Middle School Mayhem

The middle school funnies have been on a roll lately. Sit back and prepare to be entertained today! 🙂

1. Several students were talking to me about the K-State game vs. Texas, which happened a couple weeks ago.

Student 1: “That was a tough loss.”

Me: “Oh, I know, especially after double overtime.”

Student 2: “That was probably especially tough since it was Bill Snyder’s birthday.”

Me: “Yes, not ideal for his birthday at all.”

Student 2: “Do you know how he took it since he’s your family and all?”

Me: (blank stare)

Me: “…You know, we’re not really related.”

Student 2: “What?”

Me: “We’re not really related.”

Student 2: “Not really…so you are like a little bit?”

Me: “No, not at all.”

Student 2: “What? I thought you were?”

Me: “I’ve said like ten times now that I’m not actually related to him. I was joking before. No relation- nada.”

Student 2: “Hmm..I must have missed that.”

Me: (Sigh)

2. Students were making a preposition word search in my class last week and then swapping with a partner to solve.

One student complained to me that he couldn’t even read the letters in his partner’s word search to solve it because the handwriting was too sloppy.

Student 1: “This word search is so sloppy I can’t even tell what is what. I can’t read anything with his bad handwriting.”

Student 2: “That was part of my strategy to make it tough. It’s like it’s in another font or something.”


3. This one is from awhile back but I forgot to share (I think! If I have already shared it, ignore this- ha!  Teacher brain is bad these days.)

We were doing an adjective activity where students had to describe an object using only adjectives and their partner would guess what it was.

Student 1: (looks at picture of milk and thinks of how to describe it to his partner) “Okay, it’s white… chunky.”

I gave him a weird look when he said chunky.

The other student finally guessed correctly, and I went back over to talk to him.

Me: “Chunky??!! Milk isn’t chunky. It’s smooth.

Student: “Hmm, I always thought it was chunky.”

Eek- I wonder what kind of milk he has been drinking. Yuck!

4. During spirit week, our Friday dress-up was “Couch Potato Day.”

My “Be nice!” student, AKA the boy who has the pet rats, AKA my comic relief of the year (love that kid!), wore a kangaroo onesie to school. The onesie even had a “baby kangaroo” head in the pouch part.

Me: “Wow, that looks so soft and comfy. I bet the pouch comes in pretty handy too.” 😉

Student: “Ya.” 🙂

Five minutes later, he came back up to my desk and said with a shy smile, “The pouch actually is very handy. I’ve been keeping all of my pencils in it today.”

What a sweetie.

5. Student: “Are you the youngest teacher in the whole middle school?”

Me: “No, I think Mr. Crow and Mrs. Foster are younger than me.”

Student: “Are you the youngest teacher on the sixth grade team?”

Me: “Yes, I am.”

Student: “You just look so young. What are you 20?”

Me: “No, I’d still be in college if I was 20!”

Student: “Well, are you like 25?”

Me: “There you go.”

Student.” Wow…SO young.”

(I wanted to say, “You know what’s young? Eleven.)


That’s it for this round! Hope you had a good laugh. 😉

Question of the Day: What is something that made you laugh today?





Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Today and tomorrow we have parent/teacher conferences until 8 p.m. at the school so it’s going to be a long couple of days.

After Travis’ grandpa passed away last weekend, we rearranged schedules so we could make it back for the visitation on Thursday night. We left right after I got out of school (I literally had to kick a kid out of my classroom at 3:15 p.m. so I could leave on time- ha!) and then we drove straight back to Sabetha.

We spent the next couple of hours that night at their church, greeting friends and family and sharing stories. I love small towns where everyone is connected and knows one another. 🙂

On Friday, we were up nice and early for the funeral. It was a beautiful service and evident to see how much of an impact Richard had on many people. He was a teacher and family man with such a big heart. He even worked at K-State for a few years as a professor, and it was cool to see that Pat Bosco sent flowers to the church (Love that K-State pride!). Travis’ work also sent the most beautiful and HUGE arrangement to the church. (I’ve moved this around in my house so many times trying to find a place where they look right).


We ate lunch at the church and then went back to Travis’ parents’ house to hang out for a few hours. We napped, played games with the kids, and played with his parents’ new kittens before we decided to drive back home to Manhattan.

We made it home Friday night around suppertime and Travis’s little brother, Trae, drove up from Washburn to spend the night. He was up for the football game and decided to make a full weekend of it.

On Saturday, the dreary rain and overcast weather led me to a quick decision that I wasn’t going to the game. Travis went and tailgated. He attempted to watch the game, but after the first rain delay of two hours, he called it quits and came home to finish watching on the comfort of our couch.

What a long, drawn-out game with several other rain delays. Trae stayed for the whole game with friends (rain ponchos and all). That is dedication!

