Weekend Recap

Hello there!

This weekend was rejuvenating- the fall weather, extra time off…gah- it was just what I needed!

On Friday, I had the day off because of late conferences earlier in the week. I slept in a little and then got caught up on blogging about my first trimester (see a few of those posts later this week!). Travis came home for lunch and after that, I ran to the grocery store and then made a casserole to take Saturday to my brother-in-law who is in college at Washburn.

I also did some laundry and cleaned. Travis got off early so we took a long walk out on one of our favorite country roads here, and then we made yummy chicken burritos for dinner and watched some tv.

Travis ordered new, better speakers for our treadmill area, so he got them set up and we tested them out. Love it!


On Saturday, we got up early and were on the road to Topeka by 10 a.m. We went to see Trae’s new apartment and then took him out to lunch at our favorite spot, The Burger Stand. I had one of the best burgers of my life (it also helped that I was starvinggg and that ketchup is one of my biggest cravings right now 😉 ). It had a sundried tomato and olive tapenade on top. I’m going to be dreaming of that burger for weeks.

After lunch, we stocked Trae up on some groceries. He had told us a few weeks ago that he gets by on about $20 of food for two weeks of meals. We were both flabbergasted by that and decided it would make his day to buy him enough to last a while so he wouldn’t have to worry about it. He was so appreciative and told us that the haul would probably last him until Christmas- ha.

After we dropped him off, we got to do a little shopping on our own too. By this point, Travis was already tired, but I kindly reminded him that he promised me some quality shopping time so he was going to have to kick it into high gear and rally. 🙂 We just ran to T.J. Maxx, Target, and Old Navy. We both found some good new clothes for fall/winter, and I refrained from buying any baby stuff yet. Once we find out the gender, I can’t guarantee that there will be any holding me back though. 😉

It was evening by the time we made it home, and we were both exhausted. We laid around a little while, and then I made that Copycat Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup that I had talked about in Friday’s post. It was the best broccoli soup both Travis and I have every had- lots of broccoli and so thick and cheesy!

We had another night of tv after that.

On Sunday, we got some things done in the morning before church. We love the new church that we have been going to, and it just feels like the perfect fit.

After church, I tackled cleaning the oven (bleh!), using this Magic Cleaner again. Travis did some outside work, and then he had to leave late afternoon to drive to Tulsa again for a pre-bid meeting. Boo! It seems like he’s had so many of these lately, but hopefully after the next month or so, they will slow down!

I blogged, cleaned bathrooms, and then took it easy that night. Of course, since Travis was gone I made a Peanut Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry meal: something that I drool over and that Travis doesn’t get too excited about. Hence, I make it about every time he is out of town. 😉

If I could have Friday off every week, I’d be a happy girl. I felt like we squeezed so much into this weekend!

Have a great day and week ahead!

Question of the Day: What is a cleaning task that you hate doing?



Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I made it through two, long nights of parent/teacher conferences earlier this week so I’m enjoying my comp day off work today and having some time at home.

one. Today, I’m trying to get caught up on blogging about my pregnancy so far because I know I’ll enjoy looking back on those posts. I’m also making a casserole to take to my brother-in-law at Washburn tomorrow. We plan on spending at least part of the day in Topeka seeing him, getting him some goodies/groceries and doing a little shopping (my request 😉 ).

two. I told my students that I was pregnant this week, and their reactions were nothing short of adorable. I’m hoping to have that blogged about soon too!

three. Every month, our 6th grade team does Homebase Challenges and we did the Hoop Hop Challenge about a month ago (see video link) but never finished up because of lack of time. Our students were obsessed with it, and we actually had to have a round 2 and then a round 3 this week to finally finish up our “Championship bracket.”

