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Help Me Out- Share a Story!

Today, I have a random request for you. It deals with a little project that I have been thinking about.

I’ve always full heartedly believed the quote that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”


Luckily, thanks to my mom and grandma, I have inherited a deep love for cooking and truly believe that cooking is a labor of love.

When I think of my Grandma Marilyn, I always think of the cooking that she does for our family and for friends, community members, etc. I think specifically of her rolls and cinnamon rolls. They are basically famous in our small town.

I was lucky enough to see my grandma very often growing up and got the chance to bake with her many times. Thus, I learned her tips and tricks to making the rolls just right.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned in baking or cooking too. I think back to my ten-year-old self who went to bake with Grandma: the amount of patience, preciseness, and perseverance one must have while baking is immense.

Waiting an hour for dough to rise or kneading dough for twelve minutes?! Often times, I wanted to rush through it, but to do so would be to miss out on so much.

You see, that labor of love, and the work that goes into preparing something yummy to share is also why it is so rewarding to complete.

My grandma has almost created a “legacy” from her love of baking for others, which I feel so grateful that I will get to continue.

So, here’s what I want to know from you. Please comment: don’t be shy!

When you think of your own family, is there a “dish” or “recipe” that you associate with a certain family member?

Comment below with what that dish was and who the person you connect it with is. Feel free to also share any memorable stories you have about baking with that person.

I greatly appreciate your participation, in advance!

Have a good day! Happy baking!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite recipe to make?


6 thoughts on “Help Me Out- Share a Story!

  1. Sticky buns (like monkey bread) and strawberry rhubarb pie! We have them at every family holiday and it doesn’t feel quite right if they aren’t made. My grandma was the best cook and I always think of her when I open my cookbook and see those recipes. My mom made me a cookbook when I got married and it has all of our “family famous” go-to recipes in her writing and my grandmas writing. Definitely one of my most prized possessions!

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    1. Ahh- I love this! My mom made me a frame of a prized recipe written by each of my grandmas and my mom. There’s just something about seeing it written in their handwriting that makes it more special!


  2. I’ve got three that come to mind; 1) my aunt Jayne makes the most incredible, and huge, chocolate chip cookies. Whenever I was over hanging out with Jesse or for family events growing up, these were a staple to my visits. She always had several containers of frozen ones on hand and I could never get enough as chocolate chip cookies are very near “the bees knees”. 2) Grandma Snyder makes incredible peanut brittle every year around Christmas, and even though she always claims the current batch “just isn’t a good batch”, it is always incredible. 3) Lastly, my Mom has always made my favorite dessert to perfection – cookie dough brownies. Mom made these a ton growing up as everyone loved them; after every home basketball game in high school, she would stand between the court and the locker room as we ran in after the game and hand me the pan full of cookie dough brownies to share with the team. I never took home an empty pan!

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  3. My mom was the best cook!! She made every meal from scratch for 7 of us-she was always in the kitchen. Her pies and breads were the best! I wish I could duplicate them. One meal that I loved growing up was her fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy- a childhood favorite-delicious!!
    One of my family favorites is Chile Salsa Beef. I first saw it printed in the newspaper. It had won the Kansas Beef Cook-off. It is definitely a keeper.
    I love trying new recipes and glad you do too, Laura:)

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  4. My Grandpa Dominic Robbe was from Italy and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. He made the best ziti and pasta sauce with chicken parmesan. I spent a lot of summers visiting him and my Grandma Lois and I always was spoiled with this dish. He passed sooner than I expected and I will always regret not having him teach me how to make his sauce. I have tried to recreate it based on what others in the family have shared but his was just amazing. When I think about cupcakes, I will always think of my Nana Julia. It was always a tradition to bake cupcakes when we got to see each other and these memories inspire me to make new and fun cupcakes each year. One of my all time favorite recipes I found was for Cannoli Cupcakes. YUM! Lastly, I will always associate great cooking with my husband because he is soooooo good at cooking. I never was and my mom wasn’t really into cooking much growing up because she was working late and so we had the regular meals of a working mom….hamburger helper(I still can’t eat this because we had it too much), etc. I can honestly say I am not a good cook but I’m learning. I love to see what Tyler makes and some of our date nights are just simply him and I in the kitchen sharing ideas and me learning from him. I spend a lot of time during the summers perfecting my skills and I can say I’m getting better but he is phenomenal. I tried to impress him with pecan crusted chicken and mashed potatoes when we first started dating and they were HORRIBLE! I could tell he kind of liked me when he still choked them down even though it was like mush and glue. I definitely feel blessed with his food and enjoy getting to be a foodie with him when we go out and travel.

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