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Maine- Day 2

Today, I’m covering Day 2 of our trip to Bar Harbor, Maine and it’s a long one! If you missed yesterday’s post about Day 1, you can check it out here!

When we left off yesterday, Travis and I had spent a long day of flying and finally made it to Bar Harbor, just in time for a late dinner. We went to bed early to gear up for our first full day.

On Sunday, we woke up to our 7 a.m. alarms. Travis set his alarm for 7:00, on the dot, and he laughed at me when I set mine for 7:02. Those extra two minutes of sleep make a difference. 😉

When deciding a time to visit Maine, we were very conscious of booking our trip in early June. This would mean that we would miss the rush of the tourist season, which doesn’t start until mid-late June. The only downfall was that we would be too early for the free shuttle service around the island, which started a couple weeks later. We figured the benefits of going during a slow time would make it worth it though (plus we got in a lot of extra walking since we didn’t have the shuttle!).

Also, because of this “low tourist” time, we were one of the only couples staying at The Holland Inn during our stay, and we had our 7:30 breakfast time all to ourselves for a couple of the days.


We walked downstairs for breakfast and were pleasantly surprised at our table already set, waiting for us.


Evin soon popped out of the kitchen to announce that breakfast would be ready in a few minutes and to check on our coffee/tea preferences (coffee for Trav, tea for me).

We talked and looked around for a few minutes before we were served our breakfast.

Let me stop here to emphasize just how delicious our breakfasts were. They were always a mix of savory and sweet and were packed with protein that kept us full way past lunchtime. (I’m a snack every couple of hours girl, so I was impressed to be full so long!)

Travis and I are still raving about those breakfast meals too (and we want to cry now when we pour our cereal for breakfast at home!). 😉

Our first breakfast was our favorite from our stay. It was blueberry cream cheese stuffed French toast, smoked sausage, herb scrambled eggs with Fiddleheads, and watermelon/honeydew with mint garnish.

Talk about picking the best B&B! Yum! We had no clue our breakfasts would be so delectable!

DSC01660We both got about 3/4 of the way through our plates and were stuffed, but it was so good that we pushed on. We couldn’t let it go to waste!

Travis and I hadn’t ever had Fiddleheads and now we can’t stop talking about them either! Evin told us they are actually from the top part of a young fern and are very nutritious. They have a little crunch and are similar in taste and texture to asparagus.

During breakfast, Evin stayed and talked with us about our day ahead. In the sun room, she has a huge map on the wall with trail markings so she showed us the best routes to take.

Sidenote: Before our trip, I did a lot of research into the best restaurants to hit and the daily activities to do. Well, when I found The Holland Inn’s Facebook page, I saw pictures of Italian Greyhounds and quickly discovered that Evin had two (one recently passed away in March though). I told Travis and he rolled his eyes at my ever-present obsession.

I mean, what are the odds? It was the best coincidence. Finding IG (Italian Greyhound) lovers is rare!

During breakfast, we brought up to Evin that we saw she has an Italian Greyhound. I was hoping to get to meet her, and Evin told me she would bring her (Layla) by some afternoon. Thus began me worriedly telling Travis every couple of hours that I hoped we wouldn’t miss her coming by! (Don’t worry; we got to, but that’s another day!)

We had an activity planned for early afternoon so decided to do some hiking nearby that morning.

The entrance to Acadia National Park was only about a mile from our B&B so we set out, eager to explore.


We started by taking the Great Meadow Trail and then hopped over to Jesup Trail. Both are very flat and easy. We even ran into a couple groups on bird watching trails. Travis and I laughed when we heard one man say, “Wow, the way that bird flies really looks like the Nuthatch, doesn’t it?” They were so serious.

Jesup Trail has a beautiful boardwalk through the trees.




From Jesup Trail, we hiked to the Acadia National Gardens to see the Sieur De Monts Spring.


We had some time still so we went further past Sieur De Monts Spring and found a gorgeous little lake called Tarn Lake.



So, funny story about the mountain behind me in this picture. I had thought I heard someone calling it Champagne Mountain so that’s what I called it the whole trip. Travis thought it was Champlain Mountain. I kept making fun of him for saying it like that…and then I realized he was right. It made me laugh everytime because it sounded like he was trying to say Champagne with a hick tone. 🙂 Champlain.


We then needed to hoof it back to our B&B, change clothes, and eat lunch before our 1 p.m. lobster boat tour! By this point it was about 10:30 a.m. and we already had our daily goal of 10,000 steps. Cheers for being active!

Along our way back, we spotted some Fiddleheads off of a trail!


I was amazed by the amount of ferns growing too! They were everywhere, so simple and pretty!


