Weekend Recap!

Good morning! I just realized that Friday’s blog was my 40th post here! I’m loving this new little hobby of mine!

That being said, I forgot to take any pictures of this busy weekend! Dang it!

On Friday night, we grabbed dinner and drinks with some friends from our softball team.

We got right in at Coco Bolos, one of my favorite spots! I ordered another mojito, and I feel like I need to get the recipe from them. Theirs are always on point!

One of the guys on the team is Travis’ coworker and his wife is also a teacher so we have lots of stories to swap. One of those being, our hatred of spinner toys. The husband, Zach, had a spinner that his nephew left with him, and he let Travis try it at work. Travis said he’s calling BS on my students who say it helps them focus as he didn’t get much done when he was “playing” with it. (If only we could tell our students’ parents that!!) Emily, Jessica, and I all agreed that we hope that trend has passed come August time!

On Saturday, Travis headed to a bachelor party for his friend, Paul. Travis is one of the best men so he was in charge of planning most of it and picking up the keg. They were going to go a shooting range and then fish/camp and just hang out.

I ran some errands, including picking up wedding gifts for our two weddings to attend in July. Paul and Carly’s wedding is next weekend- yay!

On Saturday night, my co-worker friend Erin came over for a wine night. We are both fans of shows on Netflix with an element of mystery like, “Making a Murderer” and “The Keepers” so we decided to try “The OA”, which was a recommendation I got from my friend Nicole.

We watched two episodes, and I don’t really know what to think about the show yet.

It is so odd, but we’re curious enough to want to know what happens next in the story. It doesn’t take much for me to get hooked on a show though.

Sunday morning, I drove to Topeka to meet up with my parents, my Grandpa and Carlita, and an aunt and uncle for lunch. We went to Texas Roadhouse, and I think everyone had the same idea as us. I swear, that place is always packed.

After a quick lunch and some “Happy Father’s Day” wishes to my dad and grandpa, I got back to Manhattan just in time to take a quick nap before our softball game at 6 p.m.

For this week’s softball game, we played the Manhattan Special Olympics team. The rules were a little different for playing this team, and it was fun to have such a positive, light-hearted game as we cheered their team on even more than our own. 🙂

This game was earlier than our usual games so after it ended we decided to head to another field to get more practice in. We ended up having each person on our team bat through a bucket of balls and the rest of the team members were in the field practicing defense. Our practice was longer than our actual game! #WeAreDedicated 🙂

This week will be a short one as I leave Thursday for our girl’s trip to Tennessee.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Question of the Day: What are your favorite tv shows to watch?




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Weekend Recap- MAINE!

Good morning!

Today’s post is short and sweet because we are in MAINE!

Last fall, Travis and I tossed around ideas about taking a trip in the summer. Since we were just on our honeymoon in Turks and Caicos not too long ago, we decided that we would keep it stateside this time.

Throwback to our honeymoon! Love that clear water in Turks and Caicos!

It has always been big on my bucket list to go to Maine. The seafood, the beaches, and the quaint charm of the New England lifestyle make me swoon.

Luckily, Travis loved the idea of being on the coast and once he thought of all the fresh seafood we would have access to, he was sold!

We plan to do lots of hiking, exploring, oh, and my personal goal: eat seafood (namely, lobster) for every meal! Heaven!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another round of book recommendations. Pop in if you need a good summer read!

Question of the Day: Are you a seafood lover or hater?

Every time we go on a vacation like this, I always swear that I could eat only seafood the rest of my life and be the happiest girl. I can’t get enough!

Have a super day!


Weekend Recap- Birthday Edition!

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend. We are hoping to spend most of the day doing house work (scraping, painting, etc.). It’s not the most fun work, but we both really want it done! (I might help or I might just keep Travis company while drinking some wine…time will tell. 😉 )

On Friday, I spent most of my day researching the specific things we want to do and places we want to eat during our upcoming trip to Maine! I am a major planner and like to have our days planned out; not to mention the fact that I need to make sure we hit all of the best restaurants there!

A few hours of looking at pictures of delectable lobster rolls made me ravenous so I tried a new (Skinnytaste 🙂 ) recipe for chocolate swirled banana bread…in the crockpot. I had never heard of making a bread in a slow cooker so I was intrigued! It turned out very well though (Sorry, forgot to take a picture!).

Travis got home early from work so he got right back to scraping and painting another side of the house. I came out to talk to him, and I saw that he had developed quite an efficient method to get the painting done quickly! 😉


On Saturday, it was back to painting for Travis, and house cleaning for me. With the craziness that the end of a school year brings, I had really neglected keeping our house spiffy. I spent a lot of the day dusting, sweeping, organizing, etc.

