Weekend Recap

Good morning and happy Monday to you!

I’m still relishing in how nice the weather was yesterday!

Here’s a recap of our weekend.

On Friday night, we had plans to go to the “redo” Joe Nichols concert at The Hat in Aggieville. We went and saw Joe a month ago, but he was so drunk that he could hardly sing or even stand upright, so he came back and did a free concert.

Unfortunately, Emily got the flu on Friday morning so it was just Jessica, Travis, and I, but we still had a great time!

We met up in Aggieville at the new Mexican restaurant, Gordo’s. It was pretty standard Mexican food, but it hit the spot. I used to eat Mexican food all the time with my friends, but it’s been awhile lately since I’ve been.

After eating and talking awhile, we made our way over to The Hat. Those who had attended the first concert were guaranteed early entree to get a good spot, and luckily, we had no issues getting in (even though Zach and Emily had bought the first round of tickets and weren’t there). The security people didn’t even question it. Easy!

We got in with plenty of time to grab drinks and get a good spot up close before the opener began.

I had a flashback to college moment when I ordered a vodka sprite, and they used Barton’s vodka. Bleh. Only the good stuff, right?! I don’t know if you can get cheaper vodka than Barton’s.


I’m not usually a huge concert fan, but Joe Nichols killed it this time around.


See how close we got?!

He more than redeemed himself, and we had a blast singing along to his songs.


love his music, and he has a new song out called “Never Gets Old,” which I’m now obsessed with. Ironically the song itself never gets old, and I think I played it on repeat probably ten times throughout the weekend. Go listen! It’s a feel-good song. I told Travis that I want it played at our fifty-year anniversary party- ha!


The concert ended around midnight (Joe lasted a little longer this time than at the last concert. 😉 ) I joked with Jessica that it was weird to actually see his eyes open this time, since last time he had them closed (or barely open) the whole time when he was struggling.

The next morning, I was feeling lazy, and did some laundry, more present wrapping, and lounging. I love days where nothing is on the agenda.

I finally got my act in gear late afternoon, and I convinced Travis to come keep me company while I reorganized our basement closet and purged some junk we’ve been holding onto.

While I was organizing (listening to Joe Nichols the whole time, I might add), I came across a bunch of letters that I’d written to Travis when we were dating in high school.


Of course, I had to read them all, and it was the best trip down memory lane. Travis, on the other hand, didn’t see why I needed to read each one, as I halted productivity to do so. 😉

I made a yummy new Red Thai Chicken dish for dinner, and I finally made the switch over to flannel sheets on our bed (pure heaven!). Then, I got the laundry finished, and we watched a couple more episodes of Mind Hunter. Gosh that show is disturbing, but it’s so interesting too!

On Sunday, I got the baking bug and spent awhile in the kitchen making cookies, a new baked oatmeal recipe, and preparing our dinner to go in the slow cooker.

This new peanut butter banana baked oatmeal was a hit, and I can’t wait to have it for breakfasts this week. On a sidenote, does anyone else have to taste test everything they make too? I couldn’t wait until the next morning to sample this one. 🙂


Meanwhile, Travis completely cleaned the inside of my car, and it feels like it’s brand new again!

We stopped mid afternoon to get outside (okay, for me to get outside) and we took a walk on our favorite country road. The road is only about two miles from our house, but it feels so nice to get out in the country and breathe. Someday, we will live in the country again. 🙂

The rest of the day was spent blogging, cleaning a little, and getting ready for the week. It’s the last full week of school before Christmas Break, and I want to rejoice!!

Have a wonderful day!

Question of the Day: What was the highlight of your weekend?


Five on Friday

We made it! I’m SO thankful that it’s finally Friday.

Here are five details from the week!

one. I was a little congested at the beginning of the week so I revved up my oil diffuser to see if it would help. I did a blend of two drops each of peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils.