Once we had changed, we walked downtown and popped in a couple shops. There were a multitude of stores to look in, and Travis eventually reminded me that our goal was finding a quick lunch, not shopping. We couldn’t miss our boat!


Neither of us were very hungry (that breakfast, I’m telling you!) so we split a lobster roll sack lunch from Downeast Deli. We found a spot on the grass down by the pier and watched the boats come in as we ate.



My first bites of lobster in Maine, and it was worth the wait! Look how big those lobster chunks are!


After walking the pier, we checked into the Lulu Lobster Boat, got our tickets and were one of the first groups in line. I wanted an upfront seat!



As we stood and waited for our tour, we were amazed by the high tide water lines on the docks. It’s still hard to me to grasp how much the water level changes between low and high tide.


As I was researching, everyone said the Lulu Lobster Boat Tour was a must. It’s a two-hour boat ride that covers everything from seeing a lighthouse, animals, and pulling up lobster traps (and endless lobster facts!).

When we boarded the boat, I went for the seat right up front, beside the driver, where they pull in the lobsters. I wanted to be as close as possible. 🙂

A few “celebrities” have houses on Bar Harbor, among them being the Kellogg’s cereal family, the Campbell’s soup family, and Martha Stewart.

Here is the Kelloggs’ house.


We first went out to Egg Rock Island and saw about a hundred seals laying up on the rocks sunning themselves.


The seals are so lazy and our guide said that they rarely move all day. We did see a couple babies moving around and they just flop their body everywhere. Graceful creatures, they are not!


We circled around to the other side of the lighthouse. We weren’t able to go inside it though since it is still in use.


After that, it was time to find some lobsters!

Each lobsterman designs their own buoy colors and pattern and has to register it so that no two are the same.

Our boat’s buoys were solid green with a purple stripe at the top.


Once our captain got the buoy hooked, it was time to reel it in and see what we had.


Our first catch!


Lobstermen must measure each lobster to make sure that it is the correct size.

If it is too small, you have to throw it back. If it is too large, you have to throw it back also.

Here, our guide was showing us how they measure, from head to the top of the tail. This one was a little too small so it went back.

They do this because lobsters only mate with lobsters the same size as them. Thus, if you keep everything, you will have some lobsters still in the ocean with no one to mate with. (Cue the tears; they would be all alone 😦 ).


As we pulled up more traps, we started to get quite the collection on our boat. We even got a Jonah Crab!


This tour was so fun, but man, was it chilly. They warned us to bring warm layers, but that cool ocean air is no joke! One of the guides took a look at me early on and said, “I’m going to get you a blanket.” Ha!


Once off the boat, we decided to have a mid-afternoon ice-cream snack. Travis got a scoop of chocolate malt and I got…lobster ice-cream! It had a sweet, buttery flavor with chunks of real lobster: the perfect pick-me-up!


After that, it was only around 3:30 p.m. so we went back to the B&B to change again and grab some coffee/tea. After regrouping ourselves, we headed back out to hike Kebo Mountain and the surrounding trails. It sprinkled on us at first, but let up shortly after.





We made our way home, showered, and headed to dinner at Stewman’s Lobster Pound.




Stewman’s makes me want to decorate a wall of my house with buoys! 🙂 I love that look!



We got to the restaurant kind of late, and saw a large group leaving. Because it was so late (and a Sunday), it was just us and one other couple in the bottom part of the restaurant, which made it feel like we had it to ourselves!

I ordered a blueberry mojito (with Maine blueberries and blueberry jam- omg!).


Stewman’s was pricy, but Travis got all inspirational and told me to order whatever I wanted because, “You don’t remember bills; you remember meals.” Deep. 😉

For dinner, Travis got the Northeastern Lobster Dinner, and I got the wild-caught Halibut with lobster and corn succotash. It was easily one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

I had planned on getting lobster, but the Halibut sounded too good to pass up. Travis told me, fine, but “You’ve gotta get a whole lobster soon. You are The Lush Lobster after all.” (He’s on a roll with these quotes, am I right?)





Travis’ dinner came with blueberry pie, so we got it to go and finished our evening eating it in our cozy little room.

IMG_4020.jpgWe ended the day with over 30,000 steps! We were exhausted and thrilled at how much we had packed in, and it was only our first full day!

We went to bed, eager to hike a few more mountains the next day!

That’s it for Day 2! I’m impressed if you made it this far; I just don’t want to leave anything out!

Have a good day!

Question of the DayWhat is the best meal you have eaten?

While this dinner at Stewman’s was delicious, my favorite ever might still be the Red Coconut Curry Grouper I got on our honeymoon in Turks and Caicos!


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