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Grove Collaborative

This is going to make me sound thirty years older than I am, but I ordered some new cleaning supplies, and I’m pumped! 🙂

I am by no means a cleaning lover. I don’t mind cleaning my house, but it is definitely not something I love to do. I know people who are anal about cleaning and making sure that every square inch of their house is pristine. I am not one of those people. Once I realllllly start looking at all of the small spaces that should be cleaned, it’s sometimes just easier to turn my head from them and ignore that they need cleaned. 😉

I had seen on Facebook (Where else? I need to cut that addiction!) a Freebie deal on a website called Grove Collaborative. It is an online shipment company that features natural household and personal care products. They currently have a special “Fall Seasonals Kit” going on for new customers; If you spend $20, they give you $30 of Mrs. Meyer’s products for free and you get a two-month trial period with free shipping on any orders.

I saw that the website has my favorite cleaning brand, Method, so I decided I would try it out and stock up. I can’t turn down a good deal. Thirty dollars of products free? I’m in! Their products are cheaper than buying the same thing in a store too. How can you go wrong?

New cleaning products always motivate me to clean our house more often so I think Travis is a fan of this too. 🙂

For just over twenty dollars ($20.40, to be exact), I snagged eleven full-size products, a mixture of Method, Mrs. Meyer’s, and Grove Collaborative brands.

If you need some new cleaning products, go check out this deal! The freebie deal includes a full size Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Cleaner, hand soap, dish soap, kitchen towel, and a glass spray bottle.

The new fall scents are out for Mrs. Meyer’s products too. I grabbed the “Apple Cider” scent for the cleaner and dish soap and the hand soap in “Mum” scent. I can’t wait for my house to smell even more like fall!

My box just shipped so I’ll let you know how I like the products when they arrive!

Question of the DayWhat area of your house do you dislike cleaning the most?

For some reason, I hate vacuuming, like h.a.t.e. it. Luckily, we don’t have much carpet in our house, and Travis usually volunteers to take care of it!


Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Hope this finds you after a fun-filled weekend!

Before I recap our weekend, I have to tell you what happened at school on Friday. In the span of our thirty minute lunch, apparently one student passed out (from low blood sugar), one student intentionally peed their pants and another student intentionally pooped their pants.

I can’t make this up.

The teacher who was on lunch duty was in a state of shock after lunch was over.

I am still  in disbelief that any of these events happened, much less the last two. What is society coming to? I have lunch duty again in a few weeks, and I guess now I need to be prepared for students having accidents…on purpose. Geesh.

So, anyway, after the whole lunch incident, the rest of Friday was pretty uneventful. We had a rager of a Friday night and hit up the newly remodeled Aldi’s in town. We always go a little out of control in there and get so much snack food. We kept the party going by coming home and watching Trolls. #WeAreWild,IKnow

We started Saturday nice and early by going to hike the Konza. We got there a little after 8 am and didn’t see anyone else on the trail until the very end. I love when we have it to ourselves!

We completed our favorite route, the 4 mile loop, and then came home to clean up the house a little.

That afternoon, I got some food ready for the game that evening while we waiting for our friends, Zach, Emily, and Coleman to arrive.


Travis made a large batch of his favorite appetizer in the world: Jalapeno Popper Dip. It’s the kind of dip that tastes delicious and that you know is clogging up your arteries with each bite. 😉

We cheered for the Cats and talked throughout the night. It was a tough game to watch; I’ll leave it at that.

On Sunday, we were up and productive, which is rare (for me at least). I went through almost every room in our house trying to declutter and made a pile of junk get-rid-of stuff in our basement. Looks like I might need to have that garage sale after all!

Travis got the final coat of paint on our nightstands and started coating them with poly to make them shine. They’re so close to being done- eek!

We had another softball game at 8 p.m. and we left early for it to make some stops along the way.

That’s our weekend!

Question of the Day: Did you watch the K-State game on Saturday?


Five on Friday

We made it through another week! My students were a liiiiittle better this week, so I’m counting it as a win. 🙂

As usual, here are five random things and/or things that have made me smile this week!

one. Since I never had a garage sale this summer, I decided to post a few of my larger get-rid-of items on Facebook Marketplace last week.

