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I’ve Diagnosed Myself…

Did the title pique your interest?

If you remember from this post when I shared 20 Things about myself, number 16 was all about my fear of people throwing up.

My friends and family are nodding their heads right now.

If you don’t know me well, you may wonder why I am utterly terrified of vomit. And to that, my answer is… I have no clue. (Helpful, huh?) It’s not like I’ve ever had some horrific childhood encounter or been super sick myself. In fact, I can probably count on one hand the number of times that I have actually thrown up (*Knock on wood* I’m fine with that small number!!!)

Well, a week or two ago, I was reading through some blogs, as I usually do when I’m eating breakfast, and I came across the word “emetophobia” as one of the writer’s fears. Having never heard of that word, I googled it, and thus began one of the biggest “Aha!” moments I’ve had.

In simple terms, emetophobia is defined as: the fear of vomiting.

In longer terms, emetophobia is the fear of yourself vomiting, the fear of seeing vomit, fear of seeing others vomit, etc.

Just typing the word “vomit” that many times is making my heart race and my stomach start to feel queasy.

I quickly read through a list of symptoms, realizing that more of them applied to me than didn’t.

Basically, emetophobia means that you try to avoid any situations related to vomit and anything that could lead to someone vomiting. It’s not just that you don’t like vomit (because who does?). It’s more that you can’t deal with it. It terrifies you.

Check and check.

Later that night, I shared my news with Travis, who thought I was being a little too dramatic, as usual. I read him the list of symptoms, and while he was trying to dismiss the idea, even he had to agree that I fit many of them:

*Sidenote: This is just a few of the mild symptoms. There are probably three times as many extreme symptoms that I do not identify with. I’m not actually diagnosing myself. Read with a hint of satire.*

  • You close your eyes during vomiting scenes on television or in movies.
    • We had to stop watching Tosh.0 so much because of the many vomiting videos he showed.
  • You smell and check food excessively, as you don’t want it to make you sick.
  • You fear others’ coughing, burping, touching their stomachs, looking pale, saying they don’t feel well.
    • My friends and my students can attest for this. I am the first person to shun the “sickie” and I move as far away from them as possible.
  • You take your temperature excessively or monitor your body for other signs of illness.
    • I always check in with how I’m feeling and freak if I’m feeling nauseous. I realize that thinking about it so much is what probably causes me to feel sick. It’s a vicious cycle- haha.
  • When encountering vomit, they will:
    • Panic immediately (My heart starts racing)
    • Start to feel nauseous themselves (Yes- it’s that vicious cycle I was talking about.)
    • Try to run from the situation (I send ill students out of my classroom before they can even finish their sentence of “I feel sick.”)
    • Refuse to remain in the same area as the sick person (I remember not going back in my house all day as a child when my dad and brother had the stomach flu.)
    • If trapped, close their eyes and plug their ears sometimes for an entire night (I’m embarrassed to admit that I have done this when friends have been sick after partying. The thought of hearing it is just too much. Bleh.)
  • (This one just made me laugh) Have anger, frustration and despair at not being understood, believed or supported – especially about the severity of the feelings of terror and horror.
    • My friends always laugh at me that I can’t handle it, and I never understand why they are okay with it.

And this is the point where I say, I hope you are taking this with a grain of salt. While I do find similarities with it for myself, I am not an extreme case, many of whom require therapy, and it does not upset my normal daily life.

If you google emetophobia, there are many, many severe symptoms and behaviors that I do not identify with. Many people with emetophobia say they would rather die than vomit, have panic attacks from vomit, cannot live a normal life, and become superstitious with OCD tendencies to avoid vomit, etc.

That is not me.

I don’t spend every second of every day worrying about someone vomiting.

I just have more of a fear of vomit than the average person.

I hope you read this with a note of humor. I’m not a basket case. Just don’t be weirded out if I plug my ears the second someone says, “I’m going to be sick.” 🙂

Question of the Day: Anyone else have a fear of vomiting or am I the only strange one?

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Unofficial Mom’s Day(s) 2017

Some of my favorite times with my parents in college were the Dad’s Days and Mom’s Days that we attended together through my sorority.

Even though college is over, the fun hasn’t stopped, and my mom usually comes down to hang out at least a couple times each summer.

You may remember me mentioning her trip in June to help me paint a bathroom. Well, this time, she came back with a full list of things to get done, though none of them required us to pick up a paintbrush! Hallelujah!

