Five on Friday

Happy Friday! While it sure doesn’t look or feel like it, I’m on Spring Break! I’m coming at you a little late this morning because I think I crashed on the couch by like 8 p.m. last night and chose to sleep in this morning. I feel like a new person being rested!

one. We made it through another long two days of parent/teacher conferences. The only thing that made those long days better was that we got a two-hour delay start on Monday morning because of snow and ice! I’ll take it!

Actually, conferences went very well and we had super positive parents, which always makes it better. I was actually getting a little nostalgic that this is my last set of conferences since I’m about to stay home with beanie. My coworkers called bull on that pretty quickly though because we all love to complain about conferences ha.

two. With my day off today, I’m rounding up stuff to take home for the weekend. We have another baby shower tomorrow with family and friends in Sabetha, and we haven’t been home since Christmas (!!!) so we are so excited to see everyone! It’s strange that this will probably be the last time we are home again before baby boy arrives!

three. We got a few previews of our maternity pictures this week, and while I can only share the one below, we got a couple more that Kayla, our photographer, just messaged me, and I like them even more. I don’t think I can share them yet, as they don’t have her watermark on them, but I’m getting antsy to see the full collection!


four. If you need a little entertainment, this video of a funny flight attendant was too good. 🙂

five. I realized this week that I never shared the recipe for the breakfast I’ve been making since I’ve had to adapt to a gestational diabetes diet. I can only have so many carbs for breakfast, and I can’t eat cereal since it spikes blood sugar levels too much in the morning, so I’ve been making these Oatmeal Cups in bulk and freezing them for the week.

I heat up one cup each morning, slather a little peanut butter on top, and have a glass of milk with it, and I’m good to go. It helps that they taste like a cookie since they have chocolate chips in them. 🙂 They’re also super filling!

Some form of oatmeal is my ideal breakfast, and these are so quick and easy since I’m usually running late in the morning. It’s on my Spring Break list to make mass quantities of these to have for when baby boy arrives.

Have a good weekend!

Question of the Day: What is your go-to breakfast?

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