Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

I had a great weekend full of family and friends, but I majorly failed on the picture taking front. (Guess that’s a sign of how great it was; I didn’t even think to pull out my phone for many pictures!)

Friday night, we had rehearsal dinner for Paul and Carly’s wedding at The Country Cabin. When Travis and his friends get together, they are on aΒ new level so we spent most of the night dying laughing (as we enjoyed delicious steaks- yum!).

Saturday, I hung around my parent’s house before wedding time. My mom and I took a walk and she gave me a manicure (royal treatment!).

I got to see the bus that Matt and Marcia are working on. Last time I was home, it was just gutted so there has been a lot of progress since then! I am in love with the old barn wood they used for their cabinet doors!

(Can you spy Grandma in the picture below? πŸ™‚ )


Of course, I also got some good quality time in with my favorite pooch, Duchess.


Paul and Carly’s wedding that evening was such a great time! It went without a hitch and Travis’ speech went very well too! Both he and I felt like we could finally breathe once it was over!

As usual, Travis tore up the dance floor with his random moves. He told me that he just goes with whatever he is feeling (no matter how strange it looks) and it shows!

At one point, he was dancing with a random little girl whoΒ clung to him. My table had to laugh because we all went, “Does anyone know who that girl is?” and no one did. Safe to say that neither of them is shy!


The reception ended after midnight with a sparkler send off to the happy couple! Congrats again to the new Mr. and Mrs. Wenger!


When we finally got home after the reception, I saw that Travis had sweat so much on the dance floor that his shoes were soaked through. Those are even leather!

I definitely made him take a shower before crawling into bed!


On Sunday, we slept in late and then cruised around some of the country roads around Travis’ parents house. There is no feeling like being out in the country with so much open space. It’s so pretty and comforting!

We ate lunch with Travis’ family and just talked throughout the afternoon before driving back home.

Since I haven’t really been home for the last week and a half, I feel like I have so much laundry and cleaning to do to “get my life back together.” Thus ends my time of being pampered at my parent’s house. It’s back to reality! πŸ˜‰

I’m planning on getting myself organized today, and then we are headed to a cookout/ fireworks party tonight with some friends from our softball team.

Let the 4th of July festivities begin!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Question of the Day:Β Fireworks- gotta have them or a waste of money? What’s your opinion?




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