She left yesterday afternoon, and we had a great time on her latest visit (and we covered a lot of ground in Manhattan).

From the moment my mom got to my house on Monday morning, we hit the ground running.

We decided to start with a little shopping (because who wouldn’t?!). My mom is as big of a fan of Target and Marshalls as I am, so I was a happy camper. (Sorry Trav, but it’s just not the same going there with you 😉 ).

She wanted to try Tallgrass Taphouse so we met up with Travis there for lunch. He was shocked to walk in and find us with a flight of beer as we were waiting. We shared a flight and tried all of the fruity ones: Carhop, Midwest Berry Crunch, Blueberry Jam, and Key Lime Pie. Our favorite by far was the Carhop, a Berliner Weisse with notes of cherry and lime.


Thankfully mom is a fan of splitting meals, just like I am, so we shared the Gala Apple & Spiced Walnut Salad and the Smoked Turkey Avocado Sandwich.

We were blown away by the portion sizes! We each got this amount and questioned our server several times to make sure these were the half-sizes! (Somehow, they were.)


After Travis headed back to work, we shopped a little more. We had full stomachs and were ready for round two!

Both of our favorite finds of the day were at Dillards. Mom found some great dresses and I found some cheap shoes. I love shopping Dillards’ shoe section at the end of the season when many pairs are marked wayyy down. I ended up finding some Sperry tennis shoes, and two pairs of Gianni Bini cut-out booties, all for over 65% off.

I’m usually not a big shoes girl, but these had me excited! I told Travis we need to go somewhere nice so I can wear them out. 😉

After shopping, we decided to cross another “must-do” off of mom’s list and go to the Oz Winery for some wine tasting. (I mean…if we have to, right?! 🙂 ).

We got to the winery about an hour before it closed and as we sat, drinking our flight, we were shocked by the amount of people that came through. They are not hurting for business!


We got home and regrouped for awhile before our late dinner.

This gave Travis plenty of time to serve us the oysters that he had bought from Dillon’s on Sunday. He had found two and half pounds of oysters for under $2.50 and put them in our cart faster than I could say, “Are you sure?” I was a little skeptical of oysters from a grocery store, but mom and Travis assured me they would be fine.

We got out the cocktail sauce, horseradish, lemon juice, and saltines and had some oysters on the half shell. (If you think that sounds fancy, just wait. We didn’t have an oyster knife so Travis had to pry them open with a screwdriver..womp, womp, womp.)


Another biggie on mom’s list was to eat at Bourbon and Baker for dinner. It’s always been packed when I have eaten there so it was nice to go and get seated right away (It helped that it was a Monday night in the summer). We even saw Pat Bosco!


Everything that we ordered was divine. I love the small plate idea because I would rather try a little bit of many things than have a lot of just one thing. It’s my kind of place!


We tried shrimp & grits, chicken & waffles, smoked salmon, and red beans & rice. Delicious!


When we got home around 9 p.m., we saw that the pool was empty, so we quickly changed and walked back up there. The water felt like bath water and was even warmer than the air outside by that point. We talked and swam for about thirty minutes before heading back home.

Our night ended with some ice cream on our screened-in porch: perfection! (Thank you $0.99 ice cream sale at Dillons! We bought four gallons and I’m not even ashamed!).

The next morning, we woke up bright and early (for me, at least!) to get to the Konza before it became too hot (another item on mom’s list). She had never been before, and we hardly saw any other people. It stayed pretty overcast for most of our walk, thank goodness!


After that, we enjoyed some coffee and banana bread on the porch before deciding we needed to get a move on it. We got ready and then hit a few more stops before meeting Travis again for lunch, this time at Powercat Sports Grill.

Mom and I again shared two dishes: the Aspen Turkey Wrap and a Cobb Salad. The Taphouse the day before was so good that we weren’t too impressed with either of our dishes here. Travis was pretty happy with his foot long chili cheese coney though. 🙂

We finished the last of our stops after lunch and drove back to my house to pack up mom’s things.

Though we didn’t get to zipline (the biggest item on mom’s list) during this trip, that just gives us a reason for another girls’ day in the near future! I can’t wait! Love you mom!

Question of the Day: Are you a fan of sharing dishes or would you rather just order your own?

