Five on Friday

Three cheers for making it to a much-needed weekend! Here’s a few things that have been making me smile and some random thoughts from the week!

one. Home improvements are at the top of our to-do list for this summer. Our main goals are:

  • Stain the deck and screened-in porch
  • Paint the house
  • Redo front landscaping
  • Get new windows throughout

Travis and I both fell in love with our current house as soon as we walked through for the first time. It had only been on the market for three days when we made an offer; we knew it was something good and a rare find for Manhattan! It was in a quiet community, an equal distance to both of our jobs, and the best part: it had a big, lush backyard that made us feel like we were in the country.

We have now lived in our house for almost two years and our beloved house that was built in the 1979 is definitely showing its age.

Our first home improvement task was staining the deck. I will show more before and after pictures in another post, but for now, you can see the new, dark brown color that we chose- a great change from the peeling, rust color that it was before!

If staining the decks was this much of an upgrade, I am so excited to keep working on our house and really spruce it up!



two. We went home over Easter weekend to spend time with both of our families. While we spent Friday night and Saturday with mine, we also celebrated our men’s April birthdays. Travis, my brother, and my dad all have birthdays in April!

While I love just being home with my family in general, it doesn’t hurt that my mom and dad absolutely spoil us anytime we come home. So much yummy food and dessert (including that ice cream cake) were a definite favorite!


Rough life.


three. Another random favorite from our weekend at home was the guys finding TONS of mushrooms. They found probably three pounds of mushrooms on one of our farms. It had been a few years since we had found any mushrooms so these felt like such a treat!



four. Travis and I went to Kansas City last weekend to get him measured for a tux for a wedding he is in this summer. We decided to make a day of it and got lots of shopping done too. We found too many good deals and did some serious damage. Travis found shoes for the wedding too (which met the bride-to-be’s approval!), and I found some great spring pieces, which I hope to share soon! Score!



five. I tried a new pork chop recipe this week, which called for fennel in the sauce. The recipe was from my new Skinnytaste cookbook, which has always been a homerun! I can’t get enough of her recipes!

I had never cooked with fennel before so I was a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect.

Let me just say, never again. Neither Travis or myself could stomach the strong licorice taste of the fennel, even when it was braised and doused in a mustard sauce.

We scrapped the sauce and ate our pork chops plain that night. Sorry Skinnytaste, but fennel ain’t our thing!

You win some, you lose some.


Have a good weekend!


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