Weekend Recap

Hi there! Another dreary weekend, huh? Come on Spring, you can do it! This back and forth weather is driving me nuts!

Our weekend was pretty low-key because of the cold weather, causing us to stay inside most of the time.

On Friday night, we went over to Zach and Emily’s house to watch a movie. The guys were in the mood for a scary movie (though us girls weren’t!), and we finally decided to watch “Get Out.” We all thought the preview made it look pretty chilling. However, it was….terrible. The acting was awful, the “scary” parts were over-the-top dramatic, and the ending wasn’t satisfying.

It’s like the movie was slow and boring for 95% of the time and the last five minutes or so were when everything big happened. If you haven’t seen it, SKIP IT! It might be one of the top worst movies I’ve ever seen.

On Saturday, we decided to run errands in the morning. I talked Travis into going to Target…you know since it was cold and miserable out- nothing better to do. 😉 The best way to start a Saturday, right?! We also ran to Menard’s for some wood for a house project and to Dillon’s.

Travis bought me a gigantic tub of peanut butter because I go through it so fast. I use it for breakfast, cooking, and a lot of times, just eating out of the jar. 🙂 I probably eat peanut butter every single day. This baby is SIX pounds of heaven, and hopefully it lasts me awhile. No guarantees. 😉


We had a pretty lazy rest of the day. I did laundry and Travis made me some floating shelves for my office, and then we laid around a lot.


We did make a gourmet meal of roasted turkey breast, mashed potatoes, and salad. It’s usually a free for all on Saturday nights around here, so it was amazing to have an actual nice meal. 🙂 We watched Inception that night, and holy cow, that movie is a thinker, but it’s so good!! It was my second time to watch it, and I picked up on so much more this time around!

On Sunday, Travis drove back to his parent’s house to help his dad with the cattle. I spent most of the morning finally deciding on art that I want in my office and ordering. I have the hardest time pulling the trigger and ordering big house decor items like that. I’m so excited for it to get here and to liven up that room a little though! I’m going for a very neutral, Hamptons style coastal vibe.

In the afternoon, I got a productive streak and cleaned our floors, made baked oatmeal for the week, worked out, and did the sheets. Wheh! After all that, I let myself kick back and relax a little. I’ve started watching a new show on Netflix called “The 100,” and it’s sucked me in. Originally, I was just going to watch it when I work out on the treadmill, but it’s been so intense that I’ve already broken that rule to keep watching it. I am the queen of getting sucked into new tv shows, no matter if they’re really that good or not. I love dystopian shows too, so this one was right up my alley.

Travis finally got home late afternoon and we (surprise, surprise) had another lazy evening. 🙂

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Question of the Day: What’s the worst movie you have watched lately?



Weekend Recap

Good morning! Hopefully this weekend was the last one of cold weather, right?! We keep getting tempted with some warm days, and then the next day is full of snow. What the heck?!

On Friday, we had plans to go to the movies with Zach and Emily to see Blockers, a new comedy. We originally planned to go to the 8 p.m. showing, but when we got to the theater (thirty minutes early), there weren’t any sections of four seats together. We debated on what to do, and the worker helping us said that the 10:45 p.m. showing had plenty of openings (duh- who wants to go then?!). 

After realizing we sounded like elderly people for thinking the 10:45 option was too late, we decided to just buy the tickets for the later show and suck it up. 😉 We went back to Zach and Emily’s house to talk for about three hours before going back to the theater.

The movie was pretty good! It definitely had some funny one-liners and was a good mix of comedy and feel-good/mushy moments.

On Saturday, Travis was up bright and early to do some landscaping work (despite it being so cold), and I had more of a lazy day, doing some cleaning, laundry, and laying around. Travis has the back of our house basically done with landscaping. He added a couple bushes this weekend and transplanted some of our other plants back there that were still in good condition. Now, just the front to go!

That night, we went back over to Zach and Emily’s and had a game night with them and Coleman. We started with Cards Against Humanity and then we brought their cornhole game inside to play. Cornhole was actually a lot of fun indoors, but we are all beyond ready for summer. 😉

On Sunday, we did the normal morning routine out and got back, ready to be productive. I made some energy ball snacks for the week. Then, I pegged Travis down and made him come to my office to help me decide about decor I’m planning for in there. I was between two different design “styles” for my office, and he was very patient as I showed him each little option of art/decor and got his opinion. 🙂 There’s nothing that gets me quite as excited as decorating a new room. It’s a rush, I tell ya!

