Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! With a work day on Monday and unexpected snow days on Tuesday, Thursday, and today, this week was nice and fast. I can handle school weeks where we only have students one day. 😉

As is tradition, five favorites from my week are below! Let’s gooooo, weekend!

one. So, if you remember from a couple weeks back, I mentioned getting a surprise visit from my K-State aide student who I thought I wasn’t going to have. She popped in (without a heads up from K-State) and I put her right to work! Well, on Sunday, I got an email from another KSU student saying she was so excited to be in my classroom this semester and wanted to meet to set up a schedule with me.

I thought, whoa, whoa, whoa. I only signed up for one student helper. I wasn’t ready to handle two! In addition, this new girl would be coming to me for her Block 2 work, which meant she would be in my room a lot and there would be a lot of paperwork, etc. for me to do for her, as it is the semester before you student teach. I quickly emailed my principal to get it figured out, assuming K-State had made a mistake and just didn’t realize that I already had a student aide for the semester.

Well, it was no mistake actually. I think K-State has a hard time finding teachers who want to take in students to work with so they loaded me with two! After a few emails to the KSU coordinator, it is now taken care of, and the girl is getting a new placement with a teacher who doesn’t have an aide yet. Wheh! That would have made for a hectic end of the semester!

two. On Monday, after our PLC/Work day, I jokingly told my coworkers that since it was getting so cold, maybe we would luck out and get a snow day on Tuesday. One of our team members even did a little lucky snow day dance and we laughed, not assuming it would actually happen.

On Tuesday, I woke up at normal time, got ready, and headed down to my kitchen for breakfast to notice that I had a missed call from our Wamego school alert number. I checked it and saw that we had a two-hour delay due to the freezing, icy rain that we had gotten Monday night. I made myself some tea and let myself read before I finished getting ready. Then, about thirty minutes later, I got another call that school was canceled because of the bad road conditions. (Travis said it wasn’t actually that bad, but I guess they were being extra cautious).

Then, on Thursday morning, I again woke up to a notification that we would have a two-hour delay and received a new call later that school was actually cancelled! Woohoo!

I was actually ready to go back by Friday, but again, I’m not complaining for an extra long weekend!

It didn’t look bad out (not much snow and just a little ice) either day, but nevertheless, I’m not one to complain about a snow day. They are one hundred times better as a teacher. 🙂 I’ve told Travis that us getting way more snow days than usual this year is because God realizes that I have a rough group of kids this year, and it’s his way of saying “sorry, I know this year sucks”. I think of each one as a little gift (or an olive branch of apology) saying that I will make it through. 😉

three. Instead of having a lazy day on Tuesday, I decided to be productive, and I got so much done! I did some blogging, organized my closet and got rid of some stuff.

It’s a squeeze to fit all of my shoes in, but I’m loving how organized my closet looks now!


Then, I was motivated to move around decorations in our upstairs guest bedroom, bathroom, and my office. I also baked some delicious Bananas Foster muffins, which are Travis’ favorite. (They’re a labor of love with lots of ingredients and lots of different steps, and I realized that I hadn’t made them since Travis and I were dating back in high school. It was overdue. They have a rum glaze that goes over the top to make them delectable!) Finally, I did the dishes, called my grandma, got in a good workout on the treadmill, and read. 🙂

Thursday, I can’t say that I was that productive. 🙂 I did some cleaning, worked out, and then I let myself be lazy! It’s all about balance, right? 😉

four. So, this is a random one, but I thought it was the sweetest thing ever so I have to share. On Wednesday night, I decided to take a warm bath to relax and was going to use one of these nice bath bombs I had gotten as a gift. I had an episode of Grace and Frankie queued up on my tablet, a drink beside me, and my bath bomb ready to be dropped in… I was feelin’ fancy and ready for ultimate relaxation. 😉

I filled our tub up with hot water, got in, and….it was lukewarm, almost cold. Our upstairs guest bathroom runs out of hot water fast, and I’m not sure why. Usually I can get enough to have a warm bath, but that day, it ran out quicker than usual. 

