Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Last week wore me out so this weekend was all about laying low and just recouping. I’m still a little tired as I write this recap so it’s going to a quick and basic one. I’m currently dreaming about taking another nap. 🙂

Friday night, I had a headache and a slight sore throat, as I hadn’t really slept great all week. When I got home, I got in bed and took a long nap, which kind of rejuvenated me.

Travis was feeling tired and blah too so we went easy that night and just watched some Netflix. We started Schitt’s Creek, and it’s pretty funny/entertaining.

On Saturday, Travis went fishing with a friend in the morning while I read some baby stuff and did laundry.

We ran a few errands and got groceries after lunch, and I snuck in a nap after that. He watched the K-State game at a friend’s house while I made some baked oatmeal cups as quick breakfasts for the week. This recipe made twelve large “muffins”, and I love that you can freeze them!

We had another lowkey night on Saturday and just watched some more Netflix. Both of us were still feeling kind of out of it and just needed some down time.

Sunday, it was cold and drizzling, so after church, we got some cleaning and things done and then read and, you guessed it,… laid low again. 😉

I have two appointments this week- one with my “gestational diabetes” lady and one with my doctor for my 32 week appointment. I’ve got some questions for both of them so I’m looking forward to those appointments!

Have a good week!

Question of the Day: What was the highlight of your weekend?

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