Weekend Recap

Good morning and happy Monday to you!

I’m still relishing in how nice the weather was yesterday!

Here’s a recap of our weekend.

On Friday night, we had plans to go to the “redo” Joe Nichols concert at The Hat in Aggieville. We went and saw Joe a month ago, but he was so drunk that he could hardly sing or even stand upright, so he came back and did a free concert.

Unfortunately, Emily got the flu on Friday morning so it was just Jessica, Travis, and I, but we still had a great time!

We met up in Aggieville at the new Mexican restaurant, Gordo’s. It was pretty standard Mexican food, but it hit the spot. I used to eat Mexican food all the time with my friends, but it’s been awhile lately since I’ve been.

After eating and talking awhile, we made our way over to The Hat. Those who had attended the first concert were guaranteed early entree to get a good spot, and luckily, we had no issues getting in (even though Zach and Emily had bought the first round of tickets and weren’t there). The security people didn’t even question it. Easy!

We got in with plenty of time to grab drinks and get a good spot up close before the opener began.

I had a flashback to college moment when I ordered a vodka sprite, and they used Barton’s vodka. Bleh. Only the good stuff, right?! I don’t know if you can get cheaper vodka than Barton’s.


I’m not usually a huge concert fan, but Joe Nichols killed it this time around.


See how close we got?!

He more than redeemed himself, and we had a blast singing along to his songs.


love his music, and he has a new song out called “Never Gets Old,” which I’m now obsessed with. Ironically the song itself never gets old, and I think I played it on repeat probably ten times throughout the weekend. Go listen! It’s a feel-good song. I told Travis that I want it played at our fifty-year anniversary party- ha!


The concert ended around midnight (Joe lasted a little longer this time than at the last concert. 😉 ) I joked with Jessica that it was weird to actually see his eyes open this time, since last time he had them closed (or barely open) the whole time when he was struggling.

The next morning, I was feeling lazy, and did some laundry, more present wrapping, and lounging. I love days where nothing is on the agenda.

I finally got my act in gear late afternoon, and I convinced Travis to come keep me company while I reorganized our basement closet and purged some junk we’ve been holding onto.

While I was organizing (listening to Joe Nichols the whole time, I might add), I came across a bunch of letters that I’d written to Travis when we were dating in high school.


Of course, I had to read them all, and it was the best trip down memory lane. Travis, on the other hand, didn’t see why I needed to read each one, as I halted productivity to do so. 😉

I made a yummy new Red Thai Chicken dish for dinner, and I finally made the switch over to flannel sheets on our bed (pure heaven!). Then, I got the laundry finished, and we watched a couple more episodes of Mind Hunter. Gosh that show is disturbing, but it’s so interesting too!

On Sunday, I got the baking bug and spent awhile in the kitchen making cookies, a new baked oatmeal recipe, and preparing our dinner to go in the slow cooker.

This new peanut butter banana baked oatmeal was a hit, and I can’t wait to have it for breakfasts this week. On a sidenote, does anyone else have to taste test everything they make too? I couldn’t wait until the next morning to sample this one. 🙂


Meanwhile, Travis completely cleaned the inside of my car, and it feels like it’s brand new again!

We stopped mid afternoon to get outside (okay, for me to get outside) and we took a walk on our favorite country road. The road is only about two miles from our house, but it feels so nice to get out in the country and breathe. Someday, we will live in the country again. 🙂

The rest of the day was spent blogging, cleaning a little, and getting ready for the week. It’s the last full week of school before Christmas Break, and I want to rejoice!!

Have a wonderful day!

Question of the Day: What was the highlight of your weekend?


Weekend Recap

Monday, you always come around again way too soon! Hope you enjoyed a nice weekend!

I kicked my butt into gear this weekend and got some Christmas shopping done. I went to a few stores, but I mostly called on my bestie, Amazon Prime, to help me out this year. It’s just so convenient! Now, having a few presents wrapped and under the tree is making me feel like I’ve somewhat got it together this holiday season. It’s crunch time to finish the rest of the gifts though (or so it feels!).

