Weekend Recap

Good morning!

We had a relaxing weekend at home, enjoying family time and being out in the country air!

On Friday, we drove back to my parents’ house. We ate and drank on the porch and then had a bonfire.

I had to snap a quick picture of this moment. Travis borrowed a jacket from my dad, and when he couldn’t get the zipper to work at first, my dad hopped right in to help- ha.


Saturday, Travis helped my dad and brother with harvest. Mom and I got in a 4 mile walk and then mostly hung out at home and spent a lot of time outside. I got a little bit of a sunburn actually because it was so nice out (yay for some color!).

I got to ride with my dad in the combine a little in the early evening before we drove over to Travis’ parents’ house.


My sister-in-law Shayna and her family had been at my in-laws for most of the day, and when we got there, they were all just starting a bonfire and getting food ready to have a cookout.

We enjoyed getting to talk with them over the bonfire.

Travis entertained the kids with some “rides” as they were waiting to take showers before bed. 🙂


The next morning, we went to the early church service. Travis and I left after church to drive back home. Travis unfortunately had to leave Sunday afternoon to drive to Tulsa for a work meeting he has early this morning. I had some time to clean, do laundry, and lounge a little before starting a new week!

Have a good week!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite thing to do with family? We love just being outdoors and having nothing scheduled except hanging out with them!


Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

Today is an especially happy one because we are headed back to northeast Kansas. We’re so looking forward to having some time with our families and being out in the country!

one. It’s the dreaded time for getting school pictures back. Every teacher picture that I have taken has been awful with me having the most fake smiles. This year, I think it’s the most genuine one I’ve had at least!


two. This week has been rough for both Travis and I after having so much fun at the wedding last weekend. We’ve both felt exhausted and just blah. Getting old is no fun!

three. Two girls wanted me to play Truth or Dare with them on Thursday when we went outside to play for Homebase time. They loved picking the Truths and tried to get me to tell them my favorite class and the names of my craziest students. 😉

four. In my classes, we have been doing an Organization/Study Skills Unit to start off the year. We’re getting to the end of the unit and talking about test taking strategies and test anxiety. On Thursday, we had some time leftover so we did about ten minutes of yoga at the end of class to practice de-stressing. I picked a cheesy kids yoga video that made the kids laugh and they had a ball. If anything, they were entertained after taking notes the rest of the hour. 😉 We are trying a little meditation on Monday. Let’s hope they can keep it together for that! 🙂

five. As usual, I’ve got some more Pinterest wins. One Skillet Thai Peanut Chicken Zoodle Bowl is my kind of recipe (not so much Travis’, but he is a trooper and ate it). Our Dillon’s was completely out of zucchini when I went to the store so I substituted with steamed yellow squash instead, and it was still great! Another “my” type of recipe was this Black Bean Quinoa Enchilada Bake (say that five times fast!). This one is so filling and it freezes well too!

Have a great weekend!

Question of the Day: What is one thing that made you smile this week?


Weekend Recap

Good morning!

We spent all weekend in Kansas City for a wedding, which was a blast!

On Friday, Travis and I both got off work a little early and we were booking it to get to Kansas City for the rehearsal at 5 p.m.

Travis was one of the ushers in the wedding, and we all had to laugh when the priest and wedding planner gave them a printed out list of directions. They also basically told them every “worst-case scenario” that could happen, told them where to find the defibrillator, and even told them an exact amount of water to give anyone who looked sick or like they might pass out. Being an usher was sounding like more and more of a big responsibility. 😉

After rehearsal, the whole wedding party of Gabe and Cloe went to Lidia’s for dinner, which is known for their homemade pasta.

Travis and I both opted for the “Pasta Trio” option for dinner, which came with three homemade pastas: a broccoli/shrimp rotini, ravioli, and tomato fettuccine. We were stuffed and miserable- so tasty!

The night was a lot of fun meeting some new people, catching up with old friends, and hearing some special memories shared by their families.

We got back to our hotel that night, and unbeknownst to us, we got upgraded to a king suite room instead of the regular hotel block because they had overbooked (even though I made our reservations almost two months ago!). We weren’t complaining because it was the nicest hotel room either of us had ever stayed in. It had its own entryway, bar and living room, bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom. We felt like we were living large!

I went to bed and Travis went out with the groom and another friend to grab some drinks as Gabe’s last night being single.

