Weekend Recap

Good morning! It’s the last full week of the semester for us at school so you could say I’m ready to get this week started (and over with 😉 ).

We had absolutely nothing on the calendar for this weekend, and our friends had plans out of town so it was just us for a quiet and productive weekend!

I convinced Travis to run to Marshalls with me after work on Friday. I had some Christmas gifts to finish up and got them taken care of there- hallelujah! Travis and I were craving some thin and crispy pizza so he ordered it while we were shopping in Marshalls…and then he proceeded to rush me along so our pizza wouldn’t get cold. (No one rushes me at Marshalls- No. One. Haha!).

We watched some tv that night in our pizza comatose state. 🙂

On Saturday, we got so much done. Groceries, laundry, cleaning…all before lunch. Travis wanted to drive me to where his company is moving soon, and it is conveniently kind of close to Target. 🙂 I picked up a few things there, and Travis picked up Scrabble, as he is determined to start building our board game collection since we have a kid on the way- ha. He also finally got himself a punching bag, which he has wanted forever, and he got it put up and tested it out that night.

We played a few rounds of Scrabble after dinner, which is more thinking than I’m used to on a Saturday night. 😉


We also watched the movie, “This is Where I Leave You,” which I thought would be good because of all the big name actors in it (including my #1 man, Jason Bateman!), but we weren’t too impressed.

On Sunday, we both got in workouts before church (me on the treadmill and Trav with his boxing).

I had Travis snap a quick picture of me before church.

22.5 weeks here. Feeling lots of kicks and wondering if we have a future soccer player on our hands!


Then, we had a chill afternoon (you know, since we were so productive the day before 🙂 ). I made some yummy energy bites and managed to watch some Gilmore Girls too. #priorities

I’m hoping this week flies by like last week did, but I’m trying to savor it all too. During the children’s message at church today, our pastor said there’s only two weeks until Christmas, and both Travis and I about gasped. Why does this season go by so quickly?!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite board game to play?


Five on Friday

Hallelujah for another weekend! The kids are ready for Christmas Break; I’m ready for Christmas Break; and, we just have another two weeks to get through!

one. Last Sunday night, Travis and I were bored of watching tv (after having a super lazy weekend) and were feeling restless so we played some two-player card games, like Speed, Crazy 8’s, Golf, and Go Fish. We felt like we were kids again, but it was actually fun to do a game instead of just plopping down and watching a show. Does this mean we’re getting old?!

two. I ordered some clothes for baby during a Cyber Monday sale, and they just came this week. I about died when I saw these baby cargo shorts.


Good Lord, they’re cute! He’s going to be one styling little dude. 🙂

three. I’m so close to having all of my Christmas gifts done (I’m usually all done by now so I feel behind). I just have two to finish up, and I’m hoping to get those done this weekend so that everything is wrapped and under the tree! 🙂

four. This is a random one. After reading Elizabeth Smart’s book this summer, I saw this video on Facebook and really liked the message she had to share.

five. This was a week of failed meals at our house. The onions in my pork roast meal stayed too crunchy; the salmon we bought from the store was almost white and had an off-taste and texture; and, the chicken meal I made was super bland and disappointing. I’m planning some easy, fool-proof meals for next week so that they’re sure to be good (Hello, tortellini, burgers, and chicken soup!).

Have a super weekend!

Question of the Day: What are your favorite card games to play?


Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Our weekend was uneventful and very lazy thanks to some rainy, chilly weather.

On Friday, as usual, we both kind of crashed and just had a lazy night. (Sidenote: I finally bought a Christmas pillow to spruce up our living room, and I think these weird little elves are the cutest holiday touch 🙂 ).


On Saturday, it rained off and on all day, which made up both not want to do anything. Besides laundry and cooking, we spent a lot of time lounging. There were some football games on that I joined Travis to watch (that’s how bored I was 😉 ). As we were watching tv and waiting for one of the games to start, there was a travel show playing and it featured Bar Harbor, Maine, our favorite vacation ever!


We were geeking out when we saw the same lady who ran our tour on the Lulu Lobster Boat talking to the vacationers!

We did run a few errands that afternoon in search of finishing some Christmas gifts, but we weren’t too productive at those stops either. I do a lot of my shopping online (and try to have it done by now), and I was reminded why I do that again as we fought the crowds at Target and Marshall’s. So. Many. People.

