Our Proposal- My Side of the Story

Since this is my online journal, I want to document everything here to look back on later. So, today, I thought I’d document our proposal story… from my side.


It’s so fun to reminisce and see how differently we viewed things on that day.


I have to preface this by saying that I was a complete and utter jerk on the day that my husband proposed (Isn’t that how it goes?!), and even after he faced countless complaints and challenges from me on that day, he still told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I got a good one :).


When it happened: Saturday, January 17, 2015
Where it happened: Oz Winery, Wamego, KS

Travis had been mentioning for a couple days that he wanted to start “trying” to like wine and visit the Oz Winery in Wamego since I had been before and loved it (mostly because I just love, love wine)! All day Saturday, we didn’t know what to do; we had gotten groceries, but it was too cold to go outside and really do anything so we read, laid around and basically had the laziest day ever. I kept turning down his offers to go to the winery. I was tired, in a funk, and just not feeling it (as Travis is thinking, “The ONE day she doesn’t want to go to the winery”-ha!)

Later that afternoon, Travis’ roommates and our good friends, Aaron and Renee, had just gotten back into Manhattan to gear up for the semester. Travis kept mentioning that he wanted to go to the Oz Winery, but since I hadn’t seen Aaron and Renee in almost a month, I just wanted to stay and catch up with them. Later, I found out that Travis had to text Renee to leave because he knew he wouldn’t get me out of the house while they were still there. They suspiciously left to go to Aaron’s brother and his wife’s house, all while I was suspecting nothing.

I finally agreed that we could go to Wamego and I would show him the middle school where I was student teaching and just drive around. Once we got into town, Travis pulled in to the winery and (being the difficult person that I am), I got mad, telling him I was not in the mood to do wine tasting and we could just do it any other day. And so, off we drove (Travis trying to think of a plan B and C). We drove a little out of town, he turned around, and then parked back by the winery on the other side of the road. His excuse was that he just wanted to buy a bottle and see if maybe he would like their wine. He got out of the car, hoping I would just follow, which I eventually did.

Once in the winery, we looked around and when asked if we wanted a free sample, I couldn’t say no. Well, once I had a little wine, I was instantly in the mood for more and we decided we would stay. As “luck” would have it, one of the workers at the winery, Gina, came out and told us that she had a strange situation for us and that the private tasting room, a $35 upgraded tasting had been reserved by a military man and his girlfriend, but they cancelled last minute having already paid. The food was prepared, and Gina said her boss told her to just give it away to the next couple to come in. I can’t turn down a good “free” deal so we agreed!

The tasting had 9 different wines, and after each type, Gina would pour us a glass and then leave the bottle on the table so that we could look at the label and remember which one was which. She also brought us cheeses to compliment each wine and even told us she would box up whatever we didn’t eat and send it home with us. I couldn’t believe how generous they were being and get over that this was all “free.” I had even told Travis maybe we should tip them or buy something afterwards since they were giving us so much! (Little did I know, as I’m raving about how “free” everything is, Travis is thinking that this is the most expensive night of his life-ha!)

When it got to the fifth wine, which was the first red wine in the tasting (“Sip and Drink”), Gina reminded us to keep checking out each label because they have unique stories related to the Wizard of Oz. As soon as she said this, I grabbed the bottle, immediately turning it to the back label. All I saw was “Will you marry me?” and in my tired, confused state, I was trying to process how this was related to the Wizard of Oz. When I turned to Travis, however, he was down on one knee with the ring asking me! It took me a few “What? What? What?” stammers until I could finally comprehend what was happening and say “Yes!” Needless to say, I was completely caught off guard, and instantly burst into (happy) tears, the first of a few times that night as I later called family and felt the floodgates open each time (what can I say, I’m a very emotional person!).

Our lineup of wines.
My new favorite bottle of wine :).

I was blown away by all of the planning Travis did and shocked by how well Gina took Travis’ plan, improvised it, and had me completely believing it all. After seven years of dating, I was feeling so grateful to be able to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and know that we would get to experience all of life’s adventures together!


Even two years later, I still love thinking of how creative Travis was with the proposal details, and I can’t think of a better way that he could have proposed (Anything with wine is a winner in my book!).

However, he did tell me later that he considered proposing by putting the ring on the collar of an Italian Greyhound puppy (which I am crazy about) and having it run over to me with a GoPro attached (for a puppy-eye view). He ultimately nixed that idea because he thought I would be too excited about the puppy and ignore the ring- ha!

Hope you enjoyed reading! Stay tuned to hear the other side of the proposal from Travis.

Spoiler alert: I definitely raised his blood pressure and stress level that day :).




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