I put the diffuser close to me as I was cooking dinner and then later as I was either watching tv or on my computer, and I really think it helped! I’m definitely going to keep that blend in mind when cold season really hits!

two. Tonight, we have our “redo” Joe Nichols concert. If you remember me talking about the first concert we went to with him last month, he was so messed up that he couldn’t even sing clearly. He could hardly stand up, and he cut the concert an hour short. We had a blast at the concert though even if the singing made us cringe. Good friends make it worth it!


Anyways, he’s back tonight for a free concert to “make it up to his fans” and “show them how it’s really supposed to be done.” Anything has to be better than how he was before. I’m excited for another fun night out with good friends! 🙂

three. One of the best feelings to me is having presents wrapped under a decorated tree.


I just have one more person on my list to buy a gift for, and I’m finally feeling like I’m caught up!


four. My parents got us a quarter of beef for our second anniversary, and they came down Thursday night to deliver it to us! (Hello yummy meals in our future! Thanks mom and dad! 🙂 ).

We went out to dinner at Umi’s (We’re all obsessed with that place in my family!), and it was such a treat to get to see my parents during the week: a much more exciting Thursday night than the usual!

five. My students have been a new level of crazy this week, so I’m glad we’re in the home stretch to get to winter break! We just started our Tuck Everlasting project in my Language Arts classes, which is the Trial of Mae Tuck. Students are assigned jobs of being judge, lawyers, witnesses, or jury members, and they have to use the book (textual evidence) to prepare their trial work over the next couple of days. Our trial will be on Tuesday in class to determine the verdict. My students last year loved this, so fingers crossed that all goes smoothly again this year!

Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend!

Question of the Day: Do you enjoy wrapping presents?

live for holiday gift wrapping! Love it!



Daily Life · Recipes

Stress Relieving Soak

With the holidays quickly approaching, it can be easy to get stressed out over all the details.

My mom gave me this “recipe” for a stress relieving soak a few years ago, and now, anytime I am overwhelmed or feeling sick/rundown, I do this, and I swear it helps me feel so much better.

It only takes three ingredients and leaves you feeling carefree and ready to tackle the world again. 🙂



Stress Relieving Soak

You will need:

  • One handful of Epsom salt (or sea salt)
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 10 drops lavender oil


  1. Draw a warm or hot bath.
  2. Pour all three ingredients into the bath water.
  3. Soak for at least 20 minutes.

*This soak is supposed to draw out toxins, lower stress, and balance PH levels.

My body always does feel lighter and rejuvenated after doing this soak. Also, every time I have done the soak, I always end up dripping in sweat (I’m talking so much that it runs down my face- sorry, TMI?). Either, it’s pulling a lot of toxins out of my body or….maybe I just get my bath water too hot. 😉

Give it a try and feel your holiday stress (or everyday stress) melt away!

Question of the Day: What helps you feel more relaxed when you are stressed?




Middle School Mayhem

Happy Tuesday!

Here’s some more middle school funnies for your enjoyment!

1. Since we are reading Tuck Everlasting, we talked about the idea of The Fountain of Youth last week and explorer Ponce de Leon who set out to discover it and landed in Florida instead.

I had students reflect on themes about The Fountain of Youth and one question was “Would you want to drink the water and stay your current age forever? If not, what age would you pick to stay at and why?

As we discussed in class, one girl shared that she would pick around 65 years old because you would be retired (so you wouldn’t have to work) and you’d look somewhat old but not completely so you could get away with it for awhile without anyone questioning you not aging.

I think she’s got it figured out- coasting through retirement haha.

I had another student, later in the day, share that he thinks age 25 would be the best time to drink the water.

He said, “If I had to, I would be 25 because that is when you’re at your max (or your prime.)”

That made me laugh, so I told him, “Well, I’m 25. I guess that means I’m living my prime right now.” 😉

2. I have a student who sees me three times a day. I teach Foundations first hour and have her in there, then she is in my homebase, and she’s also in my Language Arts class.

(I told her at the beginning of the year that I hoped that didn’t feel like punishment for her. 😉 She reassured me that it didn’t. She’s a sweetie.)

Anyways, she came in after school one day to talk, and said, “How long do you stay after school to keep working?”

Me: “Usually an hour or so.”