After having won exactly ZERO homebase challenges last year with my group, I was so excited (and so were they) that we took home the win on this one. The kids have literally been talking about this game for weeks and think it’s the best thing ever. 😉

four.  Word on the street is that Manhattan might be getting a Homegoods in the renovated shopping area close to our house (where the new Academy and Old Navy stores are). I won’t believe it until I see it, but that could be very deadly for me to be so close to one. Those stores are my happy place. 🙂

five. As usual, here’s my recent Pinterest wins. I wrote about these Pumpkin Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies, and I can’t stop raving about them! They are so soft and perfect for fall! This Copycat Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar Soup is on my menu for Saturday, and I’ve thought about it all week (Is that weird?!).

Have a super weekend!

Question of the Day: What is a food you have been craving?


Middle School Mayhem

Hi there! Get ready for some laughs with another Middle School Mayhem, a collection of funny things I hear from my students.

1. Student: “Mrs. Snyder, this is actually like my favorite class surprisingly!”

Me: “Why is that surprising?”

Student: “I just think it’s fun. When I came to middle school, I expected all the teachers to be mean and stuck-up and the classes to be boring, but I like what we do in here.”

Me: “You have a lot of great, fun teachers here. You’re going to love the project we do next week too.”

Student: “I actually can’t wait for that. I’m so excited!”

It’s so refreshing to have (some of) them excited for what we are doing!!

2. I had to leave about twenty minutes early one day during my last hour of class. I told them I had a dentist appointment, and one girl said, “Well, that ought to be easy because your teeth are already white!” Haha. 🙂

3. One day after school I heard a student, who loves to elaborate fancy stories tell her friend the following unbelievable tale, “Yeah, my great-great-great grandma is Trump’s daughter….so he’s my great uncle.”

I don’t know how she figured that lineage, but whatever!

4. We are studying Digital Citizenship in my classes and talking about how to stay safe online and how to present the best profile of yourself to help with jobs, image, etc. To start the unit, I had student keep a log of how much they used technology/media over a 24 hour period.

When I showed the students my log as an example, I had a lot of technology time mainly because I had used my computer to teach all day and then took it home that night to grade projects for a few hours.

One student said to me, “Why don’t you have kids? Do you not want kids?”

Me (thinking, give me a week and I’ll tell you that I am going to- ha): “I’m young still. Give me time.”

Student: “I bet you’d use less technology if you had kids.” (Ha- what?!)

Other student: “You’re what, 19?”

Me: “You think I graduated college all before 19? Wow, I must be smart.”

5. After I had told the kids that I was pregnant, one girl reaches her arms out towards my stomach every time she sees me now and goes, “Ahh!!!”

I reached down at the end of class to pick up her book that had fallen and she said, “Ohhh! Don’t bend down; you’ve got a baby in you!!!” Ha.


Have a good day!

Question of the Day: What is a “funny” you have heard this week?


Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! We have Parent/Teacher Conferences tonight and tomorrow night from 4-8 p.m. Aka this is one of the most exhausting weeks of the year.

Our weekend was pretty lowkey due to the cold weather that came in.

On Friday, we didn’t have students and had a PLC/Work Day. We were able to flex out our work time in the afternoon so I left the school and was back at my house by around 1:15 p.m. (Not bad, huh?!). With all of the extra time I had, I decided to bake some Pumpkin Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are so moist, soft, and flavorful- a definite keeper (plus now we have over four dozen of them in our freezer to pull out when a sugar craving hits. 😉 ).


Travis got home a little early too because he had an early bid that morning and had put in a lot of extra hours the previous nights. We thought about being productive and getting a lot done, but having a chill night curled up on the couch sounded better. Why break Friday tradition? 🙂

On Saturday, we decided to skip tailgating the K-State game because we thought it was going to be too cold and rainy. Instead, we realized a little too late that it was actually perfect football weather. Before the game, we ran and got groceries and I convinced Travis to stop in at Tuesday Morning just to look on our way home. He snapped the picture below, but let it be known, I didn’t actually buy any baby stuff yet. It’s just fun to look!


