Middle School Mayhem

Even though school is over, I have a few more fun things to share today from the middle school world.

I’ll pick back up with these posts in August when I start a new school year with some new goofy students!

If you’ve missed the last couple rounds of Middle School Mayhem, you can catch up here and here.

1. On the second to last day of school, the fifth graders came over to our building to get a tour and meet all of the teachers. The kids rotate between each teacher and we talk to each group for about 7-8 minutes, introducing ourselves and our class.

In one of the groups, when I said my name was Mrs. Snyder, a boy asked me if I was married to Bill Snyder.

Now normally, I joke around with my kids that I am Bill Snyder’s granddaughter, but I have never had someone think that I am married to him.

I just looked at the boy with shock, thinking, you think that I am married to a man in his seventies? Come on!

2. One of my students this year would always hug me- when she saw me in the hallway, during class, after class, you name it. She would always say, “Thank you for teaching me, Mrs. Snyder.” Heart melt.

On the last day of classes, she came up when the bell rang and gave me another big hug, saying, “I’m sorry that I hug you a lot, but you’re just so huggable. Your body is small and just perfect for hugging. I’m going to miss that.” 🙂

3. In my classroom, students come into my room each day and have jumpstart questions on the board to answer. I pick two new songs to play every quarter and they know that they have until the second song is over to have their jumpstart finished.

Here was a “public service announcement” from one of my students about changing the look on her jumpstarts. It cracked me up (So formal!) 😉 :


4. One of my students drew this picture of me and proudly presented it to me at the end of class (I wear a lot of skinny jeans and boots to school 🙂 ). I didn’t know whether to be impressed with her for her artistic ability or annoyed that she most likely drew it in my class instead of doing her work. (You win some, you lose some…?!)


5. One day in class, we tried out “table texting.” It’s basically where I gave students several different non-fiction articles to read and form their own opinion of. They then had to respond to a question and pass it around to group members to “text” their responses.

This response is good! The question was, “Do you think a not very smart dog can understand human words better than a puppy? Why or why not?”

Here was her response:



6. Every year for teacher’s appreciation week, our counselor has students write “thank you comments” to a teacher that they feel is inspiring them.

Here were a couple favorite comments that I received:




If I can make students smile and feel like it’s okay to be themselves in my classroom, then I feel like my job is done!

Have a good day!

Question of the day: What is one thing you are doing today that makes you smile?

I plan on getting a treadmill workout in (while catching up on The Bachelorette) and going to Marshall’s (one of my go-to stores)!


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