I had a true lazy day on Saturday, doing laundry, reading, and watching a movie. With weather like that, I didn’t even feel bad about it!

Travis and I both regrouped that evening to meet up with my parents in Aggieville. Their group of friends had The Lou locked down, and it was a blast talking to everyone and being in that fun environment. (My parents and their friends always go to The Lou, and Travis and I only go when they are in town. It’s definitely an older type of bar- to us at least 😉 ).


When my parents and their group left for food, we met up with Zach and Emily at Auntie Maes. We talked and drank with them for a few hours there, and then moved our party over to Fats. Neither Travis or I had ever gotten a fishbowl from Fats (They are “famous” for their fishbowls) so Emily ordered one for all four of us to share. It was super sweet, and I was glad we had decided to split one. We met up with Coleman and some of his friends there before going home around 12:30 p.m.

The next morning, Travis decided to clean our cars and do some house work outside while I finished laundry, cleaned, and blogged.

That night was our last softball game of the fall season. It’s been so much being with this new group of friends, but it will be nice to have our Sunday evenings back, especially as it gets chillier.

Hope you had a good weekend! Enjoy the week ahead!

Question of the DayWhat are you looking forward to this week?


Middle School Mayhem

It’s back! Another round of middle school laughs is here!

1. Our jumpstart question one day was to answer a certain question in at least four sentences.

A girl came up to me and said (so quietly too, I might add!), “Can I answer in three sentences?”

Me: “What does the board say?”

Her: “Four sentences.”

Me: “Then you should probably do that.”

It’s like she thought if she just asked nice enough that she could get away with doing less work. Nope, not in here! 🙂

2. I have a student in my crazy last hour class who I constantly have to get after, reminding him to get back to work, to stop talking, or to stop just being goofy in general.

Well, a couple weeks ago, this student had such a good day. He worked hard, and I didn’t have to get on his case at all (a miracle, I never thought would happen, for sure!).

I held him after class for a second to commend his good behavior.

Me: “(student), you rocked it today!!! Way to get right to work and stay focused! I’m so proud of you!”

Student: (smiles real big)

Me: “Wasn’t it nice to not have me nagging on you the whole hour to do your work and stop talking? Wasn’t it great that you got so much done today?!”

Student: (still smiling) “Oh……..I didn’t really notice, I guess.”

Me: Sigh………

3. Every year I do a spelling lesson that I call “Spelling Matters.” It starts with a “letter” I write to the kids with many mistakes in it. After they read it, we talk about how bad spelling makes us look (dumb, not educated, etc.).

I asked the kids for their reactions after reading it, and I got some who said, “Wow, you tell us to spell well and you definitely didn’t” or things like, “I would question why you’re teaching language arts if you made that many mistakes.”

One student who is so sweet raised her hand and said, “Even if you were the worst language arts teacher and made a lot of mistakes like that, I would still take your class and come everyday.”

Melt my heart.

4. One of my students was gone the day before because he had been sick. He stayed after class to talk with me about what he missed.

Student: “Mrs. Snyder, I didn’t get my story done because I went home sick yesterday. I had puked and I figured I didn’t want to get my computer out to work on it in case I puked again.”

Me: “That was probably a wise decision.”

Student: “Ya, that would have been so gross to have puke on the computer, all over the keys and on the screen.”

Me: “Ok..enough puke talk! New topic.”

5. Last week was Spirit Week at our school. Wednesday was 80’s day so I wore legwarmers over my pants and had a cold shoulder sweatshirt on.

One of my witty girl students came in, looked at me, and said, “Mrs. Snyder, since your shoulders are exposed but you have legwarmers on, do they cancel each other out and you’re warm everywhere?”

I had to laugh at her logic. Ha!

Have a good day!

Question of the Day: What type of student were you in middle school?



Weekend Recap

Wheh, this weekend was a whirlwind and took a different spin than we anticipated.

I was hoping to have my weekend recap typed up in time but we got home too late on Sunday and my energy was zapped.

On Friday, we left in the afternoon to drive back home.

I feel like I breathe deeper once we get out in the country. Storm clouds were rolling in on our drive home, and it was the prettiest view.


Travis’s grandpa hadn’t been doing well so we stopped in at the hospice home around 6 p.m. to see him and talk to Travis’ grandma. At this point, his grandpa was not doing well and looked significantly worse than the last time we had visited. We stayed about an hour and then drove on to my parent’s house.

Mom had taco soup and wine ready to go when we got there and we talked throughout the evening. After a couple glasses of wine and a couple White Russians (My weakness! Dad makes them the best!), I had forgotten about any stresses of the work week. It felt so good to be home.

We had all somehow gotten on the subject of donuts the night before so the next morning, dad ran to Casey’s and picked up around a dozen and half assorted donuts. One of those had me in a sugar coma already- so tasty!

