Five on Friday

Today is an extra exciting Friday because Travis and I took the day off to goof and celebrate our anniversary. I’m calling mine a mental health day. 😉

Year 2 in the books!

We are just planning to go to Topeka and do some shopping (for Christmas gifts mainly…and a little for us. 🙂 ).

Here are five happenings from this week.

one. We celebrated our anniversary Tuesday night with my favorite thing ever: rewatching our wedding video. 😉 We had fun laughing at it and seeing how nervous we looked.


Right when Travis had gotten home on Tuesday, he asked me to walk on his back because it had been killing him (Hello, old man!). November 14th looked a lot different this year than two years ago. 😉


two. My black thumb is striking again. Help! We got this plant (crispy wave fern, I believe) after Travis’s grandpa passed away. I’ve been reading about it, and everything online says it likes low light, humidity, and should be easy to take care of.

It’s only been a couple weeks, and this guy is struggling. It’s drooping hardcore. We repotted it with potting soil, and I’ve been spraying the leaves of it almost every night so that it gets the “humidity” factor. It’s still looking droopy and brown though.


Someone with a green thumb, give me some advice. How do I revive this thing? I am the queen of killing plants, and I don’t want another one to go off the deep end under my watch.

three. The bed is finally done- stained, coated with poly, and back in the basement. Even without decorations in our basement bedroom, it is already looking so much better just having the furniture a darker stain color. We were seriously slacking this week so hopefully this weekend we will start the last round (mirror, vanity piece, etc.) I’ll share more pictures soon once that room is a little better decorated. 🙂

four. This has been me everyday this week waking up for work. I need to go to bed earlier, but it’s so hard to do. Looking forward to sleeping in this weekend (even if it’s only until 7 a.m.!)

five. If you missed out on my Middle School Mayhem post this week, be sure to check it out here. It was a good one, full of extra funny sayings from my students.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Question of the Day: People with green thumbs- I’m being serious. Any advice on what my fern needs to be nursed back to health?


Middle School Mayhem

Hi there and happy Wednesday!

I have some more funnies from the sixth grade world today. My students have been in rare form lately.

Hope this gives you a laugh today! There is never a dull moment!

1. In my sixth hour class, two girls accidentally spilled a water bottle on the floor, making a huge puddle on the carpet.

When my seventh hour students came in, they made sure to tell me about it.

Student 1: “Mrs. Snyder, I think someone peed on the floor. Look at this huge wet spot!”

Student 2: “Smell it! See if it’s really pee!”

Me: “No! Don’t smell it. Don’t you think if it was pee, I would have noticed someone doing that? Give me some credit guys!”

That made them laugh, and they decided that no one really wanted to smell the puddle anyways. 🙂

2. In my class, I usually let students move around the room and work on the floor if we are doing independent work. I don’t like sitting in a desk all of the time, and I want them to feel comfortable too.

I was helping a student who was working on the floor, and he flicked something and said, “Eww, toenail,” when I walked over to him.

I said, “Gross. There are nails on my floor?!”

Him: “Oh ya, I’ve found like a whole pile around here.”


Fast forward to later that day, I was talking to kids at the start of 6th hour as they filed in, and somehow the toenail story came up again. I was talking about how gross that is and wondering who was picking their nails during class.

A group of boys piped up and said, “Oh, we found another pile of them back where we were working yesterday (on the opposite side of the room).

Student: “Colby was flicking them at me yesterday. There was a big yellow one too, like an old grandpa toenail. It was gross.”

Add that to yet another thing I never thought I’d have to say in the classroom, “Stop flicking toenails at each other.” Sigh.

3. We are still reading the book Tuck Everlasting in my language arts classes, and we got to the point of the story where Jesse asks Winnie to drink the eternal life giving spring water when she turns seventeen so they can get married.

As we were working on questions about the chapter, a girl called me over and said, “Mrs. Snyder, I feel like I’m going to be like Winnie and get married when I am seventeen also.”

I gave her a questioning look and said, jokingly, “Oh, are you in love with someone already and planning it out?”

She said, “No, I just feel like it’s going to happen to me.”

And then she turned back to her work, as if nothing more needed to be said. Ha!

4. My classroom fluctuates between two temperatures: freezing and suffocatingly hot. It is freezing during the hot months and unbearably warm during the cold ones.We have no control over our classroom temperatures, and unfortunately mine is the one room in sixth grade hall that is boiling. The rest are a pretty normal temperature.