It paid off….literally!!

In the last week, I have made $80 just selling things that I thought were junk. (Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure, right?!).

I’ve been joking with Travis that it has become my second job or my side business. He is shocked that people are buying these items and paying (more than he thinks they are worth).

I’m running out of things to sell though, which is good news. I won’t have to have a garage sale after all!

two. Our nightstands are almost done and ready to go in our bedroom. Turns out that it takes MANY coats of white paint to cover up black paint. 😉 Travis has been painting while I cook dinner most nights, and he’s flying through it! Matching nightstands make my heart pitter-patter. 🙂

three. With news of Hurricane Irma passing through Turks and Caicos last week, Travis and I kept looking for updates of how they fared.

We went on our honeymoon there almost two years ago, and the island is so flat, with the primary industry being tourism.


The Sands, which is the resort we stayed at, posted a few days ago that luckily the had no structural damages, just landscape damage.

I’m saying a prayer for all of those affected by the hurricanes. I can’t imagine having to leave your home, not knowing if it would still be there when you returned.

four. Another school year means more Middle School Mayhem posts. If you missed it earlier this week, you can read it here. Number 4 on the post is my favorite. It still makes me giggle!

five. I think these need to be on my weekend baking list. Holy yum.

We’re looking forward to having some friends over Saturday to watch the KSU game on our porch!

Have a great weekend!

Question of the Day: Which season is your favorite and why?


Middle School Mayhem

Welcome back to the first Middle School Mayhem post of this school year!

You know that this group of kids is giving me a run for my money, so I haven’t been as good about writing down the funny things they say as I should be.

However, I still have a few, hilarious stories to share. You can read last year’s Middle School Mayhem posts here and here, here, and here.


1. One jumpstart question I asked the kids to write about was: “If you could live anywhere besides Wamego, where would you choose and why?”

The funniest response I got from a student was: “I would live in Canada because nothing bad ever happens in Canada. It’s just like the best place. I would go hunting and fishing all the time.”

*I told Matt’s girlfriend Marcia this, who is from Canada, and she got a kick out of it!

2. I joked with students, as I always do, that Bill Snyder is my grandpa.

My students this year have been so impressed about this (and totally believe it), but it quickly got out of hand.

They would stop me in the middle of a lesson (with what I assumed was a relevant question) and ask me if I could get my “Grandpa, Bill Snyder’s, signature.”

I had kids stop me in the hall and say, “Wow, I can’t believe you’re really related to him.”

The comments finally got so distracting in my classroom that I told them the truth, but I still have students who didn’t listen (Imagine that!) and ask me about it!

3. One of my coworkers, Adam, who teaches math, tells students in his room that he is short on pencils and doesn’t have any more, and that’s why they need to return any that they borrow back to him. He tries to make them feel guilty to get pencils back.

One day last week, a shy boy came up to him before school with a new package of pencils and said quietly, “Mr. Robinson, here’s some more pencils since I know you don’t have any more in your room.”

How. Sweet.

Needless to say, Adam died laughing and then told him, “No, I was just lying about that. I don’t really need them.”

My coworker Erin and I were standing nearby and gave Adam crap for that comment. Not only did he make the kid feel bad, he also told him he is essentially a liar. (Why didn’t he just say he was joking with them instead?)

The boy got bright red and quickly walked away.

4. This is the best one yet. It involves the same kid from the story above (#3).

One day after school, Erin was standing with me by my room talking. Another boy picked up an Oops Pass that he found on the floor and asked us what he should do with it.  The quiet boy from the story above was also walking out with said student.

(*Sidenote: Oops Passes are a paper students get in each class that saves them from a late assignment or tardy, etc. They’re a hot commodity and you only get one per nine-week period.)

Erin told the kid, “Well, you can either be nice and give it back to the kid or you can throw it away and they won’t have it to use anymore.”

The quiet boy whispered so meekly to the other boy, “Be nice!” and then kept on walking.

Maybe you had to be there, but it was the funniest and cutest thing ever. This quiet boy is such a great kid and his little whisper worked because the other student decided to take the “nice” route.

