Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

This week’s Friday Favorites is full of randomness. Bear with me because that’s where my mind is at. Going from summer mode to school mode takes time for me to adjust. 😉

one. I have in-service today at school- our all district breakfast, PLC meetings, etc. Riveting stuff, I tell you.

The picture below is a little too accurate! Any teachers out there are nodding their heads in agreement.


two. Our float trip with friends is tomorrow! At first I was nervous that it would going to be too hot (because you know me and sun poisoning, not a good combo), but the forecast says the high will only be 79 degrees! Unfortunately, there is a seventy percent chance of rain. We are going to be riding in canoes, and I realllllly hope it doesn’t rain on us for the entire float, which will take about nine hours.

three. I saw this picture and it couldn’t be more accurate. I am the queen of completely losing track of the days during the summer. I constantly ask Travis, “Wait…is it Tuesday or is it Wednesday?” (and it will be like Thursday 😉 ). Everyday feels like Friday in the summer, but I better get myself in gear soon!

back to school 4.png

four. Apparently, I’m digging the memes this week. This one made me laugh a little too much.


five. In the spirit of back-to-school time, this video is too cute. Hope the little boy makes more than one friend this year! 😉 Go watch- I guarantee it will make you smile!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Question of the Day: What do you have planned for this weekend?

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Friday Favorites- Summer Memories 2017

Happy Friday!

I don’t know if it’s because this was my last full week of summer or what, but the week flew by!

My week has been full of all the school stuff and baking (and reading and cleaning and laundry), so today’s Friday Favorites is going to look a little different.

Today, here are my five favorite memories from this summer.

one. Our trip to Maine. I’m sure everyone saw this one coming, but it really was the best. Travis and I loved Maine even more than our honeymoon, which was in Turks and Caicos, aka voted some of the best beaches in the world. (Our honeymoon was fabulous, don’t get me wrong. Maine was just even more fabulous. 🙂 ). There was just a feeling we had in Maine. It is so quaint and cozy yet overwhelming too with how beautiful and vast the ocean and forests are.

We have since added a return trip to Bar Harbor onto our bucket lists. 🙂


two. Girl’s trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Another shocker on the list, right? 😉 I honestly didn’t know how this trip was going to go. It was a long time to be in a car and the forecast originally called for rain everyday. (Thankfully that forecast was wrong!)

This trip was like a mini-reunion though for my girlfriends and I. We breezed through the car rides by talking and picked right back up from where we left off (even though we all hadn’t been together in about a year).

My favorite memory from the trip was when we did wine tastings at four different wineries downtown. Jessica and I walked to the last one, while the rest of the girls grabbed the car, and let’s just say…we had a little too much fun. 🙂


three. Playing on our softball team. This one is the biggest shock for me that I actually enjoyed it. We met the best group of people who are now friends to us. They are all so laid back and fun and “on our level” (meaning most of them too are in the married (or at least dating) stage with no kids yet). I think I enjoyed hanging out after the softball games with them more than the actual games though!


four. Goofing with mom. I always enjoy when my mom comes to visit. Whether we are painting, shopping, or drinking wine, we always have a blast! This summer we only painted the upstairs guest bathroom. Last summer, we painted the upstairs stair area and the entire basement. I’m kind of glad that we’re running out of rooms to paint! More time to goof!


five. House improvements. I need to do a post about all of the house projects that Travis completed this summer. He likes to do things himself, instead of hiring work out, which saved us so much money and kept Travis busy (which keeps him happy! 🙂 ). Many times when he was painting the house, I sat outside and kept him company. I love the slow pace of summer to get more quality time together!


Enjoy your weekend!

Question of the Day: What are two of your favorites memories from this summer?


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, one of the best days of the week!

Here’s five favorites from this week.

one. This is a random one, but it rained off-and-on all day Wednesday, and I loved it. It’s makes me so excited for cooler temps and autumn activities. I’m one of those people who actually likes winter too, for awhile at least. And by this, I mean that I like being inside all cozy and snuggled up. Not out there in the cold, snowy abyss. (Walking to classes in college in the snow = dreadful. Being inside reading a book with a mug of tea as it’s snowing = dreamy.) Fall is my absolute favorite, and it’s just around the corner!

two. I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been starting to work on my classroom this week. Technically, we’re not supposed to be in the school yet because we’re having a lot of renovations done and there are workers everywhere. But…I snuck in to make a little progress. It’s not like I’m disturbing the workers. They did give me a look like they’d seen a ghost after I walked in though! Oops!