Ain’t nobody okay with a cold bath.

I yelled down to Travis, “Dang, the bath is cold” just kind of looking for some pity- ha! In about five minutes, Travis came back up to the bathroom to check on me and brought in pans of hot water he had boiled on the stove. Unprompted. He made several trips back and forth to bring them in and add them to the cold bath water for me so it was bearable and warm. The sweetest! I felt like I had my own butler to take care of me, and I didn’t even have to leave the tub throughout the whole ordeal. 😉 Everyone needs a man who is willing to boil them water so they don’t have to suffer through a cold bath- ha!

five. If you missed the first round of Lobster Loves this week, you can read it here. Basically, I try to rationalize all of my online shopping/browsing by finding new and desirable products to talk about. (Someone has to do it, right? 😉 ).

 Question of the Day: What is a sweet thing someone has done for you lately? (It doesn’t have to be from your spouse!)


Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I’ve been glad for some warmer weather this week. It might not be hot, but I’m ready for outside walks again!

Per usual, here are five tidbits from the week.

one. So, it turns out that I do have a KSU aide after all! She walked into my class right before school on Monday and said that she was here to observe/work with me (Thanks for the heads up, K-State!).

I felt so bad because the kids were just typing a rough draft of their research paper the whole hour so it was a pretty boring day for her. I had her do some grading, but I felt very unprepared and didn’t have much else for her to do. I made sure that she had more she could help with on Wednesday, and that day went better, hopefully not boring her to death too much. She helped with some fun Valentine’s Day writing activities and worked with the kids.

She is only in my classroom for two hours in the morning, two days a week, so I’ve been making lists of things she can help with during 1st and 2nd hour to make her experience better (and more worthwhile!). When I was an aide sophomore year of college, I just sat in the back observing and occasionally helped grade papers. It wasn’t the best experience so I’m trying to give her the chance to do as much as she wants to get a more realistic feel for teaching!

two. In middle school, we don’t have Valentine’s Day parties, but I still wanted to tie in some Valentine’s related activities in with writing on Wednesday. One of the activities was making Valentine’s Rebus Puzzles, where you use pictures and symbols to replace words. The red heart in the middle is my example, and the other ones around it are from my students! They had a lot of fun making their silly love messages!


three. It seems like I’ve got a Valentine’s Day theme going here so let’s keep it rolling. We kept our V-Day plans simple this year and just cooked a nice meal at home. We had shrimp, quinoa, asparagus, salad, and a butterscotch cookie torte. (One of our favorite shrimp recipes is Skinnytaste’s Bangin’ Good Shrimp. It’s from her first cookbook, but you can also find it here. I’ve never had the recipe it is based off of, from Bonefish Grill, but with how good this light recipe is, I can only imagine the real thing is divine!)

four. This is so me, especially after the last couple of weeks. I’ve been flying through the books!


five. I saw this quote online this week, and it really resonated with me.

All too often I don’t try something because I’m scared of it not being perfect or the conditions aren’t just so, but this is a good reminder to just face those fears, start working on those goals, just start!

do it

Question of the Day: What did you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Five on Friday

Happy Friday! What a cold week it was here! We got snow off and on early in the week but never enough to justify having a snow day (cue the tears 😦 ).

After boasting last week that I had a post for every work day of the week, I kind of fell off the bandwagon this week. Whoops. With the cold weather and long days at school, my brain needed a computer break by the time I got home each night.

one. This week was an emotional roller coaster in my classroom as well. We started writing our research paper in my classes over the Japanese American Internment Camps. I always dread teaching writing because it’s such a subjective art. My college classes never covered the perfect way to teach writing, and I’ve changed how I’ve taught it every year. This year was the most successful so far though (thank goodness).