I did go home and do some extensive adding on to our Amazon baby registry though. It’s addicting! 😉

The rest of our day passed pretty uneventfully. I did some laundry and cooking while Travis watched the game and then mowed. We took a long walk around our neighborhood and I made the yummiest new potato soup recipe for dinner. As soon as it gets cold around here, I go a little crazy making soup. I have soup scheduled for three of our meals this week, and Travis told me I need to reign it in a little. 😉

Our friends Emily, Zach, and Coleman came over Saturday evening. The boys wanted to play video games, but after about fifteen minutes, Emily and I let them know we weren’t having it, and we just watched tv and talked from then on. 🙂

On Sunday, we wanted to hit the early (contemporary) service at the new church we are attending because we wanted to compare it with the later service we went to last week, which is the traditional service. We liked the fact that we were up so early being productive and had a lot of the day left, but we ultimately like the feel of the traditional service better.

We came home from church and I spent the afternoon lounging, baking, and getting in a workout on our treadmill. I had made Skinnytaste’s Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumpling Soup to have ready early because we were supposed to have our last softball game tonight. However, it got canceled due to the weather. Therefore, our soup was done at like 5:15 p.m….and we decided just to eat then like the apparantly 80 year olds that we are- ha.

We really felt like we had a lot of evening left when we had eaten, packed lunches, and done the dishes all before 5:45 p.m. I don’t think that has ever happened!

I’m just ready to get this week over with, as we get a comp day on Friday, and I know I’ll be tired and ready for a day off then!

Have a wonderful week!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite kind of soup to make?

Daily Life · Family

First comes love, Then comes marriage, Then comes…

If you missed our announcement on Facebook/Instagram, we are excited to share that we are expecting!


Baby Snyder is due April 9, 2019, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. With just about six months left, we have a lot left to do and a lot left to learn. 🙂

I found out that I was pregnant on July 31 and told Travis August 1 after having it confirmed at my doctor’s office. So, needless to say, it has felt like a long, endless waiting game of keeping the news to ourselves.

We told our parents a couple weeks ago and went home last weekend to tell grandparents and friends (more to come on those stories later!).

If you’re not interested in reading about all things pregnancy and baby related then you should probably stop reading this blog now. 😉 I’m excited to use this space as my online diary/memory book to keep track of everything related to this new step in our lives.

For now, I’ll keep it simple and just share the baby announcement pictures we had taken back on Labor Day. It was a rainy, overcast weekend, but we somehow managed to still get some light! All photos are taken by Whitney Cathleen Photography. She is based out of Manhattan and was amazing to work with! Thanks again, Whitney! 🙂

(Photos were taken on the Scenic Overlook over Tuttle Creek).






Baby Snyder, we cannot wait to meet you! April cannot get here soon enough! 🙂


Weekend Recap

Good morning!

I’m writing this as it’s drizzling and dreary-looking outside. The whole weekend has been this way, and it’s made me feel lazy and sleepy, not ready to be back at work today. 🙂

On Friday, we went with Emily, Zach, and Coleman to eat at a new restaurant called Bluestem Grill. It’s on the lower level of the building where Zach and Coleman work. It was nice enough outside that we sat on the patio.

The service wasn’t great; we waited about thirty minutes for drinks and it took probably an hour to get our food. Their menu was small too, and we all got different speciality burgers, which were just okay. Hopefully they expand their menu because it was gorgeous eating outside and seeing the football stadium lit up across the street: fun atmosphere!

After dinner, we all came back to our house. The boys wanted to play Xbox (???) so Emily and I sat upstairs and talked for a few hours while they played downstairs.

Saturday morning, we were up nice and early because we were heading back to Sabetha for the day to see family. We had missed seeing my grandma when we were home last so we started by talking with her a little before lunch.

We met up with my brother-in-law and father-in-law at Buzz’s Cafe in Sabetha for lunch. My mother-in-law usually waitresses there on Saturday for the lunch crowd so we got to see her while we talked at lunch.

My brother-in-law is a sophomore in college, and he is going through the typical adjustment of cooking for himself this year. He boasted at lunch that he usually gets groceries for a two-week period at a time and it costs him $30. What? I didn’t even know it was possible to get by on a week’s food for $15. His meals (canned meals, frozen stuff, and Hamburger Helper if he was feeling fancy) made me feel sad for him-ha.

Travis and I have been wanting to get down to Topeka some weekend to see him. We usually do this a couple times a year and get groceries/snacks for him. I think I’m going to bake him some things and make a casserole so that he is eating some real food!

Luckily, he is transferring to K-State next year. I promised him that I would cook for him whenever so that he’s not eating just junk!

In the afternoon, we got to talk to more of Travis’ family and I even got to see my good friend, Jessica, who was in town for her Grandma’s 100th birthday party. I haven’t seen Jess since she moved to Austin this summer, and even just talking for a few minutes was great!

We ate dinner and talked with my in-laws that night. Holly, my mother-in-law noticed that Travis and his dad were unintentionally “twinning.”


Travis got this shirt from his dad many years ago, and apparently it’s both of their “go-to” shirt to wear when it’s cold out.

We got home to Manhattan around 9 p.m. and watched a quick show before bed. I should mention that I only made it about twenty minutes out of an hour long show. I was out like a light! The weather and the busy day got to me!

On Sunday, we were excited to try a new church out. Ever since college we have gone to the same church here in Manhattan, and while we love the pastor and get a lot out of his messages, it’s huge and hard to feel like you are part of the church community.

I did my research last weekend and we narrowed it down to two smaller Methodist churches that we wanted to try. We went to the first today and loved it! It’s still pretty big, but it’s more traditional and more like the church I grew up attending. Travis also noticed that this church is where his grandma took them when they visited her when she lived in Manhattan (Is that a sign?!).

Then, after the service we saw a couple who used to live in our neighborhood but recently moved to downsize. We talked to them on our way out, and that just helped make it feel like that was our “place.” We still want to try the other church to compare, but I think I know which way I’m leaning. 🙂

Our afternoon was spent being pretty lazy. I did laundry and then promptly fell asleep for a nap (blame it on the rain!). Travis watched some football and bummed it too.

Our softball game got cancelled because of all the rain so it was truly a lazy day inside.

Hope your weekend was great! Let’s get through this rain and see some sunshine again soon, hopefully!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite rainy day activity?



Five on Friday

Another week down! Hallelujah for the weekend!

one. We are going back to Sabetha on Saturday (just for the day) for a family thing. Always good to get in more family time!

two. We wrapped up a project in my classes this week and students presented their work on Tuesday.

As I checked in with students on their progress, I felt like this:


No matter how many times I repeat things, give examples, and then explain again, there’s still always that handful of kids who have no idea what’s going on. C’mon!!

three. I read this week about a new season pass giveaway Six Flags is hosting (click the link to watch the video). If you stay in a coffin for 30 hours, you get a season pass. They give you a few bathroom breaks and bring meals to you, but I still don’t know that I could do it. I’m a little claustrophobic so I’d want to bolt way before 30 hours. Would you do it?

four. We’re trying a new restaurant in Manhattan tonight with our friends Zach and Emily. A new Bluestem Cafe opened close to the football stadium in the building where Zach works, and we’re giving it a shot!

five. First up on Pinterest wins of the week are these Veggie Quesadillas. They are loaded with black beans, roasted sweet potatoes and peppers, cream cheese, guacamole, and more cheese. Originally I thought that they seemed like a LOT of work just to make a quesadilla, but trust me, they’re worth it. Heaven, I tell you! Then, we had these Grilled Coconut Pineapple Sweet Chili Shrimp. Yummy! It might be one of the last grilling meals we get in this season.

Have a good weekend!

Question of the Day: What’s on the agenda for your weekend?