On Friday night, Travis and I had a lazy, easy evening. We have really dragged out this last round of staining so we (Travis) got the last coat of poly on a few items and then we watched a movie.

I had high hopes for Saturday to be productive, and…it was a swing and a miss. 😉

We planned to have our own little late Thanksgiving feast that evening so I spent a lot of the day preparing food (and doing laundry/dishes/cleaning) and I didn’t do much besides that. 🙂

I wanted to run a few errands that night, so as soon as we put the turkey in, we set a timer on our phones and made a mad dash to a few stores for some gifts.

We got home in the nick of time to pull the turkey out, and soon we were sitting down to a delicious meal. We had baked turkey, Skinnytaste’s crockpot stuffing, and glazed sweet potatoes. The only thing better than that meal was knowing that we would get it again for lunch the next day!


We watched a movie again Saturday night: Unbroken. Travis and I had both read the book last year, and this was my first time to see the movie. Wow. It was powerful and thought-provoking. My new life mantra is “If Louie can get through all that he did, I can suck it up when I’m complaining about something small.” I can’t believe all that he went through.

Sunday morning, we ran a few more errands, and came home to eat our Thanksgiving feast leftovers (even better than the night before! We’re big fans of leftovers over here!).

I got to work wrapping some more gifts, and figuring out the last of the major gifts on my list (what a good feeling!).

One of the things I picked up at Walmart that morning was this stuff.


My in-laws rave about all the health benefits of apple cider vinegar (It has to have ‘the Mother’ in it though!), and I always try to drink some of it when I’m at their house.

The key word there is try.

I can hardly get the stuff down though. Wheh- it’s potent and disgusting! They love the taste of it (somehow!) and both do a shot of it each day to help with digestion and immunity.

I know that it is good for you, and so when I saw this bottle, I thought it looked a little more ‘my speed’ (AKA the wimp’s way to drink it). Walmart had four different flavors (blueberry, cranberry, tumeric, and ginger).

I strangely enough like the taste of tumeric and drink it sometimes in golden milk drinks. I figured that the spicy taste of the tumeric might cancel out some of the powerful vinegar taste, and I was right! I had a glass of my ‘sipping vinegar’ that afternoon. Mix one ounce vinegar with eight ounces of water. I also added some lemon and extra honey because, let’s be real: it’s still vinegar.

I can’t say that I loved it, but I did get it down quicker, and it wasn’t too bad. Here’s hoping it boosts my immunity, and I avoid the ickies this winter! I’m sure it’s not as great for you as the straight stuff, but anything is better than nothing, right?!

The rest of the day Travis got to work on some of our homemade gifts and I tried a new craft project that I’ll share if it turns out!

Well, ready or not, here we go with another full week of school!

Have a great day!

Question of the Day: Is all of your Christmas shopping done?




Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Is anyone else dragging on this Monday like I am? It’s always so hard to get back in the swing of normal life, but at least there’s just a few weeks left until Christmas. I love having another holiday to look forward to (..I’ve got a lot of shopping to finish before then though. Eek!)

We went back to Sabetha last Wednesday night to start our Thanksgiving Break. We arrived at Travis’ parents house around 8 p.m. and talked for awhile before going to bed.

The next morning, I helped Holly put together some of the food for our feast while the guys checked on cattle.

Pretty soon, Shayna’s family arrived, which meant the craziness (in a good way) was beginning. I love Tenley, Bentley, and Bennett. Nieces and nephews are so fun!

We gorged on the most delicious meal. I don’t think I’ve ever been so stuffed after a Thanksgiving meal before. Holly made two turkeys: one 12-pound fried one and one 22-pound baked one. Her sweet potato casserole and smothered teriyaki green beans really stole the show though!