My coworker Erin and I were talking that with this group of kids the activities/lessons that we dread doing are the ones the kids somehow do well on and without complaint. However, the lessons that we are so excited for, the kids somehow screw it up. Our team has decided that this group of kids ruin fun stuff. 😉

I’m putting together a post for next week with the resources I’ve used to help students write their research paper. Stay tuned for it; it involves hamburgers, which always helps the kids buy into it more. 🙂

two. I made this recipe for Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchilada Bake from Eating Bird Food on Monday, and it was so delicious! I had enough leftovers to have it three days for lunch this week, so I was a happy girl. 🙂 It was full of spice (but can easily be tamed down). I try to do at least one meatless meal per week, and this one is a keeper!

I’ve almost gone through both of my Skinnytaste cookbooks so I’ve been venturing out and trying some of the meals I’ve pinned on Pinterest as well. Travis thinks the world is ending when he comes home and I’m not cooking a Skinnytaste meal. 🙂

three. One of my interesting, hilarious, strange students from last year popped back into my classroom yesterday after school ended. He came in, looked around, and said, “I miss being back here.” We talked for a little bit, and before he left, I kid you not, this is what he said (I even wrote it down because it cracked me up, “Well.. It was nice coming back and refreshing my memory. Bye, Mrs. Snyder.” 🙂

He said it like my classroom isn’t just down the hall from his 7th grade classroom this year- ha!

four. Our friends Gabe and Chloe are coming Saturday to hang out and stay with us. While we usually have friends staying at our house frequently during football season, it drops off a lot around winter time so I’m excited to host again and see them.

five. It’s been a long week and this couldn’t be more relevant. 🙂

fri meme

Question of the Day: What was the yummiest meal you made this week?


Five on Friday

TGIF! We made it!

Here’s a few tidbits from the week.

one. Last Sunday, Travis randomly went to Menard’s, saw they were having a light bulb sale, and bought some new efficient white lights to try. After putting a few of those in some rooms, we then realized how dingy the rest of our lighting looked since they were all yellow-tinged bulbs.

This led to Travis going back to Menards and stocking up on enough light bulbs to change almost every light in our house. We feel like we’re coming out of the dark ages and are finally caught up to modern day. 🙂

It’s seriously a world of difference, especially in our bathrooms. It’s so bright in there that I told Travis I’m seeing pores I didn’t know I had (maybe that’s not such a good thing; I’m going to be nit-picky with getting ready now- ha!). This was an easy and inexpensive house update at least! I feel like I need to walk around singing, “I can see clearly now the rain is gone.” 😉

two. I found out this week that I will be getting a student aide from K-State. My principal had emailed me about getting one all of last year, but I didn’t feel like I was ready (or experienced enough) then.

I finally decided, what the heck, and signed up. All I know is that she will come twice a week for two hours at a time. I didn’t have the best aide experiences in college so I’m hoping to just be open with her and let her try some things in the classroom to get experience. I know the kids will love having a fresh new helper with them, and I’m hoping she is excited too. Surely I can’t screw her up too much, right?! I don’t feel like an expert teacher by any means but by year three, I do feel like I have most of my ducks in a row. 😉

three. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile then you probably remember my great vision debacle a few months ago where my left eye started going blurry and my eye doctor bumped my contact up by a half point (which is huge in the optometry world) to a -7.5. I basically thought I was going blind for him to bump me up that much and questioned his judgment in doing so. 😉

Well, I just had my yearly eye exam this week, and I told him that I’ve been having more headaches than usual and that my left eye is still going blurry every so often. He tested my vision and said maybe my eye is straining too much and decided to bump that eye’s strength way down. (I wanted to tell him that it’s straining so much because he made my prescription too high but I refrained). Anyways, he moved me down a whole point to a -6.5 in my left eye and told me to try it out for two weeks even though it will be blurry and out of focus to see if my eye will adjust back down. (Gee, thanks..that sounds fun.)

I’m on day three of this blurry nonsense, and while I don’t feel like I’m getting headaches as easily, it’s also not so great feeling out of focus and hazy in one eye. I’m starting to question his professional opinion. It’s not going to be all fun and games if my vision gets seriously messed up from all this. I really like him as a person, but all of this back and forth is making me want to find a new eye doctor. What would you do?!

four. I had a major teacher win this week. On Thursday, I had each of my classes do a Socratic Seminar over our unit topic: the Japanese American Internment Camps. We have been reading and researching about this for the past few weeks, and during the Socratic Seminar, they lead the discussion and get to share their opinions about a topic.