I’m not complaining because it’s nice feeling warm, but some days, I have to open windows and the kids are literally sweating in my room.

Last week, it was so chilly outside, yet a student walked into my sixth hour class in shorts and a t-shirt. He walked right up to me and said, “I wore shorts to school today just so I wouldn’t be hot in this class.”

It’s that bad!

5. In my classroom, we’ve been focusing on RACE Writing (a writing method that our whole school has adopted). In sixth grade, our goal is just to introduce it to students and have them practice, practice, practice so they can get the hang of it.

Well, last week was the first time that they wrote a full RACE response. Until then, we had just been breaking it down and focusing on one letter at a time.

It is a lot for them to wrap their brains around, and I had to laugh when one of my quieter students said at the end of the hour, “Mrs. Snyder, I know you’re trying to help us, but it hurts too. It’s a lot to do.”

I replied, “That just means you’re learning, and you’re getting it!”

Student: “Ohhhh, that’s what it feels like? It’s tiring.”


Hope you learn something today and it’s not too tiring for you! 😉 Have a good one!

Question of the Day: Would you rather be freezing cold or way too warm?



Daily Life · Wedding

Two Years

Today is a very special day for Travis and I. It’s our two-year anniversary!


Though we dated for over seven years before we got married, these two years of marriage have been my absolute favorite times together.


The real fun started after the wedding, and the trips we’ve taken together, along with the mundane details of everyday life have become my favorite, just being together.

I had a guy friend (who has no desire to ever get married) ask me last winter what is so great about getting married and what the purpose actually is.

I looked at him with a straight face and said, “Well, besides the tax benefits, umm…” 😉 Hahaha.

It’s that feeling of knowing that someone has your back and is always going to be on your side.

It’s that feeling of being connected to someone and together, you two are better than you are apart.


I feel so fortunate to have found my husband so early in my life because that means we get even more years to spend together! 🙂


Trav, I’m forever glad you said (oops…I mean typed) those three magical words to me: “ur pretty hot.” (Take a walk down memory lane and read that post with me. It’s a pretty entertaining story.)

Speaking of memory lane, here are some of my favorite pictures together from our relationship.

  • Our first picture together. We look like babies (and let’s not even mention my hair- eek!) We were headed to Sabetha’s homecoming our junior year of high school.



  • We thought it was so cool that we went to World’s of Fun with just us and another couple. We did the haunted houses there, and Travis got soaked on a couple rides. 🙂

2 wof


  • Ohhh, junior prom! Travis got to drive my aunt and uncle’s Porsche…and he basically knew no one at my prom. He was a trooper. 🙂

3 prom.jpg


  • And…senior prom! Talk about big hair! (By this year, he knew some more people so he held his own. 🙂 )sr prom


  • I got Travis tickets to Schlitterbahn for his birthday. We rode the lazy river for probably four hours straight. (I also forgot to put sunscreen on my face and got major blisters, but let’s focus on the fun stuff. 🙂 )

4 schlitt


  • SO many good memories at Theta Xi. I’m so glad that Travis joined the house and made such good friends! It was our favorite party spot in college!

5 txi

6 theta


  • Though this picture is highly unattractive, I’ve got no shame and it deserves to be on this list. Travis always had his cooler (man purse) at parties and I had my bucket with my drink in it. Power couple!
    7 power couple


  • I was battling strep, but we still headed to Kansas City for Theta Xi’s formal. I had to keep drugging up on antibiotics, but it was well worth it! Such a fun night!

8 kc.jpg


  • Kingpin date paty. We were rocking the hippie look!8 kingpin


  • We visited my brother in Winter Park one spring break. I got the honor (daunting task is more like it!) of teaching Travis how to ski. I still don’t understand how he never mastered the art of pizza-ing.

10 skiing.jpg


  • Travis’s graduation led to a job offer…to stay in Manhattan! Woohoo for never leaving the college town! Manhappiness is a dream place to live!
    11 grad


  • This is an obvious favorite! Our engagement (January 2015) at the Oz Winery. Travis knew me well to propose with wine. 😉12 engage


  • Since we knew we would be staying in Manhattan, we began the house hunt. In about a month’s time, we probably looked at around thirty houses, trying to find the perfect one. This house sold us on the backyard (Though it’s still in town, the yard has that open, country feel).12 home


  • My graduation the following May meant we were one step closer to getting married! I had accepted a job teaching in Wamego, which was perfect!13 l grad.jpg


  • Engagement pictures were so fun to take. It still hadn’t sunk in that we were really getting married.