Student: “Oh. Wow. Why so long?”

Me: “Well, I have to plan other lessons and grade papers.”

Student: “You’re just the most efficient teacher. You get us our papers back so quickly.”

Me: “Why do you say that? I bet your other teachers are just as efficient. I just like to have them done and back so you can read the comments.”

Student: “Other teachers take weeks, but you use any time we have in homebase when we’re working to grade. You make such good use of your time.”

And that comment motivated me to get right back to grading instead of scrolling through Facebook. 😉

3. In my Foundations class, which is a “life-skills” type of class I teach first hour, we are studying The Habits of Mind (16 habits that successful people do to help them reach their goals). Students were going around in groups doing task sheets about each habit and writing/discussing their answers.

One task sheet asked them to find an example of the habit “Thinking Flexibly.” A group called me over and one girl said, “So, could we do like Johnny had a woody?”

I stared and said, “Come again….?”

She said again, “Johnny had a woody, and he loved it, but it broke and he found a way to fix it?”

I still continued to stare, confused.

Another student said, “Johnny had a Woody doll like from Toy Story and needed to fix it.”

It took me a little while still to process before I said a big “Ohhhhh!”

In my defense, what a strange example; Johnny had a woody. You can’t make this stuff up! At least they didn’t mean it that way!

Have a great rest of your day!

Question of the Day: If you had to pick an age to stay at forever, what age would you pick and why?






Weekend Recap

Monday, you always come around again way too soon! Hope you enjoyed a nice weekend!

I kicked my butt into gear this weekend and got some Christmas shopping done. I went to a few stores, but I mostly called on my bestie, Amazon Prime, to help me out this year. It’s just so convenient! Now, having a few presents wrapped and under the tree is making me feel like I’ve somewhat got it together this holiday season. It’s crunch time to finish the rest of the gifts though (or so it feels!).

On Friday night, Travis and I had a lazy, easy evening. We have really dragged out this last round of staining so we (Travis) got the last coat of poly on a few items and then we watched a movie.

I had high hopes for Saturday to be productive, and…it was a swing and a miss. 😉

We planned to have our own little late Thanksgiving feast that evening so I spent a lot of the day preparing food (and doing laundry/dishes/cleaning) and I didn’t do much besides that. 🙂

I wanted to run a few errands that night, so as soon as we put the turkey in, we set a timer on our phones and made a mad dash to a few stores for some gifts.

We got home in the nick of time to pull the turkey out, and soon we were sitting down to a delicious meal. We had baked turkey, Skinnytaste’s crockpot stuffing, and glazed sweet potatoes. The only thing better than that meal was knowing that we would get it again for lunch the next day!


We watched a movie again Saturday night: Unbroken. Travis and I had both read the book last year, and this was my first time to see the movie. Wow. It was powerful and thought-provoking. My new life mantra is “If Louie can get through all that he did, I can suck it up when I’m complaining about something small.” I can’t believe all that he went through.

Sunday morning, we ran a few more errands, and came home to eat our Thanksgiving feast leftovers (even better than the night before! We’re big fans of leftovers over here!).

I got to work wrapping some more gifts, and figuring out the last of the major gifts on my list (what a good feeling!).

One of the things I picked up at Walmart that morning was this stuff.


My in-laws rave about all the health benefits of apple cider vinegar (It has to have ‘the Mother’ in it though!), and I always try to drink some of it when I’m at their house.

The key word there is try.

I can hardly get the stuff down though. Wheh- it’s potent and disgusting! They love the taste of it (somehow!) and both do a shot of it each day to help with digestion and immunity.

I know that it is good for you, and so when I saw this bottle, I thought it looked a little more ‘my speed’ (AKA the wimp’s way to drink it). Walmart had four different flavors (blueberry, cranberry, tumeric, and ginger).

I strangely enough like the taste of tumeric and drink it sometimes in golden milk drinks. I figured that the spicy taste of the tumeric might cancel out some of the powerful vinegar taste, and I was right! I had a glass of my ‘sipping vinegar’ that afternoon. Mix one ounce vinegar with eight ounces of water. I also added some lemon and extra honey because, let’s be real: it’s still vinegar.