In my three years of teaching, this was the most reflective and in-depth Socratic Seminar I’ve had. It may be my craziest group to teach (compared to other years) but they rocked the discussion (imagine that, right? They are talkers!). I was so proud of them for stepping up and being so mature and thoughtful in their discussion points! Today, they’ll probably be talking about farts and touching each other all day, but I’ll choose to think back to this small win! 😉

five. In case you missed my other posts this week, I somehow had one for work day this week! You can read here if you need a new book suggestion. Check out this if you want an easy and delicious meal idea, and go here to find a quick homemade cleaner that works like magic!

My brother-in-law Trae is headed to stay down with us this weekend, and our good friends Zach and Emily are finally moving into their house so we have plans to help them move and watch the SuperBowl with them! It’s going to be a fun one!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite SuperBowl appetizer?


Five on Friday

Happy Friday! It’s been a looong one so hallelujah for the weekend!


one. It’s the end of January and we still haven’t had a full week of school this month yet! Tuesday of this week we had a two-hour delay because of snowy/icy conditions. While it wasn’t quite as good as getting a full snow day, sleeping in an extra couple of hours felt glorious!

I’m still holding onto some hope for at least one more snow day this school year. (I might be getting greedy with that wish!)

two. Travis was gone Monday through Thursday in Las Vegas for a work convention, so it felt like an extra quiet and boring week here. I was productive one night and got in a good workout, made a nice meal, and cleaned. Then, one night I was a bum and caught up on all my girly shows/movies (The Bachelor, TLC, etc.), and the last night I went out to dinner and drinks with coworkers, which made the night go quickly! Lately on our dinners together (I call them a “Teachers Night Out” or TNO”), our conversation turns to what other jobs we can do together. For example, last night, we had the brilliant idea to open up a bar/restaurant together. Less stressful sounding for sure! Sure, we like our job (most days), but it is fun to fantasize about the other job possibilities out there.

I’m totally a person who enjoys a little quiet time by myself, but since I’ve become a teacher and I talk to around one hundred kids a day (plus adults too), I get so lonely on nights by myself and need someone to talk to. I usually talk Travis’ ear off every night about my day so I went a little stir crazy coming home to an empty house. Not a fan! I like the human interaction!!

three. Strep and the flu have hit hard at our school. On Tuesday, out of around 85 students or so, I had almost 20 gone because they were sick. The numbers of sickies has been that high pretty much all week too. I’m trying to stay strong, but it’s hard to dodge all the coughs and sneezes! This must be a flu that hangs on and on. Kids who have it have been out for a whole week!!

four. My office is progressing and I’m on a wallpaper kick all of a sudden. I’ve seen some cute floral or patterned ones, and I’m obsessed to do one wall with it. (I haven’t told Travis of this plan yet so we’ll see if he’s on board.) I should probably pick out paint first though…

five. This movie looks so funny!

Question of the Day: What’s the best new movie that you have seen lately?


Friday Favorites


one. We got an unexpected “Inclement Weather Day/Snow Day” on Tuesday of this week so I only had kids to teach three days this week (we had a PLC day on Monday). I’m kind of getting used to this once-a-week-have-a-snow-day situation. I say, “Keep them coming!”

On my free day, I baked two different kinds of cookies and got caught up on The Bachelor (the important things in life, right?! 🙂 ).

