Friday Favorites


one. We got an unexpected “Inclement Weather Day/Snow Day” on Tuesday of this week so I only had kids to teach three days this week (we had a PLC day on Monday). I’m kind of getting used to this once-a-week-have-a-snow-day situation. I say, “Keep them coming!”

On my free day, I baked two different kinds of cookies and got caught up on The Bachelor (the important things in life, right?! 🙂 ).

There is no better feeling than seeing our school number calling and knowing that a snow day is happening. No doubt about it, snow days are 100 times better as a teacher. On Tuesday, I was supposed to teach about summarizing and paraphrasing versus plagiarism so I didn’t mind putting that off another day. 😉

two. I saw this article earlier in the week that said Manhattan, Kansas is ranked the second best place to live in America. I’m glad Manhappiness is getting the recognition it deserves. We love the fun restaurants and many things to do here. It’s the happiest place on earth! (To all my friends reading this who live far away, this better entice you to move here!) 🙂

three. At my friend, Lanaya’s recommendation, I ordered this makeup cloth earlier in the week to try instead of having to use expensive makeup wipes all the time. She swears that this really does work like magic and is gentle on skin too. I’ve only used it one night so far, but I am impressed how easily it removes my eye makeup. I usually have to scrub the heck on my eyes to get the black circles off, but this works seamlessly with just a little water!

four. Last week was PRIDE Week at our school. At WMS, PRIDE stands for “Personal Responsibility in Daily Efforts” and is our school motto for how we should act. Part of PRIDE Week included each homebase making a door designed around the theme of PRIDE and how we should show it in our school.

The “week” got extended into this week too because of the snow days and I was a little worried when our door was still blank on Wednesday (the doors were all due on Thursday). Luckily, my homebase kicked it into gear and even did some fancy “curtains” to make our door pop even more. Kids kept telling me all day that the “curtains” reminded them of the bead curtains that used to be popular. Having a little extra “swag” on my door livens it up!

five. If you need a warm breakfast idea, I’m still going strong making my Peanut Butter Banana Baked Oatmeal each week. Travis and I both are obsessed, and it makes six big servings (and reheats really well!). Do yourself a favor and make it. It’s like eating a warm, gooey cookie for breakfast!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’m so glad it’s supposed to be a little warmer than it has been lately!

Question of the Day: What was a “favorite” from your week?

Daily Life

Currently (January 2018)

Good morning!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a “Currently” post. Once the holidays came, it was like all chaos ensued and I’m finally getting back into a routine.

Before I start with a little recap of life lately, I want to wish a big (early) birthday shoutout to my Grandma Marilyn whose birthday is tomorrow!


I so wish I could be home to help her celebrate and go to dinner with the rest of my family, but I’ll have to stick with calling her instead. 🙂


I’ve never met someone with so much pep and positivity! Hope you get to celebrate big, Grandma!

In other flashback news, today is the three-year anniversary of when Travis and I got engaged.


Three years ago, we were drinking a lot of wine ( 🙂 ) and celebrating the start of our new life together! Best decision I’ve made in my twenty-five years!

(The bottle of wine that Travis proposed with is still sitting in my kitchen as a decoration. I just can’t decide if we should drink it or not or leave it as a full bottle. I’m having a hard time with the thought of wasting wine. 😉 Ahh-tough decisions! )


Ok, ok…now back to the regular update for life currently in January.

Watching: Maybe I shouldn’t admit this one, but over Christmas Break, some of my girlfriends mentioned that they watch the show “Shameless” and really like it. We all know, it doesn’t take much for me to get suckered into another show (and become obsessed) so I decided to start watching it a few weeks ago. It’s crude, raunchy, and hilarious.

I liked it so much that I made Travis start watching and catch up to me, and now we usually watch an episode every night. It’s one of those shows that really pushes it and just when you think, “Nooo…they’re not going to go there,” they do. I know the show probably offends some people, but it’s so entertaining…so many drugs and bad decisions in it- ha!

Listening To: Surprise, surprise, I’m still on my country kick. Now that I’m following through on my New Year’s Resolution to workout more, I’ve been loving pump-up songs like “Never Be the Same” by Camila Cabello and “Good Old Days” by Macklemore (featuring Kesha) to make me run faster and keep going on the treadmill. Music is such a good motivator, and songs with catchy beats can make me push it when I’m feeling spent.

Shopping For: The final room that needs a major facelift in our house is my office (aka one of our upstairs spare bedrooms). I just bought some cute baskets from Target with copper details to use in there, and am looking for a few more accessories and artwork to freshen it up. Marshalls, here I come! I’m torn between going with a coastal themed office or more of a pink/girly office. I’m waiting for the right art to inspire me and make me pick a side!