Is there any better feeling than a very clean house (even if it feels like it won’t stay that way for long 🙂 ) ?!


Sunday was my 25th birthday. I had a leisurely morning, finished up some cleaning, and got myself ready while Travis (c’mon, you can guess it…) painted!

I’m considering it a birthday win that he is repainting our house all by himself. He’s almost halfway done now!


For my birthday lunch, my choice was good ole Jimmy Johns. I don’t know what makes Jimmy Johns sandwiches so amazing (probably just the fact that someone else made it for me). 🙂

That afternoon, my parents came down to help us celebrate. We talked, unwrapped presents (new luggage for our upcoming trip, among some other things!), and then went to Coco Bolos for dinner and drinks (mojitos for me!).

After my mom took the picture below, we died laughing. Travis’ smile looks so forced and miserable. I promise that he was really having a good time- ha!


After dinner, we headed back to our house for birthday cake. Of course, it was carrot cake too, my favorite!

Do you see the crazed look in my eyes? I was ready for that carrot cake!


Overall, it was a great birthday, and I felt incredibly blessed by all of the messages and texts from friends and family!

Here’s to hoping year 25 is the best one yet!

Have a good day!

Question of the Day: What are you doing to celebrate Memorial Day?


Weekend Recap

Good morning and happy Monday!

Hope your weekend was a good one, and you are ready to tackle this week! I am in serious denial that we are at the end of May. It’s been the fastest month ever!

Like I mentioned last week, Friday was our last day of school with kids. We have to go to work today for end-of-the-year meetings, room check-outs, etc. and then we are FREE!

Friday was, in one word, tiring. Our team had planned fun games and competitions outside for the morning and movies in our rooms in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, when we let kids sign up for movies earlier this week, no one picked “Trolls,” which was supposed to be in my room. When I asked kids why they didn’t pick it, they all said it was good but they had seen it too many times already.

Thus, I was stuck with the “naughty” kids for the afternoon.

All week, we had been using the “naughty room” as a threat and as motivation to behave in class. If students got in trouble during those last few days, they received a “tally,” which meant they missed 20 minutes of the movie and had to be in the “naughty room” for that time.

Imagine my joy when some of these kids came to me Friday afternoon with six tallies. Six. As in, they would be spending two hours with me. Woohoo. 😦

My team decided that we would fill their time with some good ole worksheets to make this punishment feel more real. I had lots of math problems for them, a blank map of America for them to label, and spelling words for them to write out.

Some of my naughty kids were still being obnoxious in my room, so they also got to write me an essay of how they should be behaving and why it is so important to do what you are told. 🙂

Wheh, glad that’s over.

Next year, I’m passing off “naughty room” duties to someone more intimidating. It’s not in my nature to really be that mean so it was an exhausting two hours.

My coworkers and I have gotten into the habit the last couple of weeks of going to the local bar (really one of the only restaurants in Wamego, but it has pretty good drinks too) after school some nights. It has been so frequent lately that the waitress saw us on Friday and said, “Just drinks again?” 😉

When I say after school, I mean literally right after school. On Friday, we looked at our phones after getting our first drink and it was 3:30 p.m. Oops! (And now we know why we were the only ones there.) You’ve gotta find some way to cope with extra craziness from kids! (I’m on a Moscow Mule kick right now, and it’s safe to say, those will be on repeat all summer! So refreshing!)

Friday night, we also had to stay around the school until 6:30 p.m. because all teachers have to be present at the 8th grade graduation ceremony.

Luckily, that extra evening time gave me a chance to get my room all cleaned up with decorations put away. I’m ready for my room check-out!

When I got home that night, around 8:30 p.m., my throat was feeling a bit scratchy. I downed a few mugs of tea and went to bed with cough drops on my nightstand.

When I woke up on Saturday, my throat felt like someone took a fork and scrapped down the back of it. A lot of kids had been sick this past week with colds and strep-throat so I guess their final parting gift to me was a sore throat as well. Boo.

I spent Saturday in our basement feeling miserable, reading books, watching movies, and taking many naps. I drank water and tea until I thought I’d drown.

Sunday morning, I woke up feeling a little better, but telling myself that I was going to get over it anyways because we had things to do!

We went to an afternoon party at my coworker’s house to play yard games and have a cookout. Did I mention that I work with the best of the best?! They’re so fun!

Later that night, we had another softball game. Travis had told me last week that his coworker, the team’s coach, was going to bump me up in the batting line-up so that I was the first girl batter. Apparently, he thought I was the girl on our team who could most consistently hit the ball and get on base. (Who am I and what happened to that terrible 2nd grade softballer?). I hope my lucky streak of batting doesn’t come to an end now!

