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What’s Up Wednesday (5/31/17)

Today, I’m linking up and doing a little What’s Up Wednesday to share what’s been happening in our world!


Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 1.58.02 AM

Here we go!

1. What we’re eating this week…

I love planning my weekly menu out. My mom always did this, and I’ve taken on that tradition. It keeps me organized…and it helps me from having to make a million trips to the grocery store.

Lots of Skinnytaste recipes (see ST) on the menu this week!

Monday: Grilled Brauts and Greek Panzanella Salad (ST)

Tuesday: Italian Turkey Zucchini Meatballs (ST)

Wednesday: Asian Pork with Mushrooms (ST)

Thursday: Ham and Swiss Omelets

Friday: Pizza

2. What I’m reminiscing about…

I’ve been trying to make myself run more on our treadmill lately. Sometimes music is a better motivator for me to do this (even more than watching a show). I always have my CCR Pandora station playing, and it was on par for my run last night too.

The song “In My Life” by The Beatles came on, and it made me think back to the father-daughter dance at our wedding. That was the song my dad and I had chosen. Good memories…and hard to believe that was a year and a half ago!


3. What I’m loving…

Our outdoor plants are blooming and looking beautiful! I love trimming pieces off our our landscaped plants and making a big bouquet in the house! Free decor! 😉


4. What we’ve been up to…

A lot of this.


Travis got so much done on our house this weekend (almost half of it is repainted!). He just asked me to stay out and keep him company; that I can do! I set up my lounge chair and got some sun. Win, win!

5. What I’m dreading…

Our big trip to Maine is coming up quickly! While I am out of my mind excited to be there, dealing with airports is something I always dread. We have three flights and layovers before we will make it to Maine, and I’m tired already just thinking of it.

6. What I’m working on…

With all of this extra time I have now that school is over, I have gotten into a new routine of blogging first thing in the morning, while I eat my breakfast. I have some fun posts coming up, and have been writing some extra ones too for when we are on our trip. Stay tuned!

I caught Travis (my #1 loyal blog reader) catching up on my blog while grilling our dinner. I love that man.


7. What I’m excited about…

I bet you can guess this one by now… Maine! I have been looking up the best places to get lobster rolls while we are on our trip. Doesn’t your mouth just water looking at this deliciousness?!


8. What I’m watching/reading…

My coworker recommended the show “The Keepers” to me because she knew that I got hooked on “Making a Murderer.”


Travis and I have watched only three episodes, but it is good so far! Many parts are blowing our minds at the levels of corruption between the church and police force. It is hard to listen to some of the violent crimes, but it is holding our attention and shocking us more than we expected!

Of course, I’m also hooked on The Bachelorette. I loved Rachel in the last season and am glad it was her they chose as the next bachelorette. She seems so sweet and down-to-earth.


My reading has decreased a lot since summer has started (and since I have started this blog). I am currently reading “Walk Two Moons” by Sharon Creech.


I need to get back to the library before we leave on our trip to get a few more books. Time to scan my Goodreads account and pick some winners!

9. What I’m listening to…

Like I mentioned above, my CCR Pandora station is always playing at our house. I am a big fan of the oldies, and Travis is loving it too. I’m a happy girl when CCR, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc. are playing!

10. What I’m wearing…

Last week, I did some serious shopping and found some cute new tops for summer. I’m loving the cold-shoulder look and found the shirt pictured below for $15 at Marshall’s! It’s going to be on repeat many times this summer!


11. What I’m doing this weekend…

Oh, you know, just living the New England lifestyle in Maine. 😉

Have you ever seen a cuter downtown?!


12. What I’m looking forward to next month…

At the end of next month, my girlfriends and I are taking a trip to Tennessee together. It’s so rare now to get everyone together, so I’m looking forward to a long girl’s trip reunion!

Some throwback pictures…




13. What else is new…

I’ve started a new blog series of Home Tour posts. I featured our living room yesterday and can’t wait to share more in the coming weeks!


Have a wonderful day!

Question of the Day: What is something you are looking forward to next month?





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