Our school is getting all new carpet, lockers, tile, bathroom improvements, and water bottle fountains to update it this year (Oh, and a new roof, but that’s boring. 😉 ). You can see some of the progress here. It looks so much better already!

three. Since school is quickly approaching, I told myself at the beginning of this week that I needed to start getting up early again and be productive. No more sleeping in and laying around. One way to get myself up early was finding yummy new breakfast recipes to try (From Skinnytaste…do I even need to mention that anymore. It should be implied. 😉 ).

We had Blueberry Banana Cornmeal Pancakes one morning, Whole Wheat Crepes with Fruit another, and our old standby, Avocado Toast.

Travis’ snap of our breakfast crepes.

One of my friends texted me earlier this week that she was trying my Overnight Oats recipe from Skinnytaste. She said that she liked the flavor, but she needs to get used to the texture. (Chia seeds get kind of slimy in liquid.) I had to get used to it too, but now both Travis and I are huge fans! Don’t give up on it, Lanaya!

four. Another random one here, but it’s summer so I am full of randomness. This candle: Mango Coconut Cooler!


My mom and I picked it up at the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale last winter. I’m not even sure if they still carry this scent anymore, but if they do: buy it! It’s not a scent that I would normally gravitate towards, but it was cheap so I tried it.

We light this one in our living room and can smell it all throughout our upstairs and basement as well. It smells so fresh and fruity and the scent carries (in a good way!).

five. I have to put this one down so I don’t forget. The other day, Travis was talking about something that he wanted to ask for for Christmas. It was a small item (think, less than $20) so I asked him why he didn’t just buy it now. He said he had been spending money on the house and other things so he didn’t need it.

Then, he proceeded to say (and this is a direct quote), “I could live on bread and Laura’s happiness the rest of my life.”


Is he a cheeseball or what? Love you, Trav! 😉

Have a super weekend! We have a wedding to attend back home so I’m excited to get to see my family!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite breakfast meal?


Five on Friday

Happy Fri-yay!

Here are some happenings from this week!

one. Last night, we went to one of the summer concerts at Liquid Art Winery with Zach and Emily. You pay by the carload and can get wine or hard cider while you listen to the music. This week’s music was the Red State Blues Band and they had the Mr. K’s food truck there.

It was HOT. Luckily because of the heat, they moved the concert inside. Unfortunately, when we got there, ALL of the tables inside were full. So, we moved to an outside table and talked. (I’m sure the band was great, but we didn’t hear a single song- ha!)

I got the apple hard cider, and it was pretty good: not too sweet and not overly apple flavored!


I love all of the local happenings in Manhattan- so fun!

two. An obvious favorite from this week was having my mom spend a couple days here. We covered a lot of ground in Manhattan (shopping, eating, hiking) and after she left, I saw this article about how apparently the more time you spend with your mom, the longer she will live. I say that is reason enough to keep having many more girls days, right mom?!



three. This week, I received my first order from Thred Up, an online secondhand clothing website with incredible deals. I’ll recap that next week and show you the clothes I scored on the cheap!


four. Someone convince me not to buy this. Gah. 🙂

five. On this day three years ago…we were celebrating Jessica’s birthday in Manhattan. I just remember that the night ended with someone running through sprinklers in the grass by McDonald’s- haha. 🙂

jess bday 2014.jpg

Question of the Day: What is one thing you hope to accomplish this weekend?

Travis’ sister and her husband are coming down to stay with us and help install our new windows. Fingers crossed that they can get them all done!


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

At the beginning of this week, Travis and I moved some old, rotten limbs out from a spot in our backyard, forming a spot to move our shed, and my allergies have been kicking my butt ever since. I’ve been souped up on allergy pills for most of the week and sleeping more than normal. I think I’ll watch the rest of the work from a distance, just to be safe. 😉

one. Yesterday, I shared about the bus that my brother and Marcia have transformed. Go follow their Instagram account, “@busbliss” to keep up with all of their traveling and adventures this summer!

Matt takes the coolest pictures. Here’ one of my favorites pics that he took in Colorado.


two. We have our last softball game of the season tonight before the playoffs start on Sunday. Word is that we are playing the best team in our league so the pressure is on! Moscow mules last week didn’t help me play any better so I need to find a new drink tonight to improve my skills. 😉

three. You know by now that I like to make one meatless meal per week. This week, I tried Spinach Falafel Lettuce Wraps.


They were amazing! Even Travis went back for seconds and enjoyed them (He probably wouldn’t admit that to many people, but you read it here first. He really did!)