14 egage pics


  • We lucked out and got a beautiful day for our wedding in mid-November. I wish I could relive that day over and over. (Thanks to our wedding dvd, we kind of can. I’m going to pop that baby in tonight and make Travis rewatch it with me. 🙂 ).

15 wed.jpg


  • Our honeymoon over Thanksgiving in beautiful Turks and Caicos was dreamy. I love traveling with Travis. I’m super uptight, and he is go with the flow, relaxed. He balances me out!
    16 honey


  • We took a day off from work for our first anniversary, and we spent the day goofing around in Kansas City. We bought a treadmill as our gift. (For better or for worse, unless we get fat. I kid, I kid.) 😉

17 year 1


  • Perhaps our favorite memory yet was our trip to Bar Harbor, Maine this past June. Hiking, seafood, and everything nautical. We were content. 🙂18 lobser


Is anyone still reading? If so, I commend you. I wasn’t going to include so many pictures, but after I started going through old photos, it was incredibly hard to narrow it down. How does one narrow down the past nine years into just a few pictures?

Travis, boober, you are one of kind. I am thankful everyday that we get to do life together. I can’t wait to see where the next two years (and beyond!) take us! Love you!

We are celebrating today with a nice dinner at home (lasagna and cake!) and are both taking Friday off to spend the day together, eat out, and shop. Last year, we took the day off as well and went shopping in Kansas City. We even knocked out some Christmas shopping together. I’m thinking this is going to be our anniversary tradition. 🙂

Have a super day!

Question of the Day: How did you know that your spouse was the one? OR What will your dream wedding be like?


Weekend Recap

What a dreary, cold weekend!

I took the chilly weather as an excuse to cozy up and stay in. How about you?

On Friday, we did some staining and caught up on some tv shows.

Saturday, the date was this 🙂 (You’ll understand if you’re a Stranger Things fan):


We were up early to hit Buttons ‘n’ Bows, a Christmas craft fair in Manhattan. I hadn’t been in several years, as two years ago it was held on our wedding day and last year, we were at one of my friends’ weddings on that day. We bundled up and I allowed us plenty of time to look before we needed to head on to tailgate. There were some cool things, but overall, I felt like I could recreate most of the stuff on my own (and for much cheaper!). We left empty handed. I didn’t even grab kettle corn, which is my usual guilty pleasure to purchase.

We got to Bill Snyder Family Stadium a little before noon and met up with my parents and their friends at their tailgate. They had picked up Chipotle burritos for everyone, which was such a grand idea. Someone had made jalapeno margaritas too, and oh my gosh, they were divine. Nothing like burritos and margs in the drizzling rain. It felt like it got colder the longer we stood out and tailgated. Travis and I were glad that we bypassed tickets for this game. Our warm house was sounding much better than sitting out in the chilly, spitting rain.


That afternoon, while the game was on, I got some laundry done, took a nap (the essentials, right?), and cleaned a little.

It was too chilly to stain that night, so we ate homemade soup and watched a movie. I’m on a kick where I want to see all the classic (or well-known) movies and so we watched “V for Vendetta” last night. Wow. It was intense, dark, and nothing like I thought it would be, but I liked it!

On Sunday, we did the usual errand thing, and then we got a text from Travis’s parents saying they wanted to come down and visit. They hadn’t been to our house in awhile, and we’ve changed quite a few things since their last visit.

We quickly cleaned up the house before they arrived. (On a random note, remember the cleaning supplies I ordered from Grove Collaborative? The Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Spray in Apple Cider Scent is heavenly. I cleaned our kitchen and bathrooms with it before our company arrived, and it made the whole house smell fall-fresh!)

We talked and caught up all afternoon, and then, Travis’s parents headed home around early evening time.

During the winter, Travis plays basketball on Sunday night with people in Westmoreland (a few high school kids and a bunch of old men- haha!). This was the first weekend he went back and played, so I got a coat of poly on the bed frame and relaxed while he was gone.