I was still feeling pretty terrible so we skipped the softball game once we found out that they had enough people to play. I was actually pretty bummed to miss it, but I know that running would not help me recover right now.

It was an early night for us. I’m hoping that all of this extra sleep pays off and I’m back to normal in a day or two!

Hope your weekend was a happy and healthy one!

Question of the day: What is your go-to drink to order?





Weekend Recap- Funny Quotes Edition

Hello, Monday!

We had a busy, fun-filled weekend with family! Get ready for a lot of pictures!

Travis and I both hurried home after work on Friday to pack and head to our hometowns. Travis’ older brother, who lives in Wisconsin, was home for his little brother’s graduation so I dropped him off at his parents’ house so they could have a “bro night.”

When I got to my parents’ house, my mom had the wine ready (She’s good!) and my dad, mom, and I drove down to my brother’s house for dinner after we downed our glass. All I knew was that my brother’s girlfriend, Marcia, was making a Greek meal so I was intrigued!

We went through some more wine as we feasted on spinach and artichoke dip (made with fresh artichokes!), Greek lasagna with beef and eggplant, and the most delicious Greek salad. Marcia gave me the salad recipe and I know that it’s going to be on repeat at our house this summer, and that’s saying alot since I don’t duplicate recipes very often! Thanks again, Marcia! It was so yummy (and better than the frozen pizza that Travis and I were going to have if we had stayed home!). 🙂

Saturday morning, mom and I took a walk on our road. The “usual” route that we go is three miles down-and-back. I think walking on our road is the most serene and pretty place to work out. I can’t get enough! We really underestimated how hot it was by 9 a.m. though and were ready to dive into some ice water when we got back.


It was a quick morning as I got ready to go to my brother-in-law’s graduation party that afternoon.

Note: I thought it was a good idea wearing this top because it was going to in the 80’s, and I thought it was keep me cool. What I didn’t count on was getting a wicked sunburn where my shoulders were exposed. My good idea kind of backfired, and I can hardly touch my shoulders right now.


We played cornhole, ate too many sweets, and talked to relatives all afternoon.

Tenley is always up for a photoshoot. She came up to me and said, “Don’t you have Snapchat? Let’s do that.” 🙂




After all of the party guests had left, we went inside and played some games before the ceremony.

Tenley always picks “Operation” to play, and the way she plays kills me. Instead of following the directions and realizing that if you “buzz” the guy, your turn is over, she goes at that thing until she gets the piece that she is after, making it “buzz” the whole time. It never phases her, and it always cracks me up. I joked that she was “hurting” the guy, and she just shrugged- ha!


Before we left for the ceremony, Tenley was laying on my stomach and told me, “Your tummy feels like a pillow. It’s squishy.”

I did a fake gasp at her, and flexed my stomach, telling her to try again.

She laid back down and said, “Nope, still squishy.”

I love how honest kids are (and maybe I need to get back to doing some planks- ha!).

Earlier that afternoon, her brother Bentley had looked at my arms and said, “Why is your arm hair so long? Why don’t you just shave it?”

These kids are taking a shot at my confidence! 😉

Graduation went well (only an hour long- yes!), and we headed back to my parents’ house after it was over.

On Sunday, we went to church and then to lunch at my Grandma Marilyn’s house.


Grandma hugged me when we got there and then looked down at my legs and said, “My… honey, are you wearing pantyhose?”

I told her that I wasn’t and she said, “Oh, your legs are just that white.”

Add tanning to my to-do list now after shaving my arms and doing some ab exercises. 🙂


The weekends always seems to go extra fast when we are back home, and this one was no exception! I’m extra thankful for the special mothers in my life. I got blessed with the best!

Our last day of school is on Friday. It’s always bittersweet ending a school year, and I really have loved this group of kids, but…I’m ready for some pool days drinking margaritas! Bring on summer!

Have a happy Monday!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite summer activity?




Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was sunny and relaxing!

It was a low-key glasses and comfy clothes type of weekend here.


Friday night, Travis headed home to go fishing and hunting with his friend, Paul. I stayed late at school with my co-teacher to hang students’ posters so that they would be ready for our gallery walk in class on Monday.

When I left school, I went to the library to get my weekly new books (I usually average reading two books per week. 🙂 This is the point where Travis calls me a nerd again-ha!)

Friday night was very low-key: reading, cleaning, and blogging.

Saturday morning started with what else? Reading. You’re sensing a trend in how I like to spend my downtime, huh?!

I’m so glad it is warm enough again for smoothies too! I loaded this one up with chia seeds for a extra boost, and it was so refreshing!


