Coastal · Friday

Friday Fun!

Yay! It’s already Friday! It’s been a fast week here since we got back from Maine on Wednesday.

Today’s post is going to be nice and short. I’m planning on posting about each day from our trip, and those will be up on the blog, starting next week! Get ready for lots of pictures of our hiking adventures and the cute town we stayed in, Bar Harbor. Think: nautical scenery (lobsters, buoys, boats) everywhere. It was my kind of place!

Now, I am going through the tedious process of sorting pictures from our trip. Between my digital camera, Travis’ phone, and my phone we had something like 790 pictures from Maine. Does that tell you how beautiful we thought it was?! We wanted to capture everything!

I’ll leave you with a preview from one of our trail hikes. Gorgeous, right? (And that’s just the beginning!)


We’re taking it easy this weekend with some more house projects. Hope you have a great day!

Question of the Day: What is one thing you are looking forward to doing this weekend?



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