Weekend Recap

Good morning! What a pretty snow-filled weekend!

On Friday, we laid low, as usual, watching The Office. It started to snow that night and by Saturday morning, everything was coated in white and looked gorgeous!

On Saturday, Travis did his good neighborly duty in the morning and shoveled some neighbors’ driveways, along with our own. I did laundry and some things around the house. Travis went to Zach’s house to play video games and watch the Chiefs game. I finished sheets and cleaning and came over around the third quarter.

My work Christmas party was supposed to be that night, but apparantly too many people bailed and were either busy or didn’t want to get out with the snowy weather so it got canceled. We ended up just staying at Zach and Emily’s house talking and eventually ran to get dinner. We all swear that their dogs can sense I’m pregnant because they always linger and act extra gentle towards me- ha.

On Sunday, we ran to Target before church to make a return. After church, I was in full-on kitchen mode. I got a crock pot meal together, prepped some Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal for the week, and then made some Pumpkin Energy Balls to use up the rest of my canned pumpkin.

We both usually take it pretty easy on Sundays so not too much got done after that. 🙂

I have several appointments on Wednesday and am going to an educational iPad conference on Friday, so it should be a short work week!

Have a good day!

Question of the Day: Are you a pumpkin-flavored food fan?


Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I’m ready for some R ‘n R after this week! I suppose it’s good to be back in a routine, but man, I’m tired by the end of each day!

one. Every year, we do a big project in sixth grade second semester where we focus on research/public speaking in Foundations class and research/essay writing in Language Arts. It’s a cross-curricular project and our topic is the Japanese American Internment Camps during World War II. It’s fun to team up with the other teachers to teach it, and it’s always rewarding for the students to do too.

We started going over the history or background information leading up to World War II this week and in about a week and a half, students will begin research on their own to learn more. Most of my students seem pretty into the topic, so I’m hoping it’s a good way to start the semester and get on the ground running!

two. Travis and I have both found ourselves just sitting in baby boy’s nursery glider this week in the evenings. It’s so peaceful and calm in there and crazy to think about what he will be like!


three. Well…it finally happened over Christmas Break; I finished Gilmore Girls. That show got me through my first trimester, and it felt like the end of an era to finish it. I may have shed a few tears in the final episode (What can I say, I’m feeling emotional!).

Also, we watched Birdbox a week ago after our friends were really hyping it up. We both thought it was VERY strange and not that great. I’ve now heard on the radio that people have been doing the “Birdbox challenge” where they try to do household things while wearing a blindfold- oh my.

four. I have the glucose test for my 28-week appointment next week, and at my last appointment, my doctor just told me to not go overboard over Christmas and I’d be fine. Well…I actually did do well over Christmas and had self control, but lately, since I’ve been home, I feel like I’ve been a sugar monster. I’m trying to wean myself over the next few days so that I hopefully pass, but some days it’s so hard to resist the sweets!

five. We have my staff Christmas party (just a little belated) this Saturday evening in Aggieville. We did a pub crawl last year for our party, and that’s the plan again this year. I can’t say how long I will make it being out, but I’m ready to chug those waters. 😉

Have a splendid weekend!

Question of the Day: What are your weekend plans?


Weekend Recap

Good morning! My blissfully long Christmas Break is over, and we have professional development today before the students come back tomorrow.

On Friday, Travis and I made a mad dash to Kansas City after he got off work to pick up a glider for the nursery. It made for a long day, but I’m so glad that we got it over with because it really pulls the whole room together.

On Saturday, Travis put the glider and crib together in the nursery, and I think that made it really hit home for both of us. (I’ll share more pictures of the nursery as we get closer. It’s basically all decorated though, which is a relief!).


Seeing a crib in the room that used to be my office definitely makes it feel more real! I love going into his nursery and sitting in the glider thinking about how much life will change in a few months! It helps that the glider is the comfiest thing ever and so relaxing too!


While Travis worked outside that afternoon, I finally took down our Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations. I left a few winter white/neutral decorations, but for the most part, our house is back to normal. I always get a little sad when our living room looks so empty without the tree, but it feels fresh and clean too, which is just as good of a feeling!

That evening, our friends, Zach, Emily, and Coleman came over. The guys always want to play Halo, which Emily and I always say no to. However, after us girls had been just talking for awhile, the guys tried to con us into letting them play “just one game” (which would turn into 3 or 4!). We held our ground, and they played pool instead while we talked. 🙂

We watched the new Netflix movie Bandersnatch with them, which is an interactive film where you have to make choices for the main character throughout the movie. We quickly realized that you really don’t have a choice after all, as the movie loops you back until you pick the one they want you to pick. It was SO strange and not something I would recommend, but we had fun laughing at the oddball decisions we had to make.

On Sunday, we went to church and then both came home and took naps after church. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t feel guilty taking extra naps throughout pregnancy since you’re going to be so tired after the baby comes. That’s the theory I’m living by, and I wish I could “stockpile” sleep up before April, but for now, I’ll just enjoy the last moments of lazy, freetime. 🙂

Have a wonderful week!

Question of the Day: Are you a Sunday nap taker or more productive at the end of a weekend?


Daily Life

Christmas Break Recap

Good morning! When I went on Christmas Break, I didn’t plan on going radio silent, but that’s just what happened with the busy holiday time!

I spent a week of my break back in northeast Kansas/traveling (averaging about one Christmas per day- exhausting!), and the other week I spent at home in Manhattan. We got a longer school break this year than we ever have before, which was so nice, but somehow it still managed to fly by. Why does that always happen?

I took minimal pictures this Christmas, which I’m kicking myself about now, but I got a nice camera for a gift, so you better believe that next year I’ll have my act in gear!

