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Hello from Gatlinburg, Tennessee (Almost!)

Good morning and happy Thursday!

My girlfriends and I are officially en route to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for our girl’s trip!

It’s a ten hour drive to get to my friend Courtney’s apartment in Lexington, Kentucky. Tomorrow, we will start our day with a CycleBar class and then drive four more hours to get to the cabin we rented in Gatlinburg!

There are five of us squeezed into a five-person car for the ten hour drive today! I’m praying that I’m not stuck in the middle seat the whole time, and that we have plenty of stretching breaks! πŸ™‚ I brought lots of snacks (including my peanut butter and honey popcorn), so we should we covered there!

I’ve been friends with these girls since elementary school, and now that we are somewhat scattered, it’s rare to get everyone together! I’m looking forward to our “reunion” and five days of girl time! (Bring on the wine!)



Hope you have a good Thursday! It’s almost the weekend!!

Question of the Day: What are your favorite road-trip snacks?


3 thoughts on “Hello from Gatlinburg, Tennessee (Almost!)

  1. Favorite Road trip snack: whenever I’m on the road for work, I guarantee two stops will be made. 1) Casey’s for lunch or dinner, as there pizza is second to none and, fun fact, the closest one to Manhattan is about a 30 minute drive. 2) Dairy Queen; can’t beat a cookie jar blizzard (oreo, cookie dough and fudge) after a long day stuck in a car. Heaven.


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