Friday Favorites

Is it just me or do you too have an extra pep in your step on Fridays? Fridays in the fall especially make me want to do a happy dance!

one. We are headed back home this weekend to see our families and get in some harvest time (hopefully the ground isn’t too wet from all of this rain!). Travis and I both really miss being in the country and we are long overdue for a “country fix.” Brown County Kansas is one of my favorite places!

two. Amen to this.


three. Last weekend, we loaded up on new fall scents for our wax warmers. Travis is as candle obsessed as I am (maybe more) and our whole house smells like a pumpkin/apple cider party. We also finally got pumpkins, and a fall sign hunt on our front door. Ahh! It’s the little things. 🙂


four. Our school had spirit week this week, and Tuesday was Twin Day. My coworker Erin and I decided to be twins, but when we were planning our similar outfits we had some struggles (I have lots of stripes; she has lots of polka dots. We couldn’t find anything close for awhile 😉 ). We eventually decided that a black shirt with a scarf and jeans would be the easy route. 🙂


I love teaching with Erin. Unfortunately, she and her husband are getting moved in March to Alaska because of her husband’s job. I’m in denial with the fact that she’s leaving. Sixth grade team isn’t going to be complete. 😦 Who else am I going to vent with everyday before school, during plan, between classes ….and after school. 😉 She keeps me sane!!

five. This is pretty humbling: a good reminder of how fortunate we are.

Question of the Day: What is one thing you are looking forward to this weekend?




Five on Friday

Another Friday, and another K-State game this weekend- woohoo!

Hope your day is off to a great start!

Here’s today’s Five on Friday: five randoms tidbits from the week.

one. I went to a teaching conference on Wednesday with four other coworkers. I had had a terrible day teaching on Tuesday so this felt like a little “getaway” mid-week. The conference featured Randy Sprick, whose behavior work we utilize a ton at my school. Sprick was actually presenting somewhere in Western Kansas for the conference and we just watched a “screencast” of it at Clay Center. It was about seven hours of listening to him, but I was shocked at how well he kept my attention (We each got a 36 page packet, and I filled most pages with notes and tips to try!).

I came back to school Thursday feeling energized and ready to try some of his interventions with my kids. We’ll see how they pay off. Patience is going to be a virtue here!

two. I’m loving our new nightstands, and I’m still in shock that I snagged them for just $25 a piece! They look just like some I liked online that were over $400 a piece. I love a good deal!


three. I teach one hour of Foundations (a sixth grade class that teaches basic skills students will need) and my students this week have been working on a project over our Study Skills and Organization Unit. One project option was to create a board game about our unit, and I’m seriously so impressed with what some of my students have came up with! Their creativity is refreshing!

four. This (over-dramatic) video made me laugh this week. Sadly, it’s not as much of a stretch in today’s education world though.

five. This is a random one, but since I’ve been on my “cleaning kick,” I’m feeling inspired to tackle some previously neglected things, such as my dirty oven. I’ve seen some diy cleaner recipes that I might try this weekend, but my oven is pretty grimy and bad. Anyone have any “tried and true” tips for cleaning an oven?

And…that might have been the most uneventful, boring Five on Friday post ever- ha! Thanks for sticking it out!

Question of the Day: What are your diy cleaners or oven cleaning tips?


Five on Friday

We made it through another week! My students were a liiiiittle better this week, so I’m counting it as a win. 🙂

As usual, here are five random things and/or things that have made me smile this week!

one. Since I never had a garage sale this summer, I decided to post a few of my larger get-rid-of items on Facebook Marketplace last week.

It paid off….literally!!

In the last week, I have made $80 just selling things that I thought were junk. (Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure, right?!).

I’ve been joking with Travis that it has become my second job or my side business. He is shocked that people are buying these items and paying (more than he thinks they are worth).

I’m running out of things to sell though, which is good news. I won’t have to have a garage sale after all!

two. Our nightstands are almost done and ready to go in our bedroom. Turns out that it takes MANY coats of white paint to cover up black paint. 😉 Travis has been painting while I cook dinner most nights, and he’s flying through it! Matching nightstands make my heart pitter-patter. 🙂

three. With news of Hurricane Irma passing through Turks and Caicos last week, Travis and I kept looking for updates of how they fared.

We went on our honeymoon there almost two years ago, and the island is so flat, with the primary industry being tourism.