After lunch, we were even treated to a Thanksgiving “play” put together by Tenley. Holly was the narrator and Tenley recruited Trae, Bentley, and Bennett to help her. 🙂


Love this sassy niece of mine. Can’t you just tell that she has the biggest personality?!


That afternoon, we spent most of our time out shooting blue rock. Shayna and I tried one of Travis’ dad’s guns, which had the worst kick. Our shoulders were sore so we mostly watched the rest of the time.


Holly took the kiddos on an “adventure walk” since they weren’t all that interested in the shooting. 😉 When they got back awhile later, Kevin said that he wanted to go to Walmart later that night to get more ammo. Unfortunately, Tenley was all wet and muddy from their walk and she was just mortified of the thought of going to Walmart like that. I kid you not, she said, “I can’t go to Walmart looking like this. People will think I’m a hobo. They’ll think I live in the woods.” Dramatic, much?! 😉

Holly still had her pumpkins and hedge balls out as fall decor so we played a little hedge ball baseball (more fun than it sounds!) and then we decided to shoot the pumpkins.


The guys had me hold their guns while they set the pumpkins back up. I don’t think I look too intimidating, do I? Ha!


Bentley has a little bb gun, and he got to shoot at the pumpkins last. It was the funniest thing. He thought he really nailed ’em. 🙂

We spent the evening grazing some more (though no one was really hungry still) and after Shayna’s family left, Trae, Travis, Holly, and I played Monopoly. Trae had an unbelievable streak going and bankrupted all of us pretty quickly. Seems like your college business classes are paying off, Trae. 🙂

We drove over to parent’s house later that night, as they were just getting back from my Grandpa Luthi’s house.

On Friday, we had my grandma out for lunch. Marcia made us the most incredible homemade pizzas. One was a mexican street corn pizza, and it was to die for!

That afternoon, mom and I tried to take a walk, but the wind cut it short for us. We ended up watching my dad and Travis shoot blue rock (Are you sensing the shooting theme of our Thanksgiving? 😉 ). I got to be the blue rock “puller” person. I like that job more than actually shooting. The wind was still pretty bad, so we all headed back in after about an hour.

We played some liverpool rummy before dinner and then we dug into a seafood lasagna that my mom had made. It was full of crab, lobster, and shrimp. Delish! This seafood-loving girl was happy!

Saturday, my parents left mid-morning to go to Manhattan for the last home K-State game. Travis and I left shortly after and went to visit his grandma for awhile. We got back to Manhattan in the early afternoon and had a lazy day watching the game and doing laundry (Ok- I also snuck a nap in there. 😉 ).

We heard some heartbreaking news Saturday night about a car accident involving a Sabetha family. I had only met the family once, but I remember the infectious, bubbly nature of the mother, and Travis and I have been struggling with how unfair the whole thing is. It sure puts things into perspective of what is truly important. I don’t understand why things like this happen, and I can’t imagine losing three members of a family in a freak accident like this. My thoughts and prayers go out to that family and I’ll be praying for peace and comfort to the husband and two sons who now have to find a way to pick up the pieces of their lives.

Sunday was pretty nonchalant around here as well. We did another round of staining. I’m hoping this was the last coat!


I also started repainting an old plant stand that I have in a guest bedroom.


Thanksgiving weekend flew by, and ready or not, we’ve got a full week of work ahead (Boo!) 🙂 .

Hoping you and yours enjoyed the time together this past weekend, and the delicious food!

Question of the Day: What was your favorite Thanksgiving dish this year?



Weekend Recap

Happy Monday and hooray for a short week of work!

Since Travis and I took Friday off to celebrate our anniversary, it felt like a nice long extended weekend!

On Friday, we slept in a little and decided to go for a walk around our neighborhood. Friday was such a beautiful day and it felt like we were the only ones out (I may have made a few “Work is for losers” comments- haha). After our walk, we got ready for the day and headed to Topeka.

I had made a list of stores I wanted to hit and things I wanted to pick up. We haven’t been on our “A” game this year about gift ideas, so we didn’t really have many Christmas gifts to pick up for people. (We were hoping something would jump out at us).