Sunday, we went to church, as it was lightly snowing. Then, we decided on a glider (I think!) and Travis cleaned out vehicles while I blogged and cleaned.

I was thinking we might get another snow day today, but there wasn’t quite enough to justify it this time. I’ll still holding out that we get some more in January and February though! 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Question of the Day: Do you have your Christmas shopping done or are you just starting?


Five on Friday

TGIF! I’m already ready for Christmas Break, but I’m still trying to soak in all of December that I can. This month goes by all too quickly!

one. I forgot to include this picture on my Thanksgiving Recap earlier this week.


We visited Travis’ grandma on Saturday afternoon/evening before heading back to Manhattan last weekend. My sister-in-law’s family met us there, and I convinced my niece Tenley to play with my hair.

(Sidenote: I LOVE having people do my hair. It feels so good and could put me to sleep. Luckily, it didn’t take too much convincing to get Tenley to agree. 😉 ).

Tenley did several “fancy” hairstyles on me, and she wanted to take a picture of the one she was most proud of. I’m actually pretty impressed with how it looks. It’s so symmetrical! Also, I don’t think my hair has ever been this long; thank you pregnancy!

two. We lucked out and got a snow day on Monday, which just made my Thanksgiving Break a little longer. I actually got a lot done, which is unusual for me on a snow day. I kept working on moving things out of my office/the baby’s room and into our extra bedroom and I updated our registries. I’ve heard that this is supposed to be an extra snowy winter, and I say, “Keep ’em coming!”

three. If you missed my baby posts this week, you can catch up on my Second Trimester (Weeks 14-19) and my reveal of baby Snyder’s Gender! Exciting stuff!

four. I made another puzzle to tell my students the baby’s gender (per their request; they loved the first one telling them I’m pregnant), and I’m having my students do it today in class. So many students have been asking me for weeks when I would tell them, so I know they’ll be excited to finally figure it out.


They have to first unscramble the words above and then plug those letters into the puzzle below. The puzzle spells out: “Boy or Girl? Pink or Blue? Mrs. Snyder is having a baby boy! Woohoo!” 🙂

five. Travis and I are on a crime-series kick. We finished season 2 of our favorite, Making a Murderer, and we watched the short series, Evil Genius, this week, which was SO good! We have plans to watch The Staircase next, which is also on Netflix. I don’t know what it is, but we are fascinated by them! I did tell Travis that I hope he’s not traveling for work soon because the terrible mastermind in Evil Genius was one creepy lady who I’ll probably have nightmares about- ha!

Have an awesome weekend!

Question of the Day: What show have you been hooked on lately?


Daily Life · Family

It’s a………!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for..the big gender reveal!

We had my 20-week ultrasound the day before we went home for Thanksgiving. It was hard enough to keep the gender a secret from family for those few hours, so I’m glad the timing worked the way it did.

Halfway through already (and yes, my Christmas tree has been up for weeks already- haha).


Our ultrasound technician found the gender super quickly and affirmed what I had thought all along: It’s a BOY!

I’ve never been right about my friends or other people’s baby genders, but I finally got my own right! We are so excited to have a little son, and honestly, since I’ve been so sure of it being a boy from day 1, it didn’t feel like that big of a surprise to me. 😉 I always thought that I would have a son first, so it just feels right (though I would have been happy with a girl too, don’t get me wrong!). 🙂

Immediately after our ultrasound (where everything about him looked normal and healthy, thank goodness), Travis and I went to Marshall’s and looked/ahhed at their baby section.

I found the cutest little bib set and outfit for him for next fall/winter. I seriously die everytime I look at that little sweater. Gah, it’s adorable!


For our gender reveal, we wanted to do something that wasn’t too cheesy and still fit in with our Thanksgiving traditions.

On both of our sides, we spend a lot of time in the fall shooting at family gatherings. On Travis’ side, they always shoot at the pumpkins after Thanksgiving, so Travis decided that he wanted to put tannerite in a pumpkin with some blue powder and shoot at it to blow it up. A little redneck, but it sounded fun and easy. 🙂

We gathered up his family after lunch and walked down to the field to do the big reveal.



