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Summer Bucket List

Summer is almost here, and I am so excited for the extra free time to get organized and check some things off of my to-do list!

I makes lists for everything and don’t know how I’d function without them so it’s only fitting that I make a list for my summer goals.

We have a lot of trips planned for this summer, so I am going to have to make use of the time that I have to get these accomplished! I am notoriously good at wasting time and not getting as much done as I’d like- oops! Hopefully I can break that habit this summer.


1. Go to Maine.

  • We leave in about three weeks for our Maine trip! This has been a BIG item on my bucket list so I am thrilled that we finally bit the bullet and booked this trip. I’m hoping to eat seafood for every meal during the days that we are there. 🙂

2. Finish painting the exterior of our house and get some front door decor so it looks more inviting.

  • So, the part of actually painting our house exterior is more of an item for Travis, but by the end of the summer, we want our house fully repainted and our new windows put in! Our house was built in the ’70’s and is starting to show its age.

3. Paint our upstairs guest bathroom.

  • Our upstairs guest bathroom is a room that made me say “ugh” when we looked at this house. It has full beadboard paneling painted an ugly yellowish-tan. The lighting isn’t too great in that bathroom either so it just looks dingy to me. My mom has helped me paint some other rooms in our house (She likes doing it, and I like having someone to talk to while I paint, win-win!) so she is planning on helping me again.

4. Strip and stain our guest bedroom furniture.

  • My grandma bought several sets of bedroom furniture at garage sales/estate sales for her grandkids before we headed off to college, and she gave me a set with a mirror/desk, full bed, and tall dresser. The furniture is great quality, but it has some wear marks. I’m torn between staining it a light gray color or a dark, rich brown. If I can make myself strip it for even 30 minutes a day, I might be finished by August. 🙂

5. Be able to run 3 miles (and run more consistently).

  • So, we have this treadmill…and as school has gotten busy this past month, I haven’t gotten on it nearly as much as I should have. I’m excited for summer to workout because I can choose the time, and be outside more, but I know that I will rely on my workout trick of making myself watch an episode to motivate me. I truly do love running when I am in shape, and I’d like to get back to that place. Travis and I want to do a 5k later this year, so the time to train is now!

6. Have a garage sale.

  • Who knew that we could accumulate so.much.stuff?! I’ve converted the closet in my office to being a “garage sale” zone, and it’s starting to overflow. It’s a lot of piddly stuff that I just want out of here. I weirdly love having garage sales, so even if I don’t sell much, I can at least say that I tried. Time to de-clutter!

7. Go boating at least twice.

  • My family used to go to the Lake of the Ozarks or Table Rock Lake every summer and get in our fair share of boating, floating, and skiing/wakeboarding. I really miss doing these trips, and I’m going to try to convince my mom and dad to bring up the boat to Tuttle a couple times this summer. (Mom, are you in?!)

8. Work on decorating upstairs guest bedroom (art, pillows, nightstands).

  • You’ve heard me talk about how I want to work on our upstairs guest bedroom decor. It’s been a random mess of stuff, and I’m ready for it to be cute! Expect a post about this when I finally get it done.

9. Blog every weekday.

  • I’ve really enjoyed my new routine of blogging every weeknight, but sometimes it’s hard to write a lengthy post after I’m tired from school and trying to cram in all of my prep work for the next day. I’m going to set a schedule for myself and try to crank out more posts! With my three trips this summer, I should have some fun recap posts! Stay tuned!

10. Plant some succulents!

  • This item is very random, but I have been oodling over succulents for several months. I just saw some at Dillon’s this weekend and I have seen the biggest selection at Home Depot, actually. Once summer is here, I’m going to research them a little more and see which ones I want to get!


Question of the Day? Where on your bucket list are you yearning to visit?

  • Maine is big on mine, like I said, but I also want to visit Nantucket Island in Massachusetts (I think I’ve read too many beach-reads that are set in Nantucket!).

Have a good day!




3 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. Hi there, tis I Travis. I have a trip to Grand Cayman on my bucket list :). I’ve been told it has superb snorkeling!


  2. I’d LOVE to go to Vancouver/Seattle/Upper West Coast regions! I’ve wanted to go there forever. Someday, when I get up enough guts to fly overseas I would love to go to Italy to see where my Grandpa was born. I think Maine would be beautiful. My parents went their last year and said it was breathtakingly beautiful and they loved the seafood as well! Do you know when the neighborhood garage sales are? If you have a garage sale, I wouldn’t mind teaming up if you want to plan something. I have a gazillion baby girls clothes and some baby things to re-home with new families. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh- Seattle is on my bucket list too! I think the neighborhood garage sales were a few weeks back (when you originally mentioned them), but I still want to have one this summer to get rid of some junk! I’d love to team up- let’s do it!! 🙂


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