This is how Travis entertained himself while I was shopping. 🙂


We started at Target and TJ Maxx (my two hot spots) and then decided it was time for lunch. We were planning on going to a sushi restaurant called Kyoto. However, once we finally found it, it was in a rough part of town, it looked run down, and there were no other cars in the parking lot. Since getting food poisoning wasn’t high on our list, we decided to pick somewhere else.

There really doesn’t seem to be too many nice lunch options in Topeka. Travis mentioned a restaurant called The Burger Stand that he had eaten at before. It was close to Washburn’s campus, and we were planning to see Travis’s little brother after lunch anyways, so we went for it.

Oh my gosh. It was delicious. I got the gnocchi salad, which was full of gnocchi, pesto, olives, feta, and sun dried tomatoes. It hit the spot.


The restaurant was the perfect mix of classic burger place with a hip upscale feel. I want to go back because everything on their menu sounded divine! That place also makes me want to redo my basement with dark gray paint, light wood accents, and lots of beer signs- so modern and clean looking!


We bought some snacks to take to Trae and we talked in his dorm for awhile before heading to the mall. (Oh to be a college freshman again. We told Trae to live it up and enjoy it probably ten times. 😉 )

After hitting another couple of my hot spots in the mall (Gap and Old Navy), and stopping at Kansas Sampler (I now finally have a KSU license plate!), we decided that we were spent and ready to head home. Because of our late start that morning, it was already around 5:30 p.m. by this time. Travis wanted some ice cream for a pick me up so that was our final stop.

We got home around supper time and both crashed on the bed for awhile. Shopping is hard work. 😉

I realized that I basically only got things for myself on this trip (whoopies!). Among my purchases, a favorite are these cute little houses from Target. I now have them set up with a tealight in each, and they just look adorable!


The next morning, we had friends coming over for the K-State game so we threw together some appetizers and speed-cleaned our house before they arrived at 2 p.m.

Zach, Emily, and Jessica joined us for the game. The girls took a break around halftime to play pool, and I’m embarrassed to say that our game lasted over a quarter of the game! We could all stand to work on our skills. 🙂

If you’re following along with the great plant disaster (aka the wrath of my black thumb), you know that my fern looks like death is a-knocking! I quizzed Emily and Jessica, and Emily thought it was overwatered and having root-rot. (We put in new soil the next morning and I’m not watering it for awhile. Crossing my fingers that it is revived soon!).

After gorging on cheese dip and other appetizers all afternoon (It was both our lunch and dinner- yikes!), we decided to regroup and then go out to the ville where we met up with a couple other guys who Zach works with.

Before we went, Travis and I pulled the Christmas tree out and “fluffed” it. Eee! (Our pregames sure have changed over the years. 😉 ).


Any K-State alum recognize which bar we are in because of all the dollar bills?


Emily, me, and Jessica- sorry for the grainy quality!

On Sunday, I couldn’t wait any longer and I decorated our house for Christmas. I know, I know, it’s way early, but since we will be gone for Thanksgiving, I figured it would be okay to get it done, and it would be so cozy to return home to a decorated house.

We laid low in the afternoon, doing some laundry and more furniture stripping (we’re almost to the end!).

I’m so thankful that it’s a short week. Taking Friday off made me realize that we are long overdue for a break. The kids need it, and the teachers need it even more!

Have a super Monday!

Question of the Day: When do you usually decorate your house for Christmas?


Weekend Recap

What a dreary, cold weekend!

I took the chilly weather as an excuse to cozy up and stay in. How about you?

On Friday, we did some staining and caught up on some tv shows.

Saturday, the date was this 🙂 (You’ll understand if you’re a Stranger Things fan):


We were up early to hit Buttons ‘n’ Bows, a Christmas craft fair in Manhattan. I hadn’t been in several years, as two years ago it was held on our wedding day and last year, we were at one of my friends’ weddings on that day. We bundled up and I allowed us plenty of time to look before we needed to head on to tailgate. There were some cool things, but overall, I felt like I could recreate most of the stuff on my own (and for much cheaper!). We left empty handed. I didn’t even grab kettle corn, which is my usual guilty pleasure to purchase.

