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Girl’s Trip to Gatlinburg- Part 1

I got home Monday night from my girl’s trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and it was such a blast! My girlfriends and I haven’t all been together in probably a year, but we always pick right back up where we left off. We’ve known each other for so long that we all feel like family and we just get each other.

Today, I’m going to recap the first part of our trip. Tomorrow, I will be back to tell about the rest in Part 2.

Early last Thursday morning, my friends Jessica, Hannah, Lanaya, Bailey, and I all drove together to Lexington, Kentucky where my friend Courtney lives. It would be an 11 hour drive to get there, which we were all dreading a little bit, especially since we had five people sardined into a five-person car.


Thankfully, since we hadn’t been together in so long, the first nine hours of the car drive honestly flew by. We were pretty much talking non-stop, filling each other in on our lives and joking around.

Those last two hours or so in the car though had us wanting to climb the walls. It was a torrential downpour (Ok- maybe a little dramatic there, but it felt like it!) and we were just ready to be out for good. We even resorted to playing 20 Questions to make the time go quicker. It worked for a little while. 😉

We finally made it to Courtney’s apartment a little before 8 p.m., drug our bags inside, and got back into the car to drive to dinner at West Sixth, the cutest little microbrewery with unique seafood options to order. I got a blackened catfish sandwich with black eyed pea salad. It was the perfect pick-me-up after our long day of driving. Courtney’s friend, Caitlin, who was joining us on our trip too, met us at dinner. She was so fun and fit right in with our group; we dubbed her an honorary Hiawathian. 🙂

That night, back at Courtney’s apartment, we talked and then headed to bed early after watching about half of Moana. (We had Jessica as a live soundtrack to the Moana songs 🙂 ).

Courtney and Caitlin both go to a workout class called CycleBar, and Courtney signed us up for the 8:30 a.m. class on Friday since your first class is free to try. I will have a separate post next week about my first experience with CycleBar, but just know, I was not prepared for the amount of sweating and exertion of that class. I have done spinning classes before, but this was a new level of intense. I looked at my watch multiple time thinking it would surely be over soon. While our legs were jello afterwards, we joked that we had earned our car ride that day.

After the 50 minute class, we quickly showered and loaded up into two cars this time (Hallelujah for extra space!) to drive the four hours to Gatlinburg. We rented a cabin through Amazing Views Cabin Rentals and had to drive to Pigeon Forge, about twenty minutes from Gatlinburg, to check in first.


Our cabin wasn’t going to be ready for a little while yet, and we still hadn’t eaten lunch by around 3:30 p.m. so we beelined to Smoky Mountain Brewery for lunch…/dinner…? Linner?

Since I’m still not a big beer drinker, I just opted for the sample flight. The samples seemed huge compared to anywhere else though, and the waitress messed up my beer order so I ended up with four samples instead of three! Wheh! It was a lot for me (and I even passed them around the table several times!).


Our waitress here was probably younger than all of us, and kept calling us all “Sweetheart” or “Darling.” She was by far the peppiest person I have ever met and was a little too over the top. The food was just decent (More to come on that later- Sorry, Bailey!).

We were anxious to get to our cabin and get settled in. We grabbed some groceries in town and then pulled out the paper with directions to get to our cabin because GPS wouldn’t work through the mountains. Our cabin was wedged up in the mountains through some seriously steep roads.

Big Timber!


We got settled in…and so did the rain. It was gloomy and windy so we stayed in, snacked, and talked before calling it a night.



Hi Lanaya!

Our cabin had three levels: a loft up top, a main living area, and two bedrooms on the bottom level. Courtney and Bailey took the loft and the rest of us took the two bedrooms downstairs.

Unfortunately, as we were all crawling into bed, Bailey came downstairs asking if any of us had Pepto Bismol or Tums as she had just gotten sick (my worst fear!). We went to bed hoping that she would be fine in the morning, since that was our only full day in Gatlinburg!

That’s it for Part 1 of our trip! I’ll see you tomorrow for the rest!

Have a super day!

Question of the Day: Would you rather go on vacation to the mountains or to a beach?


One thought on “Girl’s Trip to Gatlinburg- Part 1

  1. To answer your question…as long as it’s with my girls, I don’t care where we go! Usually I would say beach, but after having so much fun in our mountain cabin too, I could say either. 😊


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