Father’s Day Weekend Recap

Hi there! I needed a extra day to get caught up from the weekend so I have our Weekend Recap from Father’s Day for you today.

We drove back to my in-law’s house Friday evening and enjoyed having a campfire meal and talking with them by the fire. Does anyone else remember making “hobo meals” on a grill or over a fire? (Basically, just a hamburger patty with diced potatoes, onions, peppers). My mother-in-law had those ready for us to cook for supper that night, and it took me back! Hobo meals used to be one of my favorite things ever, and I need to add them back into our easy summer meals rotation.

On Saturday, Travis and his little brother Trae did some front landscaping for my mother-in-law. They added some grasses and a bush, and it really looks good! (I should have got an “after” picture, but I forgot. I’ll blame it on the heat!).


They did some shooting too, but before that, Trae made a milk jug concoction to shoot at with dish soap, baking soda, etc. It blew up as he was shaking it, which made us laugh because it shocked him so much.


We had a big lunch (a theme of the weekend. We were seriously on full feed, as we always are when we visit family) of air-fried chicken, salads, fruit, and dessert. My in-laws had been raving about how good the chicken is in their air-fryer so we were anxious to test it out. It didn’t have as much of a coating as regular fried chicken and tasted more like broasted chicken. Tasty!

After talking a little bit after lunch, we packed up and headed over to my parent’s house. My mom and I had a mission: recover my papasan chair cushion. While we got to work on our sewing project, the guys golfed.

Goodbye to the ugly burnt orange!



We finished the cushion cover (except for the tufting that we will do next week) and we even had time to alter a dress I bought that needed the straps taken up. We talked for awhile outside, and then guys finally got home around 8:30. We had been planning on grilling steaks, and by the time everything was together and ready to eat, it was almost ten p.m.! Thank goodness we had eaten that big lunch earlier and weren’t too hungry. 😉

On Sunday, we were the greeters at church and my dad was the lector so we got there early.


We had my grandma out for lunch afterwards and enjoying talking to her a little while before Travis and I had to pack up and drive home.

We got home late-afternoon and both crashed hard. When we woke up from napping, very out-of-it, I might add, we had to eat a quick dinner and then head over to our softball game. Luckily, we both perked up once we talked to our friends and started playing.

After not having the best starting record this season in the B-league of softball, we won the game! It felt good to have another victory under our belts!

I spent yesterday getting caught up on laundry and being pretty lazy, to be honest. 🙂 I met up with my friend Erin to walk that morning, which was the most productive thing I did. 😉

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Question of the Day: What was the highlight of your weekend?



See You Tomorrow…

Good morning!

A fun-packed weekend and a late softball game equal no blog post for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with my Father’s Day Weekend Recap! 🙂

Enjoy your day!

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Five on Friday

TGIF! We are headed back to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend. Looking forward to some good ole family time!

one. When we go home for holidays, Trav and I try to split our time between both of our families. While we are at my parents’ house, my number one goal for the afternoon is to recover my papasan chair as the final step of my office redecorating. It is currently a lovely burnt orange color that looks like a trainwreck in my neutral gray office. 🙂 Hopefully mom and I can crank out that little sewing job in a couple hours!

You can kind of see the burnt orange color in this throwback picture below. It clashes.


two. Speaking of my office, the large sign I had ordered for above my desk came in this week! It’s perfect for the coastal vibe I’ve got going in there.


three. I met up with my coworker Erin on Wednesday to walk and see her new baby. We lucked out and got a wonderful, mild temperature day so we were able to catch up for awhile while little Amelia slept. We’re planning on meeting each Monday morning from now on to walk together. I love starting my days with exercise and friends!

four. Travis and I went to the batting cages one day after supper this week. I feel so inconsistent when I have to bat during our softball games and wanted to get my “form” down a little better. I hit 60 balls and Trav hit 80, and my arms and hand were killing by the end of it. I think I need a few more sessions of practice before I can claim to be a “slugger” though. 😉

five.  I need to pack, and it’s been a pretty uneventful week around here so no number five today! Enjoy your weekend and happy early Father’s Day!

Question of the Day:  Do you have big plans to celebrate your dad this weekend?


Big Changes


I’ve been hinting for the last couple months that next school year is going to bring some big changes for me. I thought I’d talk about that today.

Here goes..

I will not be teaching 6th grade Language Arts next year.

Instead, I will be teaching a class called Foundations full time. I am still at my same school, and I am still only teaching 6th graders. I’m just switching content areas!

If you remember, for the last two years, I have taught one section each of a class only for 6th graders called Foundations. (I would teach Foundations 1st hour and then switch back to ELA for the rest of the day. I have loved teaching that class and its been a great way to start each morning.)

