TLL: Behind the Name

As I mentioned in my first post, it seems kind of ironic that this blog has the word “lobster” in its name when I live far from any coast…in Kansas. Here is the story of how “The Lush Lobster” got it’s name.


I recall my obsession with all things nautical starting around the time that I was in middle school. Weirdly enough, I remember picking out a pair of pajama pants (of all things!) that had crabs on them and thinking they were the bee’s knees (as my husband would say). They even said “I’m crabby” on them, classy stuff! Now, if only I still had those pants…they started it all!

From then on, I was always drawn to decor that made me feel like I was at the beach or that had an overall coastal vibe to it. Being at the beach (or even the lake) makes me feel relaxed and carefree in a way that I don’t feel in the busyness of everyday life. I am a person who worries a LOT and could use a lesson or two about going with the flow and not stressing about every. little. detail. The beach is my metaphor for living this carefree lifestyle on a daily basis.

My motivation in decorating my house in cool, calming colors and using decor with a nautical flair is that it just makes me happy to feel like I have a little piece of the beach always here with me in the midwest.


One of the hold-ups for me in starting a blog was really that I could never settle on a blog name that I loved. I wanted something that was a true reflection of me and that sounded light-hearted and charming. I toyed around with names that reflected my small-town Kansas roots (think names that included: grain, sunflowers, etc.), but I just wasn’t sold.

I even tried to incorporate a play on my last name, Snyder. However, “Snide Remarks,” or other variations, just didn’t sound like a place people would want to visit and read. I kept coming back to names that showcased my love for the sea.

As I questioned and picked the brain of my husband, we came up with some possibilities, and I was finally getting closer. I could feel it!

Then, on a random Sunday afternoon, I once again had open, searching for some seaside-type words, and the words “lush” and “lobster” jumped out at me. As a Language Arts teacher, I love a good alliteration and I also liked the fact that it used my initial “L.”

Bingo: The Lush Lobster was born!

Just as my favorite quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson suggests (see below), I try to use my coastal infatuation as a reminder to myself to go outside of my comfort zone and to just enjoy each day, instead of filling them with worries.

Source: Etsy

I hope The Lush Lobster becomes a place where I am able to grow in my writing and to push myself to learn more and document the times when I “drink the wild air.”

Thanks for reading!


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