We spent the afternoon laying low and just hanging out. I threw a crockpot meal together, worked out, and sketched out how I’m going to arrange things in my office (that’s normal, right?!).

I’m actually feeling excited for this week, as my students really loved our novel that we started last Friday. I can’t wait to keep reading and analyzing it with them!

Have a good day!

Question of the Day: What’s the most recent movie you have seen in theaters?

Travis and I hadn’t been to the movie theater in probably 4-5 years. Our new one in Manhattan is nice with the comfiest seats ever. We might just be going a little more frequently now. 😉


Easter Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday!

Today I have a recap of our Easter weekend back home with family.

We drove back Saturday morning to northeast Kansas and got to squeeze in a quick visit with Travis’ grandma that morning. Then, we drove over to my parents’ house for lunch with my family and grandma.

That afternoon, the guys loaded some ammo while mom and I talked and did some cooking/baking for that evening.

At one point during the day, my dad started talking about a parachute that he used to wear when he was flying, around twenty years ago. That lead to him finding it in the basement and Travis trying it on. 🙂


At about this point, Travis realized that the parachute had a stank like no other (my dad claimed the adhesive had caused the stench after sitting for so many years, but it smelled like someone got sick in it- bleh.).


Thus, Travis got out of the parachute quickly and my dad had to put it on to see if the stank really was that bad. (Spoiler alert. It was. Phewww.)


Since my dad, brother, Travis, and Duchess’ birthdays are all in April, we celebrated early with a big steak dinner for them that night.

I don’t think I have much of a future in cake decorating. Can we say shaky hand?! I barely got all the names to fit!


After already having two large meals and lots of dessert at my parent’s house, I was feeling pretty miserable that night…and it wasn’t even Easter yet! 😉

Since we were celebrating their birthdays, we also had some early presents for the guys, and let’s just say that Travis was beyond surprised and ecstatic with his gift from my parents. Enough said. (Dad, you blew it out of the park!)


We stayed the night at my parent’s house, woke up to find that the Easter bunny had came (#NeverGrowingUp), and then we drove over to see Travis’ family.

We were there a few hours before church so we were able to talk and then have a mini-egg hunt in the basement. Not quite the same as doing it outside, but we weren’t going to be out in the wind and snow any more than we had to.


After church, we quickly changed and then headed to Travis’ aunt and uncle’s house where they always have a large gathering for Easter with all of the extended family on the Snyder side.

The afternoon went quickly- another delicious meal that made me miserably full, another indoor egg hunt for the kids, and an egg “war,” a Snyder tradition.

Travis’ aunt Jayne collects egg shells all year long. She lightly cracks them after using them, stuffs them with confetti, and then seals them back up for this “war.” It’s always a lot of fun cracking them on people and we all end up with confetti throughout our hair, down our clothes, etc. 🙂

While there, I got this picture from my mom of the birthday celebration they were having for Miss. Duchess at home. Gah, she’s precious.


Travis and I left late afternoon to drive home, since neither of us had Monday off from work. It was nice to get back, unpack, and relax a little before the new work week began.

My students have their Language Arts State Assessments today. Let’s pray that they can remember something I have taught them this year. When we reviewed last week, some of them weren’t giving me much hope. 😉 Ay yi yi.

Have a great day!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite Easter tradition?



A Happy (late) Easter to you!

Good morning! It’s always hard to go back to work after a holiday weekend at home, but I’m trucking on!

We enjoyed the (cold) Easter weekend both with time at my parents’ house and time with Travis’ family (a HUGE perk when you’re both from the same area). I hope you had a wonderful weekend…with whoever you celebrated with!

I’ll see you back tomorrow with a full Weekend Recap then!

Enjoy the day!



Weekend Recap

Hi there! It’s back to work for me this morning, but at least it’s a short week since we have Good Friday off!

The last couple days of my Spring Break were pretty uneventful. They were a nice, slow way to ease myself back into the thought of school. 😉

On Friday, my only plans were to go to Liquid Art Winery with Emily in the afternoon. I had a lazy morning, and then we headed to the winery shortly after lunch.

Originally, we had planned to run a 5k over Spring Break, but this was a much more fun activity to do. 🙂

It was beautiful out, though a little windy. We started with a wine flight, and took it outside to drink and talk.


After that, we decided to order again (because their pours are ridiculously small) and Emily went for the cider flight, while I got a glass of their Chardonnay. We moved to a different side of the patio, but the wind was still out of control (see our crazy wind-blown hair below!).


