Five on Friday

Another week down, and with it, my last day of school too! I always get nostalgic at the end of a school year, and this group of kids has been fantastic. I’m excited for them to experience 7th grade, but I’m really going to miss (the majority of) them!

We have a busy weekend ahead, yard game parties with friends on both Saturday and Sunday! Let’s hope the weather cooperates!

Here’s a few favorites from this week.

one. A few months ago, my Clarisonic Mia bit the dust. I ignorantly thought that it would last forever! It only lasted about four years though. I loved the feeling that my skin had after using my Clarisonic, but I didn’t want to dish out over $100 for a new brush.

I saw some online recommendations for this Letigo Sonic Cleansing Brush and for just under $15, I figured it was worth a shot. I’ve been using it off-and-on for about three months and I’m impressed! For being a cheap brush, it does a good job of still giving my skin that smooth, soft feeling like my Clarisonic did.

Check it out if you want a cheap alternative to higher-priced brushes!

Source: Amazon

two. With the end of school also came the finale of our newspaper project for the book “A Long Way from Chicago.” My students’ creativity this year was incredible, and they put such hard work into making these newspapers. Tensions were high on Wednesday (“Newspaper Production Day”) as students rushed to lay out their papers and create fillers to fill the space, but…they made it!

Yesterday, for part of class, we shared favorite parts of our newspapers and then students “read the news” to check out different hours’ final products!



three. I have been extra tired every evening this week (There’s no tired like end of school teacher tired), and it has been a struggle motivating myself to get up and make dinner.

Last night, it was 6:45 p.m., I still hadn’t made dinner, and I found myself digging deep into our double fudge brownie ice cream.


While I considered calling that good for dinner, I finally got my act together and made Sweet and Spicy Salmon with Stir Fry Veggies, from Skinnytaste (Who else?!). Eating some healthy foods made me feel a little better about my earlier ice cream binge. 😉

This recipe was also the first time that I have cooked with bok choy. After our poor experience cooking with fennel a few weeks ago (also a first time try), I was a little hesitant, but we were pleasantly surprised! Bok choy is delicious!

four. If you missed my post this week about more Middle School Mayhem, check it out here.

I cleaned my classroom earlier this week and found some more good notes and comments from students. I will have one more round of Middle School Mayhem next week, and then I’ll pick it back up again in August.

five. I keep mentioning that my upstairs guest room is a priority once summer starts. I have new lamps and now I’m narrowing down my favorite art options to go above the bed. Just for reference, the bed frame is painted a light turquoise color.

I have really been loving “aerial beach” art pictures (Think: Gray Malin, except I can’t afford his pictures) and thought that was definitely what I wanted. However, last week I came across an abstract art design that is completely different than what I was envisioning, but I am surprisingly loving the bold pops of color (I’m usually a neutral girl!).

Now, I’m torn because I think both would look great.

Comment below with which one you think I should go with:

(I think I’m know which way I’m leaning, but I always love getting input 🙂 )


Source: Etsy


Screen shot 2017-05-07 at 10.05.57 PM.png
   Source: Etsy

So: “A” or “B”…? Help me decide!

Have a great weekend!


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