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Four Facts Survey

Good morning! My mom is still here today, and we have a busy, exciting day planned so let’s get right to it!

I have another survey for you today, again from Julie at the Peanut Butter Fingers blog.

Four Facts Survey

Four names that people call me other than my real name:

  1. Laur
  2. Lars
  3. Pounds (<– for my initials LBS)
  4. Ladybug (<– My grandpa always used to call me this!)


Four jobs I’ve had:

  1. Babysitter
  2. Data Entry Intern at RCI
  3. Customer Service Help at Kansas State University Global Campus
  4. Sixth Grade Language Arts Teacher at WMS
Lanaya and I trying to stay warm at RCI.
My homebase kids during my first year of teaching!


Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

  1. You’ve Got Mail (<– One of my all-time favorites!!)
  2. Couples Retreat (<– Let’s be honest- I partly love it so much because it’s set in Bora Bora!)
  3. Just Friends (<– My girlfriends and I could collectively quote this whole movie.)
  4. 13 Going on 30 (<– Another classic from my middle school days!)


Four books I’d recommend:

*It’s SOOOO hard to narrow this down to four.

  1. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
  2. Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah (<– It’s a tearjerker, be warned!)
  3. The Guest Cottage by Nancy Thayer
  4. Born to Run by Christopher McDougall (<– Talk about some workout motivation!!)


Four places I’ve lived:

(Tricky when I’ve basically lived in just two towns- ha!)

  1. Robinson, KS
  2. Ford Hall in Manhattan, KS
  3. Alpha Xi Delta in Manhattan, KS
  4. Timbercreek II in Manhattan, KS
Good ‘ole roomies in Ford Hall! Me, Sabrina, and Nicki.
Our first house!


Four places I’ve visited:

  1. San Salvador, Bahamas (<– Biology Club Senior Trip)
  2. Walt Disney World- Florida (<– High School Band Trip)
  3. Turks and Caicos (<– Honeymoon)
  4. Bar Harbor, Maine (<– Just for Fun Trip)
Our senior group in the Bahamas!


Four places I’d rather be right now:

  1. Tablerock Lake (<– One of my favorite vacation spots!)
  2. Hanging out with my family in Brown County
  3. Having another wine tasting day with my girlfriends
  4. Snow skiing in Colorado (<– With my family and the Gernon family)
Matching shirts for the BFFs in Colorado.


Four things I prefer not to eat:

  1. Pop (<– I’ve never been a pop fan.)
  2. Lamb (<– It just tastes “off” to me.)
  3. Gummy Candy (<– Bleh. Give me all the chocolate.)
  4. Mayonnaise (<– I grew up eating butter on my sandwiches because I hated mayo so much. I’ve gotten better, but I still think it’s pretty gross.)


Four of my favorite foods:

  1. Roasted sweet potatoes
  2. Chicken Curry
  3. Peanut Butter
  4. Grouper Fish (<– If it’s on the menu at a restaurant, I’m going to order it!)
Red Coconut Curry Grouper on our honeymoon!


Four TV shows I watch:

  1. My 600-lb. Life (<– Travis and I are too entertained by this show. Ironically, we’re usually eating dinner or snacking while we watch it.)
  2. Last Man Standing
  3. Little People Big World (<– I’m probably the only person out there who still watches this!)
  4. The Bachelorette (<– I used to think this was so dumb, but my friend Jessica got me hooked!)


Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

  1. Float Trip with friends in August
  2. Tailgating season! (<– Ok, and just fall time in general!)
  3. Our 2-year Anniversary- November 14th
  4. Christmas with family (<– It’s always the best part of the year!)
Bring on football season!


Four things I’m always saying:

  1. “Voices off. Eyes up here.” (<– In my Mrs. Snyder teacher voice.)
  2. “Let me just finish this chapter.” (<– Always reading.)
  3. “Is it too early for wine?” (<– The answer is always no, go ahead! Ok…and usually I am the one answering this question for myself too. 😉 )
  4. Do you want to go to Marshalls? (<– That store is addicting!)


Question of the Day: Play along and answer one of the prompts in the comment section:

  • Four names people call you other than your real name
  • Four movies you’ve watched more than once
  • Four foods you prefer not to eat
  • Four of your favorite foods







Weekend Recap

Hello again, Monday! This Monday is looking a little brighter since my mom is here to goof off! I’m ready for a fun day!