I really took no pictures during all of our family Christmases either, but we had a blast catching up with everyone, and our little guy already go so spoiled. My family on my mom’s side held a little baby shower for us on Christmas Eve, and baby Snyder’s wardrobe at least doubled just from that. My mother-in-law was so sweet too and even included a separate stocking for baby, complete with the cutest gifts like baby overalls and baby cowboy boots. Gah- it’s getting real!

Here’s some highlights from Christmas break… aka, the few pictures I took. 😉

I got the royal treatment at home with many foot massages from my mom.


We had our annual Friendsmas with my favorite girls!


Look at that amazing full-table sized Charcuterie spread. Delish! Bailey is the ultimate host! (We rotated chairs about every ten minutes so we could taste from all sides of the table- hahaha).


Baby boy is already getting loved by all of his future aunties. I feel so blessed to have such strong friendships that have lasted since elementary/middle school!


A “sniff” of wine was as crazy as I got- haha.


My mom and I had a girl’s day in Kansas City, and she willingly helped me pick out fabric for the glider Travis and I had picked out (sneak peak of the shape below). Travis wasn’t too thrilled to do that job and was glad my mom accepted the challenge- ha. I can’t wait to get it home and in our nursery.


We spent New Year’s Eve with friends, starting at Zach and Emily’s house, and then going to the Ville to park it at So Long’s. We had to park a little ways away, and it felt like we were in the Tundra with how cold it was. Jessica and I had wind-burnt, red cheeks the next morning from the chilly walk to and from our car!

I’ve spent this week at home going through every nook and cranny in our house to organize, declutter, and rearrange all the things. I don’t know if this is nesting, but I just felt like I needed to get rid of all our extra stuff. So much stuff!

With just three months left, I’m feeling like it’s crunch time, and I know that time is going to fly by, especially as I get busy with teaching again.

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas holiday and have a healthy and happy 2019!

Question of the Day: What was the highlight of your Christmas?


Five on Friday

IT’S CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!!! Hallelujah! I’m free!

one. We have our first Christmas tomorrow with Travis’ family. It’s hard to believe it’s already here because once that starts, it seems like we have a jammed-pack next few days of fitting in all of the different family Christmases. I will be home a full week, which is longer than usual…let the craziness begin!!

two. We had our 24 week appointment this week, and waited over an hour before we saw our doctor. We’ve had to wait before but never that long. The actual appointment only lasted about ten minutes too. Everything is well, which is always great news, but I was tired of being in that office just sitting!

three. This was definitely me this year. Oops!


four. We’ve been going strong on “The Staircase” on Netflix. It didn’t really get good until about halfway through, but it’s a good watch if you’re into crime documentaries like we are!

five. I made this Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal to switch it up from my usual Peanut Butter Banana Baked Oatmeal, and I think it’d be a great breakfast option for Christmas!

Have a great weekend!

Question of the Day: When does your Christmas festivities begin?


Weekend Recap

Good morning! We have a short week of school, with Christmas Break right around the corner. The kids are bound to be extra wound up this week, so pray for us!

On Friday, we had Travis’ work Christmas Party at the KSU Alumni Center in town. They always have Wahoo (one of my favorite restaurants) cater so we knew the food was going to be incredible.


It was fun to see all of Trav’s coworkers and their spouses. They were all excited about baby boy and kept telling us how fast it all goes. (Had to get a quick bump picture before we went. It’s poppin’!).


There have been several new hires lately at his company, and I talked with one of the new workers’ wives awhile about MOPS/mom groups in town that she encouraged me to join once beanie is here. I definitely want something so I don’t go stir crazy at home.

On Saturday, we had high goals to be productive, but we unintentionally botched them all to be lazy. Travis was gung-ho to make pickled eggs and pickled green beans, so we whipped those together and have them sitting in the fridge; now to wait about a week until they’re ready to eat!


We did run a few errands and got groceries in the afternoon, but beyond that, we laid low.

That evening, we went over to Zach and Emily’s house and hung out with them and Coleman. Between weddings and other events, we hadn’t seen each other in awhile, and it had been too long!

Sunday, we went to church and we were starting to be lazy afterwards, but we both kicked it into gear to get some things done.

I’m in disbelief that Christmas is just over a week away. Seeing all of the presents under our tree makes me so excited to see our families’ reactions when they open them. I get giddy thinking about finding the perfect gift for each person!


Have a super week!

Question of the Day: Pickled products- are you a fan?


Five on Friday

Happy Friday! We made it!

one. Tonight is Travis’ work Christmas Party, which we always have a blast at. He works with some great people (plus, they always get Wahoo, one of my favorite restaurants, to cater 🙂 ). Can’t wait!

two. This cartoon feels pretty accurate most days at school. I wonder if this would really work…


three. I’m kind of a wimp about how cold it is when I get out of the shower each night. AKA, I’m just always cold. Even in a warm house, I always have my robe or a thick sweatshirt on too. Well..Travis thought that bringing our little space heater into the bathroom would help me with that. He even turned it on for me before my shower one night to “preheat” the room lol (to be fair, this was after I had called for him from the shower to get off the couch and turn it on for me on an earlier night. 😉 He caught on quickly after that haha.). I feel like I’m getting the royal treatment by having a toasty heater right there beside me.

four. I was on Facebook one day this week and one of the ads on the side caught my eye for Frontier Farm Credit. It’s my aunt and uncle, Hal and Sheila!

Screenshot 2018-12-12 07.36.13

I thought I was going crazy at first, but it’s definitely them. How cool! 🙂

five. I can officially say all of my presents are bought and wrapped…just in the nick of time too!

Have a great weekend!

Question of the Day: What are you looking forward to this weekend?