Weekend Recap

Good morning and happy Monday!

Hope your weekend was a good one, and you are ready to tackle this week! I am in serious denial that we are at the end of May. It’s been the fastest month ever!

Like I mentioned last week, Friday was our last day of school with kids. We have to go to work today for end-of-the-year meetings, room check-outs, etc. and then we are FREE!

Friday was, in one word, tiring. Our team had planned fun games and competitions outside for the morning and movies in our rooms in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, when we let kids sign up for movies earlier this week, no one picked “Trolls,” which was supposed to be in my room. When I asked kids why they didn’t pick it, they all said it was good but they had seen it too many times already.

Thus, I was stuck with the “naughty” kids for the afternoon.

All week, we had been using the “naughty room” as a threat and as motivation to behave in class. If students got in trouble during those last few days, they received a “tally,” which meant they missed 20 minutes of the movie and had to be in the “naughty room” for that time.

Imagine my joy when some of these kids came to me Friday afternoon with six tallies.ย Six.ย As in, they would be spendingย two hours with me. Woohoo. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

My team decided that we would fill their time with some good ole worksheets to make this punishment feel more real. I had lots of math problems for them, a blank map of America for them to label, and spelling words for them to write out.

Some of my naughty kids were still being obnoxious in my room, so they also got to write me an essay of how they should be behaving and why it is so important to do what you are told. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wheh, glad that’s over.

Next year, I’m passing off “naughty room” duties to someone more intimidating. It’s not in my nature to really be that mean so it was an exhausting two hours.

My coworkers and I have gotten into the habit the last couple of weeks of going to the local bar (really one of the only restaurants in Wamego, but it has pretty good drinks too) after school some nights. It has been so frequent lately that the waitress saw us on Friday and said, “Just drinks again?” ๐Ÿ˜‰

When I say after school, I meanย literallyย right after school. On Friday, we looked at our phones after getting our first drink and it was 3:30 p.m. Oops! (And now we know why we were theย only ones there.) You’ve gotta find some way to cope with extra craziness from kids! (I’m on a Moscow Mule kick right now, and it’s safe to say, those will be on repeat all summer! So refreshing!)

Friday night, we also had to stay around the school until 6:30 p.m. because all teachers have toย be present at the 8th grade graduation ceremony.

Luckily, that extra evening time gave me a chance to get my room all cleaned up with decorations put away. I’m ready for my room check-out!

When I got home that night, around 8:30 p.m., my throat was feeling a bit scratchy. I downed a few mugs of tea and went to bed with cough drops on my nightstand.

When I woke up on Saturday, my throat felt like someone took a fork and scrapped down the back of it. A lot of kids had been sick this past week with colds and strep-throat so I guess their final parting gift to me was a sore throat as well. Boo.

I spent Saturday in our basement feeling miserable, reading books, watching movies, and taking many naps. I drank water and tea until I thought I’d drown.

Sunday morning, I woke up feeling a little better, but telling myself that I was going to get over it anyways because we had things to do!

We went to an afternoon party at my coworker’s house to play yard games and have a cookout. Did I mention that I work with the best of the best?! They’re so fun!

Later that night, we had another softball game. Travis had told me last week that his coworker, the team’s coach, was going to bump me up in the batting line-up so that I was the first girl batter. Apparently, he thought I was the girl on our team who could most consistently hit the ball and get on base. (Who am I and what happened to that terribleย 2nd grade softballer?). I hope my lucky streak of batting doesn’t come to an end now!

I was still feeling pretty terrible so we skipped the softball game once we found out that they had enough people to play. I was actually pretty bummed to miss it, but I know that running would not help me recover right now.

It was an early night for us. I’m hoping that all of this extra sleep pays off and I’m back to normal in a day or two!

Hope your weekend was a happy and healthy one!

Question of the day:ย What is your go-to drink to order?





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