Middle School Mayhem

It’s Thursday, and tomorrow is the last day of school! I’m back today with another round of Middle School Mayhem.

I have spent long hours this week after school going through my messy desk drawers and the overflowing cabinets in my classroom.

You see, when I “moved” into my classroom, I quickly realized that every teacher for the last five years or so left all of their stuff jammed into those cabinets. This was great for me as a new teacher because it meant that I hardly had to buy anything new. The amount of resources and “extra” stuff was astounding!

Now, though, two years in, the clutter and junk have just been bothering me and making me feel like my teaching life is so unorganized (So, hey, it took me two years to clean everything out, but I finally got there!).

As I started the process of re-organizing and purging all of that stuff that I’ll never use, I came across some of my notes from last year’s students and thought I’d share a few more hilarious and sweet comments.

Sometimes they’re so sincere that I almost feel sad school is ending…almost. 😉

1.  After I got married, I came back to school that Monday, and we left for our honeymoon a week later. One of my students came into my room all bubbly and happy and said, “Hello, Mrs. Snyder. Do you feel gooooood since your wedding?”

2. Students in my first hour class come in, read the menu, and mark their lunch count on the board. Last year, my kids were looking ahead at the February menu and it freaked them out a bit.

Student: “What are Valentine’s Day Chicken Nuggets?”

Me: “They make you fall in love with whoever you’re sitting by when you eat them so you have to be careful.”

Student: “………..I think I’ll just bring my own lunch.”

3. One day while reviewing vocab words, a student said, “What’s that other word for crusade, but it’s like with the needles?”

I said, “You mean, crocheting?”

Student: “Oh…”

We both got a good laugh out of that!

4. When studying figurative language, I have the students create simile poems about random things. Here was a poem written by a student last year. I thought this was so deep for an eleven year-old. Love it!

“Tree” by Andrea

We are all like a tree

We start out as a sapling

Then we go bigger over the years

We are all like a tree

Parts of us break and trample down when things get too overwhelming

but we have the option to grow back

We are like a tree

5. Last year when we were reviewing spelling words, one of the week’s words was “hygiene.”

One of my students who always had bad B.O. and smelled terrible said, “I don’t know what this word is.”

As bad as it is, I laughed to myself and thought, “How ironic since he stinks SO much!”

6. On the bulletin board by my desk I have pictures of my friends and family. One student looked at a picture of my mom and I and said, “Is that your sister?”

I said, “No it’s my mom.”

He said, “Wow, she looks young!”

My mom got a kick out of that and said that she liked the kid already. 🙂

I love looking back at these funny moments because in teaching there are many days where I question what I am doing (when students are being rude and crazy, when parents are difficult to work with, etc.).

It’s nice to look back and remember all of the positive times that we have in the classroom. You can’t make this stuff up either! 😉

Have a good day!

Question of the Day: Which school grade do you remember as your favorite? What made it so great?


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