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House Tour- Living Room

When I first started reading blogs, I loved the posts that featured a “house tour” of different rooms and how people had decorated them.


As a house decor fanatic, I always enjoy seeing how people decorate their home and getting new ideas to spruce mine up as well.

When Travis and I bought our house a couple years back, it was way bigger than what we had anticipated for our first house. We had looked at probably 30 houses already (that’s not even an exaggeration) and as soon as we saw this house, we knew there was something different about it. It was in a quiet, cute community, had a great layout, and had a backyard that made it feel like you were in the country, which was important to us.


However, this house also had four bedrooms and three bathrooms- much more space than we needed. The market was hot though and we knew that we needed to act fast if we wanted to snag it.

This house had been on the market for only four days when we made our offer. We knew that we could eventually grow into this house and that it would be easy to resell again one day (not anytime soon!).

We closed on our house the week before I graduated from college. I was done with student teaching by then and we began moving things over from our respective college houses. After unpacking, we realized how empty it felt. Since then, we have been very fortunate to accumulate some furniture from family and to find great deals on other pieces.

Though most of our rooms are “full,” I don’t consider all of them finished by any means. I am constantly moving things around and planning for the next steps in decorating.

Today, I’m sharing the first room of our house, which is also our favorite room to be in, the living room. This was the room I put the most focus on and is probably our room that is the most “complete.” I have linked all of the items in this room at the bottom of this post!

With money from my graduation, one of the first things that I bought for the living room was this ottoman. I had been eyeing it for awhile, waiting for it to go on sale, and knew that I wanted it to be the “center” of the room.

My “vision” for this room was having the ottoman be the focal point and using neutral colored furniture (couches and two armchairs) to balance it out. I picked up accessories that had teal/turquoise in them to tie in with the vivid teal of the ottoman. I wanted it to look calming and coastal to coordinate with decorations in the rest of the house.

Since our house is older, many rooms had an accent color wall (I guess that was a trendy thing at the time..?). The accent wall in the living room was a rust, reddish color and the rest of the walls were a very pale blueish/white color.


My bedroom at my parent’s house is painted the perfect neutral color, in my opinion, so I decided I would make it easy and just use that in my house too. The color is Pratt and Lambert’s Sea Hawk. It is a creamy tan/brown with grayish tones. It really warms up a room, and I ended up using this color for my entryway, dining room, and upper staircase as well. (My mom even has it all throughout her house now too; it really is the perfect color!).

Pratt and Lambert- Sea Hawk

A lot of the pieces in this room were either found very cheaply or received as a gift. I feel very fortunate! The couch was bought from a family friend, and the chairs were a wedding gift from my parents. The end tables were a random find on Craigslist, and many of the accessories have been snagged on sale over the last two years.

Just a forewarning, photographer, I am not. Try to ignore the not-perfect picture quality. 😉

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Enjoy!

Entryway as you come in the front door















That’s it for our living room. Check back next week for a house tour of our dining room, complete with a fish plate gallery wall. 🙂 (You can get a sneak peek of it in some of the pictures above!)

Have a great day!


Paint– Sea Hawk


Couch- family friend

Chairs- (no longer available), similar ones here and here

End Tables- Craigslist


Floor lamp (no longer available), similar ones here and here

Basket- gift, similar here



Blankets- Target

White frames

Last name sign- gift


White pillows- gift, similar here

Brown pillows- mom

Table lamp- mom

Tree- mom

Gold frames- garage sale

“S,” blue artwork, tray, vase, orb, bird cage, “Hello” sign- Hobby Lobby

Entry table- free find (Travis got it from a family whose house he was working on and they were going to just throw it out!)

Lantern- wedding gift

Entry picture frames, small plant, candle holder and candles- Marshalls

Shell and sand- Bahamas 🙂

Coat Rack- made by Travis




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