The Sands, which is the resort we stayed at, posted a few days ago that luckily the had no structural damages, just landscape damage.

I’m saying a prayer for all of those affected by the hurricanes. I can’t imagine having to leave your home, not knowing if it would still be there when you returned.

four. Another school year means more Middle School Mayhem posts. If you missed it earlier this week, you can read it here. Number 4 on the post is my favorite. It still makes me giggle!

five. I think these need to be on my weekend baking list. Holy yum.

We’re looking forward to having some friends over Saturday to watch the KSU game on our porch!

Have a great weekend!

Question of the Day: Which season is your favorite and why?


Friday Favorites

Hello! TGIF!

This week kind of slipped away from me so it’s been a little while since I’ve checked in!

Thanks to our three-day weekend, this week thankfully went pretty fast. I’m ready for another weekend full of K-State football, family, and friends!

one. So, I’ve been looking for matching nightstands for our master bedroom for over a year now. I’ve found a ton that I love…but the prices of them? Ehh- didn’t love that!

I’ve been scouring Craigslist waiting for something to pop up that I could paint or redo and this week, I found them!

They were listed for only $25 a piece (WHAT? A steal!). Unfortunately, they were in Topeka and the seller didn’t think they would last until the weekend when we could get down there. Luckily, Travis’ little brother is now going to Washburn so he picked them up for me Wednesday night and took them back to his dorm to store (Bless you, Trae!).

With a crazy football weekend ahead, we decided that we would to run to Topeka last night to pick them up and get them out of Trae’s hair.

They have a few rough spots around the edges, but my super-handy husband assured me that it would be a simple fix! I cannot wait to get these babies painted white soon!

two. I had to laugh Wednesday after school because as I was leaving the school to go home, I looked down at my foot and saw a large cut…and I had no recollection of how it got there. You know it’s been a crazy day when that happens! I still don’t have any ideas of when it happened- ha!


three. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’m a fan of my spiralizer, which I use to make veggie noodles.

Earlier this week, I tried a new Skinnytaste recipe for Peanut Chicken Cucumber Noodle Salads.

That’s right. Spiralized cucumber.

It was SO good and different. I love trying new things, and it was a nice change to have a salad that wasn’t just all lettuce!


four. This week was tough, with news about Travis’ grandpa’s health so we escaped a couple nights to do a “country walk” and clear our minds. There is a beautiful, quiet country road about a mile from our house. We like to drive out there and walk on the dirt road to escape “city life.” It’s nice to imagine that we are back in the country. 🙂

five. I decorated for fall last weekend, and now I’m ready for the cold weather to set in. We have slept with our (new) windows open this week and it has gotten chilly. I am ready for sweatshirt weather.

Check this out: I saw this article online this week, and it couldn’t be more true! It’s crazy how much has changed since my childhood. Look at it for a good laugh!

Question of the Day: What are your weekend plans?


Five on Friday

It’s such a relief knowing that we have a long weekend ahead of us! Add to that the fact that it’s the first K-State football game AND my family is staying with us, and I’m a happy camper!

Last night, my coworkers and I went out for drinks and dinner. We usually do this one to two times per month, but with the group of kids we have this year, I think we’ll do it even more often now. 😉 It’s always fun to get away from the school environment and just hang out. Have I mentioned that I work with some great people?!

When I got home from dinner, Zach and Emily were there too, watching a football game with Travis on our porch. It felt like the weekend already having them there!

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Friday post so today’s is going to include some things from the past few weeks!

one. One of my coworker friends (she teaches 8th grade ELA at my school) sent me this and it cracked me up. We are both very much on the same page as it seems like we get asked this on the reg.


two. I’ve been enjoying the beautiful bouquet of flowers that my parents sent me on the first day of school! They lasted about two weeks! My parents have sent me flowers each first day of school that I’ve been teaching, and this was the prettiest bouquet yet!


three. Last week, I met up with my friends Jessica and Hannah to have a “farewell” dinner for Hannah who moved to Las Vegas for a new job a few days ago.

We spent a couple hours talking (and drinking mojitos) at Coco Bolos and it was a definite mid-week pick-me-up!

