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Hello and welcome to The Lush Lobster! As a girl born and raised in Kansas…for her whole life, I’m sure you are wondering how and why this blog’s name involves a lobster (as my husband was). There will be a post to come soon about the naming of my blog!

This blog has been on my mind for a couple years now, in fact. I just couldn’t seem to make myself take the leap and start one, for whatever reason.

As a teacher, I love my job but I am exhausted at the end of every day. Teaching takes a lot out of you, and as an introverted person to begin with, it downright drains me some days.

Before I decided to become a teacher, I was going to be a journalist. I took journalism classes in high school and even worked for my town’s newspaper and local radio station. Despite being a very shy person, I could conduct in-person or phone interviews for a story with no sweat. The thrill of conducting an interview and making that person’s words come to life just made sense to me. I remember leaving interviews for articles and being so eager to get home and piece those words together in something that people would read and enjoy.

When I got to college, I majored in journalism and was so anxious to start my writing career. After one semester, I realized that I prefer to have a more consistent job schedule and that maybe my childhood dream of being a teacher was a more practical option and a better fit for me. Thus, I graduated with a dual major in English and Secondary Education: English.

I have been teaching middle school for 2 years now, and though I still feel like education is a good fit, I’ve been stuck feeling like something is missing. I miss the days of writing those newspaper articles and just writing for fun. These days, it seems like I am so formulaic in my writing: lesson plans, input for students’ IEPs, etc.

My goal with this blog is just mainly to be writing for me again. I doubt anyone will actually read this, except for my mom, and that’s okay. It is therapeutic for me, in a way, and as my husband says, “You’re going to get your writing mojo back!”

Now, off to bed because tomorrow is Monday, and with just four weeks left of school, my kiddos are going to ramped up with energy!


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