5. I have a girl student who is big into showing cattle. She misses school on occasion to travel and show her cattle too. She told me all about this cow that her friend has. The poor cow got attacked by something and has missing hair on its backside and a chunk was essentially ripped out of its leg.

She finally told me the name of said cow after this story.


Fitting, huh? 😉

Have a super day!

Question of the Day: What were you like in middle school?


Daily Life

Random Facts

I’m feeling extra random today, so here’s some randomness about me that you may not know! I wrote a few other random tidbits a while back that you can read here.

  • I always add a big spoonful of peanut butter to my cereal in the morning because A. cereal doesn’t keep me full and B. I have an obsession with peanut butter. Travis used to think it was the strangest thing and now I’ve seen him get out the peanut butter for his own cereal sometimes. Hmm… 😉


  • In our house, Travis definitely has the green thumb (He also worked for a landscaper in high school so…). I have killed three houseplants in the two years that we have lived in our house. So far our most recept houseplant is going strong, but I’m still trying not to get too attached. 🙂


  • I get invested in way too many tv shows. I get hooked on a story line easily and feel like I’m invested in the characters’ lives. I tell myself its because I love writing/reading, which means I enjoy a good story- ha!


  • Every time Travis and I watch something based on a real event, I have to research about it. Travis makes fun of me because I will pull my phone out right away and read a little about it so I feel more informed. (I did this last weekend when we watched a movie about the Zodiac Killer.) My dad always researches the heck out of something so I think that is where I got it from.


  • When I’m reading a good book and there is question of if a character lives, if two characters stay together, etc., I always peek real fast in the last few pages of the book to see what happens. I like that reassurance of knowing that it’s okay and just being in the know, I guess. Because of this, I drive Travis crazy asking him “clues” about a present that he got me or telling him I wish I could “peek” twenty years into the future and see how our life is going. Being patient and waiting things out is not always my strong suit. 😉


  • Though we are not having kids anytime soon, I have always been obsessed with picking names. I can remember doing this all the way back in elementary school with my friends. The fact that I am now a teacher is really hurting my baby name list. I have had some absolute favorites that I’ve had to cross off because they are now “tainted” by memories of a bad kid with that name. I like very strange, unique names, but I’m still scared that someone I know is going to “take” one of my favorites!


  • I’ve had brown eyes all of my life, like dark brown. Last year, however, I noticed that my eyes weren’t so brown anymore and were more of a green/brown or hazel color. What the heck? Can your eyes really change colors after 25 years of life? So weird!


  • Though I am person who loves shopping for clothes and home decor, I am also the most indecisive, guilt-ridden shopper. I have been known to pick up something that I really want, carry it with me all through the store, and then make up an excuse last minute of why I don’t need it or shouldn’t buy it. Travis usually convinces me to just get it and then I spend the next few minutes after purchasing feeling guilty and trying to rationalize my purchase- ha!


  • I am twenty-five years old and I still don’t know what I want to do with my hair. I love the feeling of having shorter hair but I don’t think I look as good with it. Longer hair feels like such a chore, but I think it makes me look better. It’s a constant struggle. If I won the lottery, one of the first things I would do with the money is get my own hair and makeup person. I am not a fan of doing either!


  • I love for things to be very clean and organized, especially in my home. No matter how dirty the rest of my house may be, however, if my kitchen is clean, I feel like I’ve got it all together. I love going to bed each night with a clean kitchen because waking up and seeing all those dirty dishes makes me want to bolt!


That’s it for today! Hope you learned something new! 😉

Question of the Day: What is a random fact about yourself?



Weekend Recap

Hi there! Hope you had a great weekend!

On Friday, we ended up staying home and relaxing. We watched a movie called “The Zodiac” about the serial killer “Zodiac” and it seriously creeped me out! It has been so long since I’ve watched a scary movie that my tolerance is very low nowadays. I told Travis that he can’t leave on a business trip for at least a month now because I need time to clear the scary thoughts from my mind. 😉

Saturday, we were up bright and early to go tailgating. We got to the stadium around 9 a.m. and hung out at my parents’ and their friends’ tailgate. We had a couple friends stop by to talk and Travis’ sister and her family stopped by as well! Have I mentioned how I love that K-State games feel like mini-reunions?! 🙂

We were lucky enough to get Travis’ boss’s tickets again for this game. I feel spoiled with those tickets. They even make a non-football fanatic like me really get into the game!