Wishing Hannah all the best on her new ventures! 🙂

(P.S. Do you recognize that shirt? One of my steals from ThredUp!)


four. I don’t know if I should be proud or annoyed at this one. So, we are finishing up the third week of school and the large majority of my students still believe that Bill Snyder is my grandpa even though I have admitted he is not on several occasions. That shows just how much they listen. 🙂 During the first few days of school, I had so many students raise their hand in the middle of class to ask, “Wait,…is Bill Snyder really your grandpa?” It was a fun joke for awhile…before it became the only thing they could concentrate on. 😉

five. If you missed my earlier posts about how this school year is going so far, you can read them here and here. Hint, hint, it’s why we drank last night- ha!

Have a good Labor Day Weekend!

Question of the Day: What are your Labor Day plans?


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

This week’s Friday Favorites is full of randomness. Bear with me because that’s where my mind is at. Going from summer mode to school mode takes time for me to adjust. 😉

one. I have in-service today at school- our all district breakfast, PLC meetings, etc. Riveting stuff, I tell you.

The picture below is a little too accurate! Any teachers out there are nodding their heads in agreement.


two. Our float trip with friends is tomorrow! At first I was nervous that it would going to be too hot (because you know me and sun poisoning, not a good combo), but the forecast says the high will only be 79 degrees! Unfortunately, there is a seventy percent chance of rain. We are going to be riding in canoes, and I realllllly hope it doesn’t rain on us for the entire float, which will take about nine hours.

three. I saw this picture and it couldn’t be more accurate. I am the queen of completely losing track of the days during the summer. I constantly ask Travis, “Wait…is it Tuesday or is it Wednesday?” (and it will be like Thursday 😉 ). Everyday feels like Friday in the summer, but I better get myself in gear soon!

back to school 4.png

four. Apparently, I’m digging the memes this week. This one made me laugh a little too much.


five. In the spirit of back-to-school time, this video is too cute. Hope the little boy makes more than one friend this year! 😉 Go watch- I guarantee it will make you smile!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Question of the Day: What do you have planned for this weekend?

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Friday Favorites- Summer Memories 2017

Happy Friday!

I don’t know if it’s because this was my last full week of summer or what, but the week flew by!

My week has been full of all the school stuff and baking (and reading and cleaning and laundry), so today’s Friday Favorites is going to look a little different.

Today, here are my five favorite memories from this summer.

one. Our trip to Maine. I’m sure everyone saw this one coming, but it really was the best. Travis and I loved Maine even more than our honeymoon, which was in Turks and Caicos, aka voted some of the best beaches in the world. (Our honeymoon was fabulous, don’t get me wrong. Maine was just even more fabulous. 🙂 ). There was just a feeling we had in Maine. It is so quaint and cozy yet overwhelming too with how beautiful and vast the ocean and forests are.

We have since added a return trip to Bar Harbor onto our bucket lists. 🙂


two. Girl’s trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Another shocker on the list, right? 😉 I honestly didn’t know how this trip was going to go. It was a long time to be in a car and the forecast originally called for rain everyday. (Thankfully that forecast was wrong!)

This trip was like a mini-reunion though for my girlfriends and I. We breezed through the car rides by talking and picked right back up from where we left off (even though we all hadn’t been together in about a year).

My favorite memory from the trip was when we did wine tastings at four different wineries downtown. Jessica and I walked to the last one, while the rest of the girls grabbed the car, and let’s just say…we had a little too much fun. 🙂


three. Playing on our softball team. This one is the biggest shock for me that I actually enjoyed it. We met the best group of people who are now friends to us. They are all so laid back and fun and “on our level” (meaning most of them too are in the married (or at least dating) stage with no kids yet). I think I enjoyed hanging out after the softball games with them more than the actual games though!


four. Goofing with mom. I always enjoy when my mom comes to visit. Whether we are painting, shopping, or drinking wine, we always have a blast! This summer we only painted the upstairs guest bathroom. Last summer, we painted the upstairs stair area and the entire basement. I’m kind of glad that we’re running out of rooms to paint! More time to goof!


five. House improvements. I need to do a post about all of the house projects that Travis completed this summer. He likes to do things himself, instead of hiring work out, which saved us so much money and kept Travis busy (which keeps him happy! 🙂 ). Many times when he was painting the house, I sat outside and kept him company. I love the slow pace of summer to get more quality time together!


Enjoy your weekend!

Question of the Day: What are two of your favorites memories from this summer?