Middle School Mayhem

I teach middle school students.

They are eleven and twelve years-old, and whether they mean to or not, they’re hilarious.

I can’t imagine teaching any other age group. Each day is truly unique, from them being goofy…to the ever-present drama (Seriously- I don’t remember there being this much drama when I was their age!).

I’m to the point in the school year where I wear workout leggings as an excuse for pants. 🙂 I am mentally done (only 9 more days!).


To remind myself of how much I love my job (because teaching in May is seriously tough), I decided I would compile together some of the off-the-wall comments I hear throughout the day and some of the juicy, ridiculous notes that I find on the floor (They’re the best entertainment!).

Think back to your own middle school years (and give a cheer that you are through them) and enjoy!

1. On the first day of school this year, one class asked me if I had any kids.

I replied, “No, not yet.”

One boy said in such a loving way, “You’re going to make a great parent.”

2. As I was grading jumpstart papers one day, this is how one of my girls replied to the question, “Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?”

“I am in a long-distance relationship…with my fridge.”

3. Another jumpstart question that I asked was, “If you could change one thing about the world what would it be and why?” Here was the best response all day:


Girl drama is a serious world problem :).

I emailed a picture of this student’s response to his mom, and she replied, “You can sure tell that he has two sisters!”

4. I have a student in my last hour class who is known for making such random comments. She is such a sweet girl, but she can talk and talk… and sometimes you don’t know where she is going with it.

Student: “Mrs. Snyder, do you have a daughter?”

Me: “No. I don’t have any kids yet.”

Student: “Watch out! It’s gonna be miserable. Discipline her as soon as she can talk. I throw a lot of fits at my house. You may think that I’m sweet at school, but when I get home, I’m awful for my parents.”

5. This may be my favorite from the year. It’s middle school gold.

I found this note on my classroom floor. What really gets me is how serious it is; the girl had some high hopes for that relationship.


6. One student walked into my class just last week and randomly said, “Mrs. Snyder, have you ever strangled someone?”

I gave him the weirdest look and replied, “Do I look like the type of person who would strangle someone?! Answer that wisely…”

7. Student love to try to guess my age. Most of them are pretty close but not all…

Student: “Mrs. Snyder, aren’t you like 19?”

Me: “I must have been super smart if I’m 19 and I’ve already graduated college.”

I don’t think that response clicked with her…as she sat there perplexed, pondering my answer.

Going along with that, student have guessed my age anywhere from 19 to 30. (THIRTY?!!) I give a look of horror to the ones who guess that high.

8. I always write thank-you notes to students who give me a gift, no matter how small.

One of my students gave me some homemade cards as a gift last week, and so, I wrote her a note thanking her for the thoughtful gift.

Yesterday, she brought me a note thanking me for thanking her. It was pretty cute.


Through all of the craziness, middle schoolers are also the sweetest. They can go from moody to thoughtful more times than I can count, but I’m going to focus on the fact that they really are bighearted!

They’re in this unique place of figuring out who they are and who they want to be. They are still sheltered and (most) are eager to please and not cynical about the world yet.

I keep a desk drawer of the sweet notes and pictures that I get. After a particularly challenging day, these things remind me that it’s all worth it.




One final picture because it is scary just how accurate this is. I have had to get after students for all of these things at some point this year.


Have a good day!




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