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My First CycleBar Experience

The day after a holiday is always kind of a let down, isn’t it? There’s so much hype and excitement that it takes a bit to get back into the regular grind. We celebrated on the night of the 3rd with a party at some softball friends’ house. We were all recovering on the 4th of July so we had a relaxing day with friends at the pool and our house. I’ll have a picture recap tomorrow.

Today, I’m finally talking about my first experience taking a CycleBar class from when my girlfriends and I went on our road trip. You can read about our trip to Tennesseeย here and here, if you missed it.

Like I mentioned last week, my friend Courtney and her friend Caitlin go to a workout class in Lexington called CycleBar. When we were planning our road trip, Courtney suggested that we take a morning class before driving on to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

The classes are pretty pricey, but your first class is free, so we were sold! We all thought this sounded like a good (productive) way to start our day before having to sit in a car again.

In college, my friend Nicki and I frequently went to spinning classes at K-State’s Rec. They were always fast-paced and challenging, which we liked. No matter how many times I went, I always felt like the classes were tough. I thought CycleBar would be basically the same as that.

It was.

But it was also twenty times harder.


Let’s start from the beginning. (Sorry no actual pictures of us girls. I went in with all intentions, but now I’m glad I forgot because we were sweaty beasts! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

When we got to the studio, I swear there were more workers there than clients!

They had someone to greet you, someone to help you check in, someone to show you to a locker, someone to give you shoes, someone to fill your water bottle,ย plus the actual instructor.

We changed into the cycling shoes, and headed into the classroom. We were a little early so we had another workerย help us adjust the bikes and getย clipped in (a weird feeling!). I remember shivering and complaining how frigid the room was. (By the end of class though, I was thankful the room started as cold as it did.)

CycleBar felt like a regular spinning class on steroids.

One major difference was the stat boards at the front of the room to show your ranking in class.

It was supposed to motivate you during the hills and sprints to give it your all and increase your ranking against the other cyclers in class. You got more “points” to improve your ranking by not only having high RPMs but also having high tension on the bike. I got “beat” by a lot of people. Our stats were sent in an email at the end of class telling us our ranking, calories burned, miles we biked, etc. That was a neat feature to have immediate feedback on how hard we had worked.

Also, the overhead lights were turned off so that it was very dark with only a few accent lights helping us see. I was thankful for that as I was grunting through and dripping sweat.

Source: CycleBar

Maybe it was the fact that I haven’t done a spinning class or a tough workout in a long while, but this class kicked. my. butt.

I remember looking at my Fitbit several times during class thinking “It surely has to be over soon” and then seeing that we were only halfway there.

As most workouts are, this one was very mental. It would have been easy to just scale back and lightly pedal if you didn’t feel like you could keep up, but when you saw everyone around you digging deep, it made you want to give your all too.

We did touch backs on the bike seat, up and down sprints, hovering over the seat, etc. I definitely needed the provided towel to mop upย all.the.sweat.

When the instructor told us that we just had two songs left before stretching and being done for the day, the competition grew fierce. Everyone increased their speed and pushed a little more to finish strong.

This workout was one that felt like such an accomplishment to finish. I don’t know if I have ever sweat as much as I did in there.

When class was over, we went back out to the lockers, were handed a cool towel (with some kind of peppermint oil on it- amazing!) and a banana. A few of us girls took advantage of the wonderful showers they had since Courtney’s one bathroom apartment would have taken forever to get seven girls through. They even had everything you would need to get ready (dry shampoo, perfume, hair dryers, etc.).

CycleBar definitely felt like a luxury workout facility, and for the price, I can see why. I don’t think I would shell out the $20 (plus) per class to workout out there regularly, but it was fun to try something new!

If you are in the area of a CycleBar studio, give it a try! You may not have to pay for your first class, but don’t expect it to be easy!

Question of the Day:ย Have you ever tried a spinning class? What did you think?


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