It took a few shots to get it perfectly, but when it did, you could definitely see the blue powder. We heard lots of “Ahh- it’s a boy!” and enjoyed celebrating with his relatives.*

We did the same thing for my family, the next day when they were back from Madison.



Again, it took a couple tries to get it to blow up perfectly, but then it worked well.*




For the record, most people (on both of our sides) thought it was a boy, except for my mom, my mother-law, and my sister-in-law who just swore it was a girl.

This little dude is going to be spoiled and so loved on both sides, and we are already counting down until April 9 rolls around to get to love on him. 🙂

*For videos of both reveals, see my Facebook or Instagram pages!

Have a splendid day!



Second Trimester: Weeks 14-19


I’ve been feeling great in the second trimester, and today I’m sharing all about weeks 14-19 of this pregnancy. You can read about my first trimester here and here.

I’ve got my energy back, and I’m feeling wordy in this recap, so buckle in and get ready for a long read. 🙂

Week 14- October 10

  • Baby is the size of a lemon.
  • I can’t believe I’m in the second trimester. Holy cow!
  • My belly button is starting to pop out and it freaks Travis out. 🙂 I’ve always had an “inny” so this is strange!
  • I announced the baby news to my coworkers. They were all excited, and we sent a 6th grade team picture with the caption “Guess who’s expecting” to the rest of my coworkers.IMG_0569.JPG
  • We announced on social media this week too. It was so fun to see all the comments, love, and support from friends/family.
  • My stomach has felt a little off several times this week- just random quick bouts of nausea. I’m wondering if it’s related to something I’ve eaten since I’ve felt so good for the whole first trimester.
  • I read that the baby can now squint, frown, grimace, and pee. That blows my mind!
  • I’m starting to not be as tired all the time (Hallelujah!).
  • A couple times, I’ve felt a “bulge” of sorts on my left side. Is that the baby or am I just losing my mind?
  • I started our Amazon Registry, and I’m hooked. 🙂 When I have freetime on the weekends, you better believe I’m researching baby products and adding things to the registry.


Week 15- October 17

  • Baby is the size of an apple.
  • I’m definitely not as tired this week. It’s like a fog has lifted.
  • The only things I’m “craving” are tomato- things, especially ketchup (which I’ve never been a huge fan of before so this is new). I even ate a plain spoonful of ketchup one day because it sounded so good.
  • I announced to my students this week with a puzzle, and they are SO excited. I didn’t expect them to be this into it!
  • I’ve had several students tell me they can see the bump, but I’m still not really seeing anything.
  • Travis told me my bump looks more like a beer gut- ha!
  • I bought my diaper bag this week. It was about $100 off, and I couldn’t resist the good deal. 🙂
  • My stomach feels way better this week, so I’m thinking last week was a fluke.
  • We went to Topeka to see my brother-in-law Trae and I bought some new clothes that have a little room to grow. I’m trying to buy more “basic” pieces that I can layer with a lot of things.
  • I’m definitely feeling just ready to have a bump. This awkward, in-between phase is frustrating!
  • Travis thinks you can tell I’m pregnant, but mainly from a bare belly view. When I lay down or move back, my stomach comes to a point; it looks so weird!
  • Baby Snyder got his/her first gift: a set of Disney books from my friend Jessica. 🙂IMG_0575


Week 16- October 24

IMG_0591 (1).JPG

  • Baby is the size of an avocado.
  • I haven’t slept great this week. Sleeping on my side gets old and stomach sleeping (which is how I usually sleep) is getting uncomfortable.
  • Burgers/red meat is a new craving. It always sounds good. I got a good burger in Week 15 when we went to Topeka, and I legitimately had a dream about that burger.
  • We had our 16-week appointment with our main nurse and she had a student nurse with her, training. It took the student nurse awhile to locate the baby for a heartbeat, which freaked us both out! They explained that the baby is so active, which is good, and the heartbeat was a strong 150 bpm. I had questions about me not gaining any weight and not really showing yet, and they reassured me that it’s normal. I also got a flu shot during this visit, per my doctor’s suggestion.
  • I had a strange dream that the baby is a girl, and that eating an apple helped her heart rate rise when I was in a stressful labor..??
  • Aaron, Renee, and their daughter Nora, stopped by to watch the K-State game and stayed through the afternoon and evening. Renee is 5 weeks behind me so we got to compare bellies, symptoms, etc. 🙂 Nora is about 2 1/2 years old, and we realized that we have a ways to go in terms of kid proofing our house. We were exhausted when they left!