They were full of flavor from a homemade tzatziki sauce, the falafel, and hummus on top!

Another Skinnytaste recipe win! What did I do before I had the Skinnytaste cookbooks?!


four. We are loving our big open patio since we (Travis) moved our shed a few weeks ago! (Post coming sometime soon!)

It feels so nice and open (so much room for activities! 😉 ). You gotta love our vintage lounge chairs too that I borrowed (took) from my parents’ house!


five. This is an old picture that I forgot to share.

My parents have a big, fluffy shag rug in their living room. My mom had shag carpet growing up and remembers her mom raking it to make it more fluffy so…she got her own rake for the rug. I about died when she pulled it out one afternoon.

IMG_4219.JPGIn other news, my mom is coming to visit again on Monday! No painting this time- just goofing and tackling the mile long “list” that she has.

Among her list is hiking the Konza, visiting Oz Winery, eating Call Hall ice cream, etc. I think I can handle all of those. 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!

Question of the Day: What is something you are looking forward to?


Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

one. After getting suggestions from several friends to watch “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix, I finally caved and started it this week. I always thought it sounded strange and was an old person show, but it really is entertaining! Plus, the beach house that Grace and Frankie live in is basically my dream home. I could watch that show just for shots of the house alone!

Gah, isn’t that dining room setup dreamy?

gf house

two. I got my entire computer backed up onto Google Drive this week. It basically took me a whole afternoon copying files over, but it feels like such a relief. Now I don’t have to freak out when my computer starts moving like a sloth. (This is my temporary fix until I get an external hard drive.)

three. We have a softball game tonight, and I’m going for drinks with Emily and Jessica a few hours before our game (We think it will help us play better. 😉 ) After tonight, we only have one more regular softball game before the “play-offs.” Our team has decided that we like it enough to do fall ball too! That season goes until November, and I’m pretty excited to play in cooler temps!

four. If you missed my post on Tuesday with our favorite easy, grilled recipe, check it out here. It’s called Huli Huli Chicken, and it’s so delish (and did I mention, easy?!).

five. I recently upgraded my spiralizer and am in love (I love zoodles enough to say that being in love with your spiralizer is a real thing!). My first spiralizer didn’t work the best and could only do soft vegetables. This new one, the Inspiralizer, goes through even tough veggies, like sweet potatoes, with ease! I tried a new recipe this week (from Skinnytaste 🙂 ) called Veggie-Stuffed Flounder with Spiralized Veggies and it had the yummiest zucchini and yellow squash noodles. I bought this one off of Amazon, and it works like a charm!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Question of the Day: What’s a new show that you have been watching?

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and happy last day of June! (Where did June go??)

As usual, here are some highlights and favorites from this week!

one. This week has left me feeling like a nomad, as I got home from our girl’s trip on Monday night, and then went back to Hiawatha on Wednesday for a dentist’s appointment.

We have the wedding of our good friends, Paul and Carly, this weekend so I have just stayed at my parents house since Wednesday. Tonight is the rehearsal dinner, and I’m so excited to see how all of the details have fallen into place.

Carly was the one to help make my gold foil vision come to life on our save the dates. I was so thankful for her creative mind, and I am excited to see what she has decided to do for their wedding.


Travis is also co-best man in the wedding, and I think I’m more nervous for his speech than he is! Paul had such a funny one at our wedding that it will be tough to top!

two. I got back from our girl’s trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee on Monday and recapped our trip here: Part 1 and Part 2. My friends and I had a blast catching up. We sure had many hours in the car to do so too!! 🙂


three. Wednesday, after my dentist’s appointment, I picked up my grandma to bring her out to my parent’s house for lunch. She avoids technology like the plague and wanted to read my blog so we got her set up (and helped her scroll from post to post because she thought she would screw it up and delete everything 🙂 ).

She and my grandpa actually visited Bar Harbor, Maine many years ago, though they were only there about a day or so. She remembered Acadia National Park though so it was neat to have that traveling connection!


four. Since being home, I’ve had some pretty yummy drinks made by my family. My mom made us island mojitos from a kit that she had, which was basically a mojito blended with fresh pineapple chunks and pomegranate juice.

Then, Marcia made us strawberry lime watermelon daiquiris that were to die for- summer in a glass! She used all fresh fruit too. It was like drinking a spiked smoothie.


five. Is there a prettier view? Northeast Kansas, you forever have my heart.


Have a wonderful weekend! I am in utter disbelief that it is almost the 4th of July (and summer is halfway over!!!).

Question of the Day: What are you looking forward to doing this weekend?