I can’t say that I loved it, but I did get it down quicker, and it wasn’t too bad. Here’s hoping it boosts my immunity, and I avoid the ickies this winter! I’m sure it’s not as great for you as the straight stuff, but anything is better than nothing, right?!

The rest of the day Travis got to work on some of our homemade gifts and I tried a new craft project that I’ll share if it turns out!

Well, ready or not, here we go with another full week of school!

Have a great day!

Question of the Day: Is all of your Christmas shopping done?




Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

Man, working a full week after Thanksgiving Break was exhausting. 😉

Here are five highlights and tidbits from my week. It’s a little short because this girl is still trying to catch up (coming off of a holiday plus finishing up projects and a novel unit in my classes = craziness!).

Sidenote: Woohoo for having a post every weekday this week! That hasn’t happened in awhile (and don’t expect it to happen often 😉 ).

one. If you’re like me and still need to finish up Christmas shopping, check out my Women’s Gift Guide and Men’s Gift Guide. I rounded up some of my favorite things and some new products that look enticing too!

two. I tried this new Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole one day for dinner this week, and it was a hit. I’m always looking for new ways to use sweet potatoes (my favorite!) and this one didn’t disappoint. Yum! Any other breakfast for dinner fans out there?

three. Speaking of food, Travis and I always do our own mini-Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts every year, and we’ve got our turkey defrosting in the fridge to make on Saturday. I’m also going to try Skinnytaste’s slow cooker stuffing recipe and a sweet potato dish. I like dragging the holidays out as much as possible! 🙂

four. My mom sent one of these little guys back with me after Thanksgiving Break, and I’ve left in my car as an air freshener. Oh. My. Goodness. It smells amazing, and it makes me a little more excited to get my car to drive to work in the mornings. 😉 Such a cheap way to get that holiday scent that lasts!

five. Well, my brain is fried so I’m going to end today’s post with something that will make everyone smile: a IG (Italian Greyhound) picture. The cutest!!


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Question of the Day: Are you a breakfast for dinner (brinner) fan?

Daily Life

Currently (November 2017)

This has officially been the fastest fall ever! I’m still processing the fact that Thanksgiving has come and gone and that we are less than a month until Christmas!

Here’s life currently for November, one of my favorite months!

Watching: I used to make fun of my friend Renee for always watching Hallmark Christmas movies because they are so cheesy. Well, I was bored about a week ago and randomly turned one on, and now I can’t stop. They are seriously so awful– cheesy with bad acting, but now I keep watching them. Maybe I like that there’s always a happy ending (or maybe I’ve just been really bored)?

Listening To: I’m loving my country music stations lately. Songs like “Greatest Love Story” by LANCO, “A Girl Like You” by Easton Corbin, “I’ll Name the Dogs” by Blake Shelton, and “Fix a Drink” by Chris Janson (plus many more) are my jam. They’re just feel-good songs that make you want to sing along and relax!

Shopping For: I’m freaking out a bit that I’m behind on Christmas gifts this year. Usually I have all of my shopping done by now and almost everything wrapped too. (I’m blaming it on this year’s students. They wear me out so much, that I haven’t had time to think about Christmas!). Travis and I are making a few of our gifts, but I need to bite the bullet and just order some of the gifts I’ve been pondering for people. Amazon Prime is my best friend. 🙂

Wearing: I love that it’s getting to be sweater and jacket weather! I am a total layer-wearing fool in the cold months. It’s also officially that time that I put my fuzzy robe on the second that I walk in the door after work. Cozy over stylish around here. 😉

Loving: I’m loving having a decorated house. My Christmas decor is by far my favorite. It’s so welcoming and cozy (that must be my new favorite word 😉 ). I’m soaking it up because the month of December always goes way too fast!

Looking Forward To: I’m looking forward to being back with family again for the holidays. I just have two and half weeks left until I am on Christmas Break from school!


Question of the Day: What is something you are currently loving?