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Weekend Recap- MAINE!

Good morning!

Today’s post is short and sweet because we are in MAINE!

Last fall, Travis and I tossed around ideas about taking a trip in the summer. Since we were just on our honeymoon in Turks and Caicos not too long ago, we decided that we would keep it stateside this time.

Throwback to our honeymoon! Love that clear water in Turks and Caicos!

It has always been big on my bucket list to go to Maine. The seafood, the beaches, and the quaint charm of the New England lifestyle make me swoon.

Luckily, Travis loved the idea of being on the coast and once he thought of all the fresh seafood we would have access to, he was sold!

We plan to do lots of hiking, exploring, oh, and my personal goal: eat seafood (namely, lobster) for every meal! Heaven!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another round of book recommendations. Pop in if you need a good summer read!

Question of the Day: Are you a seafood lover or hater?

Every time we go on a vacation like this, I always swear that I could eat only seafood the rest of my life and be the happiest girl. I can’t get enough!

Have a super day!


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