Five on Friday

Happy Friday! This was my first full week of summer vacation and it was nice! I’m still waiting on it to get hot though. I had plans earlier this week to hike the Konza with a friend, but the dreary, rainy weather forced us to make it a coffee date instead. Hope next week is better!

Today, I’m sharing five links that have interested me this week!

one. Books with suspense and a major plot twist have been taking the world by storm. Think: Gone Girl, The Woman in Cabin 10, etc. I love a good, intense novel so when I came across this article, I was intrigued. My “must-read” list doubled after checking this out. Take a look if you need a new book to read.

two.  I always read People News because celebrity life interests me (Don’t judge that I get most of my news from; it’s fine.). A few days ago, this article caught my eye. Had you heard of this? I had not so I did a little research.

Back in 1996, a teacher had an affair with her sixth grade student (She was 34, and he was 12.) They went on to have two children together, even though she had to serve jail time for it.

I was pretty young when this happened so I didn’t remember it from the news. I am so shocked and disturbed by this though. I teach sixth graders, and they are still little kids at this point. Horrifying. Anyway, after being together for something like twenty years, the couple has finally split up. (Did he finally see the light?!)

three. I like to have sweets on hand in my freezer. Travis and I don’t go through sweets very fast, but it’s nice to be able to defrost a cookie or something when a sweet attack hits. Our dessert supply is running low now, and I’m thinking that these will be the perfect thing to make next. Chocolate and wine? I’m ready to dive in!

four. Way back in high school, my friend Lanaya and I had a summer job at an office doing data entry. One of our coworkers there introduced us to the blog, Bug Bytes. It is written by a local, Kansas City woman, and specifically her posts titled “Oh Emma, Oh Kate” (about the funny things her kids say) are to die for. If you need some laughs today, go read her blog. It’s always entertaining!

 five. I knew there was a reason I drink so much wine. 😉 Check out this article!

Have a wonderful weekends, friends!

Question of the Day: What is your go-to dessert to make?

Mine is usually just chocolate chip cookies. I have a favorite recipe that is loaded with butter, but oh, so, good! I’ll have to share it soon!



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