After a couple of hours, we headed home. Day drinking on a warm day with a friend has got to be my favorite way to spend a Friday afternoon (#RoughLife). 🙂

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying a new recipe on Pinterest for Peanut Butter Quinoa Snack Balls (a fail- meh!) and then Travis and I ran some errands in town after he got home from work.

We popped a pizza in the oven for dinner, and vegged out in front of the tv that night.

On Saturday, we were up nice and early and decided to go to a local plant store, on the hunt for some small house plants (stay tuned for a post later about that).

I picked up this cute little guy called a Calathea plant, and it’s currently brightening up the desk in my office. 🙂 (Prayers I can keep this one alive.)

Photo on 2018-03-25 at 15.25

We had Zach and Emily over that night to watch the K-State game (a tough one to watch!), and then we grilled steaks afterwards for dinner.

Eating so late had all of us ravenous, and I think we spent about twenty minutes at halftime just talking about food and desserts that we like (#Hangry).

Travis and I couldn’t get that dessert talk off of our minds, so we caved later and drove into town for some Sonic half-price shakes. 🙂

Sunday was pretty low-key as well. After the usual morning errands, I did some cleaning and reading while Travis prepped our landscape beds some more, spreading rock and mulch.

This was my view for most of the afternoon- cozy reading in my office! (I just need some new paint on the walls and to recover my orange chair, and it will be getting there!).


It was a lot chillier this weekend than we were hoping for. That means spring weather is surely on the horizon, soon, right?!

Have a great day!

Question of the Day: What’s your Sonic shake order?

I always go for something chocolatey, like the Oreo Peanut Butter shake, while Travis gets something fruity, like Strawberry Banana.


Weekend Recap

Hi there and happy Monday!

This is the week before Spring Break, but it’s also Parent/Teacher Conference week, which means it’s going to feel three times longer than it actually is and it’s going to have me utterly exhausted by the end of it...I just know it.

I have conferences on both Monday and Tuesday night from 4-8 p.m. so I might be a little quiet on here this week as I feel like I basically live at the school during conferences.

This weekend was fun, though it started out in a bad, bad way. On Friday morning, I had a PLC/Work day at school, and after having a head cold all week, I let myself sleep in that morning, which meant I was scrambling to get ready and out the door. In my hectic rush (and my Nyquil hangover), I wasn’t paying much attention when I did something basic like, I don’t know, try to back out of the garage, and I nicked the top of our garage door. I nicked it enough that it wouldn’t go fully up or down and was at a stalemate.

By this point I was beyond embarrassed (because seriously, who does that?!) and I had to call Travis to come help me, which lead to him driving me to school. I worried all morning that we would have to buy a whole new garage door, but luckily, we called over our friends, Coleman, Zach, and Emily, that night (after bribing them with beer and pizza!) and the guys helped Travis bend a couple things back. In less than an hour, it was as good as new. Wheh! They stayed and watched the game with us that night too.

On Saturday, I got up early to be productive and tackle some more essays. I got about 15 more done before lunch time and then did some laundry and cleaning to prep for that night.

Travis’ good friend from home, Paul, came up to celebrate in our “mini” Fake Patty’s party, and later, Coleman, Zach, and Emily came over to partake too. I convinced Emily to make a Target trip with me, which in Travis’ words, was “the worst person I could have picked to go with me” because we both have a shopping obsession with Target and all things home decor. 😉 Emily and I restrained ourselves for the most part surprisingly- ha!

We came home to find the guys playing beer darts outside. It was getting chilly so we got blankets to snuggle up with as we watched their game and talked.

Later, we grilled dinner and moved inside to play another intense game of spoons. There was only one time this game where we thought our sliding glass door was going to be broken, so that’s an improvement from last time. 🙂

On Sunday, we let ourselves sleep in and had a lazy morning. Paul and Travis talked a while and I started doing some more essays (only about 50 more to go!).

We did some small house projects that afternoon and I did a little baking for the baby shower I’m throwing this week. Between making cookies, flavored popcorn, and some oatmeal for breakfasts this week, it felt like I was in the kitchen all afternoon. I snuck in a workout and then it was already time to make dinner. 😉

All in all, the weekend started on a terrible spot with my “mishap” but ended up being a great one with friends!

I’m just trying to get to Friday, when our Spring Break officially starts!

Have a good one!

Question of the Day: What was the highlight of your weekend?