Wednesday Rambles- Teachers’ Night Out

It’s only Wednesday, and this week already feels like it has been 9 days long. Our school year is down to just 3 1/2 weeks left, and I feel like my motivation may be dipping even lower than my students’ (Eek!).

2016-04-30 22.37.24

My coworkers and I have begun a tradition of going out together several times a month, which I lovingly coined as our “Teachers’ Night Out” or “TNO.” After long days at school, we love to hash it all out, whine (and wine) together as we eat and drink somewhere fun in Manhattan. The only problem with this is that we always go out during the week because weekend schedules are too busy for everyone. While fun at the moment, it’s always hard to remind myself that yes, I have to get up for work the next day.

This week, we celebrated my coworker, Erin’s, birthday on Monday by going to Coco Bolos, a local favorite in Manhattan. It was perfect weather as we sat on the patio and I ordered my choice drink: a mojito.

The next day at school, we all had a harsh reality check when it hit us that it was only Tuesday. 

Moral of the story: I don’t know how I would survive my job without the awesome coworkers that I have. We are a motley group, with me being the youngest and ranging up to 60 years old, but we have the most entertaining times together and laugh so much (I think you have to in order to survive being a teacher!)

It takes an interesting group to want to teach middle school students (dramaful, smelly, and all!) and this definitely bonds our group together.

2015-12-14 10.32.09.jpg
Some of my coworkers and I making goofy photos for a “traveling elf” contest that our school staff did last Christmas!


2016-01-14 20.27.56
(Sorry for the terrible picture quality) My coworkers and I sent out this email with the caption “Guess which one of us is pregnant!” to announce Katie’s (second from left) pregnancy last winter.

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