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House Tour- Dining Room

Happy Thursday! We are back from Maine, and I will have a recap of our trip early next week!

Today, I’m sharing the next installment of our house tour with our dining room. You got a sneak peek of it in my living room post from last week. If you missed it, you can check that out here.


I used the same color scheme that we have in our living room since these two rooms flow together.

My whole dining room is centered around our fish plate gallery wall. It all started with that silver fish platter (see picture above). I found it at Marshall’s (surprise, surprise) and thought that it was too cute to just put away in storage and use for serving.

Thus began my search to find all the fish plates to make a small gallery wall. Travis never even batted an eye at this crazy idea, and he even found the large blue platter online and bought it to surprise me (He’s a keeper, I tell you!). 🙂

From there, I found the small top plate at Pier One and I had a friend in Kansas City run to World Market to get the last two small round plates, which were on a major sale and couldn’t be purchased online. I thought my “collection” was complete and then my mom pulled out the white fish-shaped plate one weekend when I was home. It was the perfect last edition to complete the wall!

I played around with the design for about a week before I finally settled on one and felt ready to hang them. I traced each fish plate on tissue paper and then taped them to the wall in different designs to see how it looked. (Travis said that I was thinking too hard about this, but I wanted to make sure it was just right. 🙂 )

The two framed pictures are favorites that I took on our honeymoon in Turks and Caicos- perfect daily reminders of our great trip!

The dining room connects with our living room, kitchen, and screened-in porch (a big selling point for us with this house!).

Again, I have a lot to learn about photography so the pictures are not perfect.

As before, the sources are linked at the bottom of this post.

Enjoy our coastal dining room!











Paint– Sea Hawk

Table and Hutch- mom and dad

Silver fish platter- Marshall’s

Large blue fish platter- Woot

Fish-shaped platter- Target

Small fish plate at top- Pier 1

Two round fish plates- World Market

Plant and pot- Walmart

Frames- Hobby Lobby

Table runner, Fish platter on hutch- Target

Bowl on table- Pier 1

Shells- Bahamas 🙂





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