Wearing: Our school has been in near-arctic temperatures lately, which means I can’t wear enough layers to school. The other day, when we had a PLC/ work day, I wore a thermal ski shirt with a vest over it and was still cold. C’mon, Wamego, crank that heat!

Loving: Winter time means plenty of time to get organized and set goals. Last weekend, Travis and I cleaned out our basement storage room, which was the best feeling ever (and long overdue). After that, I went through each room in our house and made a list of little projects to accomplish soon. There’s so many little things I want to do/make/fix (#DIYgoals) and I’m feeling like this is the year! I already have a strange love for organization so getting everything cleaned and perfected makes me pretty dang happy.

Looking Forward To: Emily, Jessica, and I have some big 5K goals in our future. We’ve been brainstorming about which ones we want to do, and it’s looking like our first one might be mid-March. I haven’t done a 5K in years, but I’m so looking forward to being in good shape (Having friends to workout with helps!). All through college, I was much more motivated to exercise if I had a friend with me, so it’s exciting to go through this together with them!

Question of the Day: What is one thing you are loving lately?


Weekend Recap

Hello! Happy Monday!

For being so cold, surprisingly we had a productive and busy weekend!

On Friday night, I couldn’t wait any longer to spend my Christmas money and we headed off to Target (It had been too long!). I was on the hunt for a couple decorative baskets for my office and some more storage tubs for our basement. As our cart was loaded up to the brim, we ran into Zach, Emily, and Coleman. (Good friends think alike, right?!). We talked to them for awhile in Target, made plans to get together the next night, and then ran and got groceries over with for the next week. By the time we got home, we were tired and ready to conk out with some pizza and Netflix.

On Saturday morning, we were both up early, ready to hit that organizing train (Well…I was. Travis was being drug along for the ride. 🙂 ). My goal was to completely go through our basement storage room and clean and organize every single thing. With some more storage tubs in hand, I was feeling more motivated than ever to tackle it!

We started by taking everything out of the storage room and putting it in our extra bedroom and treadmill room that are in our “second basement.” Our house’s layout is kind of strange and we have a normal basement where we watch tv and have a pool table, and then you go down a half set of stairs again and come to the “second basement” with the storage room, extra bedroom, and our treadmill.

I was shocked with how fast those two rooms filled up. How did we get that much stuff so quickly?!

As we were going through everything, we found two pictures of our house when it was a green blob. What do you think of that house color?!


Yikes! I had seen old pictures of our house when it was barn red, but this green is even worse!


We rearranged, swept, and got most things put into tubs, and then we called it good. A whole basement refresh all done before lunch; I’d say that’s pretty good!


Below is my “get-rid-of/junk” pile. Travis and I have an ongoing debate about keeping that basketball game. So far, I’m winning and it’s staying. 🙂


It’s the best feeling walking down into the storage room and seeing it so clean and open. The room seriously looks twice the size that it did before because we got so many items up off the floor.


Does anyone else’s heart go pitter-patter for things organized and labeled in matching tubs?! As much as I hate spending money on the containers, it does look infinitely better! I could use a few more still; guess I need to head back to Target. 😉


I made a new soup recipe from Skinnytaste for lunch: a slow cooker Butternut Squash soup. It was pretty good (though, truth be told, I like having more chunks of stuff in my soup, rather than just a puree, which is boring to me). The top was drizzled with coconut milk which did add a good sweet flavor though.


We had plans to have the “crew” (Zach, Emily, Coleman, and Jessica) over for a game night that evening so we did some more cleaning, laundry, and a little baking that afternoon to prepare. (I love, love, love hosting people at our house! I’m glad we have good friends here AND the space to have them over!).

We spent the evening talking, playing Speak Out, Phase 10, and pool. We all thought it was only like 9:30 p.m. and were shocked to see it was after 12:30 a.m. already. Time flies when you’re drinking and laughing (or when you’re the girls and it takes us forever and a day to finish a game of pool 😉 ).

We slept in the next morning and enjoyed a pretty lazy day for the most part. By about 2 p.m., when neither one of us had gotten much done, Travis said, “Well, I’m calling it. This day is already shot so I’m just going to be a bum for the rest of the day too.” That was fine by me! I love a good lazy day and we deserved one after getting so much done the day before, right? 🙂

I’m feeling a little jealous of both Emily and Jessica today as they have MLK Day off from school. I have a full day of PLC Inservice at my school. It’s nice to have a break from the kids, but those meetings can be like a slow death. 😉

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Question of the Day: How do you feel about organizing? Are you like me and get a high from it? Or are you like Travis and dread it?