One of my BFF coworkers, Erin, originally designed and taught the class for the past four years, but she is getting relocated to Alaska with her husband this summer. Since I have experience teaching the class and love the topics that I teach with it, I decided to make the switch over to being only Foundations this next year. I am so thankful that my principal, curriculum director, and superintendent all thought it would be a great move too! Their support made it an easy transition.

At the end of this past school year, I went through everything in my classroom so that I could move to my new classroom for Foundations, conveniently just right next door to my old ELA one. You would think after only teaching for three years I wouldn’t have that much stuff, but I surprisingly accumulated a lot in just my first few years of teaching. Luckily, all of my “stuff” is officially moved over, organized, and I am now a resident of room A2 instead of A1 where I have been.

The cool thing about Foundations class is that it is a USD320 designed class, meaning that Wamego Middle School is the only one with this “Foundations” class. Other schools may have something similar, but it isn’t a state-mandated, have to abide by and be state tested class. Instead, it is a class that teaches students the foundations of skills they need to be successful in their school years and beyond. The skills they learn in Foundations carry over to helping them in all of their other classes.

When I told my parents about this, they thought that it was only a study hall type of class that I was monitoring, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is still an actual class. I still lecture and teach the full time as well. Students still have homework, assignments, and projects to do as well.

It incorporates SO many language arts practices and skills too so it feels like a natural jump to move to. The class is based on two ideas: “Habits of Mind” and “Growth Mindset.” Both believe that it is effort and hard work that lead to success.

The major units that we talk about in Foundations are:

  • Study Skills and Organization
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Habits of Mind
  • Research Methods
  • Public Speaking and Communication
  • Growth Mindset
  • Leadership and Career Exploration
  • Current Events

Having already taught one class of Foundations for the past two years, I feel like I know the content and am comfortable with it. Next year, I get to do it for five class periods a day instead of just one though.

In Foundations, every unit is assessed in a hands-on, project-based way. There are no tests in Foundations! Hallelujah! No more state testing worries! I have found that my students get so much more invested when they get to “create” something and really show me what they learned instead of just regurgitating facts for a test and forgetting them five minutes later.

One other big positive of my move to Foundations is that my ELA teaching partner, Bri, gets to move down to do 6th grade Language Arts full time! She has been splitting 6th grade ELA and other grades (7th/8th) for the past few years. She has moved into my old classroom, and I’m so excited to get to work with her still, this time doing cross-curricular projects together with our ELA and Foundations classes.

After this year, when there was a chance for a change, I jumped, and I’m actually really excited to get this next school year going! (I mean, I’m still enjoying summer, and don’t want it to end anytime soon, but I’m anticipating a great school year too!). It’s a little scary to go from what you know and are used to into something new and different, but I’m ready for the challenge!

Question of the Day: What is something you have done lately that is outside of your comfort zone?


Watermelon Splash Drink

Today I have a recipe for you for a fun summer cocktail (I use the term “recipe” loosely because it’s more of a guess and pour type-of-thing).

When we went to our pool for the first time this summer and hung out with friends, Emily brought a concoction she had made up, and it was the perfect, lightly sweet, summer-in-a-drink cocktail.


You start with Tropicana’s Watermelon juice, which we found at Walmart.


Then, you add in your alcohol. Emily tried it with vodka, and I remade it with coconut rum. Both were delicious!

Finally, top the drink off with some Sprite and ice.

The color should be a very pale, pretty pink. This drink would be a fun option for wedding showers too to look a little fancier and be an alternative to punch!

Watermelon Splash Drink

Serves: 1


  • Tropicana Watermelon Juice
  • Sprite
  • Choice of liquor (vodka or rum both work well!)
  • Ice



  1. Fill your glass about halfway with Watermelon Juice.
  2. Add in 2-3 shots of liquor.
  3. Fill almost to the top with Sprite.
  4. Add ice.

*Feel free to adjust Watermelon and Sprite levels accordingly. The Watermelon juice is pretty sweet so taste test while you are making it to meet your preferences!

*This drink can easily be made into “party” proportions by mixing it all in the Watermelon Juice container. Simply pour out about 1/3 of the juice, and then add your liquor and Sprite. Chill until serving.

This drink is going to be on repeat for us this summer! Hope you enjoy!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite summer cocktail or drink?



Weekend Recap

Good morning!

Travis redid our back patio area this weekend so it was a low-key one around here.

On Friday, we ran and got all of the paver/patio supplies and just watched tv later that evening.

Here’s the before. It was beyond time to get rid of those ugly red square pavers. They were not too solid and really wiggled around when you stepped on them.


Another view of the before…


On Saturday, Travis was up bright and early to start the patio. I hadn’t slept very good and had a headache/felt groggy so besides doing laundry, I basically laid around, napped, and read a lot.

Travis was making good progress though!



By early afternoon, Travis was dying in the direct sunlight so he decided to take a break for us to finally go get my phone from Verizon.