Travis got home on Saturday around lunch-time, still decked out in his full hunting garb.


We went to Menard’s (shocker!) later that afternoon to load up on some plants. Planting flowers always puts me in the best mood!

IMG_3813Since I don’t currently have any pets or kids, my coworkers always joke with me that my plants are my “children.” When we all make dinner plans to go out together, they always discuss what they are going to do with their kids or dogs, and then look at me and ask who is going to watch my plants :). It’s a running joke in our team.




Last year, Travis made me two white planter boxes to go in front of our garage, based on some that I had seen on Pinterest. I love how they turned out!

Throwback picture:




On Sunday, we laid-low around the house again. Travis finished staining the lattice for our screened-in porch! It looks SO much better!


We are in the middle of repainting our house (When I say we, I really mean, Travis) and Travis started scraping a new section. I got set up to blog beside him (You know, for moral support) and got us refills of sun-tea while he worked.


I also got some inspiration for decorating our upstairs guest bedroom. As of now, it has some random lamps and end tables stuck in there, and it is driving me crazy! I think I found the perfect art print to go above the bed and lamps that will complement nicely! More to share (hopefully soon) on that front!

On Sunday evening we had our second softball game! I was actually excited for it, which is a nice change from me usually dreading it like the plague!

That’s it for our weekend, not too many newsworthy events, but it was nice to have some downtime at home. Next weekend, we will travel home for Travis’ little brother’s graduation so we are looking forward to being back in small town USA!

Have a wonderful week!


Weekend Recap

Our weekend was full of non-stop rain and chilly temps!

This week basically sucked the life and energy out of me and I fell asleep early on Friday night (during our movie, which is sadly becoming typical for me- eek!). Then, I slept in the next morning too for a total of TEN hours. What?! That’s unheard of for me! These last few weeks of school are zapping me (#3weekstogo #finalcountdown)!

On Saturday, we ran some errands in the morning to Menard’s and Walmart. On a normal weekend, Travis runs to Menard’s no less than two to three times so it was a miracle that we were one and done this weekend ;).

With it being cold and windy, I was excited to get to break out my double-hooded sweatshirt that I got from Mindy Mae’s Market during their warehouse sale earlier this month.


I had been eyeing these sweatshirts for probably six months now, and I finally bit the bullet. I’m already scouting out my next pick. They’re perfectly cozy without being too heavy or hot, making it easy to layer under them.

When we got home, I refilled my coffee mug and settled in to start a book that I have been waiting to read! I love a good rainy day as an excuse to spend hours diving into a good book.


I have read so many fantastic books recently. Stay tuned for a book review on some of my April reads! If you’re looking for a good book to check out, I have lots to recommend.

Saturday night, I turned once again to my beloved Skinnytaste to try making Zucchini Meatballs. When I told my husband what was on the menu, he said “Ooh- yum. So are they with ground beef or what?”

…Ehh, not exactly.

I broke it to him carefully that they were meatless meatballs (an oxymoron, I know…) and his response did a 180, as he now groaned and rolled his eyes. He is a meat and potatoes guy through-and-through, but he is such a good sport about me trying strange and exotic recipes. I’m slowly persuading him that meatless meals can be tasty too. Key word, slowly.

Luckily, this recipe was a homerun, which I was actually shocked about. Who expects meatballs made mainly just of shredded zucchini and breadcrumbs to be, dare I say it, even better than regular meatballs?! We both were so excited to have enough leftovers for lunch on Sunday too.


On Sunday, we headed to church in the pouring rain and heard a good message from our pastor about how we as Christians twist words so that they sound better for us and make us feel better about the sins that we commit. For example, the one he said that stuck out to us was that the Bible tells us to not be gluttonous; his response was that the church just calls this a “potluck.” Ha!

That afternoon, I was productive on finishing some work for school for our career unit in Foundations class, my second prep that I teach. I almost never bring school work home anymore, but I decided that I had the time and should just get this one out of the way so my week would be less stressful.

While I was doing this, Travis made himself a shoe rack for his closet because “it was just too unorganized and messy to live with.”

Remember those two pairs of shoes that he bought last weekend?

He never complained about his closet before then, but ever since he got those two (yes TWO) new pairs of shoes, his closet situation was apparently in chaos. Those new pairs about doubled the amount of shoes that he owns :).

The rest of our day was spent reading, finishing laundry (ugh!), making dinner, and relaxing.

I started another great book today that I am already about halfway through. Travis calls me a nerd with the rate that I go through books, but they’re like a drug for me. When I have a good read, it’s impossible for me to put it down.

I’m off to get back to my book and prepare for the week ahead!

Woohoo- it’s almost May!