The game was at 11 a.m. and it was going to be a blowout so we stayed until halftime and then went back to the parking lot. We talked to some people for a little while and then drove home to regroup. It was another hot day so after we ate lunch at home, we both crashed for a few hours!

That night, Emily texted us to go eat dinner at The Little Grill for Zach’s birthday. We had a late dinner and enjoyed talking. Their jerk chicken at The Little Grill is incredible and no matter how many times I go there, it’s all I’ve ever ordered. Yum!

After dinner, we all decided we weren’t ready to go home yet so we hit up the Tallgrass Taphouse rooftop bar for drinks. I had been there earlier this summer and sampled some beers with my mom. I remembered that I liked the Key Lime Pie beer so I got a glass of that to enjoy! It hit the spot!

I love the view up on the roof!


Coleman eventually joined us at the bar too and we talked for a few hours. It was the perfect night- not too hot, not cold at all, and no wind!


Our topic of conversation at one point led to us each sharing what we would do if we won the lottery. Oh to dream about that! 😉 (Eventually, we started talking about the BTK killer as well. Not sure how that topic came up!).

We got home a little before midnight and called it a night.

On Sunday, we did the normal church/grocery morning thing and then spent the afternoon cleaning and starting to prime our new nightstands! I’m so excited to have matching nightstands that I can hardly stand it! It’s the little things, right?!

Here there are in “before” form. We will paint them white to match the dresser in our room!


That night, we had a softball game at 8 p.m.

And, that’s our weekend!

Have a good day!

Question of the Day: Who is your favorite team to cheer on?


Friday Favorites

Hello! TGIF!

This week kind of slipped away from me so it’s been a little while since I’ve checked in!

Thanks to our three-day weekend, this week thankfully went pretty fast. I’m ready for another weekend full of K-State football, family, and friends!

one. So, I’ve been looking for matching nightstands for our master bedroom for over a year now. I’ve found a ton that I love…but the prices of them? Ehh- didn’t love that!

I’ve been scouring Craigslist waiting for something to pop up that I could paint or redo and this week, I found them!

They were listed for only $25 a piece (WHAT? A steal!). Unfortunately, they were in Topeka and the seller didn’t think they would last until the weekend when we could get down there. Luckily, Travis’ little brother is now going to Washburn so he picked them up for me Wednesday night and took them back to his dorm to store (Bless you, Trae!).

With a crazy football weekend ahead, we decided that we would to run to Topeka last night to pick them up and get them out of Trae’s hair.

They have a few rough spots around the edges, but my super-handy husband assured me that it would be a simple fix! I cannot wait to get these babies painted white soon!

two. I had to laugh Wednesday after school because as I was leaving the school to go home, I looked down at my foot and saw a large cut…and I had no recollection of how it got there. You know it’s been a crazy day when that happens! I still don’t have any ideas of when it happened- ha!


three. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’m a fan of my spiralizer, which I use to make veggie noodles.

Earlier this week, I tried a new Skinnytaste recipe for Peanut Chicken Cucumber Noodle Salads.

That’s right. Spiralized cucumber.

It was SO good and different. I love trying new things, and it was a nice change to have a salad that wasn’t just all lettuce!


four. This week was tough, with news about Travis’ grandpa’s health so we escaped a couple nights to do a “country walk” and clear our minds. There is a beautiful, quiet country road about a mile from our house. We like to drive out there and walk on the dirt road to escape “city life.” It’s nice to imagine that we are back in the country. 🙂

five. I decorated for fall last weekend, and now I’m ready for the cold weather to set in. We have slept with our (new) windows open this week and it has gotten chilly. I am ready for sweatshirt weather.

Check this out: I saw this article online this week, and it couldn’t be more true! It’s crazy how much has changed since my childhood. Look at it for a good laugh!

Question of the Day: What are your weekend plans?