Mom and I ran into town later and I got to catch up with grandma. Her energy level never ceases to amaze me. She is a super woman!

That afternoon, the guys (dad, Travis, Matt) had been shooting blue rock and made the girls (mom, Marcia, and I) come try it. None of us get too pepped up to shoot a gun so we agreed… halfheartedly.

We each only shot about 3-5 rounds, and somehow I actually hit my first one!


While we didn’t desire to shoot many more, we stayed around and watched the guys.


Mom and I had more fun going around and picking up the empty shotgun shells-ha!


Travis got a text as we were shooting that his grandpa had passed away that afternoon. Though I didn’t know his grandpa for too long, I will always remember his interest in our lives. He never complained about his aches and pains from cancer and he was always so inquisitive into how and what we were doing. He made us feel very wanted and important.

We laid low that evening and ordered pizza to enjoy as we watched the K-State game. It felt like such a long game (especially with the double overtime) and it wasn’t the outcome we hoped for, but we looked like we played a little better at least.

On Sunday morning (after another donut), I was a hurting unit. Between the little sleep, alcohol, and junk food, I felt like crud. I’m not saying I eat perfectly healthy by any means, but my body was craving fruits and veggies after all of that junk.

We went to church with Travis’ family, had an early lunch, and then hung out at their house.

Mid-afternoon, we headed to Travis’s grandma’s house, along with Shayna and her family.

I love catching up with that side! We stayed and talked for longer than planned, but it was hard to leave amidst all of the good memory sharing.

We got home, exhausted, a little after 8 p.m. and scrambled to get everything unpacked and ready for another work week!

After having yesterday to recoup, I’m feeling a little more with it. I got groceries, did the laundry, and made sure we had lots of veggies with our dinner. My body is thanking me. 🙂

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

Question of the Day: Have you ever shot blue rock?


Friday Favorites

Is it just me or do you too have an extra pep in your step on Fridays? Fridays in the fall especially make me want to do a happy dance!

one. We are headed back home this weekend to see our families and get in some harvest time (hopefully the ground isn’t too wet from all of this rain!). Travis and I both really miss being in the country and we are long overdue for a “country fix.” Brown County Kansas is one of my favorite places!

two. Amen to this.


three. Last weekend, we loaded up on new fall scents for our wax warmers. Travis is as candle obsessed as I am (maybe more) and our whole house smells like a pumpkin/apple cider party. We also finally got pumpkins, and a fall sign hunt on our front door. Ahh! It’s the little things. 🙂


four. Our school had spirit week this week, and Tuesday was Twin Day. My coworker Erin and I decided to be twins, but when we were planning our similar outfits we had some struggles (I have lots of stripes; she has lots of polka dots. We couldn’t find anything close for awhile 😉 ). We eventually decided that a black shirt with a scarf and jeans would be the easy route. 🙂


I love teaching with Erin. Unfortunately, she and her husband are getting moved in March to Alaska because of her husband’s job. I’m in denial with the fact that she’s leaving. Sixth grade team isn’t going to be complete. 😦 Who else am I going to vent with everyday before school, during plan, between classes ….and after school. 😉 She keeps me sane!!

five. This is pretty humbling: a good reminder of how fortunate we are.

Question of the Day: What is one thing you are looking forward to this weekend?



Daily Life

The Angels Are Singing…My Oven is Clean!

Apparently 2017 is the year I got my cleaning groove on!

This weekend, I cleaned my oven (for the first time since we have lived in our house- embarrassing!), and I feel like I have a brand new oven.

When I rented in college, I was somehow always the person stuck cleaning the oven before check out. I tried oven cleaners, the self cleaning feature, and more, but still nothing worked well. I have despised cleaning ovens ever since, and that’s why I’ve avoided my own for so long.

Well, after last week, something happened that sent me over the edge. I was roasting brussels sprouts for dinner and a couple slid off, to land in the black abyss that was the bottom of my oven. As I cooked later that week, the stank of the brussels got worse and worse.

I decided it was finally time to tackle the beast.

I combined two methods to clean my oven, and I have to say: It wasn’t too bad (which in my world of cleaning = pretty good!). Finally, I found a system that works and I can guarantee my oven will get cleaned more than just once every couple years. 😉

I first used a method I found on kitchn.com. You can find it here. This method was a game. changer. It’s going to be my go-to way from here on out.

Step 1: Remove oven racks.

Step 2: Make a paste of 1/2 cup baking soda and a few tablespoons of water (3-5 Tbsp.).

Step 3: Coat the oven with the paste. Spread it all over the door and interior. I recommend using gloves for this part.

Step 4: Let the mixture sit on your oven overnight (or at least 12 hours) so the baking soda can do its thang.

Step 5: Clean oven racks. I also used kitchn’s advice for this job.

