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20 Things

Happy Thursday!

I have to start with another funny comment from a student yesterday.

My students took their final test over “A Long Way from Chicago” and I gave everyone a peppermint as they started because it is said to be good for memory. I told them all it was their “brain boost” :).

Later in the hour, one of my students turned in his test and came up to me with the most serious face and said, “Mrs. Snyder, you were right. That peppermint really works because I remembered SO much!”

I got a good laugh out of that (He really did score well on his test too- ha!).

Today, I put together a list of 20 random facts about me. I love reading these when other people do them, so here we go!

1. I fully believe in the power of a good glass of wine. It is the best therapy there is.

2. As I mentioned in my “About” page, I love trying new recipes, almost to a fault. Even if a recipe doesn’t sound the best, my husband jokes that we have to try it…just because it’s in the cookbook (and that’s true!). I try new recipes so much, in fact, that Travis often begs me to just fix a “plain” meal. #TooManyRecipesNotEnoughTime

3. I get way too invested in tv shows. Finishing the show Parenthood felt like I went through a personal loss (It is THAT good!). My husband and I bought a treadmill last fall, and he built me a shelf so that I can put my laptop on it to watch shows. I motivate myself to workout by playing a show while I run (Whatever you gotta do, right?!).

4. Half of my wardrobe seems to be clothes with stripes on them. I try to branch out when I go shopping, but the stripes always pull me in! I can’t get enough!

5. I am a pretty shy person (which is one thing I wish I could change about myself), but I have never been nervous or shy when teaching. It has always felt like a natural fit and I am completely at ease in the classroom. My husband still laughs when I tell him that I had to yell at a class because he says he just can’t see it :).

6. My whole house is decorated in turquoise and aqua, from the paint colors to decor and accessories. It’s probably part of my nautical obsession, but I find it so pretty and peaceful!

7. I think sweet potatoes are the best food on the planet. I prefer them roasted in a mix of olive oil, garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper. They are pure heaven.

8. My husband makes fun of this one all the time, but when picking out clothes or home decor, I made up the motto “Simple, Chic, Sophisticated” to test if I really wanted to get something. Travis now says it to mock me and tells everyone that our house is so “chic.”

9. I have always loved looking up houses or house plans online. It’s become a hobby for me. I even have my “dream” house plan picked out and can envision how I want to decorate each room (Is that normal? Haha).

10. My family used to have an Italian Greyhound, aka IG, named Maggie, and while others may have thought that she looked like a rat, I thought she was the most precious thing. When Travis and I talk about getting a dog one day, I remind him that I will have another Italian Greyhound in my life at some point. (Google “Italian Greyhound puppies” and tell me you don’t want one too!)

11. Going along with how I love houses, house decor, and all things nautical, much of my house has “beach” related decor. I have a wall of fish plates in my dining room, some cute crab decor in my kitchen and bathroom, and coastal art in our bedroom. I think decorating with sand and seashells is so pretty, and if I find something with fish, crab, or lobsters on it, it’s pretty hard for me to resist. At one point, my mom was even finding fish shaped plates and buying them for me (Thanks Mom!). I have had to control my addiction because it was getting a little out of hand!

12. My husband, Travis, and I started dating in high school, and it’s hard to believe that we have been together for almost nine years now! He is absolutely my best friend, and getting married to him was hands-down the best decision I’ve ever made. I love doing life with him!

13. I have the best group of friends from high school, and we still talk through a group text almost everyday. As I meet more and more people after college, I realize how rare it is to stay so close with hometown friends. I love these girls and know that we will be in close contact for all of our lives! We have a fun summer trip planned together too, and I can’t wait! #SevenShevies

14. I have a signature dance move called the “crazy legs” that I mostly do to annoy Travis or make him laugh. I love doing it out in public because he gets so embarrassed and tries to get away from me (Those of you who know Travis know that he does plenty to embarrass himself too, so this is just payback!).

15. In our dream worlds, Travis would be a farmer and I would be a full-time writer. I’d love to write for cooking, home, or health magazines and want to try writing children’s books too. Time shall tell!

16. I am utterly terrified of people getting sick (throwing up). I don’t know what it is, but I. can’t. deal. If Travis gets sick, he knows that he is on his own. My students even know that if they are going to get sick, they better haul it out of my classroom as quick as they can. Bleh. (At this, I’m sure my friend Courtney is nodding her head. In fifth grade, I wouldn’t get near her after she threw up in the bathroom at school. Nothing has changed, Court!).

17. I picked our wedding colors because of my love for wine (No joke!). When people asked our colors, I always told them “wine and gray.” See, my love for wine runs deep!

18. Travis calls me a “mini-Jane” and a “mini-Marilyn” and I think that is the best compliment ever (Love you too, dad; I’m just so similar to mom!).

19. My favorite restaurant is Baan Thai, here in Manhattan. Give me thai food, specifically peanut curry, and I am one happy girl!

20. Writing these blog posts make me so excited. My priority is not that bunch of people read this (I’ve got my two loyal readers: Travis and my mom) because it just feels so good to be writing for me again. It’s my new favorite evening hobby (even ahead of reading!).

That’s all! Hope you learned something new about me!

Leave me a comment: What is one random fact about yourself? 🙂

Have a good day!




2 thoughts on “20 Things

  1. We are definitely cut from the same cloth!

    – Wine? Counting down the days until I can have a glass again.
    – Fish and nautical house decor? Every square inch of my house. Jesse reminds me almost daily that we don’t live near a beach.
    – Terrified of being sick/around sick people? Yes.
    – Love of cooking? I rarely make the same dish twice.

    Love reading your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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