We got to Bill Snyder Family Stadium a little before noon and met up with my parents and their friends at their tailgate. They had picked up Chipotle burritos for everyone, which was such a grand idea. Someone had made jalapeno margaritas too, and oh my gosh, they were divine. Nothing like burritos and margs in the drizzling rain. It felt like it got colder the longer we stood out and tailgated. Travis and I were glad that we bypassed tickets for this game. Our warm house was sounding much better than sitting out in the chilly, spitting rain.


That afternoon, while the game was on, I got some laundry done, took a nap (the essentials, right?), and cleaned a little.

It was too chilly to stain that night, so we ate homemade soup and watched a movie. I’m on a kick where I want to see all the classic (or well-known) movies and so we watched “V for Vendetta” last night. Wow. It was intense, dark, and nothing like I thought it would be, but I liked it!

On Sunday, we did the usual errand thing, and then we got a text from Travis’s parents saying they wanted to come down and visit. They hadn’t been to our house in awhile, and we’ve changed quite a few things since their last visit.

We quickly cleaned up the house before they arrived. (On a random note, remember the cleaning supplies I ordered from Grove Collaborative? The Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Spray in Apple Cider Scent is heavenly. I cleaned our kitchen and bathrooms with it before our company arrived, and it made the whole house smell fall-fresh!)

We talked and caught up all afternoon, and then, Travis’s parents headed home around early evening time.

During the winter, Travis plays basketball on Sunday night with people in Westmoreland (a few high school kids and a bunch of old men- haha!). This was the first weekend he went back and played, so I got a coat of poly on the bed frame and relaxed while he was gone.

I’m excited for the week ahead! Our anniversary is Tuesday, and we both took Friday off to go celebrate year two (a few days late!).

Have a splendid day!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite scent to have in your house?


Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Our weekend was a good one! Let’s get right to the recap.

On Friday night, I was utterly exhausted (as I usually am by the end of the week) so I came home from school, immediately changed into sweats, poured some wine, and parked myself by the tv. I had intentions to move and be productive for part of the night, but I swear our couch has magnets in it. I just couldn’t get up. 😉

On Saturday, we had a lazy start, which led to a lazy day. Travis put the last coat of poly on the desk. I did some laundry (and online shopping 🙂 ), got in a treadmill workout, and before we knew it, it was time to get ready for dinner with friends.

We met up with Zach, Emily, and Jessica at Taco Lucha to grab dinner and drinks before going to the Joe Nichols concert at The Hat in Aggieville.

By the time we got to The Hat, the opener (someone we had never heard of) was just starting to wrap up. We grabbed some drinks and stood around talking while we waited for Joe.


When Joe Nichols first came out on stage, we all looked at each other and said, “Man, he looks….strange. Maybe tired. Maybe drunk. Hmm.” But then, we just shrugged and started listening.


But we were right. He was completely drunk (or high- that’s still tbd). Granted, I have only been to a few concerts in my lifetime, but I have never seen a singer so completely hammered while singing.

Photobomber, Zach

He could barely keep his eyes open, and he spent probably 90% of his time singing, sitting down. He couldn’t even handle standing up.

Lucky for him, he has a great manager who kept bringing him Red Bulls, water bottles, and towels.

He was struggling.

Because of his state, he royally botched the songs too. We were literally cringing at how awful he sounded as he tried to slur the words out on time.

The concert was supposed to go until midnight, but at about 11:20 p.m., he just walked off stage (meaning he was done, probably going to go pass out) and his band followed. He wasn’t even on stage for a complete hour.

Honestly, just watching him was enough entertainment, and we didn’t feel like it was a waste of money. He made us laugh, that’s for sure.