Five on Friday

Good morning and happy Friday!

one. Yesterday was definitely one of those days where I loved my job (Hello, SNOW DAY!). I got the message Wednesday night that we were going to have a late start on Thursday because of the inclement weather. Then, on Thursday morning, I got another call around 5:30 a.m. that school was officially off. Woohoo! I slept in and actually got to sit down and enjoy my breakfast. That alone was heaven (I’m not the biggest fan of mornings 🙂 ).

I’m a big fan of snow…well, I’m a fan when I know that I can stay inside all day and just admire it from the window. 🙂 So, I guess you could say I just enjoy snow when I’m warm inside. Inside is the key word there. 


I decided that this snow day was a sign I should finally take my Christmas decor down. I originally was going to wait until this weekend, but it does finally feel nice to be back to a normal, clean house.

I need to go to Target tonight and get some more storage bins for my Christmas decor, so it’s just all hanging out in my basement right now. If I just don’t look behind the couch, I can almost ignore what a mess it is down there. 😉


On the agenda for this weekend, is sorting through our storage room and getting rid of some junk! (A fun task for me, dreadful to Travis. 😉 ).

two. So, I returned those rattan wall decor pieces (They were a little too retro for me, I decided). Right after I made my return, I found this lamp (a little nautical touch!) on sale at Hobby Lobby for about twenty dollars (Originally ninety dollars!). I decided to snag it up for my office, and figured if I didn’t like it in there, I could shift other lamps around in my house to make it work.


I love the soft ambiance that the lamp provides in my office during the evenings. Travis and I have even hung out in there and read some nights. I’m so excited to pick out paint and keep decorating in there!

three. We did a white elephant gift exchange with Travis’ family last weekend, and the gifts had to be homemade. I ended up getting one of Kevin and Shayna’s gifts (Yay! They’re so crafty!) and they made a blanket ladder, which I have wanted for awhile!

Shayna later told me that they worried no one would want it but then she remembered that I had mentioned wanting one last year so she was hoping I would get it. Glad I snagged it!


I’ve been playing around with where to put it and moving it around. I think I like it here in my living room. Every year when I put away from Christmas tree from this corner and replace it with the above small tree, I always feel like it’s missing something. I think the blanket ladder is just the thing it needed!


four. I got caught up on the new season of The Bachelor this week, and wow. The show gets more and more dramatic every year, and some of those girls are already driving me nuts. Oh reality television, you suck me in. 🙂

five. I thought this was a good reminder as we start a new year! I need to remind myself of this on school days when I’m not too pumped to be there. 🙂



Weekend Recap (Belated Family Christmas)

Happy Tuesday!

After getting home kind of late on Sunday night, I felt out of routine on Monday (which made it go fast though, so that’s a positive. 🙂 )

We had a wonderful weekend back in Sabetha for the Snyder family Christmas. Travis’ brother Trent and his wife Cristina made it back in town from Wisconsin mid-afternoon Saturday so we went back around the same time too to catch up.

We spent Saturday night talking, eating, and unwrapping presents.

Tenley was like my personal shadow this weekend, which I never mind (love that girl!). She wanted to either be on me, playing with me, or showing me something at all times. She spent a while giving me a stylish hairdo, and after all of the tugging, yanking, and twisting, I was a little worried about what she would come up with. Actually, it turned out pretty good (see picture below). She must watch her mom do messy buns a lot because she gave me a cute high bun that just might be better than I can do myself. 😉 I love, love having people do my hair so having a niece that enjoys doing it is perfection!


After the “fancy” new hair, Tenley insisted I get dressed for my “wedding” to Travis (a vow renewal perhaps?! 🙂 ), and she was a little too optimistic about me fitting into the dress up clothes- ha! See the “sash” across my shoulder? That was a teeny-tiny dress that she just swore I would fit into, but after it got stuck on one arm, she decided a sash would be alright. 🙂

I think she was going for a Little House on the Prairie wedding look. Yikes! 😉


Then, as a “professional photographer” does (her words, not mine), she set up a background (gray blanket) to make the picture pop. Aren’t the two pillows on the side a nice touch? Haha.


There’s a lot of personality packed into her little body!


We unwrapped gifts later that night, and Travis had been bursting with excitement for Bentley to open his gift from us. We bought him an automatic nerf gun so you can pelt people with like ten rounds in a row: Every kid (and Travis’) dream!

The kids enjoyed acting like they were “deer” and Travis was the hunter trying to get them. Bentley would even go to a box (his “deer feeder”) to be spotted easier and Bennett made lots of deer sounds (aka screeches). Tenley proclaimed that she was the “prancing doe” and that a true “prancing doe never gets shot.” That gun made for lots of entertainment all around!

Here’s Travis with the first “deer” he got.


And his trophy three “deer.”


He’s definitely the fun uncle with lots of energy!