Here’s a recap of our weekend!

Friday night, we had our last regular season softball game. We ended up hanging out at one of the players’ houses before the game (Ok to pregame; let’s be real 😉 ). I finally found those White Claw Seltzer drinks and tried the black cherry flavor. They still aren’t amazing, but they grew on me the more that I drank them! The raspberry flavor was the one that I really wanted to try, but the liquor store we went to was sold out of them. I still want to try that flavor and thennnn I’ll make my final judgment call on them!

For softball, we were supposed to play the number one ranked team in our league. All the other teams in the league had played earlier in the week so our game was the only one held that night. It was too quietalmost eerie. We pumped up the music in the dugout, which helped!

Travis and I both play in the field, and I always try to have a conversation with him in the outfield, which he is never feeling (Something about him being into the game or whatever?! 🙂 ). The game was neck and neck the whole time (Stressful!) and we won by just one run thanks to a hit by Travis, which allowed Kevin to run home!

After our game, we went back to Kevin’s house to keep the winning celebration going! We ordered pizzas and played a few drinking games that I hadn’t played since college (I’m looking at you, P&A). I taught the team one of my favorites games, “Tourettes,” which never fails to make people laugh (and feel incredibly dumb when we can’t think of words- the worst!!).

On Saturday, Travis was determined to get our shed relocated and put back together, mainly so that we could get all of the shed stuff out of our garage. It drove us both crazy having a cluttered garage the last couple of weeks!

The new shed area. Getting ready to set the foundation.

He worked outside all day on it while I did laundry, ran errands, baked…and did some online shopping. 🙂 I did help him near the end by handing him screws to secure everything in place. (He said that I was helpful, but I think he was just appreciative for the company!).


I am loving the new home for our shed!

Travis did so much work cutting a few trees and clearing old branches to tuck it back into the tree area of our yard. If it wasn’t so buggy back there, I told Travis that I would have wanted it to be my “she shed” to write and hang out in. 🙂

We were both so tired of the heat when it was finished, and I threw together a new lasagna recipe, which turned out so well: Beef Taco Lasagna!

I usually win out on picking the movies that we watch, so I told Travis he had total control on what we watched that night (and I would keep my mouth shut about it!).

He picked “Mad Max,” which is a movie without any real character development or plot (How do I really feel about it, right? 🙂 ). It was okay, but not my preferred type with all of the fighting scenes. The lines for that movie must have been so easy to memorize too; there was hardly any talking! (Fight, fight, fight, yell something, fight, fight).

On Sunday, we got groceries and Travis did a little more cleaning on the garage and our vehicles while I finished laundry and read another Susan Mallery book. Emily- great recommendation! I can’t get enough of her books!

We lounged around in the afternoon because our playoff game was scheduled for 8 p.m.

Travis had wanted to go explore the new Academy store, and after we got home from there, I had to scramble to make dinner. I tried Skinnytaste’s Kale Caesar and Grilled Chicken Bowls and made some sweet potato noodles to go on the side (Because I’m usually not a big kale fan at all. I know it’s healthy, but it’s so bitter- bleh. The noodles were a backup side dish. 🙂 )

The recipe included a homemade caesar dressing with anchovies in it, my first experience with them! They really made the dressing delicious though! (By themselves, I’m still not sold though.) Even the kale was tasty. The key was letting it sit in the dressing for a while to soften it.


On our way over to the game, we got a call from Zach, the captain, who said the other team had forfeited. We decided to go ahead and meet them at the field still though to hang out a little.

And…we ended up at Dairy Queen (It was National Ice Cream Day yesterday, after all!). It didn’t take much to convince our team to partake! 🙂

I did some cleaning when we got home so our house is all ready for a visit from my mom!

Have a great day!

Question of the Day: What is your take on action movies? Take them or leave them?


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

At the beginning of this week, Travis and I moved some old, rotten limbs out from a spot in our backyard, forming a spot to move our shed, and my allergies have been kicking my butt ever since. I’ve been souped up on allergy pills for most of the week and sleeping more than normal. I think I’ll watch the rest of the work from a distance, just to be safe. 😉

one. Yesterday, I shared about the bus that my brother and Marcia have transformed. Go follow their Instagram account, “@busbliss” to keep up with all of their traveling and adventures this summer!