Week 17- October 31


  • Baby is the size of a turnip.
  • Travis had a vivid dream just a few days after mine that beanie is a girl and we named her Mary Lou- ha! That is about the furthest name from the girl name we have picked out.
  • I have felt so good that I have to remind myself that I’ve really pregnant!
  • My belly button is definitely popping and has moved off-center…just when I thought it couldn’t get more strange!
  • I still have moments where my belly looks small and I question it. Travis tells me I just look for something to worry about, but this isn’t how I pictured looking or feeling at this time in pregnancy (not complaining!).
  • My students now say they can notice my bump on the reg.
  • I had a craving for canned beets, which I had never bought before. They hit the spot though!


Week 18- November 7

  • Baby is the size of a bell pepper.
  • I still feel so good (praise the Lord!).
  • We had a tailgate with friends, and they let me “sniff” the alcohol as they took shots- ha. 🙂
  • I had a dream about it being a girl and then it being a boy in the same night, so who knows?! I’m still on the boy train (It’s just my gut feeling), so Travis is saying girl just because I’m usually wrong on my guesses for other people.
  • I’ve become more hungry and snacky lately.
  • I’m sleeping a lot better (another praise the Lord!!).
  • I definitely have very vivid dreams regularly, almost every night.
  • Travis asked me when babies open their eyes this week…umm what?! I told him that babies aren’t like kittens. They open their eyes the day they’re born. I think he needs to read one of the many baby books I’ve been reading- ha.


Week 19- November 14


  • Baby is the size of an heirloom tomato (I’m still digging all things tomato-y so that sounds so good! 🙂 ).
  • Our anniversary was the first day of this week- 3 years! We went to Kansas City and registered at Buy Buy Baby (WOW- stimulation overload!), looked at a stroller/carseat at Dillards, shopped, and registered at Target. The Target by Legends had the most slim, overpicked, and downright dirty baby section that I’ve ever seen. It definitely wasn’t the best registering experience there. We were both pooped by the time we got home.
  • I smelled/saw sushi and ahi tuna at the restaurant we ate lunch at on our anniversary. It made me miss it so much more than ever. That will be our first meal out once baby gets here!
  • I definitely feel like the bump is more permanent and noticeable this week- finally!
  • My belly button feels like it’s  3/4 out and is poppin’!
  • We’re in shock that we get to find out the gender next week. Time is flying by so quickly!


I commend you if you got through all that. My thoughts are still very random and all over the place. 🙂 Stay tuned for the reveal if baby Snyder is a boy or girl!

Have an amazing day! 🙂



Daily Life · Weekend

Thanksgiving Recap

Happy Tuesday!

We got a snow day yesterday, which was so nice, especially coming off of Thanksgiving Break. I wasn’t ready to go back yet anyway!

As usual, our time at home with family went by way too quickly.

I’ll let some pictures do the talking here.

We started our Thanksgiving break by finding out baby Snyder’s gender! Thankfully we were going home the next day to tell our families. I don’t think I could have kept it for much longer anyway. 🙂


It definitely doesn’t feel like I’m halfway through already!

Travis’ whole family was home for Thanksgiving, which is a rare occasion. We did our gender reveal after lunch (more about that later!).


We spent the afternoon outside while the guys shot clays.


The next day, we spent with my family, and we got to do another gender reveal for them.



How’s that for candid? Thanks Matt…


So pretty!


Another candid by Matt. I was just so photogenic this trip, huh? My focus was on those delicious brownies. 😉


We came home late Saturday night, and awoke on Sunday to it snowing.

I spent part of the day with my feet up, enjoying the snowy view and glow from the Christmas tree.


Travis braved the snow and shoveled our walk and driveway.


Sunday afternoon, I got the message that school for Monday was cancelled (Woohoo!).My “office” is the room where the nursery will be so I spent most of the afternoon moving stuff out so that it is clean and open for the baby. I moved it across the hall into our upstairs guest bedroom, and organizing that room was top of my list for my snow day. 🙂

Hope you had a great time with family, enjoying the nice weather and great food. There’s so much to be thankful for!

Have a wonderful day!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?