Since it was still early, we went to a couple more bars to grab some drinks before calling it a night.

On Sunday, we slept in (Thank God for that extra hour!), grabbed groceries and I made lunch/ prepped our crockpot meal for supper. Sunday nights have unofficially become crockpot meal nights in our house. I’m all about easy.

We stripped the bed frame of my college furniture set, and it went relatively quick thanks to a new kind of stain stripper that we have been using (It’s 20 times better than what we used on the dresser).

That afternoon, we got in some down time (napping for Travis, blogging for me!) and some cleaning.

I convinced Travis that I should do the first coat of stain that night since we are going out to dinner on Wednesday night with my coworkers and will miss a night of staining. Gotta keep on that schedule!

It feels like we’re getting so close to Thanksgiving Break, which means I’m in a little better mood on this Monday!

Hope your day goes well!

Question of the Day: Do you any funny concert stories? Did anything interesting or memorable happen at one?

I remember when Travis got me Shinedown tickets for my birthday in high school, we drove with his sister (and her then-boyfriend) to Omaha, and it was in the sketchiest, dirtiest place. We were a little frightened to walk in there. 🙂




Weekend Recap

Happy Monday to you!

What a cold weekend it was here! We spent most of the weekend doing two things: working on redoing furniture…and watching the new season of Stranger Things. I’m not complaining about either. 😉

On Friday, my coworkers and I left school right at the 3:45 p.m. bell to grab a drink and unwind. This week was a long one and we needed to destress.

I got a call from Travis while I was there, saying that his Durango was ready to be picked up, so I drove home, got him, and we headed to St. Marys to pick it up. I think Travis sang a love song to his beloved vehicle as he was driving it home. Two weeks is a long time to go without wheels! Durango better be good to go for a long time now.

When we got home, it was already around 6:30 p.m. so we made a quick dinner and decided we couldn’t hold off on watching “Stranger Things” any longer.

We were both big fans of the first season, but I have to say that I like this season even more! There is more insight into the characters (backstories and personalities) and the action is even more intense.

We watched quite a few episodes because we just couldn’t stop.

On Saturday, we were determined to get more work done on the dresser we are redoing. I also found some cool DIY projects that I want to try for Christmas gifts so we ran a few errands picking up material for those. (On Travis’s side of the family, we all decided to do homemade gifts for our gift exchange this year, so we’re trying to step up our game and think outside of the box.)

Sidenote: Both Travis and I were looking rough as we ran errands (I’m talking old clothes, gross hair, little makeup-for me 🙂 ). We had only planned on going to Menards, but quickly realized we needed some things at Walmart and Hobby Lobby too. Of course, throughout our errands, I saw several former students and some parents. Why do I always run into the most students on days when I look like I gave up on myself? It always happens!

That afternoon, we did a couple more coats of stain and Travis started cutting down this fence post for a “practice” gift idea.


That night, I’m sure you can guess what we did?

Another couple episodes of Stranger Things again. Gosh, it’s addicting!

On Sunday, we did the errands thing in the morning and then it was back to work on those gift ideas and putting poly on the dresser. Our original goal was to have the dresser done on Sunday and, right on schedule, we just had the finishing touches to do that day. We then started in on stripping the desk (once it got warm enough that afternoon). Stripping the old stain off is dreadful, but knowing we are close to staining it makes it worth it!

I had a crock pot meal going all afternoon and did some baking in between the crafting so it was quite the cozy day!

We finished our Sunday with the last couple episodes of Stranger Things. At first, we wanted to make them last, but after starting the new season, we were dying to figure out how things turned out. (Why do we have to wait another year for the next season? Wah!).

And thus begins another (hopefully not so exhausting) week of work. We’re slowly getting closer to Thanksgiving, and I’m hoping these next few weeks of work go by in a flash!

Have a wonderful day!

Question of the Day: Do you watch Stranger Things? Who is your favorite character?

Travis and I can’t get enough of Dusty on the show. He is always so goofy!