Matt takes the coolest pictures. Here’ one of my favorites pics that he took in Colorado.


two. We have our last softball game of the season tonight before the playoffs start on Sunday. Word is that we are playing the best team in our league so the pressure is on! Moscow mules last week didn’t help me play any better so I need to find a new drink tonight to improve my skills. 😉

three. You know by now that I like to make one meatless meal per week. This week, I tried Spinach Falafel Lettuce Wraps.


They were amazing! Even Travis went back for seconds and enjoyed them (He probably wouldn’t admit that to many people, but you read it here first. He really did!)

They were full of flavor from a homemade tzatziki sauce, the falafel, and hummus on top!

Another Skinnytaste recipe win! What did I do before I had the Skinnytaste cookbooks?!


four. We are loving our big open patio since we (Travis) moved our shed a few weeks ago! (Post coming sometime soon!)

It feels so nice and open (so much room for activities! 😉 ). You gotta love our vintage lounge chairs too that I borrowed (took) from my parents’ house!


five. This is an old picture that I forgot to share.

My parents have a big, fluffy shag rug in their living room. My mom had shag carpet growing up and remembers her mom raking it to make it more fluffy so…she got her own rake for the rug. I about died when she pulled it out one afternoon.

IMG_4219.JPGIn other news, my mom is coming to visit again on Monday! No painting this time- just goofing and tackling the mile long “list” that she has.

Among her list is hiking the Konza, visiting Oz Winery, eating Call Hall ice cream, etc. I think I can handle all of those. 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!

Question of the Day: What is something you are looking forward to?

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Bus Bliss

My brother Matt and his girlfriend Marcia are off on their grand bus adventure!

For the past few months, they have been converting an old bus into a new home on wheels for them to take to explore over the next couple of months.

They stripped out the seats to start with a blank space. Now, their bus has a kitchen, bed, cabinets/storage space, table/lounge area, and a place to store their dirt bikes. Oh, and you can’t forget Duchess’ bed too!

When I was home a few weeks ago, I got to see the progress on the bus and was shocked with how innovative and clever each design decision was! The way that they were able to sneak in extra storage while still keeping it roomy and livable makes me think they should go into building tiny homes. I don’t know that they would go for that though. 😉

If you are on Instagram, you need to follow their account “busbliss” to keep up with all of their travels and adventures. Hopefully they’ll add more finished pictures of the bus on it soon too! (Marcia even sewed curtains and pillows to make it nice and homey!)

Matt is a great photographer so I can’t wait to see the beautiful spots that they find! And let’s be honest, Duchess is going along for the ride too and she’s just the cutest ever. I’m sure she’s bound to sneak into a few shots. 🙂

Here’s one of my favorites that Matt has taken of Duchess around the farm.

Screen shot 2017-07-12 at 9.00.34 PM.png

From what I know, they plan on driving it up to the Pacific Northwest and through Canada (where Marcia is from) and stopping everywhere in between too. They are both nature lovers and love getting out to explore new spots, whether through driving, hiking, or riding their dirt bikes.

They went on a shorter trip last year (only about a month 😉 ) and here was one of the pictures I was sent.


They slept in hammocks, including the one you see above. Should be a little comfier this time with an actual bed; that’s my way to camp! However, the shower situation (AKA finding lakes) is something I’ll leave for them. No thanks!

Safe travels, you two! I can’t wait to hear the stories!

Question of the DayIf you could pick one unique place to travel to right now (forget logistics), where would it be?

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Am I Going (more) Blind?

Bad eyesight runs in my family.

My mom, my dad, and my brother all have glasses so when I was young, it was only a matter of time before I got them too.

I was in second grade when the chalkboard started going a little fuzzy for me. After a failed eye check at the school, it was confirmed. I would be a “four-eyes” too.

It was actually a thrill getting my first pair of glasses. My mom helped me pick them out, and it was a major bonus that they came with a little stuffed Basset Hound, my favorite type of dog at the time. (That may have been a guiding factor into why I picked that specific brand, actually. 😉 )

Scan 22.jpeg
Here I am (pink jacket) with my cousins in my first pair of glasses.

As I got older, each trip to the eye doctor resulted in my eyes getting worse, much worse.

I went through many pairs of glasses.

Some made me feel cute and sassy.

Scan 28.jpeg

And some put the “g” in geeky.

