Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Two days stand between me and Thanksgiving Break, and I am so ready!

On Friday, Travis had to go back home to Sabetha to help with his grandparents’ farm sale. I had a friend coming into town so I stayed home.

I ended up having a lazy Friday night, catching up on rest with a few episodes of Gilmore Girls, of course (What am I going to do when I am finished with this series?!).

On Saturday, I got up early to get groceries/gas and beat the rush. Then, in the afternoon, Emily and I ran downtown and did a little shopping.

The afternoon passed way too quickly, and that night for dinner, we met up with Emily, Zach, Coleman, and….Jessica, who was in town from Austin!! We went to The Little Grill, and my parents and their friends were there after the K-State game as well so we got to see them too!

After dinner, we headed back to Zach and Emily’s house and talked and then played some card games.

We love having Jessica back!


Travis was feeling the doggy love as their two dogs wedged in beside him.


At one point, P put her head on the coffee table where we were playing cards and sighed loudly. I think she was trying to tell us that she was tired and wanted us to leave- ha.


On Sunday, we had an easy, slow morning, thanks to 11 a.m. church (It feels like I can get so much done- if I want to- before church, and I love it!). After church, we had a few errands and then the day passed pretty uneventfully.

Hope your Thanksgiving Week is off to a good start. I’m counting down the hours until Wednesday- both because that’s when I’m on break AND because we get to find out baby Snyder’s gender that day (if he/she is being cooperative!). Exciting times ahead!

Have a good day!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? I’m all about the stuffing- yum!


Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

This week flew, and next week is a short one thanks to the Thanksgiving Holiday! Woohoo!

one. Trav and I took a personal day on our anniversary, like we do each year, and we went to Kansas City to do some Christmas shopping and baby registering.


We started at Buy Buy Baby, which was an eye-opener of a store (HOW are there that many baby products??!!). From there, I wanted to look at a carseat and stroller that Dillard’s had in stock, and then we drove over to the Legends for the rest of the day.

We were shocked that by the time we got to Legends and ate lunch at Yard House, it was close to 2 p.m. already! The day went by so quickly! We stopped in a couple places around Legends and finished up with baby registering at Target, which was a sad, dirty experience, especially compared to Buy Buy Baby.

By the time we got home that evening, we were exhausted, and Travis told me, “I’ll defend it to my grave. Shopping is way more exhausting that doing manual labor all day.” Haha.

We ate a lasagna that I’d made ahead on Sunday, and then watched our wedding video plus an episode of Making a Murderer (romantic show, right?! 😉 ). Overall, it was a great day to celebrate three years; I just wish it wouldn’t have flown by like it did!

two. Well…it happened. I watched my first Hallmark Christmas movie of the year earlier this week. I always expect them to be over-the-top cheesy and full of bad actors, but I just really wasn’t digging the one I watched. I’ll probably give a couple of the other new ones a try, just to be sure though. 🙂

three. Last night, we went to dinner at Coco Bolos with our friends, Zach, Emily, and Coleman. My brother-in-law, Trae, is transferring to K-State next year, and he was in Manhattan for a meeting with his future advisor so he joined us as well. It was a fun break from our usual week night routine, but it sure made it feel like we were on weekend time already!

four. My friend Jess, who moved to Austin this summer, is back in town for a few days this weekend. The trio (her, Emily, and I) are going to be reunited Saturday!


I don’t know what we’re going to do together, but it’s always a blast hanging out with them, so I’m pumped!!

five. Random funny from this week: One night during supper this week, Travis and I were talking about the things we can’t wait to experience with the baby once he/she is born. Travis legitimately asked me, “Do babies open their eyes after they’re born? How long does it take?” I died laughing because he thought it took them awhile to open their eyes, much like with kittens. My word…we’ve got a lot to learn by April- ha! 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!

Question of the Day: Do you have any anniversary traditions?

Family · Teaching

Middle School Mayhem- Baby Snyder Edition


I have a special edition of Middle School Mayhem today. It’s all about my students’ reactions and funny comments about baby Snyder. They’ve had some doozies that have been so entertaining!

This card from a sweet student made me smile: 🙂


1. After I announced to the kids that I am pregnant, one student who is kind of odd (if I’m being honest) told me after class, “I just kind of knew and suspected it all along. You were getting a belly, you know.”

*At this point, my stomach was still flat and I wasn’t showing at all….?

2. In another class, once they had solved the puzzle that said, “Mrs. Snyder is having a baby in April,” one student looked at me with a big smile and said, “GOOD FOR YOU!!!” 🙂

3. So, one of my other coworkers, who also teaches sixth grade, announced a few days before me that him and his wife will be having a little girl in January. His name is Mr. Kitch, and we already had students at the beginning of the year trying to “set us up,” (though we are both married) because they thought we would be a good couple…?!

Thus, after solving the puzzle, a few students asked, “Wait…Mr. Kitch isn’t your husband?!”

Me: “What?? No. My last name is Snyder. I am married to Mr. Snyder, not Mr. Kitch.”