There is no better feeling than seeing our school number calling and knowing that a snow day is happening. No doubt about it, snow days are 100 times better as a teacher. On Tuesday, I was supposed to teach about summarizing and paraphrasing versus plagiarism so I didn’t mind putting that off another day. 😉

two. I saw this article earlier in the week that said Manhattan, Kansas is ranked the second best place to live in America. I’m glad Manhappiness is getting the recognition it deserves. We love the fun restaurants and many things to do here. It’s the happiest place on earth! (To all my friends reading this who live far away, this better entice you to move here!) 🙂

three. At my friend, Lanaya’s recommendation, I ordered this makeup cloth earlier in the week to try instead of having to use expensive makeup wipes all the time. She swears that this really does work like magic and is gentle on skin too. I’ve only used it one night so far, but I am impressed how easily it removes my eye makeup. I usually have to scrub the heck on my eyes to get the black circles off, but this works seamlessly with just a little water!

four. Last week was PRIDE Week at our school. At WMS, PRIDE stands for “Personal Responsibility in Daily Efforts” and is our school motto for how we should act. Part of PRIDE Week included each homebase making a door designed around the theme of PRIDE and how we should show it in our school.

The “week” got extended into this week too because of the snow days and I was a little worried when our door was still blank on Wednesday (the doors were all due on Thursday). Luckily, my homebase kicked it into gear and even did some fancy “curtains” to make our door pop even more. Kids kept telling me all day that the “curtains” reminded them of the bead curtains that used to be popular. Having a little extra “swag” on my door livens it up!

five. If you need a warm breakfast idea, I’m still going strong making my Peanut Butter Banana Baked Oatmeal each week. Travis and I both are obsessed, and it makes six big servings (and reheats really well!). Do yourself a favor and make it. It’s like eating a warm, gooey cookie for breakfast!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’m so glad it’s supposed to be a little warmer than it has been lately!

Question of the Day: What was a “favorite” from your week?


Five on Friday

Good morning and happy Friday!

one. Yesterday was definitely one of those days where I loved my job (Hello, SNOW DAY!). I got the message Wednesday night that we were going to have a late start on Thursday because of the inclement weather. Then, on Thursday morning, I got another call around 5:30 a.m. that school was officially off. Woohoo! I slept in and actually got to sit down and enjoy my breakfast. That alone was heaven (I’m not the biggest fan of mornings 🙂 ).

I’m a big fan of snow…well, I’m a fan when I know that I can stay inside all day and just admire it from the window. 🙂 So, I guess you could say I just enjoy snow when I’m warm inside. Inside is the key word there. 


I decided that this snow day was a sign I should finally take my Christmas decor down. I originally was going to wait until this weekend, but it does finally feel nice to be back to a normal, clean house.

I need to go to Target tonight and get some more storage bins for my Christmas decor, so it’s just all hanging out in my basement right now. If I just don’t look behind the couch, I can almost ignore what a mess it is down there. 😉


On the agenda for this weekend, is sorting through our storage room and getting rid of some junk! (A fun task for me, dreadful to Travis. 😉 ).

two. So, I returned those rattan wall decor pieces (They were a little too retro for me, I decided). Right after I made my return, I found this lamp (a little nautical touch!) on sale at Hobby Lobby for about twenty dollars (Originally ninety dollars!). I decided to snag it up for my office, and figured if I didn’t like it in there, I could shift other lamps around in my house to make it work.


I love the soft ambiance that the lamp provides in my office during the evenings. Travis and I have even hung out in there and read some nights. I’m so excited to pick out paint and keep decorating in there!

three. We did a white elephant gift exchange with Travis’ family last weekend, and the gifts had to be homemade. I ended up getting one of Kevin and Shayna’s gifts (Yay! They’re so crafty!) and they made a blanket ladder, which I have wanted for awhile!

Shayna later told me that they worried no one would want it but then she remembered that I had mentioned wanting one last year so she was hoping I would get it. Glad I snagged it!


I’ve been playing around with where to put it and moving it around. I think I like it here in my living room. Every year when I put away from Christmas tree from this corner and replace it with the above small tree, I always feel like it’s missing something. I think the blanket ladder is just the thing it needed!


four. I got caught up on the new season of The Bachelor this week, and wow. The show gets more and more dramatic every year, and some of those girls are already driving me nuts. Oh reality television, you suck me in. 🙂

five. I thought this was a good reminder as we start a new year! I need to remind myself of this on school days when I’m not too pumped to be there. 🙂