  • Lay down towels in a bathtub to prevent the racks from scratching.
  • Cover the racks with hot water.
  • Add 1/2 cup of dishwasher detergent to the water.
  • Switch it around and let it sit 4 hours or overnight.
  • After soaking, use a brush or sponge to wipe off gunk.
  • Add Bon Ami or Bar Keeper’s Friend to scrub off any remaining tough spots.
  • Rinse and dry.
  • Return to oven.
  • I’m adding this step: Go back and clean your bathtub because it’s going to be NASTY after all of that grime is wiped off of the racks.

*I was very skeptical about this method doing anything to touch the nastiness on my oven racks, but after letting them sit overnight, all of the gunk (and I do mean ALL) literally just wiped off. Hallelujah!

Step 6: Wipe out the oven; Use a damp dish cloth to scrub and wipe the paste out.

Step 7: Put vinegar into a spray bottle and spray onto any baking soda residue in the oven. This will foam a little as the vinegar and baking soda react.

Step 8: Do a final wipe down to get any remaining foam.

Step 9: Replace oven racks.

Step 10: Go take a nap. You deserve it after tackling that whopper of a cleaning job! 🙂

A few notes:

My oven was so grimy that I actually did the baking soda/water paste twice. I scrubbed hard after the first round and it still didn’t get everything so I redid it, and that did help.


It’s not perfect, but now I’m not so intimidated to try it again. 🙂

Also, my friend Megan suggested using a Magic Eraser to scrub away the gunk. I knew my oven was too dirty right off the bat to go straight to this so I did all of the steps above and then used the Magic Eraser to work on the tough spots.

I’d never used a Magic Eraser before, and after that, I went and bought a value pack of them! Thank you for the tip, Megan!

I cleaned my cooktop, my walls, and my trim with one of those bad boys this weekend. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on them for so long! They’re amazing!

When Travis looked at the oven after it was cleaned, he said, “Wow, I didn’t know that our oven racks were silver. I just thought they were supposed to be black.”

I’d say that is the sign of a successful cleaning job! 😉

Question of the Day: What is the “dreaded” cleaning job you have in your house?




House Tour- Master Bedroom

Hope this finds you having a wonderful day!

Since Travis finished our new nightstands a little over a week ago, I thought I should do another house tour, this time for our master bedroom.

If you’ve seen my other house tour posts, you know that I like to use a lot of cool, neutral colors with coastal decor mixed in. It’s no surprise then that our master bedroom is the same. 🙂

When we moved into our house, the master bedroom was a combination of dark brown walls with one darker, purple/brown accent wall. We just used my furniture set from college at first, and I was never quite happy with the looks of it, but I wasn’t willing to dish out the dough for pricy furniture either.

Now, our master bedroom is still a mismatch of furniture, but it looks a little more put together and consistent. 😉

My mom and I painted this room a year after we moved in, and looking back now, I don’t know how we lived with those awful brown walls for that long. They were dark looking, dingy, and depressing.


Mom photobomb. 🙂



It’s starting to look like my mom did all the work here- ha! She does the cutting in and I roll. We have a good system. 🙂


This picture was always kind of my loose “inspiration” for our bedroom. I love how inviting, light, and bright it is!


Here’s quick before again of the nightstands that I found on Craigslist. The seller had just gotten them, brand new, but some of the corners were banged up.

They were nice $200 a piece nightstands that I snagged for just $25 each! Deal of the year!


My handy husband assured me that he could fix the corners.


…And a few days later, he had them looking like this! Thaaaank you, Travis!


These nightstands were the “finishing touch” on our bedroom to make it more put together.

Now, I think our bedroom feels peaceful and calming. I love the combination of the light blues and white against the dark wood accents.

Come on in!


The lighting makes our paint color look pretty sky blue. In real life it has more of a turquoise/green hint to it.


My next mission is finding matching picture frames to put on our nightstands. I didn’t realize how HUGE the nightstands were really going to be, and right now they look pretty bare. 🙂


The door on the left leads into our master bathroom, which was conveniently already decked out in my color scheme of choice. We didn’t have to do anything in there!



We got this dresser on Craigslist for $20. A few coats of white paint later, and wha-lah! The baskets to put inside, on the other hand, cost more than the dresser did- ha!




This room has been in limbo for the entire two years we have lived here, and while it’s not perfect, I’m now crossing this one off the list! 😉


Paint- Sherwin Williams Rainwashed

Headboard- Pier One

Nightstands- Craigslist

Dresser- Craigslist

Hope Chest- NFM (gift from parents)

Bedding- Bed, Bath, and Beyond (wedding gift)

Lamps- Target-sold out, similar, similar

Baskets- Target

Frames- Homegoods and TJ Maxx

Mr./Mrs. Window/Sign- wedding gift

Dresser Accessories- Hobby Lobby and Marshalls