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4th of July 2017

Happy Thursday! This week has kind of been a blur, to be honest. With the holiday on Tuesday and me finally being getting settled into being back home, it’s flown by.

Since the 4th of July was on a Tuesday this year, and some people had to work the next day (One perk of being of a teacher!), we decided to celebrate with our friends on July 3rd. We have made so many great new friends on our coed softball team and were invited to grill and hangout at Coleman and John’s house. Our other friends from softball, Zach and Emily, were there as well, and the other ten people or so were new to us.

They had games in their backyard to play, so Jessica, Emily, another girl Savannah, and I played a few games of Bags, or Cornhole, as we dodged fireworks that the guys kept throwing our way (insert eye roll). They all thought it was so hilarious to throw them close to us and watch us scream.

After eating and talking some more, we decided to try Polish Horseshoes. By this time, it was basically dark out, and that game is seriously hard! We felt like we were flailing around to catch the frisbee and hitting the beer bottle off the pole was basically impossible.

We ended up staying there until around 1 a.m.

The next day, the Fourth of July, we slept in, lounged around, and cleaned our house (Hallelujah!) before having some people over. We were going to have a pool day with Coleman, Zach, Emily, and Jessica.

Well, since the pool is just up the road from our house, we decided to just take Zach’s truck, with the guys inside, and us girls riding on the tailgate.

When we got up to the pool, one of our older neighbors stopped his truck and came right up to us lecturing about why we shouldn’t be doing that. Apparently it was too much excitement for our little retirement community. 😉

That neighbor went up to the pool too, and I thought he was going to lecture us again when I pulled out a bucket of margaritas for us to enjoy.

Later in the afternoon, the pool had pretty much cleared out, so the guys took over the kiddy pool.

It felt like a hot tub, and whether that was just from the sun or from kids peeing in it, I’m not sure I want to know!


We all showered and had a quick dinner before meeting up again to head to Wamego.



This was my third year seeing the Wamego fireworks, and there is definitely a reason it is called the best show in Kansas.

Wamego was packed but we found a good spot to park our chairs up close to the ball field where they shoot them off.

We had about an hour to talk while we waited for the grand show.

The “Pyro Crew,” who puts the firework show together, plans for it all year long, and it is entirely funded by donations.

The show this year was the best one yet that I have seen.

It lasted around 35 minutes, with multiple booms going that entire time.


IMG_4244.JPGIt is usually a nightmare getting out of Wamego and back to Manhattan, but luckily we must have beat most of the crowd and got back in good time!

I think my ears are still ringing from some of those fireworks though!

It was a great 4th and surprisingly the coolest one too. I’m not sure I ever remember a 4th of July where I wasn’t dripping sweat, but we were almost chilly for last night’s show!

Have a great day!

Question of the Day: What are your favorite fireworks? I love the gold ones that look like weeping willows (see above picture). They’re so pretty!


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