning when we got home so our house is all ready for a visit from my mom!

Have a great day!

Question of the Day: What is your take on action movies? Take them or leave them?


Weekend Recap

Hello, Monday! Hope your weekend was a great one!

On Friday evening, we had a softball game so some of the girls on our team (AKA the teachers 🙂 ) met up at Old Chicago for drinks and appetizers beforehand. I’m still on my Moscow Mule kick so I tried a berry mule and a regular mule. It sure is nice to be on summer time and able to go get drinks at 4 p.m. 🙂

After we finished our drinks, we headed to the parking lot of the fields to hang with the guys and drink a little more before our game at 7 p.m. I think a few drinks help me play better. 😉

Taylor, Jess, Emily, and I

We went into this game knowing that we would be playing the worst team in our league (That took some pressure off!). Needless to say, we run ruled them by the fifth inning, which cut our game short. We were happy for the win, and we wanted to keep the party going, preferably finding a pool to cool off in.

The girls and I had been talking about the new alcoholic seltzer water drinks and wanted to try them so we ran to The Fridge, but they didn’t have the brand we really wanted, White Claw. We ended up trying the Press brand and Smirnoff brand of them, but I still want to get my hands on some White Claw ones. We were not impressed with the ones we tried and they tasted dirty, if that makes sense (so much so that Emily had to chase the Smirnoff one down with another drink. It was naaaasty!).

We ended up going to the UC pool with most of our team, just talking and drinking. The brave ones swam; while the water was warm, that was the dirtiest pool I’ve been in. It was full of grim and regret- ha! After a few hours, the group filtered down to our usuals, Zach, Emily, Coleman, Jessica, Travis, and I.


The bathroom situation was nonexistent so I’ll just say this: we got creative. End of story. 😉

We floated and talked a few more hours, even making some friends, an interesting group of guys who kept wanting us to request music for them to play. (?)

I was eventually the weenie who was too cold and couldn’t take it anymore. As soon as I got out, Emily followed, and the rest of the group shortly thereafter. Once Emily  mentioned getting Taco Bell as a late night snack, the boys moved a little quicker to get out. 😉

On Saturday, we were very low-key, which for me translates to: I read a LOT. 🙂 I met Jessica in the afternoon at Marshall’s to shop (Of all things, we each only bought dry shampoo). We also went to Pier One, where Jess realized a little too late that she locked her keys in her car. She had left her windows cracked a smidge, so we found some strong sticks and tried to poke them down to unlock the doors.

Eventually, all of our sticks were breaking and it didn’t look like we would get it so we admitted defeat. I drove Jess back to her mom’s house, who has a spare key but was in Topeka at the time.


Travis and I watched a movie later and then called it a night.

On Sunday, we were determined to make it to church. We have been gone so much this summer that it has been awhile since we’ve made it. After church we got groceries and then Travis was back at it with painting the house. He is on the last side of the house and so close to being done! Woohoo! It was ungodly hot so I was only outside long enough to take him cold drinks…and then I booked it back inside. 🙂

I got some cleaning done in the afternoon and we got a walk in that night…once it had cooled down!

I’ve been putting off doing some school prep so today I’m hoping to knock a little of it out. (I’m also hoping that writing it here makes me more accountable so that I actually do it. It’s been on my to-do list for…well…two months. 😉 )

Have a wonderful Monday! Stay cool! This week looks like it’s going to be a scorcher!

Question of the Day: Has anyone tried to White Claw seltzer drinks? Are they worth it?