We got to the Verizon store around 3:15 p.m., and it was packed. We had already been to the store two times last week trying to get me switched over to Travis’ plan and to get a new phone. There had been issues online for the employees that prevented us from adding my line so as this being our third time in, we were determined to stay until it finally got figured out.

It took an hour for us to even get an employee to help us, and then, the employee had to call their Fraud/online department to figure out the issue, which took another hour. He was seriously on hold with the Fraud department for 55 minutes!

By the time we left the store, which was cleared out by then, mind you, we had been there for two and half hours! It wasn’t exactly how we wanted to spend our Saturday afternoon, but I am SO thankful to have a new phone with a battery that lasts longer than a couple hours! Going from a 5s to a 7 makes me feel like I was in the dark ages with my last phone. The new one feels huge!

After we got home, and it was shady and much cooler, Travis continued working on the pavers while I got dinner together.

On Sunday, Trav put the finishing work on the pavers for a few hours in the morning.



Finished! It looks so much better!



Then, Travis’ parents came down to go out to lunch with us and see our recent house updates (patio, landscape, newly painted rooms).

We enjoyed talking with them for a few hours in the afternoon, and that night we had another softball game.

Hope you stayed cool this weekend!

Have a wonderful week!

Question of the Day: Do you enjoy doing home diy projects?



Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Another fun week of summer where I was actually somewhat productive- woo! (And by “productive,” I mean that I didn’t nap and/or watch Netflix all day. 😉 ).

one. Among all of the pool days and time at the winery this summer, I made myself a list of things that I want to get accomplished around the house. Think: things that I neglect during the school year that really need done. Some of them are organizing type things and some (most) are cleaning related.

This week, I tackled cleaning all of the baseboards in our house. I broke it up and did a level of our house each day, which made it more manageable. I’ve also gone through all of our closets to get rid of junk, did a deep clean on our fridge/freezer/pantry, and swept under beds.

It’s not glamorous, but gosh, it feels good to get it done!

two. I’m trying to be more diligent about drinking my apple cider vinegar to get the great health benefits. I loaded up on even more flavors of Vermont Village’s Sipping Vinegars (find them at Walmart).  The only one that I haven’t tried is the Cranberry & Honey flavor.


I’ve found that the only way I can drink and actually somewhat enjoy these is to mix them with water and lots of ice. Something about having them ice cold is key for me, which is strange because I always prefer to drink my water room-temperature.

I usually drink them either before a meal (like as I’m cooking dinner), right before bed, or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up when I’m feeling tired. They help me resist the urge to mindlessly snack too.

Maybe it’s all in my head, but when I drink them right before bed, I sleep so well and feel great in the morning. I’m trying to eat less sugar, and the bottom line is, drinking these make me feel good. They also help me avoid my blood sugar going everywhere, like if I ate a cookie or sugary snack instead, which always makes me crash and want to nap and lay around.

I’m slowly learning to like drinking them, but honestly, with how good they make me feel, I really don’t even mind drinking them anymore. I do like that Vermont Village brand has the tasty flavor options (all of which include “the mother”) to help make them more palatable!

three. My mother-in-law Holly gave Trav and I a coupon to try two Hello Fresh meals for free, and we cashed in this week. While I find the price of the full-service ridiculously expensive for what you get, it was fun to try once (that’ll be the only time for us though).

While convenient, it was pricey and we had no leftovers/big portions, which we usually always have with my cheaper meals. I like picking my own recipes and grocery shopping too much to ever rely on that service. One meal that we got was a vegetarian option (You know I like doing Meatless Mondays!), and it was for Chickpea Mediterranean Couscous.


It was so good, and even Travis remarked, “I can’t believe how full I am from that.” It’ll definitely be on our menu again this summer, thanks to the recipe card they send with the meal. Other than that, we are a “one and done” with Hello Fresh. Thanks for the coupon, Holly!

four. My friend Emily and I usually walk together in the mornings on alternate days that she is not working. I usually walk by myself on mornings that she is working. Well, one of the days when she was working this week, I decided to take up the offer that one of my neighbors made me to walk with some of the other old ladies in our neighborhood.

She told them they leave to walk at 6:45 a.m. in the morning (a little early to me, but whatever 🙂 ), so I got up on Thursday, ready to go. It took me a little bit to find them though. Those seventy-year-olds are speedier than you’d think. They enjoyed gossiping with me about who drives too fast through our neighborhood- ha. I think I’ll try to go with them about once a week from now on. 🙂

five. If all goes as planned today, I should be finally getting a new phone! My current phone is rough. Not only do my friends lovingly make fun of it because it looks so tiny, but the home button doesn’t work, and the battery is shot. It can go from 40 percent charged to dead in a matter of minutes. I’m looking forward to having something a little more updated and reliable!

Have a super weekend! We have some little house projects on the agenda here.

Question of the Day: Are you team iPhone or Android?