We woke up the next morning and hung out before church. After church, we had some extended family come visit and chat, and then we ate a late lunch of prime rib. Yum!

We played some games in the afternoon, and then just as everyone was ready to conk out and nap, we decided that we had better head home to prepare for the work week!

Having a belated Christmas was such a fun change this year. We didn’t feel as rushed as we did last Christmas, and it’s been fun to drag it out. My goal is to have my Christmas decorations taken down by this weekend, but honestly, I’m feeling no rush. I love the extra coziness that winter decorations bring!

Hope your week is off to a good start!

Question of the Day: What was your favorite memory from this past weekend?


Five on Friday

Hello there!

I only had two days of school this week and we have Christmas with Travis’s family this weekend. I’m feeling extra pumped for the weekend!

My students were hellions yesterday (as to be expected after a long break) and we have to do a reading test all hour in my classroom today. Is it bad that I’m excited for a nice and quiet day? Whatever, I’m owning it. Those kids are great most days, but a quiet day every once in a while does my sanity good. 🙂

one. I need a new phone like bad. My battery hardly even lasts half a day (when I’m not even using it) and it’s been going from a 40 percent charge to dead in a matter of minutes lately.

Well, over Christmas Break, my brother’s girlfriend, Marcia, was telling us how she just bought a replacement battery off of Amazon and “fixed” her old phone for cheap. So, when we got home, Travis ordered one, and it finally came on Wednesday. While I made dinner, he set up shop and got to work on it.

Unfortunately, after he had my whole phone disassembled, he realized that the company sent the wrong battery for my phone. They had the package labeled correctly and everything (It said it was for an iPhone 5s) but when he did a little research, he found that it was actually an iPhone 6 battery and just barely too big. Putting the phone back together was a little trickier, I guess, and after all was said and done (no new battery either), my phone’s home button no longer worked.

Travis looked in to taking my phone to a repair place in Aggieville to do the battery and home button repair, but now I’m conflicted. The whole point of doing this was to save some money and not have to buy a new phone or spend much. (When did phone companies start charging an arm and leg for new phones? I remember the good ole days when I could upgrade for one cent! They’re hosing us!)

Travis did a little trick where my “home” button is now on my screen as a temporary fix, but we’ve got to do something soon. Now, not only does it die after a few hours, but I’m constantly trying to hit the new “home” button just right to make it work. (First world problems, I know, but it’s feeling pretty janky around here.)

two. As I complain about spending a few extra dollars, I just ordered some new home decor for my office this week. Clearly I have my priorities in order, right? I initially loved the beachy look of these rattan wall decor hangings from Target, but I can’t decide if I want them in my office.

We’re thinking of doing a fun accent wall on the opposite side and I can’t decide if they will clash too much. Also, now I can’t decide if they just look too hippie-ish and strange. I put one up on a random nail that was already there. There are four total. Thoughts?! (Obviously, ignore all of the random decor that I have on the dresser. I’m playing around with ideas.)

Photo on 2018-01-04 at 20.11 #2

I was thinking of doing copper accents (like the candles pictured above), but now I’m conflicted that the rattan and copper is a bad mix. Oh, the struggles of decorating. I get all-consumed in decorating a room until I have it done because I want it to be just right.

three. I have a random funny from school yesterday that I have to share. In my classes, we reviewed classroom norms and then each student created a vision board online for goals they have for 2018. I gave them a word bank of “focus words” in which they needed to pick just one to hone in on. Some examples were “confidence, respect, time management, organization,” etc.

One student in my last class picked “persevere” except he thought it was “preserve.” By the time I made it over to him to check in (it took awhile; that’s a needy hour), he was halfway done and had a bunch of pictures of animals on his board. I asked him how those pictures related to persevering, and he let out a big sigh and an “Ohhhhh…..”

Student: “I thought that said preserve so I got a bunch of pictures of animals that were preserved.”

Me: “Is that a goal you have for yourself? You want to preserve animals? Do your parents know about this?”

We all got a good laugh out of that. However, each time I checked in with him later in the hour, he still kept talking about his goal to “preserve” instead of “persevere.” Everytime he did it, all the kids around him would look at him, exasperated, and say, “PERSEVERE!!!!”

four. I’m going strong on my fitness goals (though this is still week one 😉 ). I’ve made myself get on the old treadmill four times this work week, which is an improvement for me. I queued up the first episode of The Bachelor one night and that kept me entertained enough to keep going for awhile. 🙂

five. Speaking of home decor: all of you home decor lovers like me, if you need a rug, look here. Rugs USA is having a huge sale, and it’s full of such good deals! I ordered our living room rug through them for cheap. I was a little worried about ordering a rug online, but it is great quality!

Question of the Day: What “focus word” would you pick to work on for 2018?