Our Proposal- His Side of the Story

Yesterday, I shared my side of our proposal story. Today, I’m back to share Travis’s side.

While I was in a state of oblivion, he was in full-on panic mode from all of the curve balls I threw at him that day. Sorry Trav!


When I first told Travis that I wanted him to write his side of the proposal for our wedding website, he groaned a little and then took his computer out to our screened-in porch to just “get it done.” I honestly expected it to only be a couple paragraphs long, just enough to tell the basics.

Over an hour later when he came back inside, I was shocked. I think his version may be even longer than mine, and that is saying something because I can write and write (My teachers used to tell me that they set page requirements on papers because of me- oops!).

(Cue: Paul Harvey voice) Without further ado, here’s the rest of the story…

For months now, I had been bringing up the idea to Laura about us going on a wine tasting date. I intentionally started bringing this idea up to her mid-fall so that she would get used to me “wanting” to visit a winery, which harbors a drink I have never been fond of. Every time I brought it up in the beginning, I was given a look of shock and bewilderment, as she would say, “Why do you want to go? You hate wine.” I would reply to that I just wanted to try to like it more since she enjoyed it so much.

Three weeks from the day of the event, I received my custom wine labels in the mail. Yes, I meant to say labels as in plural. With the day so close, I could not decide from my computer screen which label looked the best on the wine bottle as I am self-admittedly terrible with colors and anything fashionable. So, to answer my dilemma, I had ordered two separate patterns/colors to compare on the bottle itself. Not only did I have two different patterns, but I also ordered three of each; you just never know and I wasn’t leaving this to chance.

Two weeks before the day I planned to propose, I made a trip to Wamego one evening after work and met the charming women who work at the wonderful Oz Winery. We had been exchanging emails and going over what they could do to help and what options were available at the winery. After carefully surveying the scene and going over the script with the staff, I walked out of the winery with a bottle of red table wine and confidence about the venue for the event.

Day of the proposal: When I met up with Laura on Saturday morning, I knew I had picked the wrong day. She had been unable to sleep the night before and was in a crummy mood. To compound this, she had not taken the time to shower or, in her words not mine, prepared herself to be seen in public; peachy. Here I was, full of energy and ready to go out, grab some dinner on the go and do something out of the ordinary. At the first mention of public and wine, the idea was shucked to the ground. I stood there, fighting to stay calm, as I saw my perfect setup dimensioning into the abyss that was a cold January morning. The day was still salvageable, I knew, up until my roommates walked into my house and Laura’s eyes lit up with the thought of spending the day with them, and not the love of her life and soon to be fiancé, who had spent weeks planning this very day that only had an itinerary for two.

Thinking on my feet, as I seldom do, I quickly pulled Renee aside in the kitchen and very kindly informed her of how unwelcome and unwanted she and the other were at that very moment. Without skipping a beat, she announced that they had to run errands and go see family and within 5 minutes again the house was vacant. Perfect.

With no one to hang out with, besides a boring boy with a desire to drink wine, Laura finally caved to the idea of visiting Vanderbilts and driving by her future school over in Wamego; no other stops. After a peaceful drive and a quick trip in the Vanderbilts boot section, Laura was mortified as I pulled into a stall across from the Oz Winery. Again, I was quickly and oh so kindly reminded on how she in no way was going to go into a winery today and how she was getting irritated that I was so very persistent. So, after a brief one-sided argument, my Dodge backed out onto the street and pulled away from Plan A.

At this point, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was in full panic. Thoughts were shooting in and out of my head at lightning speed, most weren’t worth the half second they received. As my mind toiled over what to do, my body went on as if nothing were out of the norm and made a subtle u-turn back towards the winery. As we approached the place for the second and final time for the evening my mind gave up. It was either propose on the sidewalk or spend countless more weeks trying to repeat this locale or plan another. Without a second thought, I whipped my Durango into the winery and turned to face the fire that was the woman I loved. Before the vehicle had stopped moving into park, I was already hearing how she did not want to go in and questions of why I wanted to stop here so bad. I calmly turned to Laura and told her that I really wanted a bottle of wine, from the Oz Winery, and I was going in to get one.

As I walked across the street to the entrance, I was relieved to hear my vehicle’s door slam shut. Oh thank goodness, I was going to get her inside.

As we perused through the all but empty shop, an employee was heard behind the bar talking to first a customer and then what was believed by us to be her boss. After this she asked us if we would like a free sample of a wine. Laura kind of half-heartedly agreed to the freebie and we moved to the bar. As we downed the freebie, her a bit faster than myself, the employee approached us with an offer. In a strange turn of events, a couple had been unable to make it to their private wine tasting in a backroom; the winery could not just allow the wine, cheese and chocolate to go to waste and was willing to allow us a free private tasting. Even though I knew the script, I did not believe we were that couple as I knew Laura had no interest in staying another hour. To my complete surprise Laura was brimming with excitement as she smiled at me and said, “Well, if it’s free!”

As we were led back to the tasting room, my heart began to race ever faster and my innate fear of being discovered was at the front of my mind. I knew I couldn’t slip up now. After receiving the list of wines to be brought out paired with their respective cheese or chocolates, I excused myself to use the restroom. My true motive for this trip was to ensure the ring was still in my pocket and ready for the presentation. After a few seconds admiring it in the restroom, the large gaping holes of the floor vent, toilet and sink got the best of me and I safely returned it to my pocket.

After two to three wines in, we kind of got in a routine that calmed my nerves a bit. The server would bring two of the same bottle in one at a time, as we had planned, and she would pour our glasses with one and leave a separate on the table for us to look at. After every new wine, Laura would take a sip and discuss it with me and THEN grab for the placed bottle. This routine gave me plenty of time to brace myself and be ready to jump up at the right time with the ring. As the server came in with the marked bottle, I felt at ease knowing I still had upwards to a minute til time. The server introduced the bottle, poured us our glasses and walked out just like every time before. But, unlike every time before, no sooner had the server shut the door, Laura was already reaching across the table for the bottle with my proposal on the back. Caught off guard, I quickly sprang up and dove my hand into my abnormally tight pocket to fish out the ring. Thankfully for me, Laura had paid no attention to me and was befuddled by the back label; it took her a moment to fully grasp what was happening as she looked over at me and I was on a knee trying very hard to get “Laura Brooke Sommers, will you marry me?” out without stumbling through every word. No sooner had I got that sentence out, was she a complete mess, bawling her eyes out. In fact, when she called her parents who were on vacation at the time, her dad thought she had been in an accident at first. I guess she was and just didn’t realize it yet. 🙂


There you have it…once I got over my funky attitude, it turned out to be the best night ever. So worth it, right Trav?! 🙂

After we left the winery that evening, we drove back to our hometowns to tell our families. We got to see his parents and my grandma to tell them in person, which made it even more special. My parents were on vacation at the time so I had called them earlier.

When we got back to Manhattan late that night (we covered a lot of ground in just a few hours!), Travis’ roommates, Aaron and Renee, had a cake waiting for us so we could celebrate…and I finally got my time to catch up with those two- ha!

Thanks for reading! Have a good night!


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