Weekend Recap

Our weekend was full of non-stop rain and chilly temps!

This week basically sucked the life and energy out of me and I fell asleep early on Friday night (during our movie, which is sadly becoming typical for me- eek!). Then, I slept in the next morning too for a total of TEN hours. What?! That’s unheard of for me! These last few weeks of school are zapping me (#3weekstogo #finalcountdown)!

On Saturday, we ran some errands in the morning to Menard’s and Walmart. On a normal weekend, Travis runs to Menard’s no less than two to three times so it was a miracle that we were one and done this weekend ;).

With it being cold and windy, I was excited to get to break out my double-hooded sweatshirt that I got from Mindy Mae’s Market during their warehouse sale earlier this month.


I had been eyeing these sweatshirts for probably six months now, and I finally bit the bullet. I’m already scouting out my next pick. They’re perfectly cozy without being too heavy or hot, making it easy to layer under them.

When we got home, I refilled my coffee mug and settled in to start a book that I have been waiting to read! I love a good rainy day as an excuse to spend hours diving into a good book.


I have read so many fantastic books recently. Stay tuned for a book review on some of my April reads! If you’re looking for a good book to check out, I have lots to recommend.

Saturday night, I turned once again to my beloved Skinnytaste to try making Zucchini Meatballs. When I told my husband what was on the menu, he said “Ooh- yum. So are they with ground beef or what?”

…Ehh, not exactly.

I broke it to him carefully that they were meatless meatballs (an oxymoron, I know…) and his response did a 180, as he now groaned and rolled his eyes. He is a meat and potatoes guy through-and-through, but he is such a good sport about me trying strange and exotic recipes. I’m slowly persuading him that meatless meals can be tasty too. Key word, slowly.

Luckily, this recipe was a homerun, which I was actually shocked about. Who expects meatballs made mainly just of shredded zucchini and breadcrumbs to be, dare I say it, even better than regular meatballs?! We both were so excited to have enough leftovers for lunch on Sunday too.


On Sunday, we headed to church in the pouring rain and heard a good message from our pastor about how we as Christians twist words so that they sound better for us and make us feel better about the sins that we commit. For example, the one he said that stuck out to us was that the Bible tells us to not be gluttonous; his response was that the church just calls this a “potluck.” Ha!

That afternoon, I was productive on finishing some work for school for our career unit in Foundations class, my second prep that I teach. I almost never bring school work home anymore, but I decided that I had the time and should just get this one out of the way so my week would be less stressful.

While I was doing this, Travis made himself a shoe rack for his closet because “it was just too unorganized and messy to live with.”

Remember those two pairs of shoes that he bought last weekend?

He never complained about his closet before then, but ever since he got those two (yes TWO) new pairs of shoes, his closet situation was apparently in chaos. Those new pairs about doubled the amount of shoes that he owns :).

The rest of our day was spent reading, finishing laundry (ugh!), making dinner, and relaxing.

I started another great book today that I am already about halfway through. Travis calls me a nerd with the rate that I go through books, but they’re like a drug for me. When I have a good read, it’s impossible for me to put it down.

I’m off to get back to my book and prepare for the week ahead!

Woohoo- it’s almost May!



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