Scan 32.jpeg

I got along swell with my glasses, except for the occasional annoyance at sleepovers. I remember being so envious of my friends with good vision (They’re like a elite breed). At night while I struggled to find a safe, resting spot for my glasses, they had no cares in the world. In the morning, when I was scrambling around like a blind bat, searching for that safe spot I had put them in, my friends just laughed at me flailing around, on the hunt. (Girls- you know who you are! 😉 ).

The only consistent part of my eye doctor appointments were that my eyes continued to worsen.

Soon, I had surpassed my dad…and then my brother…and finally my mom, who I originally thought had the worst eyesight ever!

Around high school, my eyesight had finally leveled off, and I had long since upgraded my dorky glasses for some sleek contacts.

We would joke that I was basically blind, as I cannot see the big “E” in a doctor’s office once my glasses are off. To me, it’s very blurry and hard to even tell that there is a letter there. It all just looks white.

My left eye is by far my worst, around -7.00. My right eye is only about -5.75, (only!).

I thought this would be the prescription that I would ride out with for all my days.

Flash forward to one week ago.

I finally ran out of my box of contacts from last year and opened up a fresh box that I had ordered from my new optometrist in Wamego.

I wear monthly contacts, and usually the first day of wearing new contacts is glorious. The world seems a little brighter. I’ve got more of a pep in my step, and I’m feeling good!

Last week, however, I put the right contact in, and all was well, and then I put the left contact in, only for the world to be…blurry?

While I could still see out of my left eye, it was just the slightest bit out of focus.

I wore it for a couple days before deciding that maybe it was a faulty one and I’d try one more.

I anxiously put (another) new one in, held my breath, and…same thing. It was still a little fuzzy.

I decided that either the contacts were bad or I was losing my mind. I wore them for a week, convincing myself that it wasn’t that bad and I would get used to it.

Finally though, with the thought of going another whole year before my next optometry appointment, I broke down and called about my issue.

They told me to come in and they could take a look at it to see what was going on.

Luckily, I was the only one at the clinic that afternoon. Unluckily, the assistant was as confused as I was.

She thought maybe the box I had received was faulty.

Just to check, she told me that she would get a trial contact from another brand and see how it worked for me. (Side note: I have used the same brand of contacts for over ten years with no problems so I was a little leery. A benefit of sticking with this brand is that they are older and much less expensive than most brands.)

When the assistant returned, she casually said, “Well, I don’t have any in -7.00, but I grabbed a -7.5 just to check.”


Growing up, I was always told that you shouldn’t move up a step in your eye prescription if you didn’t need it. This was going up two steps.

I was distrustful as I asked her, “Isn’t that a big jump from my normal prescription?”

She replied with some regard to how it would just be a good starting point to check.

With the thought of living in a half-blurry world again haunting me, I willingly put the new stronger contact in. I waited for the aftershocks of wearing such a strong lense, but…there were none. Everything was perfectly clear and normal.

She wanted to check my vision with the new contact before going any further. I read the smallest line with ease and she replied, “Well, you just read at 20/20 vision. That’s perfect! Let me get the doctor to check just in case and then we can send you on your way.”

I was still a bit skeptical of this big jump, and I figured the doctor would agree and realize something else was off.

Unfortunately, he confirmed what the assistant had told me: “Well, since you’re reading at the 20/20 line, we’ll go for that prescription when we order you a new box of contacts.”

He mentioned that I have a slight astigmatism in that left eye, and it could have been causing the blurriness. Basically, it means that the cornea in my left eye is curved different than a normal eye.

He said something like, “Sometimes those things just happen with an astigmatism. They can happen for no apparent reason.”

We got my new contacts ordered, and I went home wearing the trial one of -7.5. Driving home was a little more clear, I will say that.

My eye hurt that first day (from adjusting to the new prescription), but it’s been smooth sailing since then.

After so many years of my prescription not changing, I’m still a little on edge that I just had my last eye appointment in February and only a few months later my eyes (ok, one eye) got that much worse.

I’ve always heard that when your eyes get into the -8.00 level, you’re basically blind.

A lost cause.



Ok, ok, I’m being dramatic. However, -8.00 is when it gets pretty serious and scary.

At the rate I’m going, let’s pray that I don’t get there by next year…or in the next couple of months! (Eek!)

Question of the Day: Do you wear glasses or contacts? Have you ever had problems with contacts?