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Maine- Day 1

I’m too excited to talk about our recent trip to Maine to do a Weekend Recap post. So, today, I’m diving right into talking about Day 1 of our trip to Bar Harbor, Maine.

We had such a blast on this vacation, and packed so much into each day. We joked that with all of the hiking that we did, we came home more fit than when we left. That’s pretty unusual for a vacation! Don’t worry though; we ate our weight in seafood too!

The questions that we seem to have gotten a lot are, “Why Maine?” and “How did you pick Bar Harbor?” Well, as I briefly talked about in last Monday’s post, going to Maine has always been a bucket list item for me.

Once Travis and I decided that we wanted to take a vacation this summer, he asked me where I would want to go. My answer was always, “Maine!” The New England lifestyle, the seafood, the pretty views…swoon! We did some research last fall on towns to visit in Maine. Travis actually found Bar Harbor and instantly had me sold on all that it offers. We weren’t going to rent a car on this vacation, and loved that Bar Harbor had so much to do, all in walking distance.

Our trip was fairly short. We spent four nights in Bar Harbor, and I can honestly say that I could have stayed for months and not gotten sick of it. It was the perfect spot, as you’ll hopefully see through these posts!

Last Saturday, we set our alarms for 4 a.m. and headed to the Kansas City International Airport for our 8 a.m. flight. From Kansas City, we flew to Chicago and then on to Boston.

When traveling somewhere, I like to wear either a K-State shirt or something related to Kansas because I usually get some comments, which is always cool to see when you are far from home.

For these flights, I wore my shirt that says, “Kansas- It’s not that bad!”

I got many comments from people throughout the day who thought it was pretty funny! 🙂


When booking flights, we had seen an option to fly into Bangor, Maine on a normal, large jet, but it would mean taking a cab for over an hour to drive from there to Bar Harbor. The other option was a little more expensive but much more convenient. We could fly directly into Bar Harbor, but it would be on a small plane. We opted for the second one, and didn’t give it much more thought until we were in Boston, getting ready to board our last flight.

As we got to our gate, a worker called us up front so that she could weigh our luggage and get Travis and I’s weights. She told us that since the plane was so small, they had to figure out how to distribute the weight of everything on board for a smooth flight.

At this point, Travis and I looked at each other and asked the lady, “How big exactly is this plane?”

We figured it was small but assumed that meant maybe 20 people or so.

She told us that it would have only nine passengers (a full flight!) and the pilot on board.

A ten seater plane!

Since I have been flying with my dad in his small plane before, I was excited for this little “adventure.” Travis hadn’t ever been on a small plane so he was eager for it as well!

As we walked out to the tarmac to load, we, along with all of the other passengers, laughed at the plane we were about to board. It was tiny!


It’s one thing to hear that the plane only holds ten people, but it’s another to actually see it in person. A worker called each of our names to make sure we were all there and told us we would just have to wait a few minutes for the pilot.

We crammed into the plane and kept snickering about how close we were to the pilot. It was a personal experience, that’s for sure!

See how close we were to our pilot?

It was a quick one-hour flight to Bar Harbor with great views (everyone had their own window seat, obviously 😉 ) When we took-off and when we were above land, the plane was a little shaky, but it smoothed out when we were over water, which we were for most of the flight.

The little plane added to the “island experience” and really made us feel like we were going coastal!

Once we landed, the other passengers either rented cars or took the available taxis at the airport. We decided to try Uber, but after waiting for over 20 minutes and the Uber was not responding, we called for a taxi. (Looking back, if only we would have just jumped right into a taxi after getting off the plane.)

Bar Harbor has a lot of road construction going on right now, and on a small island, that greatly impacts a driver’s ability to get around. Instead of being able to take the direct route from town to pick up us (about 20 minutes), drivers have to circle the entire island to get back to the airport (a 45 minute drive).

Thus, our first hour in Bar Harbor was spent sitting at the airport, exhausted, hungry, and at the mercy of a taxi driver getting to us. (The other passengers had taken the only two available taxis so we had to wait for them to return.) Essentially, it felt like we were stranded for awhile.

Once out of the taxi (finally), we checked into our Bed & Breakfast, The Holland Inn. The owner, Evin showed us around, gave us some advice about hiking trails, and handed us our room keys.

She also let us choose our preferred breakfast time (7:30, 8:30, or 9:30). Since we wanted to make the most of our short trip, we both agreed on 7:30. (I like to sleep in, so Travis gave me a questioning look but quickly agreed before I changed my mind. 😉 )



You’re going to hear me talk about Evin many times throughout these recap posts, and that is because she made our trip. Without her constant advice and guidance about restaurants and hiking, we would not have squeezed in as much as we did. She was a Godsend, and booking our stay at The Holland Inn was the best decision we could have made regarding this vacation!

Stairway up to our room

All of the rooms at The Holland Inn are named after trails in Acadia National Park. Ours was the smallest and coziest room, according to Evin, and it was named Bubbles, after the Bubbles Mountains at Jordan Pond. It definitely was tiny, but that just added to the charm. It felt quaint and homey and had just enough room for us.



Our bathroom was just to the right of the sink.

We settled into our room, and headed out for our first dinner. Downtown was only about a four minute walk from our inn, which was perfect! We headed to Geddys for our first meal in Bar Harbor. It was everything you’d expect out of a coastal restaurant: loud, tons of nautical decor, and smelled delicious.

It was our personal goal to eat seafood for every meal during our stay, so I ordered the Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl (amazing!) and Travis got a breaded Haddock meal with Jonah crab on top. He ordered Haddock as much as possible on our trip and now talks about it all the time. Thank you, Geddys, for starting this obsession. 🙂


The owner came back and talked to us, which was a nice personal touch. When we told her that we were from Kansas, she said she had seen several people from Kansas already this spring!

While at Geddys, Travis ordered a local beer, and the server just asked, “How old are you?” After Travis said, “Twenty-five,” the server said “Ok” and got it. This made me laugh, no asking for IDs, just taking the customer by their word.

After dinner, we walked the pier a little, but it was too dark to do much more exploring, and we were spent after being up since 4 a.m.


We headed back to the inn and set our alarms for 7 a.m., ready to hit the hiking trails!

That’s it for Day 1. Check back in tomorrow for a recap of Day 2, one of my favorites!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite type of seafood? How would you have reacted to the ten-seater plane?


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  1. That brew I got at Geddy’s, Sebago – Frye’s Leap IPA, is to-date the best IPA i’ve ever had. Ahhh that was delicious! Unfortunately, it’s brewed outside Portland, ME and only distributes to the east coast :(. Right there is enough reason for me to go back!

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