Students: “Ohh, darn.” Goes to show how much they listen, right?!

4. After announcing, I had multiple students tell me, “If you have a boy will you name him Bill so you have your own Bill Snyder?”

I thought that was a pretty cute thought process. 🙂

5. Oh…this is the best one. Get ready!!

The day after I announced my pregnancy to my students, one student who always seems so much younger to me because of both his size and immaturity, came up to me at the start of class and looked like he was about to cry. He said, “Whyyy, don’t you look different?”

I told him that it would take some time for me to get a belly, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Student: “Okay, but still April right?”

Me: “Yes, the baby will be here in April.” That seems to calm his mind and he went about his business.

*About two weeks later.*

The same student came up to me at the start of class a few weeks later, with a big smile, and said, “Oh good. Now I can see it because of your shirt.”

Me: “Does it make you feel better that you can see it?”

Student: “Yes!” And then he happily walked away. Kids are strange- haha.

6. One day I wore a sweatshirt dress to school with leggings and boots.

Student: “Are you wearing a nightgown?”

Me: “What? This is a dress. It’s like sweatshirt material.”

Student: “Oh- I really thought it was a nightgown because you are going to need bigger clothes soon and I thought maybe it’s all you had.”

7. One student tells me every single day that she sees me, “OHHHH! You’re showing! Isn’t that exciting?!” 🙂 Love how they’re so pumped about it.

8. Student: “You’re getting a belly…..not that you’re getting fat, you know. I can just see it now!”

9. In my classes, I make them wait for me to dismiss them, once they are seated and quiet, instead of just leaving when the bells goes off. I tell them “bye” and say, “Have a good day!”

A couple students now tell me “bye” and then wave and look at my stomach (all cutesy eyed), saying, “Bye baby!!!” in a babyish voice.

10. I overheard two girls talking about the baby before class started one day.

One was saying, “I can see her belly. Oh that baby is SO cute. I just want to squeeze it.” 😉


That’s all for today’s round. I’m sure I’ll have more funny things to share about them and baby Snyder before April comes. 🙂

Have a good day!

Question of the Day: What is something that made you laugh this week?

Daily Life

Three Years

Happy Wednesday!

Travis and I took the day off today to celebrate our third anniversary! We have gone Christmas shopping on this day for the past two years, and this year we are doing the same but adding some baby registering in too! 🙂 (I’ve got a stroller and carseat that I want to look at because it’s only at certain stores, which Travis is just thrilled about, as you can imagine. 🙂 He’s a good sport.).

Three years of married life has gone by so quickly and is full of so many fun memories. It just keeps getting better and better.








Year 1…

17 year 1

Year 2…


Year 3…


I’m most excited for what this year will bring us and the fun changes we will be experiencing.

Happy third anniversary, T. Love you!

Have a super day!




Weekend Recap

Good morning! It’s our anniversary week plus it’s close to Thanksgiving, so basically I’m feeling happy and ready to celebrate! 🙂

On Friday, I had to run to Walmart after school, which I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. We were both tired that night, so we laid low, as usual, and started watching the new season of Making a Murderer.

On Saturday, we were up bright and early to go tailgate for the K-State game with friends. We quickly got ready, packed up all the stuff we’d need, and made some food. Zach and Emily picked us up about 7:30 a.m. and we ran to get some propane before driving over to the stadium.

We got parked and situated in a tailgating spot in the ag science lot around 8:15 a.m., and holy cow, it was freezing! Emily said I was lucky that I had an extra little person keeping me warm, but it wasn’t enough! I had enough layers on to go snow skiing!

Zach and Emily had bought a tailgate tent, so we put it up, unloaded all of our stuff, and then soon, our other friends arrived. Emily had made breakfast casserole and I brought pumpkin bread, so we were all set.


We started with the tent just being a top cover, but eventually we added walls onto it so that it was basically fully surrounded. We also had a propane heater in it, so we felt like we were living the life.

A few hours in, we decided to lower the tent, and it felt/looked like a midget tent/troll hole, but it kept it so warm. We even shed some layers because we had a good amount of heat locked in, even with one wall still open.

IMG_0611.jpgWe got a LOT of comments from people who were walking by, and I do have to admit that the thing looked pretty ridiculous. I’m not complaining though because it kept us warm and made it bearable to stay out in the freezing conditions.

Emily and I joked about putting a sign up that said, “Warm yourself up inside- $10 admission. Complimentary pig in a blanket and Rumchata.” 😉


We actually watched the game on Zach’s ipad, which we set up on the extra propane tank. We had a speaker too, so we could hear it just fine! There were five of us during the game, and we all huddled together to be able to see it.


About halfway through the game, the ipad died (womp, womp) so we resorted to using Zach’s iphone to watch it from. Then, the speaker died, and we basically couldn’t see or hear anything that was happening- ha.


Zach and Travis enjoyed peeking out and scaring people who were walking by, as they’d either just make eye contact with them or say something funny. 🙂


After the game, we were still there in our little hut/yurt/trashy tailgate house, and the rest of the group came back and talked for awhile longer.

