Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was sunny and relaxing!

It was a low-key glasses and comfy clothes type of weekend here.


Friday night, Travis headed home to go fishing and hunting with his friend, Paul. I stayed late at school with my co-teacher to hang students’ posters so that they would be ready for our gallery walk in class on Monday.

When I left school, I went to the library to get my weekly new books (I usually average reading two books per week. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is the point where Travis calls me a nerd again-ha!)

Friday night was very low-key: reading, cleaning, and blogging.

Saturday morning started with what else? Reading. You’re sensing a trend in how I like to spend my downtime, huh?!

I’m so glad it is warm enough again for smoothies too! I loaded this one up with chia seeds for a extra boost, and it was so refreshing!


Travis got home on Saturday around lunch-time, still decked out in his full hunting garb.


We went to Menard’s (shocker!) later that afternoon to load up on some plants. Planting flowers always puts me in the best mood!

IMG_3813Since I don’t currently have any pets or kids, my coworkers alwaysย joke with me that my plants are my “children.”ย When we all make dinner plans to go out together, they always discuss what they are going to do with their kids or dogs, and then look at me and ask who is going to watch my plants :). It’s a running joke in our team.




Last year, Travis made me two white planter boxes to go in front of our garage, based on some that I had seen on Pinterest. Iย love how they turned out!

Throwback picture:




On Sunday, we laid-low around the house again. Travis finished staining the lattice for our screened-in porch! It looks SO much better!


We are in the middle of repainting our house (When I sayย we, I really mean, Travis) and Travis started scraping a new section. I got set up to blog beside him (You know, for moral support) and got us refills of sun-tea while he worked.


I also got some inspiration for decorating our upstairs guest bedroom. As of now, it has some random lamps and end tables stuck in there, and it is driving me crazy! I think I found the perfect art print to go above the bed and lamps that will complement nicely! More to share (hopefully soon) on that front!

On Sunday evening we had our second softball game! I was actually excited for it, which is a nice change from me usually dreading it like the plague!

That’s it for our weekend, not too many newsworthy events, but it was nice to have some downtime at home. Next weekend, we will travel home for Travis’ little brother’s graduation so we are looking forward to being back in small town USA!

Have a wonderful week!


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