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You’re Pretty Hot…

I like to joke with people that Travis and I’s relationship began with three little words…

No, not “I love you.”

It was, “You’re pretty hot.” (Actually “ur” pretty hot, if we’re being precise).

The story of how Travis and I met is one that Travis likes to sweep under the rug, if you will. He’s a little annoyed that I want to share this tale with more people, but as I tell him, you can’t deny our true story. 🙂 I even gave a speech over this in my high school public speaking class, and it was a hit!

Here’s a couple things you need to know before we get started. During my freshman year of high school, I was dating a guy in my grade named Zach. Also, Travis is from Sabetha, and I am from Hiawatha, two small towns that are fifteen minutes apart so our towns had lots of sporting and school events that overlapped.

So here we go. Get ready for a long, entertaining story!

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was mid-May and the school year was almost over.

On May 11, 2008, I logged onto the computer after school and saw that I had a new message on Facebook from someone named “Travis Snyder.”

(I saved those original messages and you can see them at the end of this post.)

I was very quiet and lacked confidence in myself in high school so my immediate thought was that it was a mean message and that this guy was making fun of me for something (Don’t ask me why my mind went there; I don’t know!).

Imagine my surprise when I (timidly) opened the message, and saw that it said, “ur pretty hot”.

That was it, no capitalization, no punctuation. I was an English nerd even back then, so it’s kind of a miracle that this didn’t turn me away, honestly. 😉

I read that message probably twenty times and sent back, “haha…thanks…do I even know you?”

Real smooth, Laura.

I was flattered and all but very confused about who this kid even was.

He replied, “lol no but we could change that 😉 ”

He used a winky face, so naturally, I thought it was getting pretty serious- haha.

We continued to message and then text back for forth for the next week or so, and while I thought he was nice, I didn’t expect it to really go anywhere. Part of me wanted to meet him, but the other part of me was nervous and unsure.

Fast forward to the end of May, the last day of school. A big group of my girlfriends and I were going to go to our friend Meghan’s house after school, to swim in her pool and have a sleepover in her pool house. We were ready for summer and ready to have a fun night.

After swimming for a couple hours, my friends had all caught wind of this “Facebook boy” that had been messaging me. Little did I know that a couple of my friends snuck into the pool house while I was swimming, grabbed my phone, and texted him that we should meet up. Tonight.

By the time I found out what they had done (and wanted to clobber them!), he had replied that his friends were coming to Hiawatha that night and we should meet later at Walmart. (Isn’t that where all romantic ventures begin: The grand and glamorous Walmart?!)

With only about twenty minutes now to go until our “scheduled” meet-up time, I panicked when I looked into the mirror. I have very curly/wavy, poofy hair that seems to grow in the humidity and take on a life of its own. After swimming, my hair was a disastrous poof, and I didn’t have enough time to really fix it.

I put a little makeup on, frowned at my hair one more time, and thought, “Well, this is a good test of if he really likes me or not. If he can get past this bird’s nest on my head, he’s a keeper.”

My stomach twisted in knots that whole three mile drive to Walmart. Our gaggle of girls poured into the store, on the hunt for these boys.

We found them in the movie section, and the instant I spotted the three guys from afar, I tried to turn around, not ready to do this, and definitely not ready with a crowd watching!

We all introduced ourselves and awkwardly made small talk with the guys, my friends making much more conversation than myself.

The guys suggested that we go talk more out at the Hiawatha City Lake, so we packed back into our cars and followed them out.

Once there, I noticed that there was an unspoken decree that the two other boys and my girlfriends naturally followed. As Travis and myself were talking, they all mingled away, leaving us alone to talk.

Real smooth, guys.

All I remember from that time at the lake was that one of Travis’ friends was acting like a real idiot, which made everyone laugh and that I overshared with Travis about the rat dissection that we had done in class that week. (Seriously? Of all the things to talk about?!)

The guys eventually decided that they needed to head home, and I watched their car drive away, sure that this would be the last time I would see or talk to Travis.

A few minutes later, I got a call from Travis claiming that they were “lost” and needed directions home.

At the time, my mind was still racing so I didn’t think that this was out of the norm. Looking back, clearly it was just a strategy to talk to me since it is a straight shot from Hiawatha to Sabetha and Travis is very good with directions. The joke was on him though because I am seriously directionally challenged, so I had to pass off the phone to one of my friends to offer assistance. I did notice that the call was short once I passed off the phone though… 😉

After that initial meeting, Travis and I continued to talk almost daily and met up for many “hang-outs” where we would meet in the Walmart parking lot (Where else?) and just drive around in his car, talking, for hours. He says that from the first time I got in his car to hang-out, I was talking non-stop (and I didn’t stop for the rest of the night either) so that was a good sign that I was already comfortable with him!

On one of those “dates,” I asked him how he even “found” me on Facebook since I had never heard of him.

Well, in the spring of my freshman year of high school, our school had gone to a district band and choir competition in Holton, Kansas, where many surrounding schools also came to compete. Come to find out, he had seen me at this event (I was there for band; he was reluctantly there for choir). He asked his friends who I was and later added me on Facebook. (Looking back this creeps me out a little that I don’t remember adding him and that I didn’t even question adding someone I didn’t know!). He saw that I was in a relationship on Facebook and kind of let it go.

Then, a couple months later, he saw that Zach and I had broken up, and he decided to make his move, so to speak. He originally was going to set me up with his friend, Derek, but at last minute, he decided to go for it himself.

On one of those summer driving “dates,” he asked me out by the end of the night. Naively, I hadn’t even been thinking of dating, I just knew that I loved being with him and that we could talk about anything (Duh, Laura!). When he asked me, I replied, “I don’t know…sure.” (That should have forewarned him that I am an indecisive person!).

I went home that night wondering how much I really knew this guy because it was one thing to just be talking to him, but it seemed so serious to be dating him. I told myself, “I give this a month of two.” HA!

Little did I know that I had met my person.

Almost nine years of dating later, married for 1 1/2 of those, I can’t imagine ever not knowing Travis. We can still talk about anything, but we don’t go to Walmart as often anymore. 🙂

We had to stop at Walmart on our wedding day!

I’m glad I decided to take a shot on the boy who told me, “ur pretty hot.” It was the most successful Walmart trip I’ve ever had. 😉

fb convo 1

fb convo 2

fb convo 3

fb convo 4

fb convo 5

Watch out Match.com, Facebook may have you beat. 🙂




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