By the time we left, the game was long over. We realized how spoiled we had been in our warm tent, as we were freezing again once we took everything down and loaded up.

We finally got back to our house around 4:30 p.m. My brother had left his dog Duchess at our house during the game so we got some Duchess cuddles on the couch for a few minutes until Matt and his girlfriend showed up to get her.


They stayed and talked for over an hour. By the time they left, we were beyond exhausted from the day and decided to run and get food and watch The Lorax on the couch. Our group was going to hang out, but everyone kind of died on the vine once they got home.

By the time the movie was over, both Travis and I could hardly keep our eyes open. We looked at the clock and it was only 8:20 p.m.! Yikes!

We stayed up until after 9 and then couldn’t fight it anymore.

On Sunday, we got groceries, listened to church, and got caught up on everything for the week- laundry, cleaning the house, and making a lasagna so it’s ready for our anniversary. 🙂

I did end up decorating our house for Christmas last Thursday because I couldn’t resist after it snowed. We both enjoyed having our house look so cozy and festive already. 🙂

Have a wonderful week!

Question of the Day: What is your anniversary day tradition?



Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

Being so close to Thanksgiving is such a tease. I’m ready for an extended break, but for now, I’ll take every weekend I can get!

one. First up is this must-buy item of the week!


Our local Dillon’s had samples of “Everything Bagel” hummus last week, and after one bite, I was convinced to buy it. Holy cow, it’s good. I’ve been plowing through it this week- eating it on cucumbers, pretzel chips, plain…etc. 🙂

two. I’m a big snacker (see “one” above), and after eating basically the same boring snacks at school for these first few months (pretzels, granola bars, nuts), I wanted to bring some healthier options without having six plastic containers to pack. Enter the Yumbox. I read about this a long time ago and always thought I’d get them when we have little kids. (I just love the Bento box style too!)


I bought the MiniSnack box, and love having better snacks when I’m ravenous at school. (Travis thinks this is the dumbest purchase ever, and I finally gave up trying to convince him it’s great after about two days. I love it though, and he said whatever makes me happy- ha.) I can see myself using it on road trips, when we do have little kids and we have to go somewhere, etc. Game changer!

three. We’re planning on doing a tailgate for the K-State game this weekend with some friends, but man, this Saturday’s game is supposed to be chilly! Emily and I are going to make breakfast food, and we’re bringing coats, blankets, and heaters, just in case!

four. We had another homebase challenge this week for our sixth graders. It was a knockout challenge, and what do you know, my homebase won again!! Three cheers for the Nuns and Sons! Needless to say, my homebase now thinks that we are invincible. 😉

five. I’ve majorly got the itch to start Christmas decorating. I almost did it last weekend, but Travis and I decided that we wanted to enjoy our fall decorations a little longer. I’m hoping to have it done by sometime this weekend though. We have my little brother-in-law staying with us this weekend and the tailgate on Saturday, but I’m determined to squeeze in some time! 🙂

Have an awesome weekend! 🙂

Question of the Day: What has been an “impulse” buy for you lately?

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Telling My Students

Good morning!

It’s the final installment of telling people about baby Snyder! I talked about telling Travis here, telling our families here, and today, I’m sharing how I told my students.

I waited to tell my students until I was 15 weeks pregnant, and even then, I worried that I was doing it too soon, if something were to still go wrong. Ultimately, I decided that I just wanted the news to be out there to everyone and to not have to hide it at all anymore.

My coworker whose wife is due at the end of January announced it to the students a few days before me with a little puzzle. I couldn’t think of any way to tie it into our lesson and I was feeling very uncreative so I made a little cryptogram puzzle that they had to solve at the end of a lesson one day.

The puzzle spelled out, “Mrs. Snyder is having a baby in April!” and I told the kids to stay quiet when they had figured it out to give everyone a chance to solve it.

Screenshot 2018-10-11 11.08.21

As students realized the full message, I heard lots of little “oohs” and “ahhs” from around the room. 🙂

One girl even shouted out, “Good for you!!!” Ha.

They were all way more excited about it than I ever expected, which made it that much more fun!

One student told me he suspected it because he thought my belly was growing- ha. Another student immediately asked me who was going to teach them in April when I left on maternity leave (No clue, girl.). Then, they started sharing their ideas for names, some of which were very comical. Next week, I have a post for Middle School Mayhem about all of the funny reactions and comments I’ve gotten from them about baby Snyder. 😉

Ever since announcing, I still have multiple students ask me about the baby every single day. They like to tell me that they can see the belly starting to show now. 🙂

They have also requested that I do another puzzle when I find out if it’s a boy or girl, so the puzzle was more of a hit than I thought!

It’s also somewhat helped their behavior in class too. Once when a class was getting a little loud and wouldn’t stop talking, one girl said, “Guys. You have to stop. You can’t stress her baby out!” 😉

As tiring as it was to teach during the exhausting first trimester, now that I’m through it and feeling rested and great in the second trimester, I’m glad to have so many little supporters through this journey to share it with!

Have a super day!