I’m excited for the week ahead! Our anniversary is Tuesday, and we both took Friday off to go celebrate year two (a few days late!).

Have a splendid day!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite scent to have in your house?


Five on Friday

Hellllllllo, Friday! 🙂

I’ve been a day ahead all. week. long. so this felt like a long one. Only one a half weeks now until Thanksgiving Break though! Woohoo!

I have a picture to go with each of my Friday randoms, which never happens. It’s almost like I have my act together this week or something?!

one. So, remember how we went to the Joe Nichols concert last weekend, and he was terrible because he was so drunk?


Well, Emily texted us Monday that she got an email saying everyone who came to the concert would get a full refund and that Joe will be back in early December for a free concert for those who went last weekend. The email said “let me show you how it’s supposed to be done.” I’m guessing he doesn’t remember a thing from the one on Saturday. 😉 We all want to go again just to compare and see how he really is sober. He can’t be any worse!

two. We’re almost finished staining the bed frame of my college furniture set, and it’s been a beast of a task (but still fun to do!). Travis is ready to get his side of the garage back, which has been taken over by furniture for the last few weeks, so that’s been our motivation to get it done quickly. Now, it’s just onto staining the mirror that goes on the desk. It may be the smallest piece, but we’re both dreading it the most with all of its edges and curves.

Since our basement bedroom is now looking a little more chic, I decided to finally replace our old desk chair (aka Travis’s chair from the fraternity, which looks like it’s been through a fight).

I ordered an Eames style chair from Amazon Prime, got it two days later, and am loving how clean and simple it looks with the desk. I even impressed myself putting it together on my own. 😉


three. One of Travis’s fraternity brothers snapchatted us earlier this week with quite the “find.” He had been looking at K-State’s website and caught a picture of Travis from intramural softball. Too funny!

Recognize anyone? 🙂

four. With no pets or kids, if you think we’re hard up for entertainment at our house then, …’re probably right. 🙂 Last night’s entertainment was watching Travis make a dental night guard so he doesn’t grind his teeth anymore. His dentist told him it would cost $350 so he did what any smart man would do,…..and ordered a $20 kit from Amazon Prime. 🙂


He just loved that I was taking this picture too. Lucky for me, however, he was a little preoccupied and couldn’t tell me to stop at this moment. 🙂

five. My decorating itch is in full force, and the last “untouched” room is my office upstairs (aka the second guest bedroom upstairs). It has a mismatch of everything in it right now, and I’m dying to make it a little cuter and more put together.

I really want a simple white dresser (like this one) to go along one wall with a gallery wall above it, and I will keep my desk on the other wall with a chair in the corner. (Sorry mom. No bambinos. I just legitimately want a dresser to organize and serve as a focal point. 🙂 )

I’ve been Pinterest scouting like it’s my job, and the two images below are some of my “inspirations.”

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest


That’s it for me on this Friday! My lesson at school today is a full hour of doing RACE writing with my kids (aka I know I’m going to be exhausted tonight. 🙂 ).

Have a good day!

Question of the Day: What’s on your Christmas List this year?

Daily Life

The Results Are In!

The results are in from the poll I posted on Tuesday!

Thank you all for the many votes! While I love writing, sometimes I begin to wonder if people really care about what our house looks like or what my students say at school.

Going forward, it looks like I will keep all of the topics that I have been writing about and add in more DIY projects and product recommendations! (I’m going to use the product recommendation posts as an excuse to try some new things. Amazon Prime, here I come. 😉 ).

I had plans to do a fun post today, but last night, Travis and I finally took a night off from staining furniture, ordered pizza, and watched a movie (There’s Something About Mary-always a classic!). It’s safe to safe I could have fallen asleep by 7 p.m.

So…stay tuned until tomorrow when I’ll be back with another Five on Friday!

Happy Thursday! 🙂

Question of the Day: What is the last movie that you watched?



Daily Life

Polling the People

Hi there!

As I’ve gotten some more followers lately, I thought I’d do a quick poll about content on the blog.


I get a lot of feedback from my number one follower, Travis, and thought I’d reach out to the rest of you too!

You can mark as many answers as you want on the polls below. I want to see what YOU are interested in reading about, and that will help me shape the content going forward! All answers are anonymous.

Thank you for your help! I’m excited to keep writing and sharing bits of my life with you!


Question of the Day: What is something you would like to see more of on the blog?