The next morning, we were able to sleep in and be lazy, and then Travis had to be at the church by 11 a.m. I was going to meet up with a couple friends later to drive to the wedding with so I had a few hours on my own. I took my time getting ready and watched some TLC wedding shows while I did a little school prep work (cutting out papers for an activity this week).

I ordered room service for the first time in my life for lunch, and it did not disappoint. Their cobb salad hit the spot- perfect fuel for a long wedding day!


I met up with one of Travis’ fraternity brothers, Petey, and his fun girlfriend, Matraca, and we all got an uber to the church together. The ceremony was beautiful (and pretty short for a Catholic wedding 😉 ). However, afterwards, we had about three hours to kill before the reception started.

Travis and the rest of the wedding party hopped on a bus they had rented to go take pictures (sneak peek picture from Travis).


The crowd of people our age all ended up at the hotel bar for those few hours, talking and drinking.

Luckily, the reception was only about a block from the hotel so we headed over at 5 p.m. for cocktail hour. Travis has the most fun group of guys that he was in Theta Xi with, and it’s always a blast talking to them and catching up at weddings.

At 6 p.m., we were able to go into the reception and the wedding party arrived. We had a fun table with several Theta Xi friends and other couples from Hiawatha!

Everything about the wedding and reception space were so classy. I felt like I was in the Great Gatsby. It was one of the fancier weddings I have been to.


Seeing Gabe in his element dancing was hilarious, and they had a good crowd on the dance floor all night!

This is what you get when wait to get a picture until the end of the night and you ask a guy who has been drinking to take it. Blurry, but it’s the best one we got.


The reception ended around 11 p.m.

We enjoyed one last night in our grand suite, and the next morning, we got packed up, spent way too long trying to find Gabe’s family to return Travis’ tux, and then we were on our way home.

We got home early afternoon and both crashed, but we eventually got it together to go to our softball game that evening.

I feel like I’m playing catch-up this week, as we usually get groceries and do laundry on the weekends, and I did neither this weekend.

Travis is gone a couple days this week for work, and we’re planning on going home next weekend to get in some harvest time, so it’s not going to slow down anytime soon!

Have a super week!

Question of the Day: Would you rather have a large wedding or a small, intimate one?



Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

one. Trav and I both got off work early today so that we can make it to Kansas City this evening for a friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner. The wedding and the reception are both near The Plaza so I’m sure everything is going to be just gorgeous!!

two. I’ve started joking that Travis is turning into a squirrel. He brought it some acorns from the yard this week and asked if I wanted to decorate with them. I really didn’t have a place to put them so I told him no.

Well, I’ve now found multiple spots outside that he has left piles of acorns, like he’s hoarding them- ha! He loves nature so it makes sense that he’s starting to act like a creature of nature. 😉

three. Travis and I both got a good laugh from this this week.


four. I haven’t been reading much since school started because by the time I plop onto the couch, I’d rather just watch a show and veg out, but I started re-reading one of my childhood favorites, Mary Poppins, and it’s as cute and charming as I remember. I like switching it up and reading young adolescent books from time to time so that I can connect with my students. I love classics that just get better with each read!

five. Another week, another Pinterest winning recipe. I’m loving the easy, ready in under 30 minutes type-of-recipes for weeknight meals. This Quick Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowls is one of the easiest, fastest recipes I’ve ever made and so delicious too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Question of the Day: What are some of your go-to easy weeknight meals?


Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

After a week of dreary, rainy weather and me fighting a cold, we had a relaxing and peaceful weekend.

Friday, Emily made us dinner at their house to celebrate Zach’s birthday. They made beef ribs, which were the largest ribs I’ve ever seen, cheesy potatoes, corn, and cake. We stayed at their house and talked while the guys played ping-pong.

Saturday, we debated going to the game to tailgate but decided last minute that we were going to skip this time. By the time we would have been ready, we would only have about an hour to tailgate and with it being chilly, we just spent the time at home doing some little projects before the game.

I was a little tired still so I actually sat with Travis and watched most of the game this time. I think he may like it better when I don’t watch because he kept complaining that I was talking too much and making too many comments for him to concentrate (eye-roll). 😉

After the game, we got in a long walk. Then, Travis went to help our friend Coleman do the ceiling at the house he just bought. I took it easy with some tea, a box of Kleenex, and many episodes of Gilmore Girls. I was determined to kick my cold!

On Sunday, we ran some errands. After the heavy flooding that Manhattan recently had, we wondered what would happen with our softball games, which we play on the east side. The fields are still open though so our games sound like they are all on schedule at normal. However, for last night’s game, our team had too many people gone and couldn’t find enough substitutes so we had to forfeit.

Travis and I took advantage of the extra evening time and went out to the Konza, one of our favorite spots to walk.



It’s onto another full week. We have a wedding in Kansas City this weekend. Travis is an usher in it so we will leave a little early Friday to get there in time. After having so many weddings that past couple years, this is our only one for 2018, and it feels nice to have slowed down a little.

Have a great week!

Question of the Day: What was the best part of your weekend?


Five on Friday

Good morning! I’m a little more with it this week, and I actually have a Friday post for you. Woohoo!

one. This is one from last week that I never got around to writing about.


Last Monday, my coworker Bri and I saw each other in the hallway and died laughing. We were twinning-it without even realizing. Bri is the coworker who I have taught Language Arts with the past two years so we must still be on the same wave-length even though I’m teaching Foundations instead of Language Arts this year. Our students didn’t believe us that it wasn’t planned. 😉

two. Our neighbor beckoned us over to her house on Monday because she wanted someone to show a “before” of their house, as they’re starting major home renovations soon.

We got a full tour and she told us about what all they’re hoping to change (They’re basically gutting everything!). I love a good house tour, so I was excited to see it, and get a feel for their vision.

It was also nice because they have a 7-month old Vizsla puppy who basically just snuggled against me the whole time we were getting the tour. 🙂

three. School may only be a few weeks in, but the sickness is going around strong. I started feeling kind of blah over Labor Day Weekend and all this week, I’ve been fighting a slight cold. It hasn’t helped that it’s been extremely rainy all week, and that always sets off my allergies too. I need some relief from this; it’s way too early in the season to be sick!!

four. We’re going over to our friends Zach and Emily’s house tonight to celebrate Zach’s birthday. Emily is going all out and making a dinner of ribs, cheesy potatoes, and more. We feel spoiled, as our usual Friday night meal is a frozen pizza. 😉

five. I’ve got so more Pinterest wins from this week and last. I made this Parmesan Ranch Popcorn when my family stayed with us last weekend, and it was a hit. I used all of the seasoning that it made, and I thought it was way too salty, but it had good flavor. Maybe just do half of the seasoning to start! I made this Cream Cheese-Filled Pumpkin Bread on Labor Day, and Travis and I both loved it. I’m in the mood for all things pumpkin, and Travis loves all things with cream cheese so it was a win-win. 🙂

Have a good weekend!

Question of the Day: What was a highlight of your week?


Weekend Recap- Labor Day

Happy Tuesday!

Man, I love a good three-day weekend to get me refreshed for another week.

On Friday, we had a lazy night in and did some cleaning to get ready for my family staying with us the next day.

I did some baking and more cleaning on Saturday before we went to tailgate for the K-State game mid-afternoon.

It was blazing hot, and we were only out to tailgate for just over two hours, but it felt like an eternity. I’m honestly surprised I’m not sunburnt because my feet and legs looked fried when we were standing out there.


We got to catch up with some friends, and then we drove home as the game was about to start (I don’t know if I would have made it out in that heat for the entire game!).

My parents, brother, and his girlfriend came over after the game to spend the night with us. We stayed up talking for awhile before calling it a night.

The next morning, we had a big breakfast of pumpkin muffins, breakfast casserole, and bacon, which hit the spot! (I need to share the breakfast casserole recipe. It was a new find, easy, and so tasty!).

We sat around and talked until late morning, and then they all headed back home. I had woken up with a slight stuffy nose and sore throat so I was pretty worthless the rest of the day, laying around and napping. I think I rubbed off on Travis too, as he just watched tv for awhile too.

We finally rallied ourselves together by late-afternoon and I got laundry done and made dinner while Travis mowed.

On Monday, I woke up with my throat still hurting pretty badly so I took it easy.  Travis wanted to get our yard aerated and overseeded so he was outside most of the day working away. Manhattan got so much rain on Saturday night and into Sunday that many parts on the west side were flooded. Our rain gauge said we got 4.5 inches throughout the night!

It was a lowkey Labor Day Weekend, but it was nice to have the nice to rest up and relax. We’re both just excited to be back into football season. Now, let’s bring on that nice, cool fall weather!

Have a